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Royal Enfield Bullet Standard 350

Complete details of Bullet Standard 350 Motorcycle

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Bullet Standard 350 is not in production now.

Bullet 350 with cast iron engine.

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Not Available
Royal Enfield Bullet Standard 350 is available in following colours - Black
Special Features
Traditional design and tank badge.
Hardy cast iron engine.
Four speed gearbox having right foot gear shift.
Flat line seat.
Full mud guards.
Mileage Under Standard Test Conditions 40 km per litre
Royal Enfield Bullet Standard 350
Technical Specifications of Royal Enfield Bullet Standard 350
Type Motorcycle
Engine Displacement 346.00 cc
Engine Type Single Cylinder, Four Stroke, OHV, SI Engine, Air Cooled
Maximum Power 18 bhp @ 5250 rpm
Maximum Torque 28 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Transmission Constant Mesh 5 speed
Gear Shift Pattern 1 up - 4 down
Front Brake Twin lead internal expanding drum breake
Rear Brake Foot operated, 153 mm drum
Chassis and Suspension
Front Suspension Telescopic with hydraulic damping
Rear Suspension Swing arm with adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers
Wheel Type
Front Tyre 3.25 X 19 - 4PR
Rear Tyre 3.25 X 19 - 4PR
Length x Width x Height 2140 x 810 x 1120 mm
Wheelbase 1370 mm
Weight 163 kg
Ground Clearance 140 mm
Petrol Tank Capacity 14.45 litres
User Reviews of Bullet Standard 350. Write Your Review
Bullet ta siraaaa. Cheej a , att a , bs ik problem a jehda purana modle band ho gya.
By on 31-03-2013
Hope less bike
By on 15-08-2013
I love bullet stadard 350 .if we have bullet means ifeel that 5000 maga wat power in our hand.i like bullet is a safe vechile we can use a bullet bike a bycycle .bullet is abullet.
By on 19-10-2013
my bullet ,, made like gun ,goes like bullet
By on 16-11-2013
i want to check the correct milege of royal enfield standard 350 in city
By on 21-11-2013
pl. contact, if you have not sale
By on 08-01-2014
All new generation like a bike but stop a bike not for good look a twin spark model old model engine and break left side very interested good bike so many beautiful drive and perfect bike so launch model old pls....
By on 28-01-2014
i want royal enfield stadenderd 350 only plz restart sell plz
By on 10-02-2014
Really, bike for bodybuilders. Macccho
By on 27-02-2014
i want to buy your bike
By on 13-03-2014
Bullet riding we feel like kings on the Road.
By on 23-04-2014
I don't know why I love the Royal enfield bullet . But I have attrection on bullet from my childhood when I was 10 years . I love The ROYAL ENFIELD BULLET .
By on 30-04-2014
bullet..its d real bike all others r just fibre toys..
By on 25-05-2014
it's ma darling
By on 29-05-2014
I want to purchase it
By on 26-06-2014
muscular body they reduced bikes pickup due to mileage purpose at present bullet is coming with 24mm piston and offers a decent mileage if u want a chasing bike then change the bike piston with 32mm then take ride
By on 02-07-2014
I love this bike to the dead end. But I want to sell it buy a new one please contact if interested please
By on 22-07-2014
i just luv dis bike...i m planning to buy one coz it really suits my physique..
By on 25-07-2014
Sir i want to buy the bicke Pl call to this Mobile No.9994499596
By on 26-07-2014
I waiting for it... 2 or 3 days .. I'm really thrilled...
By on 29-07-2014
this bike may now be not available i still ride it with all my love for it....... It gives me a long lasting joy.........
By on 03-08-2014
I love my bullet.... It made like a gun yr
By on 07-08-2014
Is old std model is back . Because I buy old model its come back? Then email my id is
By on 07-08-2014
By on 14-08-2014
i had change its piston its rly effects on u guys plz wrk on dt it wrks.
By on 21-08-2014
new bullet is like a seplendor
By on 24-08-2014
Tough to look...! and Child to handle....!!! I love my bullet
By on 24-08-2014
I love royal enfield bullet standard 350 model becz........ ............. .truly i dnt know why but since childhood its my dreem to have one of those .bcz it gaves a royal look and feel .riding a bullet will feel like riding a lion .and its what i want but the decission of the royal enfield to stop the production had made me so sad .if somebody had it on sale plz inform me plzzz
By on 25-08-2014
I would like to buy old Bullet 350 standard I love it really please provide me if available.
By on 11-09-2014
I own a bullet 350 cc CI engine.these just like
whereas new are just a bike not bulletUCE.I bought second hand bullet for 150000 becauz company has stopped the production of CI engine or old bullet .
this is called bulletcrazy.
By on 17-09-2014
Massive bike,
my fev. bike.
By on 26-09-2014
i love bullet
By on 03-10-2014
Sir i want to buy the bicke Pl call to this Mobile No.9424823445
By on 05-10-2014
I'nt buy 350 new model ...!
By on 11-10-2014
Friends jatt di pehli psand vi eh si te akhri psand vi eh a . I love bullet and its voice.
By on 31-10-2014
bullet 350 standard is my dream vehicle. I will buy standard 350 within 6 months.
By on 09-11-2014
i love this byke.... bullet means LION 1ST JAN 2015 KO AA RI HAI BHAIIIYO.....
By on 13-11-2014
Kya bat is ki im very happy c this
By on 27-11-2014
good looking and comfort to drive if self there that would be great
By on 29-11-2014
stylish and heavy . bullet for sale call mw @ 9744203303
By on 12-12-2014
Hum bhi 22Jan 2015 ko le rhe h standard
By on 31-12-2014
22 yara ne v bullet lena new model manu tanki te jo stiker change kita pasand ni se old de mukable but hun theek lagan laggi a bus hun a0na v mood ban gea book krana 350 standard appa v fir cahlòooo dug gug........ yra da bullet braa te nale pau ptake
By on 09-01-2015
Bullet standard 350cc 78 model. I hate it so that M having this for last 34 years n hope drive and keep it till the day of death.
By on 24-01-2015
I WANT TO SELL MY BULLET 350 STD LEFT SIDE BREAK 1993 MODEL NO. PB 10M 2190 11OOOO/- ONLY CONTACT PLS. (H.P.) 09419699565, 09459696003
By on 26-01-2015
Bullet is king of the giving real riding comfort and iam proud of telling iam a bullet user
By on 04-02-2015
बूलेट मेरी जान
इससे कोई मूकाबला नही
By on 07-02-2015
I used this bike for fifteen years and still I am using No match of this bike.
By on 09-02-2015
Very nice
By on 13-03-2015
I too much like standard 350. Why stopped the production of such a popular, efficient, perfect and super bike? Here thousands of people are waiting for standard 350 bike.
By on 20-03-2015
I love bullet standard350.please reproduction of old version. Waiting for this. Thanks.
By on 25-03-2015
My dream girl
By on 29-03-2015
Because i love
By on 30-03-2015
Plz reproduction old standard bullet
By on 10-04-2015
Purana bullet is kabar i love new bullets bcause they are more stylish than the older 350 model )
By on 11-04-2015
Really interestd in Power and Its style.. Waiting for 7month is crual
By on 02-05-2015
Bullet 350 kado launch hou ga
Duso menu.
My contact no is 8283873640
Whatsapp no ha mera
Menu message karo te duso kido launch hau ga
By on 06-05-2015
Just love to hear the sound its awesome bullet is just for men and only a real man can understand those who hate it they are not men.
By on 31-05-2015
i like bullet standard 350.
bcz this is the crazy bike.
By on 04-06-2015
yaar is bakwaas ko mere se lelo kio no new teachnology is used
By on 08-06-2015
New bullet are not be a bullet this is only a photostate of the old standrad bullet plz plz plz reprodution tha old standard bullet
By on 12-06-2015
Plz reproduction the old model standard bullet.
By on 15-06-2015
I Love bullet.... Standard 350
By on 20-06-2015
standard 350 new model tang stiker is not good please make it old one that is the standard one ..........olready i book standarad 350 if any option is to get old stiker for that pls inform me
By on 20-06-2015
I want to sale standard 2008 model left side break all clean price rs.1,50000
By on 24-06-2015
i want royal enfield statndard bullet in old model -94430-00209
By on 24-06-2015
We are realy want to buy bullet 350 standard model its good bike around the world we feel proud when drive.
Release a again in market
By on 02-07-2015
I am waiting list for new std 350 bullet.Iam intresting ROYAL ENFIELD
By on 10-07-2015
Hi Friends,
I wanted to buy a bullet 350, its 1987 / 1988 model.
It is costing me approx. 90,000/- Rs. in Mumbai. kindly share your experience on this.

Manoj Yadav
By on 18-07-2015
I want to sell my 1998 model standard bullet with alloy wheels at 80,000rs.anyone interested can call me on 09041063574
By on 20-07-2015
Standard 350 is the one which is not edited except the fact of the universal gear and the kicker pattern, but the awesome thing I like is they didnt change its real look as it was before. no modifications, it has big tyres bigger than classic, Disc for an Antique Edition sucks, in that ways standard has the same old Drum Brakes which is really cool, Also the lazy buggers introduced self start which also I hate as it takes out the kicker. Looking at the amp and kicking technology, have you ever seen this technology in any other bikes other than bullet, why do we have to kill it??. I like the Bullet being bullet without modifications as it was before. Hence I'm gonna go with Standard.
By on 25-08-2015
Good one among bikes
By on 04-10-2015
Good 350 standeard
By on 06-10-2015
By on 06-10-2015
Standard bullet Punjabi bike.....lion h Punjab ka
By on 17-10-2015
plz insert self start
By on 17-10-2015
It is very powerful and long lasting totally expecially engine I love it
By on 21-10-2015
Sir I want royal infilled 350 standard model 2000 to 2010
By on 29-10-2015
i my love my bullet
By on 04-11-2015
Sir ager mai old model stad bike lena cha ho royel enfiled show rom se tu kya muje ye bike mil sakti hai pls rply cont no 9828821300
By on 08-11-2015
We need right hand side gears first gear up and rest of 3 gear will be downwards
By on 08-11-2015
puthenangadi house
p/o mala
By on 14-11-2015
Muje standard 350 bike chahiye
By on 16-11-2015
Just becoz of not having self and disc brakes
By on 29-11-2015
Muje standard bullet bike royal Enfield chahiye
By on 08-12-2015
You cannot compare bullet with other indian bikes, atleat in india it is king of the road.
By on 09-12-2015
By on 11-12-2015
I love standard 350cc bullet motercycle but waiting Thodi lambi h kya kare par lenge toa 350cc standard hi Lange nhi toa koi nhi lenge
By on 18-12-2015
while riding bullet350cc,,
is not a joke feeling i lik a babbar sher,n wit smiling face,
bullet makes whole men"s as a sher
By on 22-12-2015
wow...feels like the king, when u ride bullet. its not just a byke its a baap of all bykes...
I just want to say that if u can give self start to standard 350..than there is no match of this byke...bullet rocks...all time favourite. ..
By on 22-12-2015
fadu bhava bullet to hawas hayyyy ....
By on 07-01-2016
I want only classic350 exect average
By on 14-01-2016
I like u r bile
By on 19-01-2016
Good bike bullet 2012 I want ple call me 9874191926
By on 16-02-2016
plz open 2009 models Bullt standard 350
By on 26-02-2016
Bullet ta endddddd...
FuLL kAim saRdaRi aa bullet nal...
By on 27-02-2016
I want bullet standard 350 old engine type.please again start.
By on 23-03-2016
I like this one please send your number
By on 13-04-2016
Whats the price
By on 19-04-2016
This is a i am purchased my contact no. 9582742082
By on 27-04-2016
ihe sadi jindgi cho kyo no hai
By on 18-05-2016
I love bullet such me gajab hai baap of bikes
By on 02-06-2016
I love bullet
By on 07-06-2016
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