Modified Royal Enfield Bullet Machismo Wallpapers

Presenting some high quality pictures of a modified Royal Enfield Bullet Machismo A350. Photos were taken by the ace photographer Renjith Sasidharan.

If you are keen to know what all modifications were done to this motorcycle, read Modifying Royal Enfield Motorcycles.

And if you are looking to alter your machine, checkout this List of Motorcycle Customizers.

Modified Royal Enfield Bullet

Modified Royal Enfield Bullet

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  1. Shyam

    Hp il lano ninte photoshoot chetan???

    • dharminder

      bullet bike

  2. Manu

    Kashtam, nall oru bike aayirunnu. Nee athinu ninte jeepinte tire fit cheytho 😛

  3. Shams

    Forget about the tyres dude, checkout the style and the power it has in it…Amazing bike…a Manufacturers pride and a riders delight…

  4. Jaison

    If you have done some changes on the front wheel like alloy wheels / disc brake etc, this should have been much great.

    Pls give ur Mob No.

  5. sunil

    looks good…
    need to its performance..
    send me your contact no.
    and your expected price for this bike

    • abhishek singh chouhan


  6. Abdulla

    Dear sir,
    My bullet 1999 bullet i already modified may 2010 now its good. now bullet allow wheel i want to change back allow weal little big tyre. i want to put 15 inch tyre( like you tyre) . u have any aidia . am from kannur kerala any person in kerala please give me ur tel no i will call you


    hi bro.
    your bike looks extremely great, the best thing inn your modification is that is doesnt loose its originality. great work done. i own a bullet electra 2009 model, i too plan to modify it. your pics were a great help. happy riding.
    Abhishek, Meerut(U.P.).

    • dharmendra

      hi i like bullet electre you intrest in sale your bullet bike pls reply

  8. dharminder

    bullet bike wallpapers dharminder singh bhullar……………..

  9. Francis Alen

    Great work… Amazing style and shape.

  10. Ananada Rao

    Hi,rear portion of the bike looks fantastic, I got 1990 bullet.Itoo want modify the seat and rear wheel.Pl send me Your contact Phone Number
    Happy ride.
    Ananada Rao
    Vijayawada A.P

  11. Nishil

    Excellent job, are you selling it? or will you get the job done for me at kochi??

  12. alistair

    nice and neat…. add a disc brakes to the front end… and make a single seat ride ….it will look …hot..

    • Arun Thomas KB

      Cant fix single seat. I am married 🙁

      • gopu

        hi arun, rear modification is good. can u plz advice me abt this….. can i get ur contact number..??? what abt the handle?

  13. Pavan.Gaikwad

    too goooooood i will like to purchase this bike

  14. Avinash Panicker

    Hey Dude !!!
    Your Thumper !!! ……. It’s Damn Neat ….. or rather Awesome !!!
    Hope you are not planning to sell it off ….
    BTW, I donno which one’s better….. The pics of your Thumper….. or the Thumper itself.

    Anyway, Long Live the King of the Roads !!!
    – Thanks,

    • RAVE

      Hey man you have a very good taste, i too have a machismo 2002

  15. raghu

    can anyone suggest me which colour should i use to my new bike ?except black and what r the pros and cos of changing the rims to smaller size

  16. ravi singh

    very nice photograps & modification of bullets
    i love this, i plane for buy a like this bullet in feture

  17. harinder

    Iwant to buy your bike .plz contact

  18. rahul

    you are realy caring and loving the machine its proved from the look
    keep the single seet will look so nice and comfortable for your lover

    I love your bike

  19. Sreedeep

    Hello Ranjith.Ure bullee is superb. is it sold.if not pls give ure contact details.i would like to buy it.Please give up the details too.

  20. raja

    Hi if ur bike is still for sale send the expected price to my mail id ->

  21. Jaison

    ur contact no. pls…

  22. KARAN

    Your bullet bike is very nice.i have modify bullet .

  23. KARAN

    this is not a bullet .this is a very modify bullet

  24. namanalagh

    this is not a bullet.this is a modify bullet

  25. yogesh

    if u hv this type of bullet i m interested call 9001166123

    • sidheek

      i whet this on cont me , miss call 0097477711517

  26. felson

    i would like to buy it pls contact me

  27. Bapi..

    Can I know the cost of your modification dude?

  28. balakrishna

    good & verry style bike enjoy @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ dobu dobu dubo

  29. vicky gill

    super ultimate bro and i want to ask that i bought a BSA 1952 model in un running condition 150 cc so one person started it but couldn’t find its cluch plates and some parts of carborater can u help me do reply me as soon as possible ji on my email adress

  30. alisha

    i need the clear details of this bike !

  31. aubrey

    hi, can i get more details of this bike. late me know soon

  32. sudhir mundel

    nice bike

  33. biju

    Hi.. The bike is looking nice, I think the modification charges are not so high. even if a variation of Rs. 1000 will not be a issue because you are not taking any pain on it. with out the worries you get a bike you are visualized. don,t worry about the cost now enjoy the ride. I am also plans for a modification of my standard 350 bullet.



  34. Khushal singh verma

    Hi.. The bike is looking nice. very beautiful

  35. aseeb c p

    dude… this bullet rockzz..

  36. manik

    bullet standred 1999 model for sale in 1,00000/-only


    sir , your bike awesome , and i like to change the rear wheel like yours to my thunderbird twinspark 2011 model , can u help me out , my no is 08807144179

  38. zakir

    my bullet is getin sum diffrent sound at 100! what to do

  39. charan kamal singh

    nice bullets and gud modifieds

  40. azeer

    Intrested in purchasing ,

  41. monty sehrawat

    bullet is amazing nothing like bullet

  42. sreejith


  43. Binoy carkry

    I lov just b bike

  44. Puneet

    Sir, i also want to get my bikes tank chrome plated like yours.. please tell me how the painting has been done. I mean did you mask the areas and avoiding plating them where you have painted the tank or you got the whole tank plated and then painted over the chrome. If you painted over the chrome, was it done directly or was it first sanded down to reduce its smoothness and gloss?? how was the sanding carried out??

    • allan

      this is a Machismo bullet the most beautiful bullet of all and the tank is made this way

  45. Puneet

    Kindly reply to the above query on this email ID:

    Thank You.

  46. Sunil Dutt

    your bike looks extremely great, the best thing inn your modification is that is doesnt loose its originality. great work done. i own a bullet electra 2009 model, i too plan to modify it. your pics were a great help. happy riding.


  47. Sunil Dutt


    your bike looks extremely great, the best thing inn your modification is that is doesnt loose its originality. great work done. i own a bullet electra 1985 model, happy riding.

    • junaise

      i need a royal enfield old one…can u plss help me

  48. Abinash

    Plz send prices details. My contact no +91-8148963326

  49. ansilin


  50. vipin manori

    i need…….old royal enfield…pls help me

  51. lokhiram

    Out of these world

  52. sanjiv

    I want to modify my bullet,,,standrd 350,,2007 model..plz contact me


    my name is balu. i am from thrissur. i have a diesel bullet can you Modified like classic bullet ( desert storm) and i want to a self start. can you tell me the cost. (plating, mat painting,self starting,tail lamp,bullet classic handlebar,bullet classic seats) my phone no:9562715969 please contact me……………………………………………………………………………………….


    i view your bike brother amazing & woh i want to buy but my budget is 20000 if you agreeble plz reply me my no is 9853313232 fm Orissa. i waiting your phone call.

  55. Manik singh

    i want to sell my bullet machismo 2004 if some one want to buy plz contact 09501662009

  56. sudhakar r

    Pls I want bullet machismo bike if some one want to sale pls contact this no 09916930179 or 08147020119.


    If anyone of you are going for such kind of modifications like wider tyre then don’t replace the swing arm , instead of getting it changed just get it modified. Because those new swing arms replaced by mechanics are not good( above 65 – 70) stability of bullet will be disturbed.

  58. Mahesh

    Hi all bullet lovers very nice to see this modfied BULL. I do have a RE 2010 Electra 5speed the old cast iron enjine and i do wanted to fix the wide radial to my bike but as this guy mentioned if u change the tyre it will get clashed with the mudguard when ever we go over bumps..N just because of that reason am yet to change..

  59. sachin tirkey

    i have modified my starcity into crusier look overall paid only 2000.
    work i had done into bike are roundheadlight,side fancy headlight,split seat and some alterations.

    do check my fb profile.after that i also started to do modify

  60. sreejith

    I am interested

  61. amit

    shoroom kaha per hai address batao

  62. siraz

    can i know its prize?

  63. Krish

    Hi dude,
    Great job,
    Where do I get custom seat made for bullet in chennai. Pls advice.

  64. Sudhanngshu Bose

    What a ride truely awesome love to build a bike like this. It would be great if you suggest me how to do it with what changes should be done.

  65. thiyagu


  66. Bonomali Goswami

    I want to modify my old bullet how much will be d cost

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