TVS Apache RTR Fi 160 cc vs Yamaha FZ 16 - The comparo war

For most riders it could be a toss situation while owning a bike, as there are many people who might influence you or inspire you to buy a particular bike. Obviously the ultimate decision should be only yours and that should ideally be based on style, power, performance and comfort. Even if one of these factors is missing then you do not have the right bike. Many youngsters simply get blown out by looks but performance and comfort are so crucial that needs top priority. And when you are looking at two bike options between TVS Apache RTR Fi 160 cc and Yamaha FZ 16 the confusion simply increases. Here's a quick take on the two hotties that can be helpful in your decision making.

Apache RTR was the first bike in the country that featured petal disc breaker and the Apache series of bikes were designed to deliver a sporty vehicle that had gotten quite a good response from the consumers. The bike features cool fairings and the racer-bike-like looks are quite impressive. It also sports LED tail lamp that is new and a split grab rail just like we saw in CBZ Xtreme. The bike comes with optional rear disc brakes and a new modified silencer with a new electronic FI (fuel injection) engine with cowl. However, if both Apache RTR and Yamaha FZ 16 occupy the battlefield then FZ 16 certainly comes out victorious in the styling department. FZ 16 huge fuel tank, big headlights the wide rear tyres simply roar style. It is not to say Apache is loser but FZ 16 is a true winner.

TVS Apache RTR Fi 160

Engine, performance and mileage
The TVS Apache RTR is fitted with a 159.7 cc engine that delivers 15.2 Ps power at 8500 rpm with a maximum torque of 13.1 Nm @ 6500 rpm. The fuel injection system will help you touch great speed levels and one can expect a top speed of 112 kmph. But the Fi technology was already a sold out thing, as Hero Honda Glamour and Pulsar had incorporated the same much before.

If you see performance the TVS Apache RTR Fi 160 comes first in its class, with a very good pick up, it delivers great power. Furthermore, Apache ride makes anyone feel confident, and as regards handling it is comfortable, with excellent braking it is one of the best in the class. The let downs though are ride quality which is kind of harder and driving at high speeds.

The Yamaha FZ 16 is equipped with a 153 cc, 4-stroke engine that gives a power of 14 bhp at 7500 rpm and torque of 14 Nm @ 6000 rpm. The bike is aptly designed for the urban commuter. But the Apache seems to be a performer only on the highways despite the fact that it is stupendously powerful in comparison to FZ 16.

The FZ 16 is pretty hard to pull once you touch the speed of 85 kmph and above. Apache fairs well on the highways but a thumbs down for city commuting, as the engine vibrates and it is difficult to maneuver the bike at the curves while riding at a high speed and the even the tyres leave you disappointed while talking of performance. The FZ 16 does not let you down at any speed, and you feel much more confident while riding the Yamaha for sure. Maybe the only thing you may frown at with Yamaha FZ 16 is the seat; it may cause a lot discomfort especially the pillion rider will complain.

The Yamaha FZ 16 gives a mileage of 40-46 kmpl in the city and around 52 kmpl on the highway while Apache RTR Fi 160 cc beats it hands down giving around 50 in the city and more than 55 kmpl on the highway.

Colors and Price
The Apache RTR Fi 160 cc is available in yellow, white, black and grey for a price of Rs 73,500 (may vary in different cities).

The Yamaha FZ16 is available in three colors, midnight black, flaming orange and lava red with a price a tag Rs 74,900.

Yamaha FZ 16

Last word:
The Apache RTR 160 cc is bike with more power costing lower than the Yamaha FZ16. And the Yamaha FZ 16 outscores Apache in terms of style and the looks, and may lag in terms of mileage. But it beats Apache's torque (14 Nm as opposed to 13.1 Nm of the Apache) despite less engine power. The TVS Apache RTR Fi 160 runs on powerful engine and has stable performance and good pick up. But if you see longevity of engines it has to be Yamaha. Besides you may want to own Yamaha FZ 16 if you like, its aerodynamic shape and sporty looks, LCD indicator for engine starting, double layer exhaust muffler to cut back heat, Tubeless tyres in the front and rear.

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i have ridden both the bikes.. but FZ stands out and its a diff experience to drive an FZ
By on 25-08-2011
which one is best bike in chennai to ride
By on 11-04-2014
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