Royal Enfield unveils Classic Chrome 500 and Bullet 500 in New York

Royal Enfield unveils Classic Chrome 500 and Bullet 500 at Progressive International Motor Show in New York

The latest and the newest sure may have advancements of the mechanics, electronics and things that technology boasts thereof. There is seldom doubt that big group of bike riding enthusiasts long for the latest and the latest when it comes to bikes.

But there are people maybe even larger group who long for the yesteryear styles. A classic bike can be a head turner on the road. Come on, talk about the nostalgia it can bring in our dads and grandys? A vintage styled motorcycle has for long been huge draw for bikers and non bikers alike.

No one understood that better than our backyard bike major Royal Enfield. The company that grew big and bigger in older and younger gens with its popular Bullet, now unveils Classic Chrome and Bullet not for the Indian eyes but for US riders.

Royal Enfield Classic Chrome

Oh! So what if Harleys can tear the Indian roads why cant the Royal Enfield Classic Chrome and the 500 Black Bullet do in US come April?

Royal Enfield 500 Classic Chrome looks a shiny stuff and the single saddle makes lone bikers fall in love at the first glance and would feature in every man's gotta-ride-this-bike-for-once list. This ain't kidding. The Classic Chrome 500 brings back a style and design back from the golden era of motorcycles, looks like seriously you see.

The naked bike comes with a prominent kick start lever and kind of looks like it shares some of the C5 genes. The C5 though disappoints without the kick lever. Reportedly Royal Enfield brand enjoys good share in American market. *Pats your back* and if priced competitively the two beasts can have a decent success story to share later.

The second beast is the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 which foreshadows the Enfield Bullet 350. The Bullet 350 has been a bike that has constant demand on untamed roads in India and the scene has been same for over 50 years now.

Royal Enfield Bullet 500

According to the CEO of Royal Enfield Venki Padmanabhan the future looks bright for larger displacement version of the bike.

There are rumors of 750cc and 1000cc engines from the company but the company has not commented anything on that. There are also rumors that these will be built on V Twin with multi fuel concept. If that is realized bet our home bike will pull more youngsters to it than what Harley can do.

Seems old is becoming new again

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