Specs and price of all two-wheelers from Eider

Additional Details about Eider

To add to the competition in the Indian two-wheeler segment, another brand emerged off late in India, which is called as Eider Motorcycles.

Eider Motorcycles is a brand that is currently on the making of being one of the major two-wheeler manufacturers in India. The firm is obsessed in manufacturing high caliber, most updated and performance-oriented bikes under the supervision and leadership of founders and team members who are very much focused on bring out the best from this brand.

To cope up with the needs and wants of the different types of riders in the society, Eider Motors brings about several superior electric bikes utilizing the most cutting edge technology and best in class framework spotted in Telangana State. Always on the race to improve its line of products, Eider has been successful in achieving an invigorating style.

The brand consolidates innovation driven and exceptionally composed, solid aluminum casings of aircraft grading to reduce the automobile's weight and shoot up the levels of fun and excitement in riding. The firm supplies its products by working extensively across the nation through 65 well-established dealerships.

Eider has currently began experimenting with variations of Petrol, Gas, Electric and Diesel bikes to make sure its buyers get the best and affordable out of their product line.