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Vehicle Selling Formalities

Procedure for Buying and Selliing Bikes

Buyer should have these documents

Form 28 [ 3 copies, Non Mandatory] -No Objection Certificate
Form 29 [ 2 copies] -Notice of Transfer of Ownership
Form 30 [ 1 copy] -Report of Transfer of Ownership

Seller should have these documents

Transfer Deed Form

Take the printout of these forms and get it duly filled and signed. And submit it in the RTO for a change of ownership of the bike. Form 28 and Transfer Deed is not mandatory for sale/purchase but Form 29 and Form 30 are mandatory.

Transfer Deed

Transfer Deed is the certificate the seller should possess to have no legal liabilities on the bike in future. 2 original copies (not photostats) of Transfer Deed should be taken. Engine Number, Chassis Number and Registration Number should be written in that. Revenue Stamps should be pasted on them and signed by the buyer. Both buyer and seller should posses the forms.

Other Documents

Given below are other documents the buyer should get from the seller while purchasing a bike.

RC Book [Registration Certificate Book]

Ensure that the RC Book is in order and the engine and chassis number printed in the book match with those in the bike. Also the name of the owner should be correct, once the sale is through the RTO office will change the name of the owner to the new buyer's name.

Insurance Certificate

The bike should have a valid insurance certificate covering the period of sale. Once the ownership of the bike is changed to owner's name ,ensure to change the name of owner in the insurance certificate also. This can be done by giving a written request in the insurance company. If the insurance is lapsed the new owner will be liable to pay the fine for the time without the insurance, so ensure that the vehicle has insurance.

Tax Receipt

The bike should have a valid tax paid receipt. These days most vehicles have life time tax paid, this is usually for a duration of fifteen years [varies from state to state]

Pollution Certificate [Pollution Under Control Certificate]

Even though this certificate is mandatory for vehicles which is more than six months old, unlike insurance certificate buyer need not pay the fine for the period bike didn't have the certificate. So in case the seller doesn't have one, buyer can go get a new one, once he/she has the possession of the bike.

Download Sale Certificates

List of RTO Websites of all States in India

Interstate Vehicle Registration

New Process For Transferring Used Vehicles in Kerala

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I sold my bike to some x party and they are not changing the ownership from almost two years. I do not want any legal obligations to face if something happens to the bike. Please let me know if i ask them to sign on the Transfer deed, will i be safe in all means or let me know if there is any other document
By on 06-04-2013
i am facing the same problem. plz help me on the same.
By on 27-04-2013
Dont worry. go and give a complaint as your bike stolen bu=y someone. tell this matter to x person first afterwords go and give complaint.
By on 02-05-2013
Execute an undertaking in a non-judicial stamp paper that the buyer fully understands that it is his own responsibility to get the vehicle re-registered immediately after his purchase and insure it also. Otherwise it will become his responsibility. This will create some sense of fear on him.
By on 17-05-2013
I am facing problem on my bike paper on RTO office because ipurchase is second hand,so is not name transfer but all paper ok & Isubmit the all document on RTO OFFICE but one officer is negligenc. Please help me & Contrack email-
By on 28-05-2013
May seems funny,but i did the same.1st owner was remain unavailable for a long time.i purchased the form and did his sign by myself(as in the agreement).now the bike is in my name.
By on 30-05-2013
to By Prabhu Kumar on 06-04-2013

In such case you must fill the form 29 & 30 ( duplicates ) get it signed from the buyer ( or if he disagree make his sign by your own ) and submit it to the RTO

This is like a notice / update to RTO that you have sold out the bike to the x party and now if he doesn't get it transferred it his responsibility
By on 12-06-2013
I am selling my bike in Mumbai. Is it necessary to make a deed in Rs 100 stamp paper and signed by notary. Or is it ok to take sign in just the transfer deed .
By on 12-07-2013
Hello Sir ,
I want to know about the document required when i bought used bike .
my question is - It is must or not to register RC certificate to my name or we can only fill form no 29 30 and a Stamp to seller that after this date all is responsibility.
please clarify this issue ?
Contact Me if you can my mail id is
By on 18-07-2013
i bought old bike, i want to knew what documents have to collect from the first owner. because he gave rc book alone.
By on 22-07-2013
sir i have purchase a bike of lucknow number but my residental is etawah can bike transfer on my name in etawah id. i have all ducument almost form 29 & 30 pls help me if someone can
By on 06-08-2013
i have buyed a second bike whose owner is from assam but he is unable to give me the NOC he just gave me the rc and insurance form so it illegal to drive this particular bike in lucknow. please help me out.
By on 20-09-2013
Dear sir,
i bought a second hand bike in kolkata. i want to transfer ownership with my name. what is procedure & how much cost is coming. please help me. my mob no is 08420371943, email id.
By on 22-09-2013
My bike authorized rc with sonipat harayana and live in faridabad harayana.
Will my RC can change in faridabad rto office or not. Help me.
By on 22-09-2013
My bike authorized rc with sonipat harayana and live in faridabad harayana.
Will my RC can change in faridabad rto office or not. Help me.
By on 22-09-2013
I want to purchase activa scooter with bhavnagar passing. is it possible to transfer the ownership of vehicle to ahmedabad?
By on 24-09-2013
Hello Sir, there is a second hand pulsar which is available for sale with Orissa registration. I am currently working in Kolkata but I am a resident of Jamshedpur. Kindly let me know the procedure and documents which are required to accomplish this purchase and transfer. My email ID is
By on 30-09-2013
I want to buy a bike second hand will i require driving license is it compulsory 2 hve DL for transferring ownership pls help ?
By on 30-09-2013
Dear sir,
i bought a second hand bike in kolkata in 2011.but before transfer ownership i lost my original RC book and all other document.and at this time i do not known the address of bike seller.So please please help me what to do and how to issue duplicate RC email-
By on 03-10-2013
Hell Sir,
I have sold my byke to my collegue in noida. Byke having chandigarh number. I have given all to document to byer like RC and Insurence along with byke in July 2012. We have signed aggreement and Form 29 and 30. He never transfer the byke in his name. Now I heard that he has sold that byke to someone else without transfering the document. Now i am worried. What should i do in this stituation for safer side.
Please guide me.
By on 17-10-2013
Hlw sir i got a new bike in ma marige from Mathura U.P n i m from bharatpur dist.(Raj.) but it is on ma father in laws name nw i wana transfr it on ma name plz help me by telng d proczr.
By on 18-10-2013
I sold my bike almost 2 years ago to my friend and he promised orally to get that transferred in his name at the time of purchase.But he never materialized his promise and whenever I asked about the transfer , he used to say tomorrow and now he says it will cost around rs 10000 just to get it transfer in his name .
Sir , I and he we both live in west bengal and i have given him all the documents . Please help me what to do , I mean what is the cost to get it transferred and procedure so that atleast i will be safe , if the bike is misused .
Thanking in advance and hope u will shed some light in it . my email id is ""
By on 20-10-2013
Dear/Sir, i have perched bike and i want transfer RC on my name we have no any idea and i want this bike move to Allahabad but how may days presses that let me please.
We are waiting for your positive response.

By on 21-10-2013
i have purchased a bike on second hand. now i want to change bike number. suggest me with the procedure
By on 25-10-2013
Hi Sir,
I want to sale my company bike in UP but the bike registration no. is UK is it posible to sale her please let me know. email id.
By on 25-10-2013
My bike authorized rc with varanasi Uttar pradesh and live in noida Uttar pradesh.
Will my RC can change in noida rto office or not. Help me. My mail is
By on 26-10-2013
Hello sir,
I just purchase bike from OLX enticer 2003 model Reg No: DL1SN 1543
In Rupee 15000 from Mr. Suresh, He provide me Original RC
What doucment further i need from Him.
He is saying original document was in his elder brother name.
What steps do i need to change RC in my name?
And what more documents i need from him?
By on 26-10-2013
Hi 4 years before i purchase a bike from first owner and he gave me NOC And other documents
but i did not transfer it on my name after that i used it 4 years now am transffering my bike to third owner

and third owner is not from my district so what will be actual procedure want to do by me to transfer a bike from first owner to third owner i have NOC from first owner which is 4 year old

please tell me its very urgent
By on 26-10-2013
what is the procedure for interstate selling and buying bikes?please tell me. Thanks. !
By on 30-10-2013
My uncle bought a two wheeler form hyedrabad, now he had shiftted to America. Currently I am ridding his bike from last 2 years in bareilly, uttar pradesh. Now we have decided to sell his bike, so my questions are :-
1. Will I need his signature for transfering tne owner name on RC [ which is not possible].
2. Will I need to go Hyedrbad for NOC or it will be setteled here only [ visting hyedrabad is also not possible].
By on 31-10-2013
Dear sir,
i bought a second hand bike in kolkata in 20Dear sir,
i bought a second hand bike in karnataka before i transfer ownership i lost my original RC book and all other document.and at this time i do not known the address of bike seller.So please please help me what to do and how to issue duplicate RC book. My mail id pls am waiting help me pls pls sir
By on 31-10-2013
Can registration of a scooter be transferred even if it is more than 15 years old? The registration was done in Daman, the owner(who is my friend) stays in Mumbai and I want to use it in Pune. It is an extremely old scooter and my friend just wants to give it to me without there being an actual sale. What is the procedure in this circumstance? My email id is Waiting for your response.
By on 06-11-2013
download by net forms is valid or not valid of processing for sale.
By on 11-11-2013
One person selling hero honda bike with out original RC book, but copy available and owner name is different. Please confirm if I will buy it what problems I am facing and how to find out where is original RC book & owner name. If I am procured what is the procedures to solve this problem??
By on 17-11-2013
I was purtched one bike n used for 6 months now I m going to sell that bike but I didnt transferred the bike ownership.will any problems happan for me.
By on 26-11-2013
I am selling my bike in chennai.So, kindly give me the stamp paper rate ASAP.
( 20 or 50 or 100 )
By on 02-12-2013
Can registration of a scooter be transferred even if it is more than 15 years old? The registration was done in Pune also getting transfer in Pune, It is 17 years old scooter and my friend just wants to give it to me without there being an actual sale. What is the procedure in this circumstance? My email id is Waiting for your response
By on 04-12-2013
I want to sell my bike in Uttar Pradesh. but actually i have purchased the same from Haryana.
Pls sugget the process to sell the same
By on 09-12-2013
i lost the rc book of my bike. the problem is that i still havent transfered it to my name. plzz help
By on 11-12-2013
Dear Sir,

I have sold my bike in pune to x person, and he left out the city, now his brother is selling the bike via olx/quikr, so i want to do agreement on stamp paper, so 100 rs stamp paper is enough for 24500/- rs bike? please ans on
By on 16-12-2013
i have buyed a second bike whose owner is from aligarh (U.P) but he is unable to give me the NOC he just gave me the rc and insurance form so it illegal to drive this particular bike in Muzaffarnagar (U.P) tell me required documents to transfer bike at my name . please help me out
My email id is
By on 16-12-2013
Sir I owner and preparing to sell my bike but in my RC the address is deferred from the current address till date it's 3 yes ago I have not change the address suggest me any idea or mail me or call me 8860464037
By on 17-12-2013
sir, i sold my 13 years old bike to a dealer. he got my signature on form 28, 29 & 30 without entered date of sale. he gave me a receipt only. Now he sold the bike to someone. and gave me a receipt mentioning that i have sold the bike to the someone. the purchaser now, refused to change rc. what can I do. The incident has 18 days ago.
By on 19-12-2013
sir i purchased a activa & he gived me all documents mentioned above like rc, insuranse, pollution, tax along with just sale letter with his sign. can i make activa tranfer to my name with these documents.
By on 30-12-2013
I have sold my bike to one guys name Mr.naveen Kumar staying in maharastra,nigidi,belong to trisur Kerala.but i have not change my name.still he is using
plzz help me how can i change my name
By on 30-12-2013
i want to sell my 12 years old bike, but i don't have my original RC, could i sell with xeros of RC and FIR copy? kindly confirm
By on 02-01-2014
Hi Sir
3 days before i purchase a bike from second owner and he gave me NOC And other documents of first owner . second party does not transfer in own name.
i also did not transfer it on my name .after two days my bike was stolen & same day bike catch by police . now police told me to collect bike from court . The first owner shifted in dubai & his family in native place , so plz suggest to me how to recover bike from court . also first party & second party does not made any sale agreement between them.i have entire documents of bike even noc , rc , insurance & transfer papers with signature of first party .

plz suggest me what do . plz its very urgent .
my email id is
Mobile - 9870705388
By on 03-01-2014
I want to buy karizma its passing from Pune I'm stay in Mumbai can I buy this bike plz help Me out from this situation.
By on 09-01-2014
i have bought a bike in kolkata. and i want to take it to siliguri which is a different district and quite far. where should I apply for transferring the owners name.
By on 12-01-2014
I will be selling my bike, Let me know what documents I should have with me so that to avoid any legal obligations. Should the transfer deed be executed on a stamp paper( Rs 10/-) signed by notary or just on revenue stamp.
By on 13-01-2014
Hi 4 years before i purchase a bike from first owner and he gave me insurance,RC& sign form 29,30
but i did not transfer it on my name after that i used it 4 years now am transffering my bike to third owner

and third owner is not from my district so what will be actual procedure want to do by me to transfer a bike from first owner to third owner i have NOC from first owner which is 4 year old

please tell me its very urgent
By on 14-01-2014
श्रीमान जी मेने पुरानी बाइक खरीदी हे तो मुझे क्या करना होगा प्लीज़ मुझे इस बारे मे जरूर बतईये
By on 25-01-2014
i sold by bike but buyer not transfer it in his name. what could i do plz give me detail 7489280860.mal me
By on 04-02-2014
i bought a 2 wheeler 1.5 year back and since my land lord was not ready to go for registered agreement hence could not produce address proof and thus the vehichle could not get registered. Now since the ownership of flat is changed and the new owner ready to go for registered agreement hence I want to register my 2 wheeler now. Pls guid me what is the procedure and what will be the fee incl late fee etc.
By on 19-02-2014
i have lost my RC book and the bike is not used for 5 years . i want to give it to someone, but without the RC book , can it be transferred? i also do not have upto date insurance and pollution certificate which are asked by RTO
please tell me what to do in such a situation
By on 27-02-2014
I am purchasing one bike from Mr"X", He is submitting original RC book and PUC paper, Insurance is expired and he has some loan on this bike which he gonna clear in next 2 i am writing all this on stamp paper and notary.SO is that fine or i have to do something else other than this? Please help
By on 03-03-2014
I sold my bike to some x party and they are not changing the ownership from almost two months. I do not want any legal obligations to face if something happens to the bike. Please let me know if i ask them to sign on the Transfer deed, will i be safe in all means or let me know if there is any other document
By on 04-03-2014
I am belong to West Bengal and living in delhi since last 3 years but I don't have ID proof of Delhi.I am purchasing second hand bike then what I have to attached at the time of tranfer of registration of bike in name.
By on 19-03-2014
i am from bihar and ri8 now i am working in rajasthan.
i want to purchase a 2nd hand bike, so please tell me how can i transfer name in registration without having any local id proof except company's bonafied on letter head. plz reply as soon as possible.
By on 15-04-2014
I am interested in buying a bike in chennai and the bike is at a good price but the owner dosent have a RC BOOK and all the rest documents are fine. Should I buy it?? Please help
By on 26-04-2014
Is the Registration Certificate of a two wheeler is the valid proof for Tax Paid, or do I need to have a standalone receipt of the Tax paid for the bike?
By on 09-05-2014
I want buy a second hand bike .but it is 15 yr old .does it req new rc book or any other documemt. please suggest me .
my no 9769132405
mail id-
By on 19-05-2014
i sold my bike some x party and i signed the transfer paper. but buyer did not change the ownership,and i don,d have any documents of the bike. now what should i do? plz help me .
By on 21-05-2014
If i have to use bikes in other states for a period of 6 months, what is the provision regarding the same?
By on 23-05-2014
Hi, I want to sell my bike , i dont know the process. plz help.
1- do i have to hand over the RC at the time of sell.
2- What documents need at the time of sell.
3- Do i need to go RTO for transfer, or is there any other option. please help
By on 18-06-2014
Hello all, just wanted to share process i went through in transfer of ownership of Bike at K.R Puram Bangalore RTO office, hope this information will be helpful to others

1. You need to have form 29- (2 copies) and Form 30 one copy- fill up the details
2. Document required- Original RC, photocopy of RC, Insurance Certificated, 1 photo copy of insurance certificate, PUC, Address proof(rental aggrement in case you are living on rent) and Rs 17 Postal Stamp along with cover (for Bangalore)
3. After Completing the first two steps- you need to go to 3 floor in KR puram RTO office get ur document verified, then go to second floor first room on ur left one lady sits at corner left she will create a request on system for ownership transfer after that you need to pay ownership transfer fees of Rs 131 along with Smart card fees of 100, on the ground floor cash counter
4. After Completing the 3rd step you need to get a GSC number from 1 floor, a person sits in Cabin, he charged me 10 Rupee for giving the GSC number.
5. After completing the 4 Step, collect all your document in a file and submit to a lady on second floor, first room, she will give you an acknowledgement slip stating the documents you have submitted. You will receive your RC within 30 working days.
By on 26-06-2014
i sold my scooty yesterday to a dealer of two wheelers, he gave me 2 form 29 and 1 form 30 required to be signed by me. but on form 29 it is mentioned to put signatures by "Transfaree" and he told me to sign on it, my question is that i being the seller is "Tranferer" and he being the buyer is Transfaree then why i need to sign at place of Tranfaree.
By on 28-06-2014
Namastey sir I have ,1987 bike pepars are clear but?
By on 01-07-2014
I hv purchased a 2 wheeler from a 2nd owner who has form 28 signed by original owner, & the 2nd owner has filled-up his name & address in form 28. Forms 29/30 are blank with the sign of the first owner. Is it easy for me(3rd owner) to transfer it on my name but to another state,i.e from the state of Maharashtra to the state of Goa. Pl. help.
By on 09-07-2014
I am Planning to have a used bike in kolkata and talked to the 2nd owner of a vehicle which has all docs except insurance is failed. One more thing he didn't transfer the bike means it is still in the name of first owner but he has the form 29/30 signed from the owner. so is it fine to have it and what will be the fine per year without insurance of the 150cc bike. plz rply on
By on 17-07-2014
I stay in Delhi & wants to sell my scooter. Pl let me know How much it would COST to get it transfer in Saller's name from the Authority. You may reach me via
By on 18-07-2014
I want to buy a second hand two wheeler from one unknown person I have the vehicle number ,but how I will be sure that I vehicle is actually owned by him ? Please help . And moreover I m a student from another state what r the documents and precautions should I take before buying that one.
By on 28-07-2014
I purchased BAJAJ 125cc bike on exchange from BAJAJ showroom in NAD branch, visakhapatnam, in October 2013 and till now my old vehicle owner name is not changed. what is the procedure to change the owner ship, because i want 2 purchase a new vehicle, email:
By on 29-07-2014
I have an AP registered bike for which i got the NoC few years back, however, I have not yet registered the Vehicle in Mumbai. Now I want to sell the bike in Mumbai. Can someone guide me teh process I need to follow to sell the bike so that I dont face any issues in future. Please connect me on
By on 03-08-2014
sir mine purani bike life hai.mujhe kya Karna hogs
By on 09-08-2014
Sir I bought a second hand hero Honda hunk registered in Assam. I have its RC Book and transfer certificate. Now what should I do and what documents do l need to register it in Kerala.
By on 10-08-2014
हम अपना bike बेचना चाह़़ते हैै मगर bike मेरे father के नाम पर हैै मगर father (death) अब नही है ताे किया उपाय है my email is my contact no 08101951972
By on 12-08-2014
I have an UP registered bike for which Registration is also lapsed few months back, however, I have not yet registered the Vehicle in Mumbai. Now I want to sell the bike in Mumbai. Can someone guide me teh process I need to follow to sell the bike so that I dont face any issues in future. Please connect me on
By on 18-08-2014
Dear Sir/Madam,
One Mr.Shridhar has purchased my Bajaj Classic 1996 and has given me duly signed printed sale letter with all the details of my above vehicle and his responsibility to register the same in his name.
But for last (27.4.2013-purchase date)1 and half years he has not registered the vehicle in his name and I have repeatedly contacted him over mobile but he is not doing the due thing.Today he has sent a Blunt message stating it is 15 years old vehicle therefor don't be smart'.He has bargained heavily knowing clearly about the status of the vehicle and now denying to register in his name.
Kindly inform what will be my legal liability if the vehicle met with accident.What is his liability?
Kindly reply at your earliest.
By on 26-08-2014
i want to sell two wheeler of my father .please conform the process of this.send this process of my email id
tvs suzuki 17 old modal
By on 13-09-2014
Want to sell my 2 and half month old scooter coz of relocation. How much the new owner needs to shell out for registering the vehicle in his name?
Plz help.
By on 02-10-2014
i have taken second hand bike and i want to transfer it on my name. Can i use flat registered (which is on my name but dint got the possession )agreement to transfer. plz mail me on
By on 24-11-2014
My father had purchased a TVS scooty in his name at Rohtak, haryana, and he has expired few years back. i want to get the vehicle transferred in my name at Panchkula, Haryana, pl give out the procedure.
By on 26-11-2014
I have purchased second hand bike Karizma in mumbai from an individual and he has given me only insurance and signed document saying that he has payment from me. But my concern is he has not given his RC to me and has been postponing saying he will give it after 1 week like that. Please help me how to proceed further to get the RC for the bike i have purchased.
By on 26-11-2014
I am Purchasing an old 1984 bike from Jaipur. I want to get it registered in Delhi. What all documents are required to get it registered in Delhi???
By on 28-11-2014
i want transfer a bike in my name but i do not have noc.
except noc i do have all other documents.
is that fine.
By on 01-12-2014
I sold my bike which was a used bike. I was the 2nd owner, now to transfer the owndership, do i need to have 1st owner presence or what is the procedure? since the 1st owner is out of country now. Thanks.

Please respond asap to
By on 14-01-2015
I baught bike from my friend 2 years i want to sell i hv bike RC but dont hv myfriend id proof.can i sale it to someone.
By on 16-01-2015
i had buyed second hand puslar byke n dont have tax recption and transfer certificate wat to do. m from west bengal darjeeling
By on 17-01-2015
Sir I want to buy a second hand bike its registered at Ahmadabad (guj) but I want to registered at bharuch (guj) at own name ple suggest it is possible & what paper is required with procedure my contact no 07698324743 mail I'd
By on 28-01-2015
Hello sir
I dont have original RC book we have only xerox copy how can i transfer the vehical
By on 13-02-2015
Hello, i want to sell my bike, but the problem is I don't have insurance. I just want to confirm is it really necessary or is there a legal way to transfer ownership or do i need to buy a new insurance policy before selling my bike??
By on 23-02-2015
Hi , I have TVS scooty , Jaipur registration which i am running in chennai. The problem is after my marriage 3 yrs back i was there in Pune so my wife got NOC for pune. But last year i got transferred in chennai. I guess NOC is now no more valid as validity is lapsed. But now noone is in jaipur to take fresh NOC again. What wil i du now???
By on 16-03-2015
Dear sir,I have bought a second hand bike. But x party owner is not transfer the owner card on my name within 2 years. Plz help me sir what can I do.
By on 17-03-2015
This is Sannkam from Manipur and I am planning to buy second bike from Delhi so what are the things I should take from the owner, pliz mail me at
By on 31-03-2015
Sir Namasthe. I wanna buy a used -bike in karnataka. what are all the procedures I must follow to transfer it to my name from d owner, so that no issues arise further . plz help me out as quickly as possible.
my gmail id is :
By on 01-04-2015
hi sir i bought a second hand bike yamaha crux 3 weeks ago.the owner made me spend rupees 1000 to change the ownership to my name.i didnt get any details yet. what can i do? my mail id is
By on 02-04-2015
Hello Sir.
My name is Raj and i am from Osisha and currently i am working in Ahmedabad and looming to buy a second hand bike here. I have aal my documents in Odisha address.So is it possible to use my docunents for ownership transfer
please advice 8097587126
By on 18-04-2015
i want to authories my father also to drive my bike. what is the procedure?
By on 21-04-2015
I sold a bike which is due for FCC as on 4 may ,2015. The buyer is from a different location having a different RTO jurisdiction Is it necessary the name transfer has to be done in the buyers jurisdiction.? Also clarify the legal strength of a notary publics authorisation of the ownership of the buyer and the responsibility to transfer the vehicle in his name
By on 25-04-2015
Respected sir
I purchased a byke from one person but the byke is not there own name, but it is name of her daughter-in-laws and there father(died before marriage),but there is tragedy his daughter-in-laws also died, the documents(stam100 rs.) Signed by a person, what I am do
By on 17-05-2015
Dear Sir,

I have bought a bike from Durgapur, West Bengal. & I live in Hooghly district.
Now the agent is saying that bike can not be transfered from one district to another.
What can I do, I have already paid the amount.
By on 18-05-2015
I don't have ROC book for my activa . is it poosible for me to sell my two wheeler.
By Akash on 05-22-2015
By on 23-05-2015
I have purchase second hand Activa from my freind,
now he is asking for NOC charges from me , Should i have to pay?, Who have to beare this charges?Please email
By on 30-05-2015
sir i want to purchase a second hand bike in.lko, but my all.documents is from faizabad, so what prosesor bike is trnasfer name in.lko rto, my mail id is, pls suggest me
By on 16-06-2015
On August 2014 I purchased second hand bike from the owner.He gave me all the documents but till know ownership was not transferred I always ask him to give me a time to come on Court for ownership transfer but he is denying that i have no time.what should I do without going to court I could not transfer my ownership he is ready to sign in all form but avoiding to come on Court.please suggest me the solution and also procedure of rto process that without present of owner can we change the ownership.
By on 20-06-2015
I had buyed a bike from utrakhand it's a second hand bike the owner whose name is written in RC. they had sell bike with another one. now.
I have original rc and insurance what is the process for making new papers plz help me.
By on 23-06-2015
i want to purchase 2'nd hand bike from delhi but i have Noida(NCR) office address SBI Account in Noida so can i purchase bike from delhi .
By on 24-06-2015
Is one states transfer deed template eligible for other states?
By on 03-07-2015
Hello Sir,
My Uncle Gave me a bike to use. But he dont hav any documents in relation to bike. He lost it. Is der any ne way to make new documents?
The bike has Madhya pradesh's Passing n m from Maharashtra.
Plz mail me ur advice at
By on 04-07-2015
iam from Andhra, I hav bought a second hand bike in chennai,now I would like to change it to my name I hav form-29&30 but form 28 is not there, form28 is mandatory to change it on my name. ?
By on 05-07-2015
Hallo sir.i want to sell my byke. please advise me what is the legal procedure, to sign by byer, bcz mostly byer not transffered byke in own name. plz mail me ur advice at
By on 10-07-2015
Hi!! i have purchased a bike form my friend in Delhi , the bike is 2007 model, so i want to know what will be the coast and procedure to transfer the ownership in Delhi palam rto?? please tell me on .
By on 19-07-2015
Hi, I have a bike (AP registration) which I want to sell. I have bought it from hyderabad and at present it is with me here in bangalore. Please suggest if I should sell my bangalore or I shall take it back to hyderabad and sell it off over there? Thank you
By on 19-07-2015
Good morning sir. My name is mohan i"m having a two wheeler vehicle activa. I have purchased it on jan 27th 2014 now i want to make registration for it.And sale is missing
Wat could i do. ?? Plz help me sir
By on 08-08-2015
sir i want to buy a secondhand bike from kolkata i am from odisha i want to know can i transfer my name in odisha RTO office please say me my email id
By on 09-08-2015
My father bought a bike from mr.x and both of them are uneducated they gave thumb impression on forms is there any extra documents to be submitted rather than id, address proff,original rc, form 29,30 notary and noc plz help me we are suffering from 6months with this and our agent is complaining about this for his delay plz plz pl someone help me
By on 10-08-2015
If the buyer of your car or two wheeler is using the vehicle in your name continuously, there is no problem. All you have to do is to take a photocopy of the Delivery Note (which the buyer should have handed over to you at the time of sale) and send the same along with a covering letter stating that you have already sold your vehicle to the buyer vide the delivery note. AS PER RULE YOU SHOULD SEND SUCH LETTER THROUGH REGISTERED POST ACK DUE. Keep the Acknowledgement card safely if received or a copy of your letter along with Registered Post receipt given to you at the post office. But you have to comply this within two or three weeks time fromt he sale. If you have given a open document without any date then it will be a head ache for you.
By on 18-08-2015
I want to buy a two wheeler(used).at present the vehicle is in the name of the first owner.i am buying the vehicle from the swcond can i transfer the vehicle in my name.what are the formalities?
By on 01-09-2015
I want to sell my bike Discover 125 Dtsi 2007 model.
Bike with self starter.
Help me in selling it.
By on 23-09-2015
Is there any provision to take onlile noc from other state.
By on 30-09-2015
i purchage a new honda livo bike in harayan with cash payment before two month,but bike agency till now me not to provide registration certificate.everytime agency say will come soon but i am not to satishfy his answer because every time he was wrong.
so sir please tell what should i do ?
By on 06-10-2015
I want to buy a motorcycle in Mumbai at finance.But my home is in Dehradun so I can't buy.what can I do? Plz tell me??
By on 21-12-2015
How can i change the registration noumber from one state to another state
By on 18-01-2016
By on 05-02-2016
I purchased a pulsar bike in noida and received rc and sale papers.seller gave me a affidavit of 100rs stamp also.but I did not change ownership on my name. Now I want to sell this bike to any one else.Shall I sell it on same way,I.e.on sale paper,RC and 100rs stamp.plz email id
By on 08-02-2016
i want to sell a bike.all documents is on my brothers name and he is out of country so what is the procedure.
By on 10-02-2016
My brother went abroad. He asked me to sell his bike.RC book is in the new of him.How can I sell it?
By on 25-02-2016
Hi. Dear.
I want to buy one bike
And I'm leveling in Bangladesh.
How I can buy. ?
Please dear can you give to me information. !
My gsm no.
+968 96230123 (Oman)
Thank you.
By on 02-03-2016
mein ek scootey lene wala hoon lakin us ko jo sale kar raha hai woh admi k naam per scootey nahi kiss aur k naam per h to mein kya kar
By on 06-03-2016
I am selling my bike so I want to know which doc should be kept with me for the proof to avoid any legal problems plz help me
By on 07-04-2016
I signed all documents for name change and one bank paper also I signed is there any procedure to sign white paper plz advice any one urgent
By on 25-04-2016
Hlw sir i got a new bike in my marige from panruti T.N i m from Chennai.(Raj.) but it is on my father in laws name nw i wana transfr it on my name plz help me by telng d proczr.
By on 25-04-2016
Bike apne name transfer karwane me kya kya document lagenge
By on 19-05-2016
I was purchased a bike on 13 sepemberton 2013 .till date the owner ship not can I transfer the ownership in my name?
By on 03-06-2016
I want bike .plz cl 9964518264
By on 10-06-2016
I purchased a 2wheeler. Knowingly or unknowingly they didn't tell me that the vehicle was transferred to their name in another state. Now it's facing NOC issue when it came to FC & transfer. What to do now. Now the person who sold me is telling we didn't know about it. Do wat yu feel. What to do now please anyone suggest.
By on 20-06-2016
I will buy 2nd hand bike how to transfer my name
By on 24-06-2016
I am second owner of a bike(Registration 2007). I do have original RC book of the vehicle however i have lost the TT form and even first owner has changed his address. How can i get this vehicle transferred on my name?
Any suggestions
By on 28-06-2016
I had a bike its almost many years ago my father buyed and it has no rc card now I don't know how to sell that can any one give suggestions for that. ?
By on 29-06-2016
I had lost my original RC card but have all the paper documents for the same. Will it be a problem in transferring the same through rto to the new person whome I am selling the bike?
Ps: bike is of Pondicherry registration but Karnataka tax paid. Plz help
By on 02-08-2016
I want to sell my scooter. It's from Angul. But the buyer belongs to chatrapur, Odisha. DO I need to go to Angul-RTO to obtain a clearance certificate??????? can it be obtained in nearest RTO?????
By on 21-08-2016
I lost all the documents of purchase of two wheeler bike during flood condition. Now I want to sell this bike. So what should be legal procedure to follow. If anyone did the same pls help
By on 09-09-2016
Hi all! Need some advice/help
I purchased a bike from delhi few months back and I'm staying in gurgaon.. I forgot to take NOC from the owner .. A part from this I have sign letter ,RC,insurance and owners id proofs .. And the main problem is that person is out of country..
Please advice how to proceed with the process of ownership change
Any kind of suggestion/advice (some agent details who get this done) will me much appreciated
Thank you!
By on 18-09-2016
I bought a second hand scooter without insurance,and they gave me noc for clearance of hypothecation, now I want to transfer it to my name, but the rto people are saying first I need to clear the hypothecation with Noc in order to change the name in rc, without which I can't change my name, now what should I do in order to change my name? Someone please help me
By on 26-09-2016
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