We will soon see Hyosungs in India

Thanks to S & T Motors and Garware Group Joint Venture, we will see Hyosungs in India

S&T Motors Co. Ltd. will bring the Hyosung to India. It is the leading motorcycle manufacturer in South Korea and is currently engaged in manufacturing and selling high-end bikes, scooters and also ATVs under the brand 'Hyosung.'

In joint venture with Garware Group the S&T Motors will bring in the much awaited high-end 650cc Hyosung Bikes to the Indian roads in 2011. The Garware Group will be the company to have the Imports and Assembly of the Hyosung bikes in India and they will be sold through the Garware Motors. The company has already invested as much as 20 crores capital for the same as an initial investment and has plans up the line to even establish a plant for production in the suburbs of Pune.

The bikes Comet 250 and Aquila 250 brought by Kinetic Motors a decade ago in India will make a comeback courtesy their assemblage by the S&T Motors.

Hyosung GT650R

Hyosung bikes are expected to come to the Indian automobile market by mid of 2011 and it will be Hyosung GT650R to first kiss the Indian roads.

The Hyosung GT650R will be a 650cc super bike with a price tag of over 5 laks. The sports bike comes designed after taking inspiration from race genres and with all-round performance and superb handling will kill away all competition in the high-end bike market.

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