Highlights of TVS Motors products at the New Delhi Auto Expo Show 2010

TVS Motors one of India's leading two-wheeler companies introduced its new hybrid vehicles in the Auto Expo at New Delhi. It was eight hybrid two wheelers and five auto rickshaws from the TVS group. The display of vehicles from the TVS Motors was clearly evident of the companies' serious efforts to provide technologies that are braced with cleaner, environment-friendly and highly efficient vehicles.

TVS' product introduction also suggests that it is the company's strong step towards promoting green technologies to achieve considerable reduction in the CO2 levels.

TVS Motors is also the company that has the credit of being the first automobile maker to have commercially produced the electric vehicles. The fundamental principle of these hybrid vehicles is to reduce emissions and improve the fuel efficiency.

Hybrid-TVS King
The Hybrid-TVS King is one of a kind in the 3-wheeler category; it is a plug-in 3 CNG vehicle and the unique feature of his 3-wheeler is the axial flux motor, which is connected with engine to enable power guidance while accelerating the vehicle. This technology helps the CNG engine and also lowers the emission levels to a great extent. The Hybrid King is supposed to bring down the CO2 emission level by 22% and the HC+NOX will be reduced by 20%. The power drive is supported with a smart micro controller, which serves in recuperating the energy that is generated while accelerating and braking with the process of regenerative charging. The micro controller is a powerful mechanism that also controls the energy produced by the battery & CNG so as to manage the CO2 emission efficiently. The micro controller serves as a battery SOC monitor and also preserves energy by deactivating the power points.

TVS Streak Hybrid
The Streak Hybrid in the two-wheeler category basically draws power from two sources- the 4-stroke engine and an electric motor and that means the vehicle will be available in electric as well as engine mode. The power sources will function at the choice of the rider and it will be operated based on the mode selected: Electric option alone (for those quickie trips and no fuel consumption); just the engine mode (when the battery charge is run out and/or low); hybrid electric option (using engine and battery) and the hybrid power mode (to generate good acceleration).

TVS Streak

The other advantage in the TVS Streak Hybrid is the smart use of energy; the mechanism is devised in such a way that when the brakes are applied the battery gets charged and the power is utilized only if there is a requirement. The energy is conserved while the vehicle is static, especially when you halt in the traffic. The vehicle is user friendly too; if you choose to ride the vehicle over a short distance or for zero-fuel consumption then you can simply select the electric mode. If the battery SOC is considerably low then go for engine mode. In the hybrid electric mode the two power sources function in accordance to the programmed strategy and both the engine and electric sources work in tandem if you choose the hybrid engine mode that enables better acceleration.

The TVS 2.0 scooter will sure be a tough competitor in the days to come rather once it is officially launched. The same engine that is found in TVS Pep+ powers the QUBE 2.0 but this one comes with an electric motor and it is supposed to be on the similar lines of the award-winning concept-QUBE. The rumours doing the rounds regarding this new scooter is that it will be launched sometime in 2010. The look of the scooter is certainly a fresh breeze and is also very compact. And yes the scooter emphasizes on the green technology and represents the company's move to produce eco-friendly vehicles. The technology employed for this vehicle ensures 30% reduction of CO2 emission, which in turn increases 30% fuel economy.

Other TVS vehicles showcased in the Auto Expo
TVS Motors also showcased their recently rolled out two-wheelers that included the auto-clutch bike TVS Jive, TVS WEGO, TVS Apache RTR 180, TVS Flame DS, TVS Scooty Streak and also the Apache RTR 180 with ABS technology were displayed. The other attractions of the Expo from TVS Motors were RTR 250 FX and TVS Hammerhead (an ATV quad bike), which were true representations of the company's engineering expertise.

The green technologies adopted by TVS' hybrid electric vehicles promise reduced emissions to the extent of 30% reduction in CO2 emissions as well as improved fuel economy.

The Chennai-based auto maker seems to be working hard to adopt the greener technologies to the maximum extent possible to benefit the mankind in the long run while not deviating off from the bike riders' interests. No wonder the TVS stall at the recently concluded New Delhi Auto Expo received huge visitors and was a big hit.

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I doubt if ATVs can survive on Indian roads. I still appreciate TVS application of green technologies in developing hybrid bikes! TVS stall at the expo just rocked
By on 25-01-2010
good morning sir/madum
sir i think newly launched tvs jive bike is very good.but sir left side some dammy clutch lever (brake lever)must be put.bcos left side handle bar looking some backword.sir sorry to say please this is my own sujestion.dont mind sir.thank you sir.
By on 05-05-2010
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