Terms and Conditions For Premium Selling

General terms and conditions for Premium Selling

  1. Premium Selling is an optional service. Users can sell bike using basic plan also.
  2. For individuals, the bike will be promoted as a Premium Listing for a period of 3 months and for Used Bike Dealers it will be 1 month.
  3. For any doubts and clarifications, send a mail to support@bikes4sale.in

Terms and Conditions for 100% Money Back Guarantee

  1. Request for refund can be submitted only after 2 weeks from the date of payment. The last date for refund request is 100 days after the payment is done.
  2. Listings without original photos are not eligible for refund. We have kept this clause because listings without pictures get comparatively less number of enquiries than listings with pictures.
  3. As part of scam prevention, listings with photos which have embedded phones numbers will be deleted without notice. Refund won't be provided in these cases.
  4. The mode of refund will be same as the mode of original payment. That is, if the user has paid through credit card/debit card, the refund will also be made to the same credit card/debit card. It might take upto 10 working days to deposit the amount in user's bank account or credit card.
  5. Money back guarantee is applicable only for Individual Sellers. Used Bike Dealers are not eligible for refund.
  6. Request for refund can be emailed to support@bikes4sale.in
If you agree to the Terms and Conditions, add your bike to Premium Listings.