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Amo Jaunty Price Rs. 62,964 [Ex-showroom, New Delhi]

The given price can change depending on the colour and other features like alloy wheels, disc brakes, accessories etc.

State, City Ex Showroom Price On Road Price
Delhi, New Delhi Rs. 62,964 --

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- Speed Control Switch
- Side Stand Sensor
- Electronic Assisted Braking System (EABS)
- USB Based Mobile Charging
- Engine Kill Switch
- Ergonomic Design
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Technical Specifications
Vehicle TypeScooter
Maximum Power249 W
Top Speed25 kmph
Motor Details
Brushless DC
75 Km/100 Km+
Charging Time
0-60% : 2 Hours
0-100% : 6 Hours
BatteryValve-regulated lead-acid battery (VRLA battery)
Warranty for Battery1 Year
Head LampLed
Tail LampBulb
Front BrakeDisc
Rear BrakeDrum
Chassis and Suspension
FrameHigh Rigid Tubular Frame
Front SuspensionTelescopic Fork
Rear SuspensionSpring Loaded Gas
Wheels / RimAlloy Wheel
Front Tyre3.0 X 10” Tubeless
Rear Tyre3.0 X 10” Tubeless
Length1780 mm
Width700 mm
Height1108 mm
Seat Height730 mm
Weight230 kg
Kerb Weight62 kg
Ground Clearance150 mm
Additional Details
Grade ability : 18 Degree
Frame Materials : Steel
Indicators : Bulb
Day Time Running Light : Led
Vehicle Warranty
3 Years/30,000 Km
User Reviews of Jaunty. Write Your Review
Nice electric scooter with edgy look. Performance is also very good.
By on 08-08-2023
Had a test ride last week in Ghaziabad, smooth riding, satisfactory speed on full charge and nice features like front disk brake, riding mode switch, anti theft, side stand sensor and child lock etc.
By on 02-07-2022
Good electric scooter for all. Nice battery backup, good range and very low operating cost.
By on 20-06-2022
What a cool electric scooter, stylish, advanced and eco-friendly.
By on 07-06-2022
Superb electric scooter, stylish look, smooth riding, zero pollution, no fuel.
By on 04-06-2022
Smartest electric scooter for student.
By on 16-05-2022
Stylish look, getting 80 km mileage in single charge on eco mode. No fuel charge, no noise and no pollution.
By on 26-04-2022
Nice electric scooter in looks and performance. Battery backup is also good.
By on 22-04-2022
Bahut achha battery scooter, light bhi bahut kam kharch hoti hai.
By on 19-04-2022
Good mileage, nice riding experience and battery backup.
By on 07-04-2022
Nice electric scooter with advanced features.
By on 01-04-2022
Jaunty is an electric scooter that offer a riding range of up to 90 km along with a top speed of up to 45km/h.
By on 29-03-2022
Nice electric scooter. Very easy to charge, I can charge it in my home or shop.
By on 28-03-2022
Nice riding, good mileage, and very comfortable seating arrangement.
By on 26-03-2022
Nice riding experience. Purchased Amo electric scooter jaunty 2 months ago. Nice range and performance.
By on 25-03-2022
Electric scooter jaunty is an appealing scooter with high range, good speed, and detachable battery packs. Jaunty is next generation EV within very affordable price range.
By on 24-03-2022
I own electric scooter Jaunty and my daily commute is around 35-40 kms. Nice performance, recommend to all.
By on 17-03-2022
Nice performance, build quality is also good.
By on 17-03-2022
Scooter riding experience is good. Mileage is as per company claim(90km), I got 80-85. My avg run is 30 km/day.
By on 15-03-2022
Amo electric scooter jaunty is middle range of scooter. Performance wise it's very good.
By on 15-03-2022
Best riding experience and after sale service. Also very cost effective for college students.
By on 14-03-2022
I purchased this scooter 15 months ago. My average run is 20km per day nice experience.
By on 12-03-2022
I own this scooter from last 2 months, battery performance is good. Range is as per company claim.
By on 11-03-2022
Looks amazing, I use it for daily use. Good to go.
By on 10-03-2022
Thanks to Amo for electric scooter Jaunty. I bought it last year and regularly used to go my workplace.
By on 09-03-2022
Electric scooter Jaunty is suitable for my requirements well. It's an amazing vehicle to drive.
By on 08-03-2022
After taking a test ride, i convinced myself to go with Amo electric scooter jaunty.
By on 08-03-2022
I'm using Amo ev Jaunty for approx 1 years. Battery performance is good. This scooter is smooth, stylish and pollution free.
By on 03-03-2022
It's awesome experience to drive Amo electric scooter Jaunty. This is stylish, high range, safe and eco-friendly e scooter for all.
By on 03-03-2022
Nice electric scooter in look. Technology wise it's very advanced, this is a high range lithium battery scooter and goes 75 kms in a single charge.
By on 28-02-2022
Best in segment electric scooter. Range is good, company claimed 90 km, you can easily 70km range in a single charge. Speed is normal 40 kmph is max.
By on 26-02-2022
This is a high range electric scooter with lithium battery pack. Jaunty is very good for students and girls.
By on 26-02-2022
Electric scooter Jaunty is next generation smart electric scooter. Purchased this electric scooter 6 months ago. Range and battery backup is good.
By on 22-02-2022
Amo electric scooter jaunty is an advanced electric scooter and I found that in a single charge, with an average speed of 25-30 kmph, 80 km plus drive is easily achievable.
By on 19-02-2022
Very affordable and nice experience. Mileage is as per company claim.
By on 17-02-2022
Jaunty is a Lithium battery scooter, with very good range. I purchased it approx 1 yr ago and completely satisfied with it.
By on 17-02-2022
I purchased Amo electric scooter jaunty in jan 2019. Battery performance is good. After sale services are also good.
By on 12-02-2022
I purchased electric scooter Jaunty from Lucknow. This is the very cost effective and easy to manage.
By on 12-02-2022
Total drive experience of 1500 Km. Very smooth driving experience. Battery performance is good.
By on 11-02-2022
It would be good if Amo focus on service, scooter performance is very good.
By on 08-02-2022
Amo electric scooter Jaunty is far better than other scooters in this range.
By on 08-02-2022
Bought Amo electric scooter Jaunty last month. Super riding experience. Mileage as assured.
By on 07-02-2022
For me, electric scooter jaunty is very satisfactory. Smooth riding, noiseless, no pollution. Range is good.
By on 07-02-2022
I purchased my scooter on finance. No noise, smooth riding and nice battery backup.
By on 05-02-2022
I'm waiting for high speed electric scooter by Amo.
By on 05-02-2022
Battery life of electric scooter Jaunty is good. I like this scooter very much. No worries of refueling. Good for students.
By on 03-02-2022
Most important point about electric scooter Jaunty is its range and performance, very good.
By on 03-02-2022
I had this electric scooter. It's with a dc brushless motor and battery capacity of 27ah. Scooter goes up to 75km in a single charge.
By on 31-01-2022
I like electric scooters, there is no worry for fuel hikes and waste of money.
By on 31-01-2022
Electric scooter Jaunty is nice electric scooter with increased load capacity in India.
By on 29-01-2022
Amo EVs are very affordable and reliable. Switch to electric with Amo electric bike.
By on 29-01-2022
Nice electric scooter for workplace.
By on 29-01-2022
Good mileage, looks stylish. Go for it.
By on 28-01-2022
Good range. Mukkeem from Lucknow, UP
By on 27-01-2022
Performance of the scooter is good in eco mode. High range electric scooter in segment.
By on 27-01-2022
E scooter Jaunty is an electric scooter by Amo. It looks sport and strong.
By on 27-01-2022
It's excellent electric scooter in affordable price. Build quality, range and performance is good. Also good for environment.
By on 25-01-2022
Game changer electric scooter in India. Stylish look, build quality and performance is good.
By on 25-01-2022
Very efficient electric scooter for local market and workplace.
By on 24-01-2022
Jaunty is one of the best electric scooters in India. Battery performance is also good.
By on 24-01-2022
E-scooter Jaunty is an electric scooter by AMO. The looks of Jaunty is very attractive and it looks very strong. It is offered in 5 variants and colors.
By on 24-01-2022
The price of this electric scooter is a bit high but performance is good. Switch to electric to save our environment.
By on 22-01-2022
Perfect electric scooter for daily use. Buy e-scooter Jaunty and save the planet from pollution.
By on 22-01-2022
E scooter Jaunty is good EV. We're sharing our good and bad experience, stylish look like petrol vehicle, front LED lamp is attractive and gives best vision in night, range is good. Bad experience is charging time should be reduced, max speed is only 40km.
By on 21-01-2022
I purchased my Jaunty e scooter 20 days ago. Total drive experience approx 700 Km. I can say smooth and quick running, very good driving experience.
By on 21-01-2022
Amo Jaunty is an electric scooter with detachable battery pack. E scooter jaunty is longest range smart scooter developed for all age group and size.
By on 21-01-2022
Very nice electric scooter. Suspension is amazing, super mileage upto 80 km, best performance, value for money.
By on 17-01-2022
I purchased Jaunty e-scooter in Aug 2021 and till now I ridden more than 2000 km and performance is amazing with given range.
By on 17-01-2022
Amo Jaunty is really a amazing electric scooter with reasonable price range.
By on 15-01-2022
Stylish look, well designed, comfort riding experience for all age groups.
By on 13-01-2022
I purchased amo e-scooter Jaunty in Jul 2021 and till now I ridden more than 4200 km and performance is amazing with given range.
By on 13-01-2022
Very good performance. This is light weight electric scooter in India best suited for all age groups.
By on 10-01-2022
Scooter's performance is good and service is is also good. I bought this scooter in Mar 2021 till now there is no issue.
By on 10-01-2022
According to performance, Amo Jaunty is very affordable electric scooter in India. There is no other option available in market with such unique features as Jaunty.
By on 08-01-2022
Electric scooter Jaunty is very beneficial for all age groups. In the next 2-3 years, only electric will be the trend.
By on 08-01-2022
To save our environment and daily fuel cost, e-bikes and e-scooters are very good option. Amo EVs are one of the best choice for the same.
By on 08-01-2022
Max speed 40 to 45 kmph, mileage 60-65 not bad in one time charge. Good to go.
By on 08-01-2022
Buy low priced electric scooter in India for all your need. Amo electric scooters are the best and high range electric scooters for everyone.
By on 07-01-2022
Nice scooter. Opt electric scooter and go beyond the petrol pump.
By on 07-01-2022
I bought my Jaunty from Bala Ji construction, Ghaziabad in Nov 2019. Nice experience with it. Good to go.
By on 07-01-2022
Good for short city rides. Jaunty is equipped with advanced technology features, safety features and the most important point is removable battery pack.
By on 07-01-2022
High range electric scooter, good for all purposes. Everyone must opt ebike and escooter to save our environment.
By on 07-01-2022
Jaunty is a high range electric scooter that can pull off 100 plus kilometres on a single charge.
By on 05-01-2022
Jaunty is very good electric scooter comes with Li-ion battery and that can cover 120 kilometres in green mode on a single charge.
By on 05-01-2022
Electric scooters are not only better for the environment but are also more affordable in comparison to motorcycles that run on conventional fuel.
By on 05-01-2022
Jaunty is a high range electric scooter in India with advanced technology and safety features.
By on 05-01-2022
Best thing about Amo jaunty is, it's environment friendly and noiseless. Charging cost is very low.
By on 31-12-2021
Purchased this electric scooter last year. Good performance, nice range
By on 31-12-2021
Smooth and noiseless riding, Amo jaunty is stylish and advanced electric scooter for all age groups.
By on 31-12-2021
Mind blowing electric scooter. Nice riding experience.
By on 31-12-2021
Amo jaunty is perfect choice for teens due to it's stylish look and advanced technology features.
By on 31-12-2021
Very economic scooter, really love the ride. Stylish look, advanced features, affordable price range make it value for money.
By on 31-12-2021
Good riding experience, only used for local commute. Range is 70 plus kms in a single charge.
By on 31-12-2021
Range is good.!
By on 29-12-2021
Jaunty is best electric scooter with stylish look for commuting.
By on 28-12-2021
Amo electric scooters are smart scooters you can drive without license.
By on 28-12-2021
Took a test ride, Nice experience with Amo jaunty.
By on 25-12-2021
I am very happy with the performance compared to other EVs in the market.
By on 24-12-2021
I am using electric scooter Amo Jaunty and I recommend it all.
By on 24-12-2021
Amo Jaunty is an attention seeker, I love this scooty performance and range.
By on 17-12-2021
No 1 electric scooter for city use.
By on 15-12-2021
Honestly, completely satisfied with Amo Jaunty. I am feeling yaay when I ride my scooty. Go for it.
By on 14-12-2021
Comfortable riding, advanced technology and safety features, low & high range, and affordable price range. Very nice electric scooter for future.
By on 14-12-2021
Jaunty is the best electric scooter for city with advanced technology features in affordable price range.
By on 14-12-2021
Amo Jaunty is best electric scooter in the market, I am using it for last 1 year and my daily travel distance is approx 30kms both side per day.
By on 13-12-2021
Compared to other electric scooters available in the market, i will rate it high, nice range, stylish look, excellent ride quality.
By on 13-12-2021
Very nice EV and range, smooth and comfortable ride, low cost maintenance and user friendly scooter.
By on 13-12-2021
Very stylish and sporty electric scooter.
By on 13-12-2021
Stylish and easy drive electric scooter.
By on 09-12-2021
A very good option for environment. Amo jaunty's performance is completely satisfactory.
By on 09-12-2021
Thanks for making superb eco friendly scooter. Really too smooth to ride, noiseless and lightweight. Nice riding experience and performance.
By on 08-12-2021
After owning this electric scooter I think everyone must go for EVs. Smooth and noiseless driving, zero pollution and main benefit is 10 times lesser expenses than petrol or diesel vehicles.
By on 08-12-2021
I recommend Amo jaunty to others, performance is best.
By on 07-12-2021
Riding Amo jaunty electric scooter is so fun. I haven't noticed any sound, too smooth to ride.
By on 07-12-2021
Detachable battery is one of preferable option in Amo electric bikes.
By on 07-12-2021
Advanced technology features, stylish look makes Amo electric scooter the probable best option for electric scooters in India.
By on 07-12-2021
Reliable and best charging scooter with advanced technology features.
By on 07-12-2021
Jaunty is the best ever electric scooter in the market with outstanding specifications and features.
By on 04-12-2021
Wonderful electric scooter, riding experience is too good.
By on 30-11-2021
Best electric scooter in range. Noiseless and smooth riding experience. Comfortable foot rest for pillion. Proper digital indicators for battery and riding mode. Good mileage.
By on 24-11-2021
I purchased Amo electric scooter Jaunty and thrilled at owning an eco friendly vehicle. Nice experience, good range, safe and lightweight. Easy to handle for all family members.
By on 24-11-2021
Amo Jaunty is the best budget electric scooter in Indian EV market. Stylish look, advanced technology and high mileage.
By on 24-11-2021
Good electric scooter, recommend to all.
By on 23-11-2021
Excellent electric scooter for all age groups.
By on 23-11-2021
Amo Jaunty is very affordable electric scooter in India.This is stylish, advanced and very efficient compared to petrol bikes.
By on 23-11-2021
Worth Buying. Amo Jaunty is best electric scooter in India with advanced technology features, good range, and affordable price range. Had a test ride, it's very smooth and noiseless.
By on 12-11-2021
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