Triumph to enter India with Thunderbird Storm

The legendary British bike manufactures Triumph planning to enter Indian bike market in 2012 with Thunderbird Storm. The new Triumph Thunderbird Storm 2011 is an upgraded version of the old Thunderbird model of 2008 which has won a number of awards for best cruiser.

Triumph plans to import fully built parts and assemble in India. This will help the company to market the bike in India at a moderate price. Triumph currently has two production facilities in Hinckley, England, and another three in Chonburi, Thailand. Another one more is likely to come in India in 2012.

In a recent press conference Triumph spokesperson Paul Taylor said, "Our aim is to have our network and products in India in 2012. Right now, the investigation is going on whether we sell imported bikes or have some kind of CKD [completely knocked-down kit] operation."

The new Triumph Thunderbird Storm 1700cc engine (all black finish with black alloy wheels) delivers 97hp @ 5300rpm with a torque of 156nm@ 2750rpm. The old 2008 Thunderbird had 1600 cc which produced 85hp @ 4850rpm and 146nm@ 2750rpm. That means the new bike has 12 hp more and 100cc increase in the engine capacity. The new Storm has Twin headlights and only comes in matt black or jet black and has the option of ABS. The price of the new Triumph Thunderbird Storm is said to be nearly 14 lakhs in India.

About Triumph Company
In 1887 Siegfried Bettmann founded the Triumph Cycle Company. He acquired premises in Coventry and started manufacturing bicycles. In 1902 the company started the production of motor cycles. In 1905 the factory started producing 500 motorcycles per year. This began the true marquee of British motor cycles.

But in 1983, John Bloor bought the name and manufacturing rights and started the new company's manufacturing plant producing new bikes. Under John Bloor in 1985 the new Triumph Company started producing the old Bonneville bikes and also new Triumph Bike models. From that time on wards the new era of Triumph motor cycles flourished all over the world and still the leading British bike manufacturers of all times.

The Triumph Company's world famous models are Triumph Bonneville, Daytona, Rocket III, Speed Triple and Street. The Triumph bike was also seen in Hollywood movie Mission Impossible 2 starring Tom Cruise. This made Triumph bikes more popular all over the world.

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