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An Italian maker of automobiles, Moto Morini was started and named after its founder Alfonso Morini, in 1937. The company has had more than 70 years of experience in the field of automobiles.

The company is known for its Italian-based motorcycles of excellent quality, which have no equals in its design and structure. The Moto Morini bikes assure a great performance to its riders, and what makes this company stand out from the rest is that, it gives a lot of importance to the customer's needs. For instance, they cater to the individual needs of every customer and build bikes according to the customer requirements. By altering and working upon the exclusive 360 degree configurator, which is available on the company website, the customers can make alterations on the bike and choose what is best for them.

Looking back into the history of the company, its founder Alfonso Morini began his career by designing and manufacturing bikes for Mario Mazetti, known as MM, in the year 1925. The first bike to be manufactured in that union was the MM 125, which was designed and built by Alfonso, under the supervision of Mario, upon which Alfonso raced in the Grand Prix of Nations making six world records. The duo continued manufacturing bikes and racing till 1937, when they both split up and Alfonso moved on to start a company of his own, which was the Moto Morini.

The first bikes that came under the production of Moto Morini as a single company were 350 cc and 500 cc three wheelers. But disaster struck the company, while it was tasting the success after the launch of the Moto Morini M610, in the form of a bomb blast in 1943, during the World War II, when the company was forced to manufacture aeronautical components to assist in the war.

However, the company began to resume its production by 1946, when it launched a single-cylinder, two-stroke, three-speed transmission T125. The production of new bikes continued till new members joined in and together brought out the 250 GP Double Camshaft in 1958.

After the death of Morini in 1969, under the management of his daughter Gabriella Morini, the company moved with an average success in the segment. But when Franco Lambertini, who worked with Ferrari, joined Moto Morini, the company took a new stride towards fame. The Morini 31/2 was one among the few best bikes from Moto Morini.

Later on, the company fell into a loss and the management could not pay its staff, let alone manufacturing new components for its bikes. After all the internal clash that took place within the company, Gabriella Morini gave away the company to Cagiva, a Castiglioni firm. But even after the acquisition, the company went down even further. And soon, the company disappeared completely from the automobile scenario.

The year 1999 came as an unexpected surprise to the Morini family, when Franco Morini, Alfonso's nephew, decided to revive his uncle's company. Several new bikes such as the Corsaro 1200 naked bike in 2005,91/2 road bike, Corsaro Veloce 1200 were produced until the company's funds went low again in 2009. Several attempts were made to liquify the company with other popular brands, but due to labour disputes, that too went in vain. With the remaining spareparts, the company somehow managed to build 16 Scramblers and 29 Granpssos, with frames built for another unreleased bike called the Granferro.

In 2011, Eagle Bikes bought the shares of the company for rupees 14 crores. In 2012, the company made a small yet successful attempt to come back on track with the sale of the limited edition Giubileo and the Corsaro Veloce, Granpasso and the Scrambler.

Though the company had many ups and downs, it has not left the automobile market completely. Moto Morini is still involved with the tracks and designs bikes for racing purposes, but it comes with big launches only once in a bluemoon. But the company justifies this phenomenon of rare launches. 'A Moto Morini is unique, you drive it, you enjoy it, you desire it.'