Hero MotoCorp Unveils Xoom 160 at EICMA: A New Chapter in Adventure Scootering

EICMA 2023 Spotlight: Hero MotoCorp's Xoom 160 Sets New Standards for Adventure Scooters

The landscape of urban mobility is witnessing a remarkable evolution with the introduction of adventure scooters, a niche that's rapidly gaining traction among enthusiasts. Hero MotoCorp, a prominent player in the two-wheeler industry, has stepped into this exciting realm with the launch of the Xoom 160 at the prestigious EICMA 2023 event.

Hero Motocorp Zoom 160

Adventure-Ready Design:

The Hero Xoom 160 is not just another addition to the scooter market; it's a statement of versatility and robust design. Building on the success of its predecessor, the Xoom 110, the new model elevates the adventure quotient with its muscular aesthetics, a protective windscreen, and superior ground clearance. The Xoom 160's appearance is further enhanced by its large, dual-purpose wheels and an adventure-bike-inspired exhaust system.

Engine and Performance:

At the heart of the Xoom 160 lies a potent 163cc engine, a derivative of the acclaimed Hero Xtreme 160R 4V powertrain. This motor delivers a commendable 15 horsepower and 14 newton-meters of torque, ensuring that the scooter has ample grunt for both urban escapades and off-road excursions. The continuous variable transmission (CVT) ensures a smooth ride, adapting seamlessly to varying riding conditions.

Hero Motocorp Zoom 160 Features

Chassis and Handling:

Hero MotoCorp has not compromised on the Xoom 160's structural integrity, integrating a center spline frame that promises enhanced rigidity for off-road adventures. While this design choice slightly reduces front storage space, it significantly boosts the scooter's handling dynamics.

Suspension and Braking:

The Xoom 160 is equipped with a sophisticated suspension system, featuring telescopic forks at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear. This setup is complemented by disc brakes on both wheels, providing reliable stopping power essential for the unpredictable terrains it's designed to conquer.

Hero Motocorp Zoom 160 Technical Specifications

Wheels and Tires:

Completing the adventure-ready package are the 14-inch wheels, wrapped in dual-purpose tires. This choice in footwear enables the Xoom 160 to confidently navigate the complexities of city traffic and the challenges of less-trodden paths.


Hero MotoCorp's Xoom 160 stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and its response to the growing demand for versatile urban mobility solutions. With its rugged design, capable engine, and adventure-focused features, the Xoom 160 is poised to make a significant impact in the segment and become a favored choice for riders looking for a scooter that can do it all.
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