Scorpio Electric Unveils the X1 Maxi-Scooter and Revolutionary Infinity Concepts at EICMA 2023

Singapore's Scorpio Electric Makes a Bold Statement with Their Latest Electric Mobility Innovations

In a groundbreaking event at EICMA 2023, Scorpio Electric, a pioneering electric motorcycle manufacturer based in Singapore, has introduced its much-awaited X1 maxi-scooter. Accompanying this launch, the company also showcased two innovative prototype models under their Infinity concept series, named Xi and Alpha.

Scorpio Electric X 1 At Eicma

The X1: A New Chapter In Urban Mobility

The X1 maxi-scooter stands out as a symbol of urban electric mobility. Designed with a blend of convenience and modern aesthetics, this scooter marks a significant milestone in Scorpio Electric's journey since its inception in 2019. The X1's design is inspired by the most luminous star in the Scorpio constellation, reflecting both power and elegance.

Performance That Impresses

The X1 maxi-scooter is engineered for impressive performance. It accelerates from zero to 50 km/h in just 3.8 seconds and boasts a top speed of 105 km/h. The heart of this machine is a 10kW motor paired with a 72V 5kWh air-cooled battery. This setup enables the X1 to cover up to 200 km at a steady pace of 40 km/h, making it an ideal companion for city commutes.

Scorpio Electric At Eicma

Sleek And Functional Design

Measuring 2,125mm in length, 775mm in width, and 1,212mm in height, the X1 combines sleek aesthetics with functional dimensions. Its 1,525mm wheelbase ensures stability and agility on urban roads. Weighing just 185kg, the X1's design is a testament to Scorpio Electric's commitment to creating distinctive and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Engineering Excellence

The X1 is a marvel of engineering. It features a single-sided aluminium swingarm, an upside-down front fork, and a dual-rated shock absorber, all of which contribute to its superior handling. Equipped with high-quality components like Pirelli tires, ENKEI rims, and J JUAN brakes integrated with the BOSCH 2-Channel ABS system, the scooter promises unparalleled stability and safety.

Scorpio Electric X 1

Advanced Connectivity And Control

The X1's technological advancements are not just limited to its powertrain. It features state-of-the-art headlight technology, adaptive cornering lights, and a futuristic 7-inch TFT display, enhancing the riding experience. Its charging system reaches 90% capacity in just 3 hours. The scooter also includes features like a controlled steering lock, reverse assist, and remote functionalities for the utmost convenience.

A Forward-Thinking Vision

According to Dr. Muhammad Taureza, Head of Engineering and COO of Scorpio Electric, the X1 represents a thrilling transformation in the electric vehicle industry. This launch is just the beginning of a new era for Scorpio Electric, signaling the start of a robust production phase in the coming months.

Scorpio Electric X 1 Full Details

Conclusion: Leading The Electric Revolution

Scorpio Electric's debut of the X1 maxi-scooter and the Infinity concept models at EICMA 2023 marks a significant stride in the electric mobility sector. With their innovative designs and performance capabilities, these models are set to capture the attention of eco-conscious riders and enthusiasts worldwide, leading the charge in the electric revolution.
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