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Royal Enfield Attacks Indian 'Mama's Boy' Mentality

Having previously exploited the latent tripper and pastel-lover in unlikely motorcycle buyers, Royal Enfield finally hits 'em where it hurts: love of mother.

From the pressie: "The campaign is based on a big social truth that most Indian men are 'mama's boy'."

The campaign: "Leave Home" for the Thunderbird Twinspark

Royal Enfield ThunderBird Twin Spark Trip Campaign Wallpaper

The prints:

o Revolution. One man's trajectory from baby to slacker to biker.

Royal Enfield ThunderBird Twin Spark Trip Campaign Wallpaper

o Kid. This is supposed to be a man in the womb, but at first it just looked like a naked guy doing sit-ups in the dark. Which I guess might be another reason to "leave home."

Royal Enfield ThunderBird Twin Spark Trip Campaign Wallpaper

Mama's boys can expect to be outed this month in all major Indian auto and lad mags. Retailers are advised to keep tissues and milk out of reach.

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Last updated on 08-10-2012. Published on 26-06-2008.
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Latest Comments

I just booked a Thunderbird and was very very disappointed with these ads when I saw them in the showroom.

I dont know why, the Indian media is driving the youth out of our culture.

Design needs to mature in India.
By on 26-10-2010
@Sanjay ... what made you disappointed ? could you please be a bit specified ?
By on 04-11-2010
sanjay even i am dissapointed but not with the add with u r response to the add
By on 19-02-2012

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