Specs and price of all two-wheelers from Krisaki

Additional Details about Krisaki

With an intention to establish and increase the brand reach all over the world, the brand Krisaki originated in Great Britain. The brand name has originated from Japanese, where there has been a street by the name Krisaki.

Though the name hasn't hit on anywhere near the big league lists, this brand is one among the fastest growing brands in the realm of two-wheelers all over Europe and Asia.

The ultimate goal of this company is to create new quality standards in the automobile industry.

Krisaki Motors manufacture two-wheelers with an engine displacement ranging from 50cc-1000cc. The brand doesn't restrict itself to two-wheelers and can be seen in the list of major automobile manufacturers in the near future. The engine displacement of cars manufactured by Krisaki Motors range from 600cc-2000cc.