Which two wheeler is best among Honda activa,Access 125 and mahindra durodz?

Please compare and suggest the two wheeler to ride city?

Asked by Ramachandra on 16-04-2012

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better to take both for six months
Answered by Krsreddy on 16-04-2012
Hi, both Honda Activa and Suzuki Access are good reliable scooters. The new Activa has reliable 110cc engine with 8 hp @ 7500 rpm of power and has 9 Nm @ 5500 rpm of torque with overall built quality and has very good resale value.
The Suzuki Access has 125cc reliable engine with 8.5 hp @ 7000 rpm of power and has 9.8 Nm @ 5000 rpm of torque. Honda Activa gives mileage of around 42 to 48 kmpl where as Suzuki Access has 40 to 45 kmpl, both depending upon the riding style and conditions. The Suzuki Access is much better to ride because it has telescopic front suspension.

So in my personal opinion its better to go for Honda Aviator, because it is an up graded version of Honda Activa. Aviator is having the same engine, power, mileage of Activa. The Aviator has telescopic front suspension for better comfort while in riding and handling and has more additional features than Activa.
So test drive the Honda Aviator and feel the difference.
Answered by Rj on 16-04-2012

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