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India is one of the largest e-bike markets in the world. In India there are almost 67 e-bike brands exist. Oreva, Atlas, Power, Green, BSA, Kabirdass, Hero, Avon, Enigma, BPG, EKO, Yo bykes, Lohia, Ultra Motor and Lectrix are the major brands in this sector. An e-bike or an electric scooter or an electric motorcycle is a rechargeable two wheeler mated with one or more electric motors. The electric motors stored on e-bikes are recharged by plugging an external source of electricity. The American brands, Brammo Inc. and Vectrix, and the Japanese automobile giant, Honda and Yamaha are the major global leaders in the electric two wheeler production.

It was in 1860s the electric machines got marked in the history pages for the first time. In 1987, a skilled engineer, Hosea W. Libbey invented an electric bicycle with two motors, two batteries and two wheels. He purposefully attached two batteries on it. The first battery is handy enough on straight roads, while the second battery is to assist the first battery when climbing happens. This is considered as the first electric bicycle controller. In the 1920s, Ransomes, the current manufacturer of Forklifts developed an electric powered motorcycle. Later, in the 1940s fuel rationing mattered Earle Williams to convert a motorcycle to be an electrically powered one. This caused the foundation of the ParCar. Fuel rationing also resulted a Belgium company, Socovel to be placed in Europe.

Karl Kodesh developed the first fuel cell powered electric motorcycle at Union Carbide in 1967. In the sane year, Indian Motocycle Company crafted a moped sized electric motorcycle prototype, the Papoose. The sketch was made under the captaincy of Floyd Clymer. In 1973, electric motorcycle got paged in the history as Mike Corbin set a record of 101 mph with an electric motorcycle. Later in 1974, Corbin-Gentry Inc. commenced selling street legal electric motorcycles. In 1978, Electric Harley Davidson MK2 was debuted in Hawaii. In 1966, the French automobile manufacturer, Peugeot introduced the Scoot'Elec. It was the first electric motorbike to be produced for the masses. In 2000, Killacycle recorded a top speed of 152 mph and became the fastest electric motorcycle in the world. Today Killacycle e bikes are known as the quickest electric motorcycles in the world. In 2209, The first race for all electric street motorcycle, the Time Trial Xtreme Grand Prix (TTXGP) took place on the Isle of Man. It was more than a commemorative event for all electric motorcycles maniacs.