Airbags for bike riders?

The airbags technology is not restricted to cars alone and now they are available for bike riders too. However unlike in cars, the airbags are in the form of vests or jackets. So the motorbike riders will not receive huge impact of a collision.

With India witnessing foray of super bikes and sports bikes, even if the roads aren't welcoming there should be some technology that can come in the aid of these bike riders/lovers. Now this airbags is that is technology to save life!

A new product named Armored Air Airbag Technology (AAAT) has been designed to protect lives of bike and the horseback riders.

Armored Air Jackets company has conceived and developed the idea of airbag like jackets and they came out with jackets and vests and when by bike rider or even the horseback rider get collided with an obstacle or encounter an impact jets out as an inflated bag surrounding the chest of the rider as a guard/armor to protect the rider and reduces the intensity of the impact and thereby injury to important organs including chest, ribs, neck, and spine.

However, the jacket or the vest is connected to saddle of the bike or horseback and it deploys when a person either falls or has an impact. This is something to cheer for all bike riders although you should do your diligence before investing on one life saving vest or jacket. It is also not known as to the safety index of this jacket or vest. So take an informed decision and don't go on impulsive buying.

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Last updated on 15-08-2010. Published on 15-08-2010.
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