2024 Honda Super Cub Gets Stylish Thailand-Specific Updates: New Retro-Inspired Color Schemes and Vintage Features Unveiled

Pearl Organic Green and Pearl Cadet Gray Join the Lineup, Wire-Spoke Wheels and Drum Brakes Add Authenticity

The Honda Super Cub, an icon of practicality and affordability since its 1958 debut, takes a trip down memory lane with its new Thailand-specific updates. Today, this versatile two-wheeler is not just a commuter vehicle but a lifestyle symbol. For 2024, Honda Thailand adds two new color schemes and keeps the design close to the original, enriching the bike's enduring charm.

2024 Honda Super Cub New Colors

Pearlescent colors for a retro appeal

The Thailand version of Honda's evergreen Super Cub will now be available in two new colors: Pearl Organic Green and Pearl Cadet Gray. Each color adds its unique character to the bike. Pearl Organic Green offers a military-inspired look, while Pearl Cadet Gray takes inspiration from the 1950s and 60s automotive scene. These new additions join the existing color options of Black, Red, and White.

Keeping it true to its roots

In contrast to its global counterparts, which feature alloy wheels and front disc brakes, the Thailand-specific version makes a nostalgic return with wire-spoke wheels and drum brakes on both ends. These vintage features make the bike more reminiscent of the original Super Cub, lending an authentic flair that's bound to resonate with purists.

Price and specifications

The Thai version starts at 48,400 Baht, translating to approximately $1,331 USD. That's considerably less than the U.S. variant, which retails for $3,899 USD. Under the hood, or rather under the seat, the bike's specs remain similar across the board. It runs on a 109.5cc, air-cooled, fuel-injected engine paired with a four-speed gearbox. With a lightweight design tipping the scales at just 98 kg and a seat height of 744 mm, the Super Cub continues to be accessible to riders of all levels.

Concluding thoughts

The Honda Super Cub has stood the test of time, adapting to the modern world while still keeping its core values intact. With the Thailand edition's new color choices and retro features, this bike once again proves why it remains a key offering in Honda's portfolio.
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