Okaya EV's Motofaast Launched at INR 1,36,999: Merging the Worlds of Bikes and Scooters

New Delhi Firm Rolls Out Innovative Scoobike with LFP Battery, 2300W Peak Power, and a 130 km Range

Okaya Electric Vehicles , a leading name in the electric vehicle sector, is setting new standards with its freshly launched model, the Motofaast. Classified as a 'Scoobike,' this innovative machine merges the best of both bikes and scooters, offering a unique and versatile riding experience. With initial availability in Delhi and Jaipur, the Motofaast is priced at INR 1,36,999.

Okaya Ev Motofaast

Technical Specifications

Battery and lifespan
The Motofaast is built with LFP batteries that boast a lifespan exceeding 2000 cycles. For added safety, it features a thermal runaway buzzer to alert riders of any battery incidents.

Power, range, and charging
The vehicle's dual battery system has a combined capacity of 3.5 kWh, delivering peak power of 2300W. Riders can expect a range of 110-130 km on a single charge. The machine also charges fully in 4-5 hours, providing ample flexibility for daily commuting.

Performance and modes
The Scoobike offers three distinct driving modes: Eco, City, and Sports. These options enable riders to optimize power consumption based on their needs.

Okaya Ev Motofaast Features

Safety and warranty

The Motofaast comes with a comprehensive 3-year or 30,000-km warranty that covers both the battery and motor. It holds an IP67 rating and ICAT certification according to AIS 156 Phase 2 Amendment, solidifying its status as a reliable and safe choice for consumers.

Okaya Ev Motofaast Rusty Orange

Okaya Ev Motofaast Black

Additional features

Interactive Display and Customization
A 7-inch touchscreen display, powered by a 2 GHz processor and 3 GB of RAM, adds to the vehicle's interactive capabilities. Riders can choose from seven color options: Cyan, Rusty Orange, Red, White, Silver, Matt Green, and Black.

Disc braking system
For enhanced safety, the vehicle is outfitted with a Combi Disc braking system on both the front and rear wheels.

Okaya Ev Motofaast Green

Okaya Ev Motofaast Red

Final words from the company

Dr. Anshul Gupta, Managing Director of Okaya Electric Vehicles, emphasized the Scoobike's commitment to safety and comfort. Advanced features like a thermal runaway buzzer and multiple driving modes are a testament to this commitment. The booking for the Motofaast has already commenced, with an initial booking amount of INR 2,499.

Okaya Ev Motofaast Grey


The Motofaast sets a new benchmark in the electric vehicle space, blending style, safety, and innovation. With a range of advanced features, this Scoobike is well-positioned to attract consumers looking for a unique, feature-rich, and secure way to traverse the city.

Okaya Ev Motofaast White
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