Vehicle Sale Certificates

Sale Certificates

Click on the links to download the vehicle sale forms.

Form 28 - No Objection Certificate

Form 29 - Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle

Form 30 - Report of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle

Transfer Deed for Sale/Purchase of Vehicle

Procedure for Selliing and Buying Bikes

List of RTO Websites of all States in India

Interstate Vehicle Registration

Latest Comments
the information is very helpful.

a very thanks
By on 22-03-2013
i want buy a second hend herohonda byk.with in 10,000 to 13,000 rupees.
By on 07-04-2013
In the transfer deed for sale/purchase of vehicle the letter " R/o " meant for what ? meaning for abbreviation will enable users to fill it correctly and confidently
By on 23-04-2013
It is resident of (Give your Address)
By on 25-04-2013
I sold my bike to Mr X two year ago, still they are not changing there owner ship, is transfer deed is sufficient to safe me from any legal obligations?
By on 02-05-2013
Helpful information
By on 25-05-2013
Can i buy vehicle directly from Manufacturer.. Or Does Manufacturer is allowed to sell vehicle to any individual.?
By on 09-07-2013
your information is very helpful, thanks, but I wants to know is it necessary to in form Police Station for sale of bike ? If any body misuse than who will suffer, please guide.
By on 17-08-2013
where is the local motors vehicle in kolkata , can I get direct driving licence with out going to the tranning school? please tell me, thank u.
By on 22-08-2013
Thank for Help .
By on 23-09-2013
I want to sell my old scooter (Model 2002). Mostly people do not change ownership after verbally assurance. Transfer deed on Non-judicial stamp paper Rs.10/- is sufficient to safe me from any legal obligations. If any body misuse than who will suffer, please guide.
By on 18-11-2013
Information is good and up-to-date. I hope this is applicable to all states.
By on 07-12-2013
The information is really helpful. Thanks.
By on 09-12-2013
thanks a lot for sharing very useful information.
By on 25-12-2013
The information is very helpful for us. Thanks a ton for this side.
By on 16-01-2014
sir plz bike sale letter fillup demo image
By on 12-02-2014
it's so great of getting everythng @ here only. thank u :)
By on 19-03-2014
i want sale my bike so help for fill form
By on 07-04-2014
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