Karizma- Reigns still hot favorite with several bikers!

Here's to why?
Hero Honda Karizma is always a safe bet wherever you go biking; be it in the city roads or in the highways. It isn't for the toughness but for the reliability it offers.

Although Karizma faces tough competition by Bajaj Pulsar, Yamaha R15 and even the TVS Apache RTR, when one has to crown the best, people it will be Hero Honda Karizma with least doubt.

No it's not the fastest bike on the street but it always finishes excruciatingly close to its peers with 125 kmph. The company does not make any lofty promises about its brilliance and performance on the tracks instead the bike proves it on record! Karizma is equipped with all technological inputs that make it a machine so easy to handle than any other street machine of its ranks.

Shall we discuss about its styling, looks and appeal?

The styling of the Karizma is borrowed from VFR800; the legendary Japanese superbike. The brawny and the beefy looks make it one favored bike. Still, for the split grab rails and clip ons make it cool and awesome styled machine. Built of the Karizma is like that of race bike so it has a strong youth appeal.

Further, the bike comes in all major colors. Additionally, you will find that the structure of this bike is quite sturdy than its adversaries and is made to suit the Indian road conditions.

Karizma has been tested on the roads for quite sometime now, as it was launched way back in 2003 while the Pulsar models made their debut in 2007 and the R15 is launched just a few months back. So Karizma has already proved its mettle on road in terms of reliability and safety more than any of these newer brands.

In terms of engine performance, Pulsar 220 cc and R15 all come equipped with the fuel-injected engine while Hero Honda Karizma was quick to launch its PGM Fi much to the delight of all its loyal customers and fan following. This PGM Fi is a serious effort towards enhancing the performance of bikes. It has a self and kick start options. The engine power is 223cc and it generates a max power of 17.0 PS @ 7000RPM.

While Pulsars and the Apaches are flashier with more plastic, Karizma looks sturdy with more metal and muscle.


And what about stability?
Karizma is the leader because at any and every speed, stability is the key for any bike and ride it to believe. Karizma promises loads of stability.

Clearly, in all parameters Hero Honda Karizma is phenomenal; it comes with MRF Zappers that makes the on-road grip one of the best.

The flip side (if you may say, as Karizma is not bike for all men) if any is that the low slung handlebar and rise in pillion seat makes a short person a bit stretched forward. But it is perfect for the 6 footers and taller personalities. However, the wide handle bars still offer firm seating posture.

The braking system of Karizma too is quite satisfactory and one can comfortably ride for more than 100 kilometers.

If you are one who wants to settle for a calmer but safe tourer, then the Hero Honda Karizma is the perfecto metal for you.

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Last updated on 09-05-2012. Published on 24-08-2009.
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The bike will always be number 1 because of the all the above mentioned qualities. I don't know some one tried of riding the bike above 125kmph, but i have ride the bike at 140kmph without any problem with stability, balancing or take it anything, everthing is perfect.

Those who look for bigger and better bike, go for Karizma :))))))))))
By on 27-08-2009
ya ya you are absolutely right because the power of karizma is really awesome and even in the dirty roads it shows the comfortable to the rider. In the highway the karizma is the best ride to get a huge comfort and power
By on 30-05-2011
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