Top five 150 cc bikes of 2011

To pick one 150cc bike that ruled the roads and the hearts of the riders in 2011 is a difficult job so let us choose five best bikes of the current year. The following bikes get the best bike tag based on their looks, power, performance, mileage, comfort, handling and of course the price.

The bikes price range from Rs 50,000-Rs 70,000 (Ex-showroom and subject to change), which makes it easier and simpler for the buyer to pick his favourite from the lot.

Honda CB unicorn Dazzler
The Hero Honda Hunk is a product of the world's leading bike manufacturer and it stands tall and strong for quality, reliability and excellent handling. The Dazzler offers great comfort, steady at high speed, mono shock suspension and excellent seating makes it a best bike to ride on the highway.

Honda CB Unicorn dazzler

The Unicorn Dazzler has got the brand name riding on its back with a smoothest engine that offer long journeys without any discomfort because of its long gearing feature. You'd be asking for mileage and lo, the Dazzler goes miles ahead of the competition when it comes to fuel efficiency. The self-start version makes the ride so convenient, and the maintenance-free battery ensures that you aren't breaking down on the road. The engine is silent and the gearbox is superb and the rear disc brakes makes it a tempting buy And more than all, Dazzler will fetch you a handsome return on resale, which could be an added bonus.

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme
The next bike is from the Hero Honda stable- CBZ Xtreme, which makes it to one of the best bikes under the 150 cc segment. The first reason for CBZ Xtreme is the reliability (a bottom line of any Hero Honda bike) and second is the hassle-free maintenance. Of course it is equipped with a smooth engine, throttle response is crisp, excellent handling and comfort and superb build quality are the big pluses for CBZ Xtreme.

Hero CBZ Extreme

Although many bikers may complain of lesser mileage and conventional styling the Xtreme balances its shortcomings well with the already mentioned pros. This is the most value-for-money bike although it doesn't overwhelm you with the looks as it has got basic styling but you can safely bet your money on this proven work horse for its reliable performance, good city driving and mileage.

Yamaha FZ16 / FZS
The Yamaha FZ16 changed the mean of street biking for most young riders; it has the masculine looks, spews aggression and stands unique. The broad and tubeless tyres enhances the look of the bike and FZ16 is perfectly designed and engineered to suit the urbanites so comparing it with Karizma and Pulsar is not fair, as these bikes offer a sporty feel and are ideal for long rides. Furthermore, the adjustable mono suspension to any road condition, the broad tyres ensure great grip and stability, plus the low end torque enables a pleasurable ride.

Yamaha FZ 16

The shock absorption indeed is so good that you are forced to think you are not on bike but driving a car. If anyone loves Yamaha FZ16 it would be for the aerodynamic shape and sporty styling, LCD indicator to start engine, two-layered exhaust muffler to cut back the heat generation and tubeless tyres in the front and rear. If anybody wants to pick a negative feature of the bike then that would be the dashboard and the small seat (making it uncomfortable for the pillion) which could have been improvised to a great extent.

Bajaj Pulsar 150cc DTSi
The Bajaj Pulsar 150cc was the answer to all the foreign brands in this segment. The Indian bike is the cheapest bike compared to its rival and the DTSi along with twin spark technology that gives the bike an edge over its competitors. The Pulsar bears a conventional look still impressive for the handsomeness it exudes.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi

The DTSi technology gives the bike excellent power without having to compromise on the mileage and the digital twin spark ignition enables terrific throttle response and fantastic pick-up, which completes the Bajaj Pulsar picture.

TVS Apache RTR 160
The TVS Apache RTR 160 features stylish looks, powerful engine and offers outstanding dynamics. The pickup, suspension, well-equipped digital speedometer, high beam headlights and handling gets Apache the maximum points. Although some of the riders might complain of gear box being kinda notchy, tyres not offering good grip on wet surface and not ideal for highway cruises.

TVS Apache RTR 160

The bike comes with a saree guard so you can make your mom or grandmom sit safely as your pillion and ride them home. The RTR 160 is the first bike in the country that feature petal disc break.

Among the bikes that have made it to the five best, Honda Dazzler will be the best pick; despite the fact that the bike is not the greatest performer when compared to its rivals but considering that it has other top quality features it goes to the No.1 spot, but that is just me, and I am sure some of the readers here would agree to disagree with me? Let us discuss friends!

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You must be a loser to say Dazzler is the best.. no one can beat Yamaha FZ16.
By on 07-11-2011
i will agree with cbz xtreme
By on 31-01-2012
all rumours guys reality is on road and pulsar rule roads
By on 02-02-2012
i ill never accept this bec of yamaha fz ill never beat apache rtr 160cc . check it plzzzzzzzzzzzz..............
By on 16-01-2012
Yamaha FZS is the best 150cc bike available in India.
By on 21-12-2011
Suzuki GS150 is a good bike. But the looks are just plain. That is the only problem with Suzuki GS 150 R.
By on 21-12-2011
Head says: Dazzler
Heart says: FZ

It's up to you to decide.
By on 03-01-2012
All Middle class peson who were understand therir responsibility and capacity then they should prefer HONDA DAZZLER DULEXE and who know only their GIRLFRIENDS and demands go for other bikzzzzzzzzzzz..............
By on 03-03-2012
By on 13-03-2012
By on 13-03-2012
hi friends i am satish from bangalore i am the owner of yamaha FZS 2012 edition super bike in 150cc u know thats bike milage in 45'50 kmpl its osam bike i love my bike....comportbly ride smoother vehical...and top speed 135 no vibretion in engine and body mr suresh u tell appache rtr no bike its falls see FZS v/s appache video
By on 07-09-2012
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