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Launched in India in August 2001. Victor GL is not in production now.

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Overall Mileage60 km per litre
Technical Specifications
Vehicle TypeMotorcycle
Engine Displacement109.20 cc
Maximum Power8.1 bhp @ 7250 rpm
Maximum Torque8.1 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Top Speed90 kmph
User Reviews of Victor GL. Write Your Review
This is my father's bike he bought in 2004 for city up down
and was kept in factory for past 5 years cause we bought bullet but I love riding this bike especially the sound and mileage bro amazing much better than today's 110 cc bikes btw It is best bike for learners or first timers.
"ab bullet chalayenge"
By on 24-09-2023
I have a Victor gl, bike model 2002.its a part of my life, I love this gives me over70 km average,its smooth, powerful bike
By on 05-06-2023
Very best and nice performance, pickup, milage, look and bild quality not other bike made like this.
Please relaunch this bike.Same modify same body,same designand same look with same performance.
By on 10-12-2022
This bike is an Master Piece from TVS COMPANY. This is my father's bike, since 2004 till now. Maintenance is low, fuel efficiency is also great. It gives 40-45 in city which is good. It gives me roar sound while driving. I think it's like bullet sound. While going to anywhere people see me as this bike gives me roars sound.... At last please tvs motors make like these bike with strong material as you are making with previous bikes....
By on 31-08-2022
My Tvs victor GL bike is 2003 model. Black flame stikered colour bike. I purchased this bike as a 2nd handle in 2016 . First time, first day I driven this bike 220 kms without any stop. Time covered 3hr 45 mins.
Really it's sound πŸ”Š is Amazing😍.
Good grip on roads. In 2nd gear βš™οΈ we drived uphill
Climb roads. It's a Rough bike to use. All mechanical parts are good in conditions. Mileage is 55 to 60kms.
After using of this bike really I'm loving.
Please Tvs company again start this bike manufacturing. Really Tvs customers will purchase this Roaring bike..
From Karnataka... I shined after purchased this bike
By on 15-01-2022
My bike using like monister bike like agriculture
By on 06-10-2020
I will buy TVs Victor GL 2004 very good and mileage is better I love it
By on 23-08-2020
What is the petrol reserve for the victor gl
By on 17-08-2020
this is a very best bike i buy old 200 model victor gl this is a very nice bike in low price i buy only rs 6000 it gives best performance to me and ride quality is very smooth
By on 29-07-2020
I love my bike at victor GL 2003 model
Without my bike I can't go Every where
Thank u for this type of model give a bike
My Engine number last number is 786 my lucky number πŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜™once again thank
By on 16-02-2020
TVs Victor gl was a simply superb bike . I m having 2003 model. Still it shines, runs on road with good mileage.
By on 28-01-2020
My father bought TVs Victor gl bike in 2004 and I too ride it. It is amazing to ride it . I love TVs Victor gl
By on 26-12-2019
Decent bike for me and still in good running condition. All parts are solid, long lasting, easily available and very durable product from TVS. This bike is much better than latest bike from TVS.
By on 20-11-2019
Wonder full amazing bike from TVS. Good in all aspects. I am quite happy with this 2002 second hand model purchased from Sainath Dubey ji. Spares is easily available till now in local market. It delivers mileage of 64 kmpl in city and covers 2 lackhs (198708) KMS. Robust and very durable product VICTOR GL.
By on 13-05-2019
I purchased in year 2003 silver color. My Victor Gl covers 1lacks kilometres on speedometer. Still it now performs well. Engine is robust in quality and smooth gear shifting. Body color is awesome and quite durable till now. I didn't know why TVS shut down Victor GL production model. I also found good bike fans following write now and more than 15 years usage.
By on 21-11-2018
Now done more than one lacks in speedometer/Odometer. Bike is excellent in condition and great durable build quality and paint work. Average is about 61 to 66 kms on mix drives. An old 17 years performer.
By on 30-09-2018
I am felling good but tvs victor is best milage and best capacity thanks for tvs compiny
By on 29-07-2018
Super aanu
By on 12-06-2018
my dad byed bike in 2002 its still working
By on 01-06-2018
I also have TVS Victor GL 2003 model giving 70kmpl and great pickup in first gear now also.. love it 63400 kms done but very smooth bike with no sound than other bikes do..πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and so comfort to ride!!i love my TVS VICTOR!! More Smiles Per Hour
By on 21-10-2017
i want to know self starter can be provided for old victor bike an early reply urgently needed in this connection
By on 14-08-2017
I have victorgl 2003 model for it sound I like to ride thisnbike
By on 08-05-2017
Hi , am happy to share this my TVS Victor 2004 model s still giving 55kmpl still engine not open and it's cross 177329 am happy to use TVS bikes.......
By on 12-12-2016
I have purchased in 2003, very good bike, mileage in city about 60. I have driven for highway also up to 150 km no problem, good balance and brake, I love with my bike. I tried to purchase other bike but not purchased because my bike is good in comparison to other 110 cc bike. I have driven up to 60000 km but till date no any problem.
By on 09-12-2016
A cool bike since year Jan-2003. Victor gl covers 80k in odometer, What a good stable product from TVS. Now I look for mechanic to overhaul the engine and set of chain spockets.
By on 02-12-2016
i have tvs victor 2004 model i am fully satisfied with this model this bike 50 km/ltr in my towen and city 55 km/ktr

i am so happy with this model
By on 16-11-2016
Its a great bike, 2004 model its like horse anywhere any way i can go. i love my bike
By on 10-10-2016
My t.v.s.victor gl gud bike 55 milage gud engine top power the gud bike so nice...
By on 31-08-2016
Its is best bike in 100cc I have it from 2004 very comfortable and maintenance is almost nothing it's shockers are very good also it returns me 65. King β™” of 100cc.
By on 31-12-2015
Victor Gl Is a nice bike. Bike covers long lasting distance of 1.5 lacks kms in 13.5 years. Bike engine is overhaul two times at TVS service center. The bike is good in mileage of 64 km/lit in city and 69 km/lit in highway run. The build quality of plastics and paint work is still good in looks and appearance. I dont know why TVS stops their popular product. I am lucky one to get this great bike. >.
By on 11-12-2015
I have 2003 model bike, still engine is not opened ,mileage is 60km pl. I love my victor gl bike.
If a tvs comoany produces a new Victor bike ,i am a first person
To buy this bike ,,,,,.

By on 24-11-2015
I Love this bike, solid bike it saved my life 2 times in major accidents, milage 57 km/lr even after 12years, we can drive average speed between 60-80km/ph
By on 16-11-2015
I love this bike but problem is if its so old then its speed is not 90 km pH its give not over 50 60 .mileage is good 70 75
By on 12-11-2015
My TVS Victor Gl is Nov 2002 Model.It is giving milege of 50 in city. Maintenance is less and good running condition bike. I love it very much.
By on 16-10-2015
I am from Jaipur. I have 2003 February model Tvs Victor Gl. Bike complete 90000 Kms in 12 years long run. Bike is a valuable performer and engine lasts till now without any need of overhauling. Victor deliver me 63 kmpl in city and 69 kmpl in highway. I regular make services of bike every 3000 kms. I am totally happy with this nice product of TVS. Thanks To Tvs!.
By on 08-10-2015
I love my bike tvs victor gl 2003 model, 2015 mileag 60 in city. Bike is best of comfort. 140000 km runig. Engine not open. Low maintains. Good bike. Naresh kumar verma Raipur (c.g)
By on 24-09-2015
i too have victor GL i using it since from 2004 and it crossed 2lack kilometer still i haven't faced engine problem. its giving me 75+ milage. Wonderful bike i ever seen
By on 26-08-2015
Top speed- 105 on a straight path, avg speed- 90.
Mileage- 65-70km/pl, avg mileage- 60km/pl.
Nice comfortable easy ride & maintenance.
1L kms done, still doing good.
Sometimes kick start is a problem.
Avg road grip/vibrates.
No self-start.
By on 24-08-2015
I hv my victor gl since 2004
love 2 drive my bike
its mileage 60
its turn in very less space
fireing is so blowing
The best thing is i cn fly my front wheel on starting time……
By on 18-07-2015
my father bought this bike on 2002 now still in 2015 he gav me this bike 2 drive it is giving 35 -40 mileage and top speed of 100 nice bike in pickup but not stable
By on 28-06-2015
my father bought TVS victor GL 2003 model jewel green ,
but sold in 2009 due to kick start problem, he needs to kick the start very hard and it got reverse which hurted, other wise its a good decent bike for average town rides .
By on 15-06-2015
Amazing bike with awesome average of 75 kmpl after 11 years.
Engine, suspensions, every part has superlative quality.
By on 31-05-2015
Awesome bike, purchased in 2003, engine is like tiger
heavy engine but roars on the road. Fully satisfied
By on 16-05-2015
Tv s victor gl is best bike in this class
I purchase this in 15-1-2003
I have driven 125675 km
I m satisfied
By on 28-04-2015
I have tvs victor gl 2001model, I love my victor, milage exilent performance very good, but I have one complaint of TVs company why stop production of this good bike, please relaunched this bike for victor lovers.
By on 14-04-2015
I have TVs victor I purchase on April 2002 covered 68000 km and its milage 50 km/L its is in good condition We love this bike I sad exchanged this bike @ 5000/-on 23.03.2015 for Passion pro. he is 13 years old.
By on 24-03-2015
I had purchased one in 2001 and it is still going good but only drawback is the availability of spares which i was told is very difficult in chennai
By on 25-02-2015
Bought mine in 2004. 90000 km. 55-60 km depending on terrain. Excellent ride. One engine work in 2012, as its oil pump failed, resulting in piston damage. Minimum maintenance cost otherwise. Very good suspension. Good balance. Max speed 100 kmph without and 95 with pillion.
By on 25-02-2015
I bought victor in 2002
Satisfied with my bike silver color
Still giving around 65 milage,single kick start
Only both tyres replaced & oil
Missing self start
Otherwise I love my bike
By on 13-02-2015
I have also TVs victor I purchase in 2003 covered 38476km and its milage 60km/L its is in good condition
By on 27-12-2014
my father brought since 2013. its looks new till now. i love this bike most becoz of its milage whichi is 65 to 70 and its material quality. still engine is not opened.
By on 27-11-2014
My father purchese this bike in 2003. Now 1st time open bike engin.
This bike also get 60 kmpl in city.
This bike is very smoth to drive and suspention.
I love this bike.
By on 08-11-2014
The bike is ok but, u don't have riding comfort and pickup,mileage will be 50kmpl, the engine gets hotter after 1 hr of ride, performance falls after heating up, this bike is suited for city commuting and not for long drives.
By on 07-10-2014
I have got tvs victor since 2002 and till now it is in best condition . I love to ride with my cutest bike .
By on 15-09-2014
Purchased victor gl 110 in 2004. I surprise of its millage 70 to 74 per ltr always. Material quality so good.
By on 21-08-2014
I have TVs Victor GL purchased 2004 till I using it covered 170000 km with good condition with 60 mileage.Why the production stopped now.
By on 19-08-2014
I have a TVS victor gl 2003 model.
Not bad .I love this ,mlg 50per ltr that is the prblm but gud condtion
By on 31-07-2014
I also have this victor Gl bike. she runs 90000 kms till now and good average overall of 63 kmpl in city ride. the built quality is no.1 and paint job is excellent. she is 11 years old.
By on 04-06-2014
Nice bike
victor gl 2002 model
love to drive victor
right now searching for carburetor
if anybody knows the model of suitabe carburetor, pls inform me
By on 05-05-2014
I have a TVS victor 2004 make!! believe me i'm not gonna buy anymore bike !! i'm so much happy with this ! its gives 70kmpl for me and so comfort to ride!!i love my TVS VICTOR!! More Smiles Per Hour
By on 25-04-2014
Love it,i have the same one,2003 =62000 km done,it is for sale @ 7000/-Rs,Book papers are clear,also have insurance till 2015 for more details contact me =facebook/shiyassanchall
By on 18-01-2014
rough use good mileage low maintenance my 2004 model bike still gives me 65 kmpl still engine is not opened 198000 kilometers done
By on 02-01-2014
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