Bajaj Pulsar variants now in orange color

Come Diwali Bajaj Pulsar variants will come in orange color too

As a token of reciprocation to the wonderful sales figures registered, Bajaj Auto Ltd. has come up with a Diwali bonanza to all the Pulsar lovers- an orange theme to some of the Pulsar variants. Targeted at the young and the funky bike lovers, the country's premier two wheeler major has come up with the idea of giving a zing color to its Pulsar line up.

The flamboyant metallic orange colored bike is exclusive for the higher Pulsar range of 180, 220 and the 220Fs. Critics may say it isn't a great idea but who cares, Bajaj expects that the orange Pulsar is going to charm a lot on the roads and can cast a magical spell especially on the metro youth.

Bajaj Auto Ltd. claims 50 per cent market share in the sports motorcycle segment during the second financial quarter of the 2010-11, and Pulsar has been one of the Bajaj brand that has been consistently showing rise of sales in the segment and even became the largest brand in the country. As compared to last year second quarter Pulsar volumes are 56% up and stand 67,468. The growth is too good considering the growth of the sports segment bikes which grew by only 32 per cent. Pulsar leads and stands the largest sports machine despite severe competition from other Indian and Japanese bikes.

The company wants to capitalize on this growth and phenomenon called Pulsar and mulled with the idea of adding zest to the brand. The new two tone orange color looks eye catchy and one to make the heads on the roads.

Bajaj Pulsar 180 Orange

There are also rumors saying that orange theme adopted by Bajaj is to reflect the signature color by KTM. Whatever it is, Orange with black looks sexy and good (at least in pictures) and will appeal young biker generation. In fact, including white and green along with the orange Pulsar would have been still better an offering. All said, when TVS Scooty Pep can come in 99+ colors why not people's favorite bike Pulsar? Keep them coming Bajaj, we wanna more color options not just orange.

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Last updated on 21-12-2016. Published on 28-10-2010.
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