Verge Unveils Vibrant TS Pro California Edition at LA Auto Show

A Tribute to the Golden State: Verge's Latest Electric Motorcycle Edition Captures California's Essence


Verge Motorcycles, the Finnish electric motorcycle innovator, recently revealed its TS Pro California Edition at the 2023 LA Auto Show. This special edition bike is a nod to California, inspired by its iconic state flower, the California Poppy.

Verge Ts Pro California Edition

Design and Aesthetics

The TS Pro California Edition stands out with its bright orange hue, reminiscent of California's vibrant poppies. It features a unique two-tone top fairing and a perforated leather seat with an orange underlay, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The bike also sports custom California Edition branding, including on its advanced 'Human-Machine Interface' – the infotainment system integrated into the bike.

Performance and Technology

Underneath its striking exterior, the Verge TS Pro California Edition boasts impressive specs. It's powered by an integrated hub motor, eliminating the need for traditional drive systems and allowing for a larger battery pack. This results in an impressive city range of up to 217 miles and a highway range of around 124 miles. The motorcycle offers a thrilling performance with a top speed of 124 mph and a 0 to 60 acceleration time of just 3.5 seconds.

Verge Ts Pro California Edition Details

Charging and Efficiency

Emphasizing convenience, the bike features CCS fast charging, enabling a full charge in just 35 minutes. This quick charging capability aligns with the needs of modern riders, ensuring minimal downtime.

Verge Ts Pro California Edition Display

Suspension and Safety

For a smooth ride, the California Edition comes equipped with a premium Öhlins suspension. The braking system is equally robust, featuring Brembo M4.32 four-piston brake calipers and Galfer discs, ensuring reliable and responsive stopping power.

Verge Ts Pro California Edition Front View

Dimensions and Handling

The bike's dimensions, including a 60.63-inch wheelbase and a curb weight of 540 pounds, contribute to its stable and responsive handling. The seat height of 30.71 inches and ground clearance of 5.9 inches make it accessible to a wide range of riders.

Customization and Ride Modes

Verge's Starmatter electronics platform allows for customization through over-the-air updates. Riders can choose from four ride modes: Range, Zen, Beast, or Custom, tailoring the experience to their preferences.

Verge Ts Pro California Edition Launched

Pricing and Availability

Priced at $30,900 in the US, the TS Pro California Edition is a seasonal offering, with no specified production limit. Interested buyers can place a preliminary reservation with a $100 fee, anticipating deliveries starting in Q2 of 2024.


Verge Motorcycles' TS Pro California Edition is not just a motorcycle; it's a statement. It's a blend of high performance, cutting-edge technology, and a design that pays homage to the spirit of California. This latest offering is set to make waves in the electric motorcycle market, combining style, efficiency, and power in a unique package.
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