Launch of Bullet Classic C5 500 EFI

Who does not want to own a Royal Field? You will hardly find a person who does desire for a blistering bullet. The tough and a classy combination of any of the bullet bikes are the major appealing features of the bike. The Royal Enfield a part of the 1500+ crore Eicher company is all set to launch a macho bike; the new Bullet Classic C5 500 EFI on November 04, 2009.

Royal Enfield is also planning to scale its production from current 44000 units a year to about 60k units as it constantly receives orders for the Bullet Classic C5 from customers from several countries including Australia, Germany, UK, France, US Italy and Japan. The company also contemplates to expand its exports to far and hitherto unreached markets including Latin American nations, Sweden, Russia, Belgium, Norway, Israel and Canada.

Bike lovers could not have asked for more; the bike simply looks out of the world to say the least. The finishing of the Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 is impeccable and this sets apart the bike from the rest of the clan. The 500 EFI made its first appearance in Germany and then stepped into the European market. Now, Indian bike lovers will soon lay hands on the new Bullet Classic, and this is excitement unlimited to say least for the consumers of India. The bike was made to deliver great power, torque, while being comfortable to the driver and oozing style with that classy retro looks.

Design and the Looks
The new Bullet Classic features the 1950's classy look and has maintained the design of the bike during World War II quite intact. It has re-designed the bike to enhance the look but has also made conscious efforts not gone way beyond to alter its conventional look; the logo and the number plate are evident of the classic looks.

Bullet Classic 500

The round lamps, the fenders on the rear tyres, steel springs, analog valves. Fuel tank, seat and the mudguard are all reminiscent of the 1950s bullet bikes. So the Classic 550 EFI is a fine combination of the old and the new.

Wallpapers of Royal Enfield Bullet Classic

Engine specifications
A 500cc UCE or a Unit Construction Engine generates the power for the Bullet classic. The engine is enabled with a single cylinder that gives a power output of 27.2 bhp at 5250rpm and a torque of 41.3Nm at 4000rpm. The clutch and gearbox for the Bullet Classic is located outside but are connected to the crankcase of the bike. The company assures that the new UCE will reduce transmission loss and also minimise the maintenance problems. The latest enhancements include electric kick-start, disc brakes in the front, 5-speed gearbox and electronic fuel injection are some of the contemporary additions made to the bike.

Price and colours
The Bullet Classic 500EFI will be available in three colours; classic green, red and black. Along with the Bullet Classic 500 we may also see the launch of the other model Classic 350 too, which is expected to be in the price range of Rs. 90,000-1,00,000 and the bullet Classic 500 is expected to be around Rs. 125,000.

The performance and handling of the bike can only be determined after its launch. New Bullet Classic 500 EFI will be the first ever cruise bike in India in its segment in the truest sense and having been dubbed as the Indian Harley Davidson, the new Bullet Classic 500 is expected to live the expectations of bike lovers and let us hope its worth all the wait.

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Seems like they stopped the production of Machismo 350 and Machismo 500. Not sure though. They have removed Machismo from their website. Retro looking Machismo with chrome tank and mudguards was my favorite.
By on 04-11-2009
Good News.

Machismo would soon be re-launched with a new design and engine change. Royal Enfield will change the lean burn engine to the new platform and will announce it shortly.
By on 05-11-2009
bullet classic 350 -are they going to introduce crome plated tank (like machismo) in near future
By on 11-11-2009
Why is Classic 350 not supported with EFI technology? Will it be supported with this technology in future?
By on 02-12-2009
Its good to know abt Classic , but what about the other models like Machismo 350 and 500 will their production is stopped?
By on 02-11-2009
Congratulations to Royal Enfield India on the launch of the Classic model during Auto Expo 2010.
i want to know if the classic models will be available with two seater style similar to Thunderbird or even better as i wish to travel with a companion during my long trips in India during which i wish to buy the latest model.
By on 07-01-2010
i am sourbh dhingra
By on 10-02-2010

Ya, thats true its launched

By on 08-01-2010
when i called dealers in kerala , there is waiting period of 2 to 4 months for classic c5. Id there any metro show rooms where i can get within a week ??
By on 30-01-2010
why new diesel bullet is not availble in showroom
By on 20-01-2010
I just heard from the RE Showroom here in Pune that the WAIT period is for at least 1 year! Also, due to the launch of Electra with UCE (I saw that sample at the showroom), they have discontinued (already!) the Bullet Classic 350cc!!
I think RE has lost the plot ... they have destroyed their leading mascot (the legendary "iron-clad" Standard Bullet 350) and have unleashed something that is only a cheap imitation of a bullet, and is just plain too expensive (at nearly 1.5lacs after all the necessary paperwork and add-ons. Now to add insult to injury, the waiting period is only getting longer and longer!
This is what happens when decision are made by drawing-room and classroom "management-gurus" of the IIMs etc. instead of the tried and trusted lot on the good-ol' shop-floor.
RE has sown the seeds of its own destruction, and will soon head the way of other legends like AJS Matchless, Norton, BSA etc.
And what about the Indian Army? Which jawan in his right mind is going to ride anything other than the only "real bike" there is -- i.e. 4-speed CI engined Standard???
By on 24-03-2010
I have booked classic 500cc knowing that the wait period is 6 months. After having bad experience while speaking with the sales person, I have cancelled my booking. Even my friends (3 bookings) also did the same thing.

We all have decided to enjoy long and safe Drives than crappy rides...
By on 23-03-2010
can I get Bullet classic 500 in a week. Every one says that waiting is there for 6 months .it is too long.
By on 13-03-2010
In Bangalore, there is a waiting period of 6 months. But it is worth. Classic looks awesome man...
By on 14-03-2010
Is it true that, production of machismo 350 and 500cc models stoped.
By on 01-07-2010
what i felt these day is that the RE Co. should kept option open for the bullet lovers to go with unit constructed engine or cast iron engine, and i hope no one mind my honest view.
By on 29-09-2010
India is always sellers market ; not buyers
By on 24-01-2011
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