A comparative evaluation between Yamaha FZ16 and Suzuki GS 150R

Buying a new bike definitely requires some research, and more so if you are choosing between the two biggies such as Suzuki GS 150R and Yamaha FZ16. In that case drawing comparisons with regard to the respective bikes' looks, engine, handling, performance and of course the price will help you take an informed decision.

Suzuki stormed with the GS 150R after Yamaha launched its F15 and F16 both bikes in the same segment and so one might find it really difficult to choose one of the bikes. The Yamaha FZ16 is the lord of the streets and Suzuki is regarded and proven as a perfect commuter bike.

From say long distance if you see, the Suzuki GS 150R looks pretty ordinary. A view of it from closer gives any bike lover a feeling that it is styled with some limitations for it looks very conservative. Nonetheless, it is not the contributing factor for the bike's overall performance and so you will probably not regret owning one.

As far as the Yamaha FZ16 looks are concerned it is like a baby version of Yamaha FZ1 and this muscular rogue beats all other bikes hands down on the Indian roads. Simple subtly but the naked styling gives it the aggression needed. It appears as though Yamaha paid attention to detail and styled this Lord of The Streets and for sure its looks can kill. The big fuel tank, the meaty forks and the wide tyres make it look like one body builder.

The bike appeals the young and the old bike lovers alike. It's a spoiler from the front as well as from the rear and Yamaha's expectations to sell 5 lakh FZ 16 units in 2009 must have been because of their confidence in looks the FZ16 has. All meters (speedometer, trip meter, tachometer, fuel gauge) on the Yamaha FZ16 come in an LCD display and are set in optimum to give clear field of vision.

Yamaha FZ16

Engine and power delivery
The Yamaha FZ16 is powered with an air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylindered, 2 valves 153cc engine with a SOHC. The engine generates a maximum power of 14 bhp @ 7500 rpm and the torque touches 13.6 Nm at 6000 rpm. Higher torque at lower rpm makes the bike a darling for the bike rider. The FZ16 comes with a five-speed gearbox.

The Suzuki GS 150R runs on a four-stroke, air-cooled 149cc engine with SOHC that generates a power of 13.8 bhp @ 8500 rpm and the maximum torque is 13.4 Nm @ 6000 rpm. The GS 150R has a BS 26 carburettor with TPS.

As we see, the two bikes have almost got similar engine power of course with a slight difference in the torque which can almost be ignored. However, Yamaha FZ16 outscores Suzuki GS 150R being better in the pick up and the power distribution at different speed ranges being just amazing. The bike is smooth even at very high speeds. The Suzuki GS 150R feels a little heavier at low speeds and once the speed touches 80kmph one can experience a difference in the engine sound although it does not vibrate and irritate the rider as such.

Suzuki GS150R

Performance and Handling
The Yamaha FZ16 can be ranked as one of the best pick-up oriented bike in the 150cc segment. The power performance of the bike is an appealing factor that is well distributed in the low and mid range torque. The handlebar is quite large that gives an easy ride through rough traffic and the monoshock helps in better corners and also leaning becomes much easier. The bike is just ideal for city riding but the bike owner would have loved the bike much more if it had disc brakes in the rear tyres and was more compatible for highway riding else the bike is a real smoothie.

The Suzuki GS 150R is a heavier bike when compared to FZ16 and this fact becomes more obvious when you are riding at low speed or crawling in the city traffic. The GS 150R does not come with mono-shock facility but still it deals surprising well with the potholes. The pickup is not as great as FZ16 and due to the extra weight it is a little difficult to manoeuvre the bike but the large seat serves as compensation and gives you a comfortable ride and the shifting gear is also quite easy and the overall performance of the bike is commendable.

Mileage, price and colors
The Suzuki GS 150R is available in four color choices- black, red, grey and blue. The bike comes in the price range of Rs. 59,000. Giving almost 50 kmpl in the city and around 55kmpl on the highways is a good plus when it comes to GS 150R.

The Yamaha FZ16 is available in three colors- lava red, midnight black and flaming orange. The bike maybe a little expensive as it comes with a price tag of Rs 73,000, which is slightly a thing that people might consider although it is still an affordable bike. Moreover who doesn't want to get noticed on road? This gives any rider a high chance of second glance and the parking lots will be fuming with envying bikes around with an Yamaha FZ16. A mileage of around 45-50 kmpl is not that bad after all and the bike is no wonder a big hit with the young crowd.

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it seems u already bought gs 150r
By on 09-05-2010
I'd rather go with GS 150R than the f**king beasty Yamaha Fazer. Both these are f**king bloody machines.

Looks like Yamaha's auotmobile engineers are superannuating. Wake up guys at Yamaha. Else you are lost/last in the race1
By on 08-05-2010
U beggers will go for GS only
By on 19-09-2010
C'mon YAMAHA's are far superior....though not that ecnomical.. its brute power.. YAMAHA rulezzzzzzz
By on 21-03-2011
By on 13-04-2011
No...guys suzuki rules...
By on 24-04-2011
I have driven both yamaha fz as well as Suzuki GS150R.I also own a GS150R.According to me fz is gud only to ride in the city and it gets only 35 kmpl in the city.But GS is very gud for long trips.I often go to my native on my GS which is 180kms away from my work place and I get a mileage of 63 kmpl during long trip.In the city I get 48-52,whereas my friend gets only 35-38 for his fz.When u drive a fz u get the same comfort of a Gladiator or libero or Alba etc.Only thing is that the pick up is more for fz.But GS is totally different from fz.Its damn smooth.So i have to tell u only one thing.Both the bikes r reliable since both has Japanese Technology.If u want style,power and pic up then go for fz.If u want comfort and mileage then go for GS.
By on 20-06-2011
So pls dont say yamaha is the best.Guys who say that r actually fools.Try to drive a GS150R before saying that.Yamaha fz is a very gud bike,I admit that.But its not at all the best.Its chain and sprocket costs 1200 RS,but GS's chain sproket costs only 895 Rs.
By on 20-06-2011
Susuki GS 150 R is the best efficiency Bike in 150CC. Its Smoothness, Milage, Road grip everything is quite amazing. I am riding GS from last one year and I can assure you this is further best bike than Yamaha FZ or Unicorn. Unicorn has a power of 13.3 BHP while GS gives 13.8 BHP and more u will get a Power mode option in GS 150R which utilize the max power of bike. The max speed I have got in GS 150R is 123km..In highways it is simply supb..specially in 6th gear which gives an extra smooth when riding over highways...The extra weight always keeps the bike out of shiver when riding on top speeds.. So my request is go for Suzuki150R if you looking for good+Economy+Powerful bike..(only for 150CC)
By on 25-09-2011
Dosto pta nhi kya ho rha hai mere sath.......me bhut confuse hu fz me or suzuki gs150r me......yar pls suggest me yar....
By on 17-10-2011
Bro...if u want a good bike that would last longer,give good mileage & go for long rides even with a pillion..i suggest u buy Gs150R...While Yamaha FZ & Fazer r overpriced bikes...really small..less mileage & the engine life is also less...after almost 2 yrs the engine becomes weak...Just a show-off bike actually!!! More over after 60 km/hr..Fz's becomes slow due to its intial high torque...Gs with XTP Technology makes the bike the fastest to reach 100 km/hr!!!...no vibrations at all...& has a top speed of 132 km/hr...So test ride both bikes & select which u like :)
By on 26-10-2011
I personally own 2 suzukis and i like very much, but the problem is evry poor service and worst customer care they wont hear u
By on 01-12-2012
thanx marshall your is very useful
By on 30-01-2014
comment is reliable thanx.
By on 30-01-2014
after driven both of da bikes only 1 comment i would say..

Yes Yamaha..
By on 27-05-2014
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