New Royal Enfield Electra Twinspark

Bullet bike lovers could not have asked for more; the Royal Enfield of the Eicher Group recently launched new variants of Electra Twinspark 350 with kick-start and electric start options in India. The new Bullet, 'Electra Twinspark 350 comes with a price tag of Rs. 89,846-Rs. 93,846.

CEO of the Royal Enfield Company Mr. R.L Ravichandran has stated that the new Bullet Electra Twinspark is an important step towards modernizing their whole range of motorcycles, and the new UCE or the Unit Construction Engine braced vehicles offer great performance, reliability, besides being fuel efficient. The UCE run machines still maintain the true character of the Royal Enfield bikes. At the launch the CEO further remarks that the main goal of this new introduction is to promote bike riding as a lifestyle unlike other Indian bikes.

How does the new Royal Enfield Electra Twinspark look?
The new Royal Enfield Electra Twinspark kept the looks of the vehicle unchanged; it is simple and maintains the conventional style. Despite the looks being standard it still looks gorgeous and bold, which is a characteristic feature of any Royal Enfield motorcycles and the stand-out feature of the new Electra Twinspark is its finishing quality.

Royal enfield electra twinspark

The huge metal logo of Royal Enfield on the fuel tank looks stylish and the front mudguard is cool. The neutral finder makes it easy and convenient to shift to neutral. The seats are kept wider and flatter, so there are not many modifications in the looks department of the new Royal Enfield Electra Twinspark as compared to its predecessor. As regards digitalization Royal Enfield still lags behind the Bajajs and the Hero Hondas. The new Electra Twinspark doesn't sport digital speedometer and doesn't sport a tachometer too.

Engine and performance of the Electra Twinspark
The new Royal Enfield Electra Twinspark is powered with a 346cc engine that generates a maximum power of 19.8 bhp at 5250 rpm and a torque of 28 Nm at 4000 rpm. The motorcycle company claims that the Electra Twinspark that the bike will also be able to hit maximum of 120kmph speed. As regards the Unit Construction Engine (UCE) it gives fewer maintenance issues, the company remarks. However, it is early to jump the gun and can be proved only after a driving it for sometime. The carburettor has been kicked off and is replaced with an EFI or the Electronic Fuel Injection that is mated with a five-speed gearbox. This according to the company brings about greater optimization of air-fuel combustion as well as improved power delivery with reduced emissions.

The UCE facilitates smoother operation, power delivery and cleaner emissions too according to the company. The bike has gas-filled shock absorbers that enable smooth riding over potholes and speed breakers. The bike can touch a top-speed of 120kmph and will give you a mileage of around 30-40 kmpl. But the mileage might vary depending on the condition of the bike and how you actually ride it. Well, RE bikers are very well aware of the fact that the Bullets aren't for mileage.

Handling and comfort of the Electra Twinspark
There are certain claims such as low maintenance made by Royal Enfield as regards to the new Electra but until you own one it is hard to decide the handling of the bike and probably a test ride will help you come to one opinion. Low maintenance as claimed by the company can be one discussed after a year from now and it is too early to talk about it now. The company failed when it came to this with many of its models.

Price and color choices of the new Electra Twinspark
There are two variants of the new Royal Enfield Electra Twinspark- the kick-start model (Electra Twinspark KS) and the auto or the electric-start (Electra Twinspark ES) version. And, the bike will be available in vibrant colors of Black, silver and red. While the new Electra Twinspark bike with the kick-start option is priced at Rs. 94,500 the electric start variant is priced at Rs. 98,500; both are ex-showroom prices of Delhi.

Last word about the new Electra Twinspark
The new Royal Enfield Electra Twinspark kisses the road with loads of promises from the company; of performance and fuel efficiency but the physical features are hardly touched upon, which could keep the bike away from buyers. The new UCE engine is the only feature of the bike that is something worth looking at this point in time. And, only time will tell if the new Twinspark will survive in the market based on this new UCE engine technology; there is so much competition ahead with the influx of super bikes and the camp at the Royal Enfield will be hoping so it will still be able to cling on to the loyal Bullet fans.

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which 1is btr electra twinspark or classic 350?
By Shouvik on 27-01-2016
I am confused plz help me..which 1is btr.classic 350 or electra twinspark??
By Shouvik on 27-01-2016
hi friends I m planing to buy a new electra bt I m damn confus abt colour silver or blackplease its urgent pls reply
By Nalin on 05-09-2014
hi friends I m planing to buy a new electra bt I m damn confus abt colour silver or blackplease its urgent pls reply
By Nalin on 05-09-2014
hey, m goin to buy electra 350 bt lil bit confused abt colors. I mean which colour looks better- black or silver, which color 'll b gud for long run.
Plzzz.. Any one suggest me with justification...
By Amit on 17-02-2014
Bullet electra is awesome guys.. i drive dis 1 n its really machooo...
If ny1 buy dis 1 dn dnt wst ur tym go n buy that bull of BUllEt
By Hasan Khan on 09-02-2014
I already booked bullet electra [e.s],But I have one doubt the old model electra bullet is not manufactered in the company
By Josephgeorge on 01-09-2012
Well said bro.......
Now i njoy passinable riding........
By Aditya Ajay on 16-08-2012
I am planning to go for Bullet Electra (but confused whether for Bullet Standard, Bullet Delux or Bullet Electra) please advise
By Ravi Lagdev on 28-08-2012
Which one is Good ?

Bullet Electra or Thunder Bird ?
By Vasanthakumar on 03-07-2012
Hi Friends,

BULLET ELECTRA ES-350 CC Price in Chennai and Colors

Colors : Magic Black,Reversa Red and Silver Ash

Basic Price : 1,06,798

Road Tax and Registration Amount: 9,294

Insurance: 2,531

On Road Price: 1,18,622
By Vasanth on 03-07-2012
I want 2 purshase bullet bu t cnfusd which 1 shoud i go for standard or electra
By Amardeep on 31-05-2012
its awesome and its best in the world
By Liju Ajmes on 09-03-2012
I am trying to buy a Royal Enfield Bullet, Twin Spark. Please give the Bullet Price. But confused, there are three types:
1) Eletra EFI
2) Electra Deluxe
3) Electra Twin Spark
Please suggest for the same.
By Pradeep on 10-02-2012
i m planning to buy a bullet electra 350 , and plz give a price bulet electra..
By Shiv Jha on 27-12-2011
i m planning to buy a bullet electra 350 twin spark,bt a bit cnfusd abt the maintnc . Is it really tough to maintain...
By Kritesh on 26-12-2011
no doubt new vrsion is awesome.. but the bike made in 1962 with heavy cranck and old timing gears... is a bike to be worshiped evry day... that bike has no comparision with these new toys..
By Mayank on 19-11-2011
hello bullet brothers.....i got ma barant new electra a week back...m done wid 220 k,s as of facing error noises while gear shifting,and when i en the gear that because of speeding ??...plz help
By Pareekshith on 13-11-2011
got one Electra U.C.E recently, before 1st servicing getting 35kmpl
By Saikat Sengupta on 12-11-2011
guys i dont know about the old bullet , but my elder brother was using it from past last 7 years back, he said the royal enfiled is always a royal enfiled never bother about old or new it always gud. i bought new Enfiled electra twin spark , its really good bike fuel efficiency is more (42 kmpl) compared to old one . company is giving the 3 filter silencer to reduce the noise and pollution thats why beating was slightly different . there is no problem for that , we can slove it easily in show room it self they are chaning the silencer@ 1800RS/- which gives same beating like old one , and more over the new twin spark engines have low mantience. guys if u want to buy standard one then goto 350cc Electra its the standard model bullet
By Prasad on 06-11-2011
jatinder could you please send me your number
i wants to take some suggestion from you
By Mandeep on 01-11-2011
f**king bike ra babu
By Ravi on 19-10-2011
1 qty,
By Basant Birla on 17-10-2011
Nice comments , I'm waiting for new Electra....
By Jacob on 27-09-2011
Bullet Electra is best for Bull lovers , just go.... for it.
By Sangram Chatterjee on 07-09-2011
my new bullet electra looking so good but key of bike is like a tb patient do something for that
By Yugandhar Annepu on 29-08-2011
bullet electra vehicle is looking so good&hard but the key is looking like a tb something for that
By Yugandhar Annepu on 29-08-2011
Hi Ananta,
my bike is bullet std 350 uce ,i am also facing same problem ,reading is 7200 on the odo ,the problem started recently,plz advice
By Bharath on 27-08-2011
guys i have a question.i m planning 2 buy a bull......which is better Classic 350 or electra?.......and which colour suits electra d best red,silver or black?
By Raman on 09-09-2011
Hi !
I owned Bullet 350 1984 model but unluckily sold out recently longing to buy electra twinspark. I beleive in new technologies coming up hence I want to go for it. I was sad about less thump sound in new Electra twinspark but thank god I read the solution about removing the four jalis present in the engine used to silence the sound of thump. Now I am releived and going to book the New Electra twinspark.
By Vinesh Rathod on 10-08-2011
HI all,
Electra is a worthless bike, I hve purchased in Mar 2010 and right from the begining Iam facing problem first they changed my carbureator and then they changed some engine part, but still Iam facing problem, please dont buy electra at all
By Dheeraj Singh on 02-08-2011
Hello every one

i am new to this bulls group. have booked bullet electra on 1.4.2011. eagerly waiting for my bull. as i am new to this group please inform me about the bike.
By Andy on 26-07-2011

I am planing to bye a electra twinspark. If I ride the bike only in highway with a constant speed of 80-100 km / h, then how much millage it will give me. In city i never worried for millage.
By Tutai Kumar Dalal on 21-07-2011
latest model of bullet electra twinspark has UCE engine which i think was launched in 2010.i want to know the changes in the engine type since bullet electra was launched in 2004.can any body pls tell me bout the models of bullet electra and what types of engine came with it( CI,Aluminium alloy or UCE) according to years i.e, from 2004 to 2011
By Vijay on 17-07-2011
hi friends,i am new to this bulleteers group. have booked bullet electra on 1.7.2011. eagerly waiting for my bull. as i am new to this group please inform me about the bike.
By Venumadhav on 15-07-2011
Dear Pranesh,

Please chk the Air Filter Rubber that conencts the Carb & Air filter Box, A slight uneven cirlce can cause more air supply in the Carb, as the ignition needs proportionate amt of air & fuel.
Do not rev your bike for more than 50 km in early 3k Reading.

That should fix your problem


By Ananta Niwankar on 02-07-2011
want to buy elctra twinapark but have one confusion daily running is around around 50 km per day in d city,s busy traffic......pls suggest shud i go for bull or buy normal sprt bike..........
By Sachesh Kanouje on 16-06-2011
Class of buying bullet is different. I waiting for delivery and it is gone for RTO work.
By Samy on 10-06-2011
On road price of Electra is Rs 114000/
By Samy on 10-06-2011
i agree
By Gaurav Tendulkar on 14-06-2011
Hi i intend on buying a bullet in sometime but im confused between the thunderbird and electra! i read quite a lot of reviews but still couldnt make a decision as none of them gave a direct comparison. please give me an honest feedback! its gonna be my first investment and i dont want to make a bad choice.
By Steve Thomas on 30-05-2011
i own one UCE bike but sold in just 625 kms run, reason after sales & service was very poor & bike got initial manufacturing defects like main engine mounting bolt came out / water get inside the tail light after the wash, varibation on high speed.. recorded & show to RE Service team but no action.. but not the least sold the bike... with loss of 15 K.
By Gumeet Pal on 24-04-2011
Dear Sameer,

I agree with your opinion and suggestions whole-heartedly. You are absolutely right. The UCE is the future of Royal Enfield motorcycles. As you said the pick-up is great, rather I would like to say awesome. The same I came to know while taking the test drive of this beauty and immediately booked after that from Royal Enfield Brand showroom at Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai. One prominent thing I would like to mention is that the bike on which I had a test drive was having an undiluted thump. I was aware about the muffled thump on these new UCE bullets and so curiously asked the showroom guy about this nice thump just like Electra with CAI engine and was told about installation of Retro silence during the 1st servicing. I will definitely go for that, as the thump I had experienced reminded me that I am driving the old Electra with Cast Iron engine.

So to summarise I can say we will not be leaving the Royal Thump to please our ears while thumping on highway and leading to longest destination. There is not need to honk, as our bike is always show her presence with every turn of our wrist followed by that Da..Da..Da...Da..Da... thumping sound...

Drive safe......keep thumping...

By Santosh M. C. on 25-03-2011
Is there any speed limits for brand new electra ie upto 1500kms should
the speed to be limited below 60 if so what is the advantage
By Mathewjoseph on 13-04-2011
day before yesterday i booked bullet 350 can any body explain me abut constant 5 speed gearbox system.for eg is it 1 down 4 up or any thing else?????
By Sandip on 31-03-2011
I, brought new Electra UCE 20 days before, it gives me a problem that whenever i increase the acceleration on higher rpm or or whenever i increase the acceleration suddenly while riding, the engine does note goes up smoothly,like the fuel supply to the engine not proper or like the byk has fallen in Reserve from ON. Can aneone help me in these??.
By Pranesh on 08-04-2011
hey all, u can now increase the thump sound of ur bullets. For that u have to get ur engine's thumping sound stopper removed { its kind of Jaali inside every bullet's engine}. There r around 4 to 5 stoppers inside every bullet. As many jaalis remove out of ur bullet, louder the thump sound wil come. And after getting those jaali removed go for a big mouth silencer... This will increase the thump sound in any bullet..
By Abhinav on 23-03-2011
Hi all,

m using TBTS its great but now i want to buy used electra twinspark can anyone suggest a good site.

Thank s

karan sood
By Karan on 18-03-2011
me too booked for a Electra and waiting for it
By Uday on 09-02-2011
Gud Review Sameerji
By Uday on 09-02-2011
By Appu on 03-02-2011
can anyone suggest me which is better the old cast iron engine or new uce engine pls
By Albert on 30-01-2011
Go for the Indore Silencer. It fit's on the electra twinspark
By Lionel on 17-01-2011
Dear Ashish

Now Sound problem solved by Company

company launch new silencer for our bullets. Now bullet THUMP Come back so enjoy............................... riding on her.....

go n put new silencer in her.
By Jitender Ahuja on 21-12-2010

now sound problem solved

i m fully satisfied with My buls

Jitender Ahuja
By Jitender Ahuja on 21-12-2010
i love this byke
By Alisha Mishra on 17-12-2010
dear all

i m also facing this problem. i m also want original bullet voice but electra twinspark not give.

plz plz give solution.

Jitender ahuja
By Jitender Ahuja on 17-12-2010
hey bro.....u heard electra uce gives the milage near abt 45-50....
By Harkamal Singh Klair on 16-12-2010
last april i bought a UCE STD BULLET-350 and i coverd 2500 kms.the bike gives an average of 52 km/lit.till now i never faced any problems with the bike.
By Abi Abraham on 08-11-2010
i dont agree..i had an 1989 model bull.recently i sold that and got a electra uce..the new one is a superb bike with xtra advantage of enhanced fuel efficiency,power,pick up,breaking system and less maintenance cost..but the thumping is obviously bit lower than the previous model
By Pritam on 27-10-2010
exactly right
By Pritam on 27-10-2010
Hi Sameer.. tat is a goood review !!!
By Durgaprasad on 08-10-2010
Hi Bullet walla's

I want to buy 350cc confused with classic 350 or Bullet Electra 350.Please suggest me which one i need to go for(Overall,mileage,bullet feel) ?Bz my dad owns bullet from 1982 till 2000.
So i want to keep the legacy of bullet in family.

By Santhosh Gowda on 02-11-2010
Hi..... I have bought a brand new Bullet Electra UCE some 3 weeks ago. I am quite happy and satisfied with the bike, it is much more powerful, has more torque and is giving a mileage of 42 kms/litre.

The bike is extremely responsive, though i have not breached the 45 km speed barrier yet, but the acceleration even in the top gear is amazing. it is a combination of old styling and new technology and that is what progress is all about isn't it....

Yes the engine sound gets nagging at times especially for a very attentive and sensitive rider like me, but then who says that the old bullet did not have any clatter.... UCE has a shade higher but i am sure that one can learn to ignore it. The Thump is there but slightly muffled. I tried to install a old model CI silencer to get the thumping sound, but that lead to erratic and noisy feel from the bike.... the strokes were going haywire. I immediately resorted to the original one and could make out the difference in the ride of the bike.... my suggestion to everybody is accept UCE as it is and it is very good believe me... What this engine can offer the previous one cannot and what was offered by the CI engine cannot be offered by the UCE. Comparision sucks..... UCE is technological advancement and the performance is more than satisfactory...... go for it ...
By Sameer Kumar on 06-10-2010
Hi all
I own the new electra 5s since last 3 weeks and covered 800 kms

Reg the response,its far better than the old CI engines .

A small knocking is observed and got clarified with one of my friend who works in RE and came to know that it is reduced in the newer version.

Reg mileage- at avg speed of 45 , expect more than 40km/l

Reg maintenance - The old CI engines maintenance cost is higher and there is a saying"If you own an enfield,better own an elephant "...with the UCE engines this vision can be changed...

To all BULL riders - Electra UCE is the best for less maintenance cost,good pick up and good mileage.

By Amjith on 23-10-2010
unimaginable - if you have got fantastic
By Manoj on 12-11-2010
maximum possible milage is 40...mine is giving 36 to 38 in kolkatas busy road
By Pritam on 27-10-2010
Dear Amjith
Please Ask your Friend about Standard 350 UCE. Is there Crank of 500 to standard i.e. heavy crank. Company specified only Standard model with Constant Mesh 5 Speed Gearbox. Is it better than other models.
Please ask him & please tell us about the Facts. It will help us to select model.
By Hemant on 24-10-2010
i reside in Cbe,.. for me in city is 42 n highways its 48 around cheers all the best best
By Gouthams on 20-11-2010
I own a RE TBTS..its just mind blowing man jus go for it surely you wil love it..provided u shud a bull lover its a everlasting passion and love mate :),..cheers royal ride
By Gouthams on 20-11-2010
old is gold budy...................
iron cast engine is nevr taired.........its like a eliphent.
i have bullet elctra 350, 4speed, 2005 model, 40000 km runs only.....
and its gaint.......makhan hai boss........
By Vikas on 01-10-2010
yep sound is not gud...
By Rockey on 30-09-2010
@ jaskaran s.deol. hi... yeah m planning to buy this bike brother, but i think the ssound of it is not so loud as of the old bullets. and bullet means its mainly abt the sound and the beat. so plz let me know that can we increase the sound of it r not . and wat abt the mileage borther... plz let me know thank q.
By Rockey on 30-09-2010
give the latest launch of electric start 5s 350cc royal enfield and features and specfications and etc........................
By E.siddharth on 03-09-2010
I think the comments mentioned here r good but the buss/news is that new engine is not as responsive as old engine, If any body can through light on this it will be really helpfull.
By Sekhon on 16-10-2010

I have recently bought a new electra twinspark and am not quite happy with its sound. The sound in the new electra doesn't gives you a royal enfield thump. I would like to know that what modifications can be done to the silencer which could produce the royal enfield thump as changing the silencer doesn't suites to be a good option either because most of the royal enfield silencer can nolt be fitted with the new electra twinspark.

Hope to have a very helpful and a valueble response and guidance from the experts on the same.

Thanks and regards,
Arun Singh
By Arun Singh on 05-09-2010
Well if you want to play around with ur bikes ..get ur hands greased then the new bike is not for you, beter get a 2nd hand bullet.
By Sued on 16-08-2010
hi i want to buy this bike but after reading negetive comments i m confused bcos it takes lot of courage to spend big amount for a average income pearson so please tell me if this bike is worth buying
By Anil on 16-08-2010
hi All,

Just go with new technology i.e. twin spark, i know new uce engine is light wait then old engine. i ride this bike n just loved it.
Its avg is also better then previous one. new technology i.e. twinspark originate by bajaj and its successful. more avg more pickup n torque as well.

im not compairing but im also buy this RE lady very soon.
Any good suggest please dont hesitate....
By Aditaya on 24-07-2010
can anyone say that whats the milage of this bull?
i need electric start version, is the engine of this and thunderbird are same, then i need to go for that , i like thunder bird.
By Athul4r on 10-07-2010
hai guys, i took one in May and being a bullet enthusiast, bit worried as i find the engine very noisy while ride and couldnot enjoy the actual bullet comfort and pride. i agree that the thump is been reduced but the noise from the engine is really a pain. Could sumone advise me whether it is common in the UCE twinspark engines or is it a prb with my piece ???
By Sundeep R on 08-07-2010
great bike....
By Harkamal Klair on 19-07-2010
we are planing to buy a royal enfield electra twinspark.But when I read ashis shukla word i felt to ask someone who knowes more about this bike.
if any one have used ths bike can tell us how is the sound.
By Regi on 29-06-2010
hi i am planing to buy new royal enfield electra twinspark , can you tell me which is better old electra (cast iron) or new uce
By Naval on 27-06-2010
This new version of Bullect Electra is worthless. It gives a feeling like something is missing or the Heart of Bullet is missing (Engine is missing). This new new Engine makes this bike as a street bike.Bull rider never expect the bullet as an ordinary street bike.The THUMP of Bullet is Muffeled. New look of Electra 5s twinspark make this bike stand in a que of ordinary plastic toys.
By Ashish Shukla on 18-04-2010
By Ashish Shukla on 18-04-2010
Hi, Am Abhishek... M planningto buy this bike very soon, m a lover of bullet, i have an old bullet 1984 model.... iron cast engine........
Should i go for the new Electra Twinspark ???? and whats its mileage...
i heard its around 40 km/litre ??? is that right ???
By Abhishek on 30-04-2010
hi.... ashish.... ur review is waste... .... lisen up i owed 1996 bullet 350...
just b4 2 months n now owning brand new bullet electra 5s twinspark..
this new bike;s engine is awsome .. very powerful.... less maintaince...more avg ..... more torque..... awsome braking system....
lisen up.... u have to go with new technology...
come on its 350cc engine ...
if somebody planning to buy this bike go go go ......
i m driving this bullet ... n it goes awsome
By Jaskaran S. Deol on 30-04-2010
If you like any bull from heart, go for it, b'coz bulls are of different from rest of the bikis !

I have also booked by Electra UCE n waiting for it..
By Majid on 11-05-2010
@Jaskaran S. Deol

I also plan to buy electra twin spark. Any idea about the on road price in Mumbai?.
By Abhilash on 05-05-2010
i agree with u buddy...
By Majid on 11-05-2010
I recently bought this electr twinspark and its awsome i am fully enjoying it .....i never feel like this before
By Manish on 13-05-2010
One small correction.
The bike does not come with EFI (fuel injection) in India. Only classic 500cc comes with EFI.
Electra still uses the carburetor.
By Nithin on 18-06-2010
HI, Iam planing to buy new royal enfield twinspark , can you tell us to milage and engine smoothness and riding comforts.
By Vijay on 14-06-2010
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