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They say twins can sense each other; even if they are not in the same room. On 16th of September, 2015, Laxman, working as a delivery boy for Domino’s felt something. He sensed his twin brother, Azad, was in trouble. But, not thinking much of it, Laxman continued to deliver his pizzas.

Then, around 5pm, Laxman received a call. His brother, Azad, was in Sion hospital. Laxman was worried. His brother just like Laxman was a delivery boy. Azad should have been delivering pizzas at 5pm.

Laxman sensing the worst rushed to see his brother. As he entered the hospital, he found his parents and relatives outside the ICU. They looked crushed. Laxman walked past them into the ICU. And there on the bed lay Azad, conscious, but lying in a pool of blood. Doctors were working furiously on him. Laxman was shocked. As he moved towards his brother, to talk to him, Azad reached out to Laxman, "Laxman, can I have some water? I am so thirsty." But, before Laxman could fulfill his brother’s wish, the doctors sent him out.

Laxman stood by the ICU until 11.55pm when Azad was declared dead.
Cause: Bike Accident.

Mumbai Bike Accedent

Azad was riding a bike when a truck hit him and ran over him. The road for bikers can be a dangerous place. Please follow all traffic rules and wear all the necessary safety gear while riding a bike.

For further information regarding road safety for bikers, call 8454999999.


To download MTPcall app visit: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sparken.policealert

* Details such as names of places and age changes to maintain privacy. These stories highlight negligent riding and in no way are meant to be a negative reflection of a specific brand of bikes.

Alert Today Alive Tomorrow

Please Wear Helmet

Traffic Control Branch Mumbai Police
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