Launch of TVS Apache RTR 180 Menace

TVS Apache RTR 180 Menace- a menace to Bajaj Pulsars and Yamaha FZS?

The all new 180cc engine bike from TVS Company will kiss the Indian roads sometime the festive season of 2009. Christened as Menace, this sports bike has whole new looks with stepped-up performance.

Designed along similar lines of previous TVS Apache RTR models, TVS Apache Menace will steal an envying glance from the passers by for the no-front-scoop fairing. The bike gets a sportier look with part of exposed engine. The new TVS Apache RTR 180 Menace will be available in three colors of sporty yellow, flaming red and matt grey.

Running on 180cc engine TVS Apache Menace is expected to generate power of 18bhp and 16Nm torque with a top speed of 135kph. It comes with multi-plate clutch system, 5-speed gear transmission, and has an air-cooled, 4-stroke, mono cylinder 180cc engine. The engine will be powered by a fuel injection system and will have a greater compression ratio for enhanced combustion as well as fuel optimum utilization.

The all new dream bike TVS Apache Menace will come equipped with a double-cradle chassis and a mono shock suspension. The bike comes with disc brakes both front and rear ends and it is one enhanced safety feature. With Apache Menace one can also expect a longer wheelbase and even digital speedometer.

Expectations are that the engine will produce least vibration at high speed as TVS Apache Menace will be equipped with a single lever. This performance bike might surprise all with a new exhaust system to become more environment-friendly bike. You never know until it's launched though.

Apache 180 Menace

The price of TVS Apache RTR 180 Menace is expected to be around Rs.80,000 and will compete with the likes of Yamaha R15, Pulsar 200cc and will boost up bike market share for TVS in the coming months with larger market capitalization.

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Last updated on 09-05-2012. Published on 14-04-2009.
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TWO BIKES R MY PETS<<>> EVERY BODY PLS DON'T MISS APACHE IN UR LIFE ., IF U MISS THIS'' BIKE''' U WILL NOT A TRUE BIKE RIDER'''' .,.,.,.,.,., if u have any doubt abt apache ,.,.,,. u will call me
By on 25-04-2009
apache will fck the other bikes no other bikie will stand b4 apache in this class><apache really rrooocckzzzzzzzzzzzz
By on 25-04-2009
TWO BIKES R MY PETS<<>> EVERY BODY PLS DON'T MISS APACHE IN UR LIFE ., IF U MISS THIS'' BIKE''' U WILL NOT A TRUE BIKE RIDER'''' .,.,.,.,.,., if u have any doubt abt apache ,.,.,,. u will mail me
By on 25-04-2009
Wow! I will test drive the new TVS Apache RTR Menace!
By on 15-04-2009
To mb re g.bando karibo bahar tame 180 to m ro panti.when it will be launched..
By on 22-04-2009
Guys! which do u think is better fr an all rounder in performance nd mileage..
Apache 160 fi or 180 menace?
By on 16-10-2009
the sexiest bike i ever seen in Indian roads......................................
By on 05-05-2009
Well, only if they change d shape of d bike, i mean, a lill bit of modification it wud hav been gr8... but nywyZ d bikZ gd...
By on 28-05-2009
hi, i'm waiting for apache rtr 180...
apache rocksss...
By on 16-05-2009
Hey all....!! Well, sum say Apache 180cc is good, sum say bad.. But, unless you drive it n feel it, you can neva get satisfied.. Go for test drive once n trust me, you will have the menace 180cc the very next day.. Am taking 180cc after completing my 1yr 1month n 1day with my awesome RTR Fi 160.. Thiz will be my fourth bike n will go on still..
Thanx to TVS Motors..
By on 07-09-2009
By on 09-06-2009
Guys help me out wit d colour fr apache 160 rtr Fi version wit air scoops...
jus temme which is best among these 2....BLACK or MATT?....
By on 15-10-2009
im having apache rtr 160 really its superb style and giving good outlook and the riding also giving a sporty look i love the bike
By on 08-06-2009
RTR 18O will kiss the Indian roads sometime the festive season of 2009.
By on 08-06-2009
it is AlSo available in Ducatti white colour which is very rare
By on 04-06-2009
guys watch the review on youtube ....very rockin add ...
By on 04-06-2009
Can anybody inform me the Launch Date of Apache RTR 180.....

I am Eagerly waiting for the Reply !!!
By on 08-06-2009
I have my apache rtr 160. Its not a Fi or 180 but its my life. I love it more than any thing else. Just love your bike and the bike will do the same for you.
By on 06-06-2009
I was planning to buy Apache RTR 180 CC, the reviews were not encouraging and some reviews also informed that the spare parts/services offered are below par. I am really fond of this bike, but at cross roads after going thru the reviews.

Please help me out from this confusion
By on 16-07-2009
hey i had a apache 160RTR-Ka04-ev-4375...i dnt knw abt others i checkd the top end of the 160 is 158 DIgi Meter kmph the main thing in the bike stands for its initial pick up an its disk Break....while travelling to ooty..........Heard even that the new 180 is equalnt to 225 R ...need to check thanks for TVS.............cheers
By on 09-06-2009
i am planing to buy apache 160 i went a ride its really an owsome bike big performance, i really wanted to bye fz after i ride apache i wanna go for f1
By on 09-06-2009
hey dude owsome bike go for it
By on 09-06-2009
today is the launch day of rtr i am waiting for it watch news channel to get the details about the price and other things it should be launched in fi also
it ll rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
By on 15-06-2009
the bike is out in chennai....i've just nw given it a test ride....its one heck of a bike....better than ny 180cc i've ever ridden....its gonna kick the ass of p180 nd p200 nd also fz....rtr 180 is too good to be true...dont miss this one guys....its a white stallion.....
By on 15-06-2009
By on 18-06-2009
apachi 180 rules,stock bike reached 136kph......
By on 12-10-2009
i chuma had a drag in the street with the pulsar 220fi,apachi 180 has a greater pick up,and control............
By on 12-10-2009
who cares about fckin vibration,speed is important.............
By on 12-10-2009
no doubt that apache 180 is very good bike, but there is vibration @ high speed , but pulsar 180 can reach @ its top speed without any vibration.
By on 03-10-2009
mera pass apache rtr 180 hai and it topspeed is's cool
By on 19-09-2009
i ve driven rtr 180 code name menace...
its awesome.
you will feel the difference of it from 160 carb.
ecept its frequent vibrations in its lower speeds.
mainly 70-80kmph.....
tvs must rectify it...
lagae raho menace
By on 10-10-2009
i ve driven rtr 180 code name menace...
its awesome.
you will feel the difference of it from 160 carb.
ecept its frequent vibrations in its lower speeds.
mainly 70-80kmph.....
tvs must rectify it...
lagae raho menace
By on 10-10-2009
TVS Launch a very competitive Bike launched after launching a bajaj pulser180 it a my favourite bike I am loving it
By on 11-12-2009
Hey friend , myn byks average is gng on 5o km/l...what abt u ?
By on 16-11-2009
Hey i had a apache 160RTR ...i dont know about others i checked that while driving in the National Highway in the way of Muzaffarpur to samastipur with me and my friend . we drive it to the 111km/hr ..this is done at that time when my bike is gtg for 2nd servicing ...I LOVE MY APACHE 160RTR.....!!!
By on 27-07-2009
Hey, yamaha fz vs apache rtr 180
Winner= apache.
Dear friend don't take fz , u will suffer a lot.
Its true
By on 30-08-2009
hai just Rock cccc............................
By on 30-08-2009
y do u just gibberish.... apache always has problem at higher speeds.. starts vibratin....i have 1, sucks with mileage also.....
By on 25-08-2009
i agree with u, how can TVS just launch new apache with just change of colors.. r ppl fooooool
By on 25-08-2009
yeah these ads pumps the young guys
By on 25-08-2009
dude d 2nd service had done or goint to b done.......hws ur experiance bout average
By on 26-10-2009
apache no doubt has good acceleration, but gives vibration at higher speed i.e 80 plus... but pulsar(180) always stable for 100 plus also..
By on 25-08-2009
I have an apache rtr 180.its a great machine.there is a sudden rush of friend has a r15 & he is impressed wit d pik up of apache.there is some vibration but d performance is superb.
By on 29-10-2009
hi guys i bought two bikes one for me im 19 doing my engineering 2nd year and one for my bro who s 18 doing his 1st year engineering in two different colleges of bangalore i bought the bikes recently in oct 2009 after lot of surveys where i needed a bike which has power,looks and affordable mileage at around 37-42 after all i test rided 13 bikes 0f 150 - 180 cc class and then stuck to two bikes i.e. tvs apache rtr 180 and the beast of indian market bajaj pulsar 180 2009 as i use both the bikes one day i take apache the other day pulsar so by my experience i wrote this comment pulsar provides 17.02 ps power and apache 180 provides 17.3 ps therefore apache is a bit more powerful than pulsar and apache has a better torque when compared to pulsar which is better for city rides...... whereas at high speeds 110+ pulsar has better road grip than apache as it has mrf zapper tubeless whwereas apache has got tvs tyres which has bad road grip pulsar being heavier has better stability on road apache being lighter is hard to control at high speeds apache 's height is very less compared to pulsar it s like a 125 cc bike that way the advantage in apache is that it s got rear disc brake but what s the use the tyre also must be solid right to withstand that effective breaking..... pulsar 180 is without kick start it s awesome to look at and don't worry u wont run out of battery as it is 600w and almost equal to maruthi 800 s 1200w as this is a bike for this the battery is more than enough pulsar s suspension lasts longer and has wider front forks for better handling in turns one more disadvantage with apache is that it s rear seat is very small making it uncomfortable for the person sitting at back whereas pulsar has got split seats so more comfortable to sit at the back my pulsar 180 is givin me a mileage of 38-40 in hard bangalore city traffic conditions of bangalore and also mind i rip a lot and apache is giving me a mileage of 34-36 for the same type of ride so guess this is the single regular user stats of the bikes pulsar is better for mileage also and also note pulsar 180cc 2009 looks same as p200 and bajaj is in the 180cc segment for a decade or so nearly so i suggest u ll to go for pulsar 180 rather than apache rtr 180 and guys for stunts pulsar 180 is way better i rate pulsar-9/10 and apache-8/10
By on 16-12-2009
hi dude iam gonna take apache rtr fi 160 cc yellow... tell detaily about that bike
By on 09-02-2010
hey it cannot be reduce but its not that much importance u need speed and performance....and its all bullshit cauz i hav 180 mah white pearl der iz no such thing cauz i maintain it properly.....soo juzz NJOY ur ride....!! and hav a safe drvivng....
By on 22-06-2010
hi guys..i have orded for apache 160 rtr...every one is saying vibration will be there.i have choosed apache though fmy passion in apache yelllow color.insipite of vibration..can u guys tell at wat speed vibration will be present??..can v reduce it or not???
By on 04-06-2010
hey guys m 19 year old owner of apache rtr 180 ma white pearl...
its like flying an rocket guys...!
i hav touched 132kmh...till knw and win many drag wid pulsar and karizma and even wid fz... m very proud of ma bike its simply awesome...!! i got decent average of 38-45/L....!! and its affordable..!!
i suggest u to take it but u'll feel wen u take a test drive...!! seriously..!!
and tvs has minor problem of vibration at 5k-7k rpm..but its common...cauz of light weight so no worry.!! the matter is speed and performance guyzz...!!
i m satisfied wid ma bike and m waiting for 200 & 250 cc apache launchin in end of this year..!! luv u ma white pearl...!!
By on 22-05-2010
i own a white rtr180
it is awesome guys
iam enjoying solid performence
it is simply a navigated missile
By on 20-05-2010
I have Apace 180 RTR - White Horse bought on this new year 1.1.2010 ..

Everything good.

And regarding Vibration -

upto - 59km/hr - no vibration
60 - 69 km / hr - little vibration
70 - 90 km / hr - no vibration
90 - 111 km/hr - no no no Vibration . Just feel as flying.

The only one disadvantage - loding grip in cement roads.

Had one small accident when going in the speed of 25km/hr last week. But I am totally safe. Proud of the design. Just a scratch in the doom.

Mileage - 40 - 45 / ltr

And look now words to beat the White Apache RTR 180 - simply looks like a living White Horse ...

Go Go Apache ...
By on 09-03-2010
I just love apaches looks .problem is that its TVS compony
By on 25-04-2010
hey plz give me some suggetion in apache rtr 180
By on 21-04-2010
which one is good apache 180 or 160 fi?
pls reply.....

thank u
By on 31-03-2010
yes thatz rt....Apache RtR 180 S AMZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.................
By on 22-02-2010
u right....m enjoying a lot with my rtr 180
By on 22-02-2010
Hi Frnds..
I am a student,i had yamaha rx100for 2yrs n den suzuki fiero..i love my rx100 but sold it due to personal problems. I am planning to buy it worth the price????.. pLz Reply..
By on 30-06-2010
dude u just opt for apache. fz is nt at all worth for any rider.
By on 07-08-2010
saaley tvs company ho tho kya hua? bahuth shaandar bike hay.pehle chalake dekh
By on 07-08-2010
hi i have apache rtr 180 new n its top speed is 160
By on 22-06-2011
rtr 180 new look other bike's
By on 20-10-2011
I hav an apache rtr 180 ABS...
it'z a freakingly awesme byk which needs No description at all...
Only da rider cn knw da fun....
70-80 iz avg speed 4 ths byk...
f**k all diz vibration thng...
it Rocks on it'z m max speed !
By on 07-11-2011
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