Why there aren't any diesel motorcycles on road?

Facts and figures showcasing, why diesel engine is not suitable for motorcycles.

Indian roads are buzzed with motorcycles. Whether it is a non-drivable jungle road or six lane express way, the motorcycles are one of the inevitable thing for us. Every nine of ten family in India owns a bike and it ranges from 100cc scooters to 1500cc sports bikes and cruisers. Other than RE Taurus all other motorcycles are gasoline driven. Why diesel is not used for motorcycles? It might be one of the frequently asked query among all generations.

Diesel Bullet

It is cheaper, economical and rich in energy content against the petrol engine. Still there aren't any diesel motorcycles. As roughly speaking it is due to the technical disadvantages of diesel engines over petrol.

Some of the notable issues of Diesel Engines are:

Diesel engines are CI engines, (Compression Ignition) so they do have higher compression ratio than petrol engines. Therefore diesel engines should be strong enough to withstand this high compression. For that engine parts should be strong and heavier. It also results in producing a huge amount of vibration and noise.

Motorcycle Diesel Injectors
Diesel Engine Working

Size of a diesel engine is comparatively larger than petrol engine and it is not at all practical to mount these engine for motorcycles.

Diesel engines are capable of producing more torque than brake horse power, whereas motorcycle demands maximum power.

The carbon emission for diesel engines are higher than petrol. The rate of motorcycles are higher than public transport system in India and it will elevate the rate of greenhouse gases.

Diesel engine consists of a fuel injector rather than a spark plug, which is expensive as well prone for regular servicing.

Turbocharger, fuel injector, stronger cylinder walls and fuel supply system are some of the essential requirement for a diesel engine, which may cause an extra 30,000 to 60,000 Rupees.

Motorcycle Diesel Injectors
Diesel Injector

Motorcycle Turbo Charger
Diesel Turbo Charger

The Royal Enfield has taken all those challenges and came up with their Diesel variant Taurus. The engine was noisy and unrefined. The huge amount of vibration also resulted in health issues too. Taurus was the only diesel motorcycle came into mass production. Now the RE is working on their diesel engines to bring back the new Taurus to Indian market, which will be revolution in motorcycle category.
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