Specs and price of all two-wheelers from UM

Additional Details about UM

UM is a motorcycle brand conceived in America and was initially enlisted with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office by its originators, the Villegas Family, in the early 2000's.

It would be reasonable to say that UM's history was stamped by the family's patriarch, Mr. Octavio Villegas Llano, who since his initial years, longed for making transportation a conceivable idea and was an extraordinary business person establishing car plants, distribution organizations of Asian vehicles and an extensive variety of transportation items from trolley transports to three wheelers.

Propelled by the problematic living states of the Latin American people of the mid twentieth Century, Mr. Villegas was continually making and offering transportation items and chances to the low and mid-paid people, gaining their trust and giving them hope in life.

UM is something more than just a world-class motorcycle organization. Its products reach a class beyond innovation, with unique designs at prices that even the common man can go for. The spirit and excitement that comes as a tag with all good bike rides is shared by the staff at UM and its customers alike, which brings a sense of togetherness.

The company is one among the top notch motorcycle manufacturers in the world with a strong and reliable web of dealers. With each deal and every new model, the firm has been taking more creative strides to surpass the standard measures of value, service, and cost.

The motorcycles from UM are disseminated in more than twenty nations spread across Latin America, Africa and Asia. Recently, the brand has started dealerships in India as well.

UM International LLC is the Parent Company of UM Motorcycles and has turned into a multinational association consolidating R&D, plan, deals, advertising and post-sales administration for the UM Brand. The company has got its headquarters located in Miami, FL, USA.