Interstate registration of bikes and scooters – Guidelines

Registering vehicles in different states can pose quite a few problems and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has stipulated a few rules and regulations to aid the citizens while relocating their vehicles or registering vehicles in a different state.

One can deal with the interstate registration problems with ample knowledge of certain rules. But before that one needs to know the kind of problems they will face while registering their vehicles in another state. And below are some of the problems that citizens often face while driving/riding in different state or states:

- The first problem a driver might face while driving in a new state is from the traffic police, who will grill you with all sorts of questions and one might wonder if it is out of suspicion or their intent to make quick bucks by instilling some fear. And sadly, many riders just cough up the hefty demands made by the cops.

- The local police of a particular state may demand for a local number plate, which is another problem with interstate registration.

- The other major problem with the local police is, you cannot talk rules, regulations or about law to them, as many from their fraternity are of the opinion that no one can teach about law to them and as a result your vehicle might get confiscated by them.

- God forbid but in case you meet with an accident in a different state while driving, the local police will be least supportive of your plight and you might end up telling stories.

- Road tax is another problem and not all states levy road tax but if you are in any state where paying road tax is mandatory then you will have to oblige with a payment.

- Resale of vehicle in a different state is again a problem, as there could be further complications with regards to the process of transference.

These are a few problems one might face with interstate registration vehicles. But you can combat them with ease and efficiency if you follow some tips:

1. The first thing you need is to have authentic documents of the vehicle to avoid any kind of legal hassles in that particular state such as, license, insurance documents, photo ID, address proof, form 20, which is given by the bank in case if you have bought the vehicle on loan.

2. If you intend to pay road tax then you need to have an NOC (no objection certificate), RC book, copy of vehicle insurance, form 20 and 22, address and ID proof and also a copy of the vehicle’s pollution test.

3. In case you want to pay road tax you can either do it yourself or approach a broker and also take the help of friend who knows the local language, as the RTO documents will be printed in local language.

As regards the broker Automobile Association of South India has made good reviews for itself and can be given a try. All one has to do is become a member of the association and have the papers transferred using their services. Stay warned that the service takes time though.

Other than few of these tips one has to be confident and fearless especially if all the vehicle documents you possess are valid and authentic. With some smart talk and presence of mind you can certainly deal with local cops and come out of the awkward situation clean without any complication. And also get it clear in the mind that most cops try to scare you and are on the prowl to fill their pockets and not necessarily that you at fault or doing something illegal.

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  1. a r khan

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  2. NeiL

    I need finance to have my dream byk .plz help me out in this regard .? Plz do contact me dis is ma no 9849825191 , i dont have any property papers! But beleive me iam very much genuine and trustworthy !

  3. Sathish

    Very very usefull tips given by AASI. thank you/

  4. Amit Gupta

    Please help me with selling formalities of my Hero Honda bike. I want to transfer my bike to buyer so that will be free from all future responsiblities.

    Cell +91 9650003279

  5. Aswini Kumar Sahu

    I want to buy a bike which is already registered in Andheri RTO to kalyan RTO what will be the legal process for the same.Should I need to pay octroi for that ?How many days it will take to transfer in my name.What could be the expenses ?

  6. Ramakrishna


    Kindly help me i have purchased TVS sport bike which has not received insurance and i have received balance all docs like 29 30 NOC without insurance certificate can we register this?

    the bike is mafac 2011 and owner registered date is28/09/2011
    kindly help me sir is insurance certificate need for registered to my name?

    • jeevan

      mr. Ramakrishna

      you have to go and take atleast 3rd party insurance then only you can register to your name.
      without insurance rt office will not accept ur application.

  7. Tilak

    I want to bring my bike registered at Pondicherry to Pune. I would be using it for a year in Pune so I would prefer going for all legal documents. What all documents do I need and kindly let me know the procedure for the same.
    Thanks in advance

  8. jeevan

    mr. Ramakrishna

    you have to go and take atleast 3rd party insurance then only you can register to your name.

  9. aditya shikhare

    Sir,I want to transfer the ownership of two wheeler which is register in mumbai,and I stay now in pune so,what is process of transfer of ownership in this of case?please give guideline for ownership.

  10. jitendra

    i have hero honda sp bike in bangalore which is registered in kanpur up.. i have taken noc in oct 2011 but not paid any tax in bangalore. now i m shifting to gandhinagar gujrat. what can be process for that.

  11. sojesh

    Dear sir,
    I am going to buy a used royal enfield bullet from other state .and I w ant to get it transferred to Gujarat, (valsad).first of all the bikes are old 15 to 25 years .So sir guide me for the exact legal formalities , and the necessary documents which I should ask from the owner

  12. tashi

    dear sir, i ve purchased a used bike with registration no. of west bengal. And now i want to bring it in sikkim and trnsfer it to my name……what is the process beside the NOC

  13. rajesh soni

    i have my father in law,s bajaj xcd bike of 2008. registered in daman DN. i have noc inmy name from Daman RTO. now i want use it in mumbai. without transfering name . some told me to just pay mumbai road tax &some told me to approch Andhiry rto and take permision me what to do . what whould be mumbai road tax. thank you

  14. Nanda

    I am working in Thrissur (kerala). Last week i purchased a second hand bike which has thrissur registration. but my id & address proof are all belongs to Tamilnadu. how can change the ownership of the bike to mine? do i need any local address? currently i don’t have any kind of local address in thrissur? i want to retain the registration number? please help…thanks.

  15. Himanshu

    Sir, I bought pulsar 220. In Diu daman and I want to use it in Mumbai without any transfer and registration process. So is there any rule which I should follow…please help me

  16. Radha Ravichandran

    Hi, I have a bike (Pulsar black 150 CC) which was registered in Tamilnadu. I am having all the documents including emission control… Now my husband is using it in Bangalore and often the cops are collecting Rs.200/-, Rs.300/- like that and they informed us to take road tax in Karnataka… what is the procedure and how much we have to pay, since it is two years old…

  17. shalabh deepankar

    i have a bike registered with Delhi number, recently i have shifted to Pune (Maharashtra) and wants my bike here. what is procedure to ride the bike i pune hastle free.

  18. ashish

    Sir i purchased. a bike in another. State without registering. In that state. I want to register in pune. What is procedure for this.

  19. Nishant Gupta

    Sir i have purchased a TVS JUPITER from Narela, Delhi, and financed from sonepat bank, what is the procedure of registration in haryana & can i want noc from delhi authority or not.
    mob. 09541562203

  20. Ashutosh Priya

    I purchased a hero Honda bike of U.P. and I want to take its Noc. To use in Muzaffarpur Bihar

  21. Ashutosh Priya


  22. Ankush kumar

    Actually few months before I purchased a bullet bike from Chandigarh nd showroom manager says me to deposit money for registration nd also ask me a local frnd address who have own house in chd so I gave ol the information . Now he can’t got tha. Registration number from chandihgarg nd m from Jammu and Kashmir so is ny other portion dat I could register my bike in my state Jammu and Kashmir plzz sir suggest why I do m just in big problem Thnkuee

  23. sunil chitlangia

    sir, honda ka scooter karnatka se mere bete ne bhega he beta us shift ho gaya me west bengal kolkata me hu mujhe koi jankari nahi he kya rule he aur kya karna he pls help me

  24. sunil chitlangia

    mob no– 09330866336

  25. Rahul

    I am purchasing a 1984 model bullet from Jaipur. I want to get it registered in Delhi as I live in Delhi. What all documents are required to get it registered in Delhi???

  26. Rahul

    I am purchasing a 1984 model bullet from Jaipur. I want to get it registered in Delhi as I live in Delhi. What all documents are required to get it registered in Delhi???
    Contact Number – 9650052025

  27. Manoj S

    I want to buy a two wheeler but i fail to understand that, how track the correct information of past record of vehicle and no raise any problem in future. So, please suggest.

  28. Ayyappaswamy


    I am staying in Telangana and I want to buy a bike with Kartnatak registration. So what are the documents needed from the owner. how much money have to spend to register on my name.
    what is the process to reduce the cost of registration on my name.

    Please respond me as soon as possible.


  29. Sanjay G


    I’m Sanjay, Bangalore resident, purchased a brand new bajaj pulsar of 2015model registered in Bangalore itself, my problem is: Wanted to know the legal procedures to take transfer of my bike to meghalaya as im migrating there after a couple of months!!!
    Please let me know at the earliest.

    Thank You.

  30. gambhir sen

    is noc without name can issued if so then when the name is written on noc kindly reply and what to do to correct noc

  31. b.s.anand

    i am buying a new bullet m.cycle from chandigarh.i shall be paying all taxes and insurance in i stay in kota rajasthan,besides registration fees do we have to pay sales tax again of rajasthan as the dealer would be invoicing on my kota address or only registration charges have to be paid

  32. vinit kumar

    i have a yamaha fz bike in gujarat now i transferred to chhattisgadh raipur how i transfered bike from RTO

  33. anil keshri

    sir, I have bought bajaj discover dtsi 125cc of arunachal registration. I belongs to jharkhand. I have taken noc from the seller I. my name. but till now I have not transfer The same in my name. now I want to sell The same to another person due to some financial problem. is it required to bring another noc for that person? is there any document required for the same? please suggest me. its very urgent

  34. Uday

    Can We use Orissa Registered Two Wheeler in Tamilnadu…?

  35. dinesh

    sir i want to buy new activa dlx from any showroom of gurgaon & want to complete rto registration from akola maharashtra.what is the process?

  36. manoj

    I want buy bullet in Pondicherry ,but I want to register in Tamil nadu it is possible are not.

  37. Ashish kr jha

    I have purchased a two wheeler from west bengal and want to get registration from bihar then what i have to do. Whether i have to deposit VAT in Bihar again. If yes, than how much is it?

  38. Shivam

    I m a resident of punjab. I purchased a bike from ambala. I want RC of punjab. Should i have to pay any extra money than normal registration ??

  39. Pramod Tamboli

    I want to use my Byke from Gujarat to Mumbai , what will be process or what rules I need to follow at Mumbai.. Plz guide me.

  40. Ashish

    Hi recntly I bought a new hinda aviator in kolkata on 16/10/15 can yu tell me in how many I can get a registered scooter number
    Thnak yu

  41. md rafi

    Sir Iam from telangana state I want to buy a new baleno car from jarkhand state but I want to register in telangana state because jarkhand state giving road tax low than telangana state so I want to buy a car in jarkhand state is it possible

  42. Mukesh Kumar

    Sir how a bike can be transferred from one name to another name in the city delhi when the bike is already registered in Bangalore city

  43. Prashant

    i have a bike bajaj ct100. this was purchased in year 2005 at jaipur. from last 1 year i have shifted to pune. theres a lot of problems with local cops regarding my numberplate and road tax.
    i am left with 2 option
    — sell that vehicle(again it is not possible in pune as even the showroom vendors want a transferred bike) in jaipur which is quite costly as transportation of bike usually takes more time. Also it will be costly for these movement.

    — get my bike transfereed.

    my questions are —
    1) can i sell my bike in pune as it is today? if yes kindly let me know some of the vendors

    2) can i apply for registration transfer from jaipur to pune without travelling (alongwith the bike) to jaipur

    i would be very greatful if you help me. my e-mail is

  44. kamal

    I have sold my bike ( Delhi registered) last month. Buyer want to transfer the bike no. in ( Utter pradesh). I have cleared all dues to bank but did not remove HP from registration certificate.
    Please suggest what is the producure to transfered the bike from delhi seller to utter pradesh buyer

  45. shivam

    I am citizen of Delhi ..
    I have a scoty of hero
    I have bought it on loan
    Now I am shifting to Jammu …
    What are the formalities that the Jammu police don’t make any problem

  46. sumit kumar

    Sir please help me i have buy a bike 2nd hand in delhi now i came to bihar police ask me for paper i have only NOC i have not transfer the paper in my name so tell me that how and where i can or i have to transfer my bike paper

  47. Ranik saha

    I am from west bengal and doing job in Gujarat so how could i purchase a bike here and riding too.

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