Harley-Davidson XL1200N Nightster Review

Harley-Davidson XL1200N Nightster

The Indian bike market will see a new BIG kid in the race - the Harley Davidson, which might be giving sleepless nights to indigenous high-end bike manufacturers.

The most popular American bike maker launched about 12 machines in the recently concluded Auto Expo of India at New Delhi.

According to the company, the booking for the bikes is likely to begin in April 2010, and the bike maker is finalizing its dealership across 5 cities in India - Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chandigarh. Once booked, the bike/s will be dispatched to the respective customer/s in June.

The HD XL1200N Nightster is the recent one in the HD's XL family and it has reinvented the rugged and the retro rod styling that wooed bike riders way back. In fact such a styling is the common feature of the legendary Sportster family bikes.

Looks of the HD XL1200N Nightster
The HD XL1200N Nightster is a fine combination of an exclusive design, with some envious paint finishes that subtly oozes characteristic Harleys. With the unmatched performance and the single low-seat it makes a perfect deal for the urbane roads. This is definitely an exciting variant from the Sportster family and the trimmed rear fender looks clean. The tail light assembly is unique wherein the light bar peeps out of the lips of the fender. However, the unsightly thing on HD XL1200N Nightster would be the tangles of wiring that run along the rails of the frame and present awk picture to say the least. How could they ignore this?

Harley Davidson XL1200N Nightster

As for the design, the HD XL1200N Nightster is built in a way to a give a racetrack experience on the street. The Nightster sports the conventional fork gaiters & bullet-hole belt guard. But the unique graphic on the fuel tank is eye-catching. And it's the modified tweaked layout of Sportster one can say from close look at that.

Engine performance and handling of the HD XL1200N Nightster
The Harley-Davidson XL 1200N Nightster has got the rubber-mounted XL Evolution 1200cc engine with a grey finish. The engine enables a responsive throttle and great performance. The Nightster follows the Sportster league to perfection with Electronic Sequential Port Fuel injection, easy clutch operation, remodelled gauges, improved carbon fiber belts and the front brake lever effort is a lot more convenient.

The low seat height and the single seat make it ideal for solitary riders and the 1200N Nightster takes the Sportster bikes to a whole new level with its distinctive features. It's a great fun to ride Nightster because it accelerates excellent and also halts smart; just the way a Sportster would actually behave. Maybe it doesn't give one unique Nightster like experience.

Pricing of the HD XL1200N Nightster
The HD XL1200N Nightster will come with a price tag of Rs. 9,95,000, and no wonder it cannot be afforded by all; only the ardent lovers of the iconic bike with lots of cash in hand can own this machine.

Final word about HD XL1200N Nightster
The 1200N Nightster has a style oozing coupled with superb performance and for people with hard cash it is not all that bad buy.

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i'msupposed to get 1 this weekend .... How did you cum up with that price...
By on 01-04-2010
Thats what I was thinkin im getting one for 7,500 from the dealer ship what the hell are the talking about 95,000 thats is ridicilous.
By on 26-07-2010
hahaha well well, i think this is in chinese money or perhaps bolivars(venezuelan money) where 1$ is about 1000 of that money, hahahahaha
maybe that is what he was refering, wel i just bought mine and right now it's being shipped from the states to the caribbean.
then i will be the second one on the island
By on 25-08-2010
They are talking in INR (Indian Rs), this would be $22,111 (approx). This is because of a high import duty in India.
By on 09-11-2010
i already have it it is for RS.1100000 in india
By on 07-09-2011
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