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I am very confused among tb350 tb500 and dominar 400. Budget is not a

I am very confused among tb350 tb500 and dominar 400. Budget is not a problem. I need a bike which doesnt give any starting problem with self as it is difficult for me to kick start bcz of pain in right knee.
Also if i have to choose only between tb350 n tb500 which would you recommend?

Asked by Pankaj Goyal on 06-01-2017

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@Pankaj Goyal
To be honest, both the Enfields weighs more than Dominar. If you have any health issues, go for lighter vehicles as the earlier will be quiet difficult to manage in city traffic and bumpy roads.

And to choose between TB350 and TB500, 350 is better in terms of its technicality. Many of ths Enfield customers are raising issues with the Fuel Injectors of 500cc engine (both tb and classic). Meanwhile TB350 uses a carburettor and it is more reliable. Service and maintenance cost of TB500 is higher than 350.

Other than RE and Dominar, i would suggest Duke 390 and 200, which has more premium and power, which is even lighter.
Answered by Arjun Thambi on 06-01-2017

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