Harley Davidson sets up its first showroom in India at Hyderabad and sells its first bike in India directly

The American bike manufacturer, Harley Davidson has started their first dealership in India that will sell different around a dozen of their models in the country. Hyderabad is the lucky city to have the country's first HD outlet. And this is definitely news to rejoice for the customers in Hyderabad.

The outlet named, Banjara Harley Davidson was inaugurated and the occasion was grace by Tollywood's superhero NTR and is owned by one city-based businessman K Jairam.

An ardent Harley Davidson bike fan that he has been for years, he couldn't loved another opportunity than to sell HDs in Hyderabad, says Jairam the Managing Director of the dealership. Considering the fact that the country is the second largest highly populated nation, Harley Davidson obviously wants to capitalize on that as well as the increase in disposable income of high middle class who would want to own a piece of luxury of their own and Harley for sure will feature in majority peoples' list of luxuries to own. The outlet displays all the Harley-Davidson variants that will be sold in India

The first lucky Indian to buy the HD bike also happens to be the same Tollywood hero, NTR. He purchased the top-end cruiser bike costing 35 lacs.

 Harley Davidson Sportster Superlow

The outlet will also showcase array of HD merchandise including bike accessories such as jackets, helmets, shoes, gloves, Tees and watches. After all when you ride a 35 lac bike you do not want to miss the attention on the road. Do you?

The company began their operations in August 2009 for promoting the brand and dealerships in the country, and caught the attention of the high-end buyers in India after displaying the bike variants at the Delhi Auto Expo early this year. The company's sales figure in the international market had been commendable but during the recent recession period the sales saw a decline and the latest sales and earnings numbers is due to release next week. But the situation at present is that the demand for these premium brand bikes is quite low and the company is fighting hard to rise above, a little difficult considering the price range of 7 to 35 lacs. The York County riders made a trip to China in 2008 to promote the brand but it turned out be a damper for the company, as they had to go through stringent rules of the country to make the Ride to Confucius a success.

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