Hero Honda Hunk vs Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc DTSi – Comparison review

Two big names in the Indian biking scenario: Hero Honda Hunk and Bajaj Pulsar. Both these have taken the market by storm, while Hero Honda is a global name for being the leading bike manufacturer the Bajaj Auto is a top name in the Indian bike market scene. The very first thing that riders would associate with Hero Honda bike is their impeccable service and dependability and whereas the Bajaj bikes come up with novelty rather innovations and the Indian market has showered great love and regard for the Bajaj bikes.

The Indian market has a line up of bikes in the segment and they are a hit among the masses mainly because of their incredible performance with an affordable price tag. Bajaj’s introduction of Pulsar 150 cc DTSi was an instant hit among masses as was expected by the market experts but soon the company felt the pinch of competition from the Hero Honda who launched the Hunk. This made the consumers a little indecisive when asked to pick one between the two bikes. Here is a brief analysis of the two bikes that will aid the bike buying prospects’ decision.

If looks alone matter?
HH Hunk has an elegant yet a muscular looks, which kind of is an appealing factor. The front forks have golden touch whereas the central section gets a silver finish, and the other eye-catching feature is the butterfly-shaped headlight. But, Bajaj Pulsar stands apart in the style and looks thanks to the styling department. Pulsar’s design was tweaked in Japan and it was given a rugged look with a huge fuel tank (that surely is a macho quotient anyone would vote for) and cool headlight. As to the tail end of the bike, it is much like the edge of a razor. Along with these distinct features Pulsar comes fitted with edgy (glitzy) electronic gadgets that will create quite an impression on the buyer. I would vote for pulsar for the looks although it’s a factor that is subject to an individual’s personal choice that may quite vary.

Hero Hunk

Engine, performance, handling and mileage are those things that really matter for a biker
Bajaj Pulsar bears the 150 cc DTSi engine and generates a power of 14.09 Ps @ 8500 rpm and the maximum torque is around 12.76 Nm at 6500 rpm. While Hunk also has a 150cc engine but the power out put is slightly higher than that of Pulsar, it is 14.2 Ps @ 8500 rpm and torque is 12.98 Nm @ 6500 rpm. Despite the engine in the Pulsar is smooth the bike emits a lot of noise at top speed whereas Hunk does not produce any vibration even if the bike is zooming at 80 kmph.

Because of the DTSi technology used in the Pulsar the throttle response seems to be pretty good and it is not bad in Hunk too. But the gearbox needs to be tweaked in Pulsar. The five speed gearbox in the Hunk helps in the effortless gear shifting and in fact even the clutch is pretty smooth. The Pulsar is fitted with disc brakes but one needs to be careful while applying them as they are quite sensitive and applying the front brakes too quickly might trigger loss of balance. HH Hunk has disc brakes but they are well equipped to suit the Indian roads. And this is where Pulsar lags behind and Hunk scores better.

As we know that Pulsar is a bit nosier and with age the noise produced by the bike becomes more evident but Hunk seems to be better in this regard. Pulsar gets heated up once the bike touches a speed level of 60 kmph and while riding Hunk you need not worry of the vehicle getting heated, as it will remain cool even at great speed. In terms of comfortable riding, Pulsar does give a comfortable ride but the pillion rider might complain a bit while in Hunk the cushioned seats offer great comfort especially if you plan a long ride.

Bajaj Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi

Hunk scores greater points in terms of fuel efficiency as well. If you are riding in the city you can expect it to give 55-60 kmpl and on highways it could be around 65 kmpl which is very neat. Pulsar gives around 45-50 kmpl on bumper-bumper traffic conditions while on the highways you can squeeze arund 52-55 kmpl, which also depend on the kind of a rider you are; ride smooth and expect better mileage.

Color and Price
The Pulsar 150 cc DTSi comes in colors of plasma blue, cocktail wine red, misty grey silver and midnight black with an on-road price of Rs 68,000.

The Hunk is available in four color choices of black, red, silver and blue with an on-road price tag of Rs 65,000.

Final Word
Hunk gets outscored by Pulsar only in the looks department (you can well ignore looks in my opinion) otherwise it is Hunk that scores better in other aspects such as performance, quality, handling, comfortable on long rides, dependability and hassle free maintenance. And it obviously gave competition a run for money to stay superior in the Indian market, more so in the 150 cc segment. In fact it’s the most modern bike by many parameters in the 150cc segment.

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  1. Aida

    Hunk all the way………………

  2. rajat

    i feel hunk is better

  3. Bindu boxer

    i love pulser

    • Abhijit

      Its Pulsar not Pulser

  4. shanu

    i feel hunk is better than pulsar

    • Satish

      Exactly. Pulsar engine is very rough compare to hunk. hunk engine is butter smooth

  5. Sharad nair

    Pulsar have no subtitute

  6. Satish

    I used Pulsar for 5years. 1st two years its good to ride after that it is a worst bike. ask for more maintenance and engine sounds more. so I’m planning to buy hunk. its a great bike frm hero Honda. engine is very soft

    • ansheed

      R u using hunk

  7. moh rahel

    ofcourse hunk

  8. saubhagya pandey

    pulsar no comment

  9. saubhagya pandey

    hunk logo ki pasand pulsar

  10. Rahul Bhosale

    Considering the frequent rise in fuel , mileage plays a great role,if u go for look hunk is best ,but mileage very poor 34-37 not even 40, its not rumour ,i have friends having these bikes .all they complain about is mileage. While pulsar gives 40-42.in city

    • Bharath Josh

      Buddy, I guess they are really bad drivers. I’m also a bad driver at times. I own a hunk for more than a year. On an “insane” drive within the city she has never gone less than 40 KMPL. 🙂 But on an insane drive I love my bike for performance and handling.. 😉

      • manirul islam

        i am using hunk from 2012
        i bought it again in 2013
        again i bought it in 2015 hero honda last segment and last single stock
        i got 45 in kolkata city and 55 in highways at 55 to 60kmpl
        where as pulsar is the most worst bike in india.
        after travelling 10000 km it makes noise from its engine
        having a lot of problem with its gear
        once its engine will open lots of problem will arise and never comes in an original mode
        in one word pulsar is most ghatiya bike in india

  11. vinu9745192992

    pusar is bettr

  12. Deepak

    Hunk is better than pulsar

  13. Deepak Vishwakarma

    Hunk always best

  14. kavi anandh

    i am using new hunk. i feel good on its performance and mileage is 52.

  15. kavi anandh

    hunk is alllways mass

  16. dey

    I m planing to buy a bike today…was looking for hunk frm hh. reviews n response are quite good, comparison wid pulsar is distinct n keepin me away..sry bajaj

  17. om singh

    hunk is 1000000000…………..time better than pulsar

  18. furkan sayyed

    hunk is best i had research for new bike from Tvs Rtr 160 gives u back problem RTR 180 no average ,Honda cb unicorn really worst starting on morning every day u hav to give choke for at least 4 minutes ,Hero CBZ extreme good bike but not having good looks + comfort as hunk, Bajaj pulsar worst to maintain

  19. Rahul roxx

    Ya its r8 dat hunks good. Bt it dont have as cathy colour as pulsar. If a new hunk with more modification with awesome glassy colour bieng released then it would leave pulsar far behind . May hero moto cop. try for this… Coz i’m planning 2 buy….

  20. Sameer bathusha

    Hunk is the mass bike in 150cc segment.
    Its muscle look will attract girls while seeing the bike immeadiately.
    It has a great mileage,power,etc
    i love hunk….
    Hero honda dhak dhak go…

  21. Austin dhas

    HUNK is best

  22. Austin kaka

    i lv my Hunk

  23. ankit patel

    hunk is more heavy than pulsar so u will feel really hunk is a 150 bike while driving and its ur choice to go with whom

    • Akash

      You can’t know how we will feel. I am slightly on the heavier side (78 kg) and I can literally carve the road with my hunk.

  24. sriyok

    wht should i buy pulser or hunk for geting better milage

  25. jony

    Going to take Hunk today


    i have to like pulsar bcz pulsar is the mass in the chennai,allover the tamilnadu youngstor using only pulsar and then bajaj is the best engine and service holders in the world……………….

  27. Amarjith P

    I Decided To Buy A Hero Honda Hunk .DHAK DHAK GO

  28. harry

    but stupid peopl still goin wid pulsr.. 😀 i hv new hunk .. damn smooth .. n givin mileage of 45 in city..

    • Bharath Josh

      Agreed. I get more than 45 in City.. 😉

  29. kevi star

    welL,m guin for hunk finally………….n u??

  30. shimnas

    i love pulsar bcz pulsar sports bkeeee

    • harry

      such a bouring bike for drive & looks & performance

  31. moiz 8107825290

    hunk is much better than pulsar

  32. kk

    da best bike is Harley-Davidson………………..go for it

  33. Akash

    Pulsar may be pioneer in many aspects of modern biking. There is no denying this fact. But after more than 10 years of its release, it has begun to show age. Hunk is better looking and better or at par in every feature. I like pulsars a lot. But I can beat a P150 on my hunk any friggin’ day.

    Respect to pulsar.

  34. Ap

    U should know that….
    Hero Honda is better in reliability..
    Pulsar in top speed……p220 has top speed of 141km/hr compare 2 karizma 135km/hr….in its segment.
    Tvs in light weight(rtr160is135 kg ,whereas pulsar & hunk almost same147kg) better in city ride…
    Yamaha…in technology..
    Royal enfield in power…350cc produces 28-32nm at 3000-4000rpm

  35. stuartfrank

    guys…I want to buy a 150cc Bajaj pulsar or Herohonda hunk…if you’re using or used those bikes….please suggest me…which is better….I’m looking forward to your reply…

  36. harry

    my all friends have pulsar all the modles i drive pulsar allot one day i drive hunk surprisigly the performance of hunk is very fine than pulsar 150 &180 so i buy hunk i reach 125kmph on road which is better than pulsar ever

  37. Abdul Samad

    I think HUNK is better than pulsar
    so, my overall choice is HUNK

  38. Ashish Mandawgade

    Hunk is better than pulsar im useing hunk

  39. jayesh

    My bike 3 year old but no mentions

  40. Yuvraj more

    Pulsar is indias no.1 sports bike

  41. Yuvraj more

    Agar hero honda ki kisi bike ne pulsar ko hara diya na to me meri pulsar bech k hero honda le lunga its my challenge…….!

    • Vasar

      To theek hai tumhari koi 150 .180.220 .jo bhi ho le aana for race my Honda cbr 250

  42. Nadeem Pince

    Hey guyz..i m planning to buy pulsar 150 or hunk..
    Which is better pls suggest…

    Waiting for ur comments..

  43. siddharth

    ask any owner of both bikes after 2 yrs whether they like their bike or not-will tell you clear answer.my friend is ruing the day he bought pulsar.how hard u try neutral will be trouble.always asking for maintenance.wanted me to buy his bike.sorry i can’t buy a faltoo bike.as to hunk it may be having its own set of problems like being very heavy,tough to manouever but still it is better than pulsar.resale value of a 3 yr old model of both will tell you the real story.even if being priced higher than hunk,it commands lower price.so pulsar biker must be a fool to sell at less price?no because he knows everybody knows worth of pulsar after few years.So if you want gizmos go for pulsar else if you want quality go for hunk

  44. Sarath kumar

    I am planing buy a bike my choices are bajaj pulser 180 or hero hunk which bike is best?pls help me?

  45. pradeep chavan

    hunk is funk…………………………best is PULSARRRRRRRRRRR

  46. Nithin

    hunk is awesome bike cmpr 2 other bike like look,wait,speed,mileage etc…

  47. jitendra

    I like hunk bcos i trust. Their is no .. Tension about mileage , engine. Problem maintain. Etc etc cheap. N best. Atleat try it

  48. Sudarshan Das

    I will buy bikes, plz suggest me frnd which one is best.

  49. sanju pargadu

    no pulsarr…….oonly hunk hunk only hunk

  50. veekey

    rule the road with pulsar……………rough engine protects rough road………..rule the road……………

  51. veekey

    my high speed 146 km/hr……….with my pulsar 150,,,,,,,,,,,unbelieveable ……….no???????????? chase me with ur 1………………….vvvvvvrrrrrruuuuuu……….come on road babe……………….contact me@ dellinspiron90@gmail.com…….

  52. Rajesh Neware

    I have to buy 150 cc bike. Which is best for allover hunk or pulsar 150 ? Help me to decide one.

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