Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi or TVS Apache RTR 180 – which is better bike between the two?

Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi or TVS Apache RTR 180 – which is better bike between the two?

The two biggies of the auto market and Bajaj and TVS are head-to-head to strengthen their position in the two-wheeler market and so do the two models; Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi and TVS Apache RTR 180, seem to go neck to neck when it comes market share and they seem to be going in the right direction of changing the perspective of bike riding.

In terms of sales Pulsar 180 DTSI is much ahead of the Apache RTR 180 but TVS has left no stone unturned and has been a strong competitor to Bajaj. One of the important differences between the machines is that Apache is a modified version of Apache 160 and Pulsar 180 has many similarities to Pulsar 200. The two manufacturers have been not been spoilsports despite the legal entanglement they have managed to sustain in the market with not much of a mud slinging. A comparative analysis of the Pulsar 180 DTSi and Apache RTR 180 will help the reader choose their hottie.

The TVS Apache RTR sports a 177.4 cc four-stroke air-cooled single cylinder engine along with a SOHC 2 valve mill. The power generation is close to 17.3 PS at 8500 rpm and the maximum torque is 15.5 NM at 6500 rpm. The engine is supported with the Mikuni BS-29 carburettor.

TVS Apache RTR 180

The Pulsar 180 DTSi is braced with 178.6cc 4-stroke air-cooled single cylinder with SOHC 2 valve mill, which is very similar to the Apache 180. The power output is 17.2 PS @ 8500 rpm and the torque is 14.2 NM. Pulsar goes with the UCD 29 carburettor.

Pulsar 180

The engine capacity of the two bikes is more or less the same but the difference lies with vibration effect; Pulsar is far more superior in this regard and in Apache 180 the vibrations is quite evident despite the fact that it is has been considerably reduced but this drawback gives a minus point to Apache RTR 180. But Apache compensates this disadvantage with the smooth performance of the clutch, which feels quite heavy in Pulsar and the brand has hardly learnt any lessons to improve the assembly of the clutch.

Handling and comfort
With regard to handling definitely Apache RTR 180 deserves thumbs up, and it is certainly ahead of the Bajaj Pulsar 180. Apache RTR 180’s new wheelbase of 1326mm makes it rather comfortable and stable while cornering. The Apache RTR 180 gives a smooth handling even at great speeds and steering the vehicle at steep turns is awesome and will motivate you to ride for a few more extra miles.

Do not worry about the potholes while you are riding Apache 180, as the bike is a smoothie in this regard and your ride will not be all that bumpy at all.

Pulsar DTSi 180 is not bad in terms of handling and of course they have improved tremendously as compared to its predecessors and it still finishes off as the last contender in the league. Pulsar though scores a brownie point here with its MRF nylogrip zappers and TVS Apache RTR sports the Srichakra tyres. Adorned with MRF tyres and the upgraded swing arm it makes a huge difference to the handling of the Pulsar 180….hmm.

Talking about performance Pulsar DTSi 180 is a heavier machine when compared to the previous version and that affects quite a lot to the performance of the vehicle. The heavy tyres at the rear and the decrease of torque by 1 Nm has certainly brought down the performance level. Despite these drawbacks Pulsar 180 is still ranked as one of the top performing bikes; it can touch up to 123 kmph speed, which is quite a feat by the manufacturers.

TVS RTR 180 is as light as feather when compared to Pulsar 180; the tyres are slimmer and the torque is simply amazing, which takes the bike a few steps ahead of Pulsar DTSi 180 in terms of performance. Apache touches a top speed of 124 kmph @ 12000 rpm and at that speed you can zip, zap and zoom.

TVS Apache RTR 180 gives a mileage of 39-44 Kmpl for that city riding and a little higher around 43-48 kmpl on the long drive or highway ride. Pulsar on the other hand, consumes less fuel; it gives around 41-46 kmpl mileage in the city and up to 46-51 kmpl on the highway riding.

Color choice and price
The Bajaj Pulsar DTSi 180 is available in four colors; Black, Red, Blue and Silver and Apache comes in White, yellow, Gray and Black.

Bajaj Pulsar DTSi 180 is around Rs. 68,600 and the TVS Apache RTR 180 comes on little expensive side at Rs. 72,000. The price differences between the two bikes maybe just a few thousand rupees but in all honesty it is hard to say which one is the better bike to choose.

Both Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi and TVS Apache RTR 180 bikes almost equal and it is better to leave the decision to the reader; so choose the one that suits you needs and one that meets your requirements and budget.

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  1. mohamed

    i wnt 2 buy a new 180cc bike which one is best pulsar 180cc or apache rtr180cc?

    • bike-lover

      you must go 4 bajaj pulser 180.i have used(new) this from last 5’s amazing comparison…………………………………

      • amit

        yaar aman I am completely agree with you… de taali

      • rishabh rajput

        tere baap ki bajaj ki dukan hai kya

      • deepak

        sahi bola pulsar is the most bakwaas bike its look is so old and
        80 se upar jaate hi puri bike hilne lagti h maine apache k0 165 pe
        bhagaya h with nitrous

        • suporno chowdhury

          pulser is a better bike.

        • vinod arya

          brothers apache achi byk h but pulsur se achi koi byk bani hi nhi

          • Shubham

            Agree ,… Pulsar is best…!

        • Ajay

          @deepak kabi chalai b hai 80 se upr pulsar

          • Ajay

            ye tera beham hai ke 80 k upr pulsar hilne lgti hai kabi dhyan se dekhna bo tu hulta hoga bike ni

        • Xavvy

          Tu sapne me hi wo speed pakar, apne apche me sama jaa!! Pulsar 180 se kabhi real me race matt lagana, hagg dega tu!

          • Sandy

            Yr bhai tu race lga le meri bike se apache rtr 180. Kya comparison kr rhe ho yr tum log. Tu real mein aa jana race lagne.

            • Nirbhay chauhan

              apache 180 is the best bike in all 200 cc bikes i love it.last 2 year i using apache 180 nd after 6 mnth i change..iske jaisi koi nhi apache is the best

        • Anand

          Ghanta…. 110 Kmph tak chalai hai P180, meri bike to hili nahi. Hawa me tu hi hil raha hoga….

        • nayan

          Kiski dukan se churake laya nitrous…..

        • sunny sankhyan

          Yes bro u r rite apache is bes bike…(y)

        • vikas

          abe aja fir ho jay race …teri apache aur meri pulsar.

          • pj

            Address bta kaha ana h ho jae race bahut din hue traffic m racing kiye hue

    • amrit

      pulsar looks better, gives a nice mileage. i love this thing

      • kieron

        aggar tujhe mileaga chaahiye tho saale jaake platina khareed lena 100kmpl non stop riding… oooooooooooooooooo jhalak dikhlaaaja

        • amit

          are yaar
          jab pulsar chalti hai lo apache ki jalti hai…
          apache bacchon ka khilona hai.
          I agree that apache has better pickup, yet the pulsar is pulsar; a legend (quantity on road doesn’t matters for its lovers).
          jo sabse accha hai woh hi to zyada dikhega, aap hi dekho sports bike bazar mein kewal pulsar hi 50 percent share holder hai… hai koi uske aaju baaju?

          • Sandy

            Beta Apache sirf Ek Racing DNA hai aur pulsar sirf ek bike….
            Aur aaajkal sadakchap log bhi pulsar 180 kharidne lage hai aur Apache rakhna bachhon ka khel nhin hai as it is racing DNA iski cluthch 1100 ki hai aur pulsar ki 250 ki …. toh beta pulsar se khelo…race karni ho aur pocket mein money ho aur dil kamjor na ho to….GO $ APACHE AUR BETA pULSAR 180 KI TO APACHE 160 le leti hai Thn Apache 180 220cc Pulsar ki leti hai….isliye no comparison ….Racing is all abt Apache…

            • suraj

              abe sandy tu to golu hai .tu kya janega pulsar k bare mein . pusar king hai aur rahega magar apache to lund chatta reh jayega.aayi baat kuch samajh mein .abe mera loda chuus .

              • vinit patel

                Beta apache jesi bike hi koi bana nahi sakta kayounki apache pata hair
                Moto gp ki race me use hoti hai / pulser kon use karta
                Pulser to 1 year me hi petrol ka kuva ban jata hai mere bhai
                Ab kuch naya chalaoo hatke

            • bijoy

              yes sandy u r absoluately rit..dont compare rtr wid ur baby pulsars..domb hey to
              monster rtr 180 ko chalake dekh

            • Kaushal

              Very good comment man.. Pulsar wale kya jaane Apache ka maza.
              Pulsar cho*-uchakko ki sawari hai aur Apache Racers ki. Fck Pulsar cheers apapache.

              I am also an Apache lover and a great fan

              • praveen

                abe ohhh pulsar ki faltu me nahi udane ka, meri pulsar without carborater ki he , apun se takkar lene ka he, kya? 160 chalai he maine pulsar 180, apache 1 sal me dher ho jati he, dekh lena pulsar or apache road pe kitni dikhti he,

                • Sandy

                  Abbe wo sale. Aa jana race krni hai to. Teri pulsar tere peeche daal dunga. Number de tu aapna or aaja race ke liye. Open challange hai sale

            • raza

              very nice i agreeeeee wid u

            • karan Agarwal


            • sajid

              Sandi bhai tu sahi keh raha h mene pulsar 200 haraa rakhi h apache 160 se or ye baat krta h pulsar 160 se or ye pulsar 180 ki baat krta h…… Ye baccha h na ki hm…

              • Danish

                Beta bike se matlab nahin hota , bike chalane wale se hota hai. Maine Hunk se apache 160 ko hara dia tha at naini bridge in allahabad.

                • sunny

                  han vai ye baat tune thik hi kaha.
                  mene v ak bar bachpan me ak bell gari ko cycle se haraya tha.

            • Danish

              Beta pulsar look mein apache se bahut achchi hai. See digital meter of apache its look very odd but of pulsar its still looking new.

              Pulsar ka meter dekhkar apache waalo lagwaya.

            • vijay

              hey sandy, i don’t agree with you, APACHE 180 is good bike, but pulsar is the best, aur tum apni general knowledge ko thik karo, pehle jao pata karke aao, ki clutch plate ka rate kya hai, fir bolna ki kon bachcha hai…..ok baby….

            • Baap

              Apache ke beto muh mai lauda dal lo kyoki pulsar 180 mai naye filter aa chuke hai august 2011 version mai toh ab race karo dna walo hut apache freedom ki beti

            • sourabh mishra

              rightly said bro .!!

            • Xavvy

              Tera naam SANDY kisne rakkha??
              Wo S k jagah pe R lagale, accha match karega, aur yehi apache me ghumti hai, pulsar me nhi!! Pulsar k liye standard chahiye hota hai!! Jaa, apne nano jaise bike me ghus jaa!

            • sunny

              vai uuse bol de ki sasti chiz hi jada bikti h.

            • hj

              Abe Apache 180 v ab dudh bachne wale tk chla re h bc

              • pj

                Dudh bachne wale islye chala rahe h apache qki pular to load lekr chalne m hi engine ki esi tessi jo ho jati h sb maza lete h apache ka or racing kisi ko u faltu nhi bolte bhai …..
                ita depond on your financial condition ki ap kn si bike chala rahe ho

          • Saksham

            Hi I am Saksham… Me ye batana chata hu ki jab Apache bhaag ne par aati h na to pulsar bus dekhti hi rh jaati h ki wo gyi kaha…… Apache is the best

          • Saksham

            Hi I am Saksham. Apache abhi new launch hui h. Aur pickup to phadu h. Log pulsar pulsar krte h, kabhi apache chala k dekho kasam se maaza aa jyega Apache is the best

          • Jatin

            Abe salle bajaj wala tumhara jija hai kya jo tum uske itne tarif kar rahe ho or jab apache white chalta hai to puksar ki fatt jate hai at the end !! APACHE RTR 180 is the best hai!!

          • kartik

            ye bate purani ho gayi ab nayi generation me ji rahe ho
            to nayi bat karnat karna seekh lo ok apache ka na to koi
            tod tha or na hi hoga ok or khas taur se bajaj me

          • sid

            App sahi ho jab apachi ko theako wo aga sajhaku hue thekati ha aur pulsar 180 ka mukabla ma apachi khai nahi ha pulsar solid bike ha

          • ajay.

            Apache vibret jada karti h or india mai sirf pulser ka jada roll h pulser is pulser
            pulser ko jesa v modif karo oo ho jata h aache n ho ta

          • Sandy

            Let me tell you an example. Have you ever seen iphone(apache) in every comman man’s hand. No you will never see. Samsung(Pulsar) to sb ke pass hote hai bhai. Hr ak ke pass. Hahahha lolz

        • pj

          Hahahaha nice one bro

      • venkatesh k pawar

        how much

    • Pankaj

      hey,guys…….Pulsar 180 is most better than RTR180….even..Pulsar 135 is better than RTR180……east ho ya west Pulsar is best…..Pulsar rocks…!!!!

      • prince

        Apache is best bike ….who ever want a raching dna bike so better is to buy Apache any serise…………pulsar is worst 3rd cless bakwas bekar … and 2o rupes ki aukad bhi nahi he pulsar all series ki…….bajaj is pakdu company………………….undarstan mr.pankaj….and all pulsar lover……
        dum he to race lelo apni bhangar pulsar se and mien best Apache………

        • AADI


          • aakash

            he he nice buddy

          • dhanesh

            harami o pulsar ki aukat hi nahi hai . Pulsar is cheap cheap bike saale koi bhi le raha hai . Pulsar to fattu hai kaun bola ki pulsar 135 kmph par jati hai are voto meter ka fault hota hai mere pas yamaha r 15 hai kiske ass me dum hai race lagao saalo pulsae is bhikari i don’t want to comite abut rtr its better,,,,,,faaltu pulsar…

            • Aman

              Jo log bhi pulsar ki burai kar rahe hain saloon ki aukat hi nahn hai pulsar chalane ki………………..wo log apache jaisi halki bikes hi chala sakte hain fattu to wo hain sale apache wale ………………kyun bhai log sahmat ho ki nahn….nd no options yaar pulsar se achchi koi bike aajtak india mein ayi hi nahn hai for middle class man nd wo sab ki personality ko suite karti hai.
              a man sitting in pulsar has his own value.
              aur ek baat aaj kal apache to chamaro ki bike ho gayi hai sab chamar log hi ye bike le rahe hain…
              isliye meri locality mein to anybody having apache is chamars

              • venom

                in my locality all the 3rd class guys n beggars own ur pulsar… saale bhikaari

              • G1

                u r rite their is no bike like pulsar compair 2 apache. apache is sadu compair 2 PULSAR. PULSAR is made 4 all use RACE,DRIVE,STUNDS. it sutes 4 any kind of person. DONT compair PULSAR with d SADU apache.

              • Rahul

                Abe jhingur agar apache kharidne ki aukat ni h to pat pat kyu kar rha hai.. Pulsar khandan k jo abba hai na uski bhi fatati h rtr se.. Jb mann ho tb race kar liyo..

                • raj

                  Aare fuddu,tvs company tum jaise nasamjh shopper ko bahaut aasaani se loote ja raha hai,aur saalo tumlog gala faar faar ke status ki baat kar rahe ho!! Pulsar 180 ka riding rtr 180 se bahaut jyada smooth hai,bajaj company ka market me ek reputation hai ki yeh log apne buyers se cheat nehi karte hai,isliye pulsar 180 ka kimat kam hai,kisibhi bike mechani se puch lo ki tvs aur bajaj me se kaun si company jyada achchhi hai,aur rtr aur pulsar me se kiska engine jyada achchha hai,to woh ek hi reply dega ki baja bi kes r far far better than tvs bikes

              • Sandy

                Beta paise nhin hai to saaf bol Apache se jalta kyun hi …..
                Aur Pulsar=Choron ki bike…

                • Tasrif

                  lakin hamare yahan toh sab chor apache chalata hain?
                  iska matlab yeh hua ki chor toh apni tarif kabhi khut nahi karta chalo main tumhara chori kiye huye paison ka tarif kar deta hun!!! tabhi toh apache kharida tune

                  • Rko

                    Ae bhai tumhare waha koi police pulsure leke hum apache walakon pakade kor dikhaye

                • Ankit

                  Today i went to buy a pulsar but
                  rasta may ak kutaa na pulsar pa susu kar diya to mujha laga ,iss
                  bike ko to kutaa v pasand nahi karta

                  • maya

                    Abe o kutta toh he tha na?

                • Sunny

                  Abe choron ko pata hota hai ki top speed kiski jyada hai ishliye wo pulsar se chori karte hain.apache to kewal dekhne k liye hoti hai.i have pulsar 180 &he give 139 kmph top speed kyun fati na ab kya lauda pakdoke.

              • Sauradeep

                sai baat h

              • SHIIVAM

                BHUKE NNGE CHUDHE

                • pj

                  Fir to tere ghr walo se acchi salary to peon ki h jo apache chala raha h hahahaha

              • Apache

                Are bhai logon mere pas pulsar hai 220 par boring h yr,,,,sach mai beach k ja raha hun apache kharidne… kamine fraud h bajaj wale

                • vaibhav

                  Guyz.. all bikes of bajaj are worst except 200 ns bajaj use cheap machines 200 ns is nice because it is a production of kawasaki bajaj has bought that bike from kawasaki Apache is best bike no 180 bike has Abs which is given in apache an what to say about look it is to good so guyzz pulsar sucks apache rock !

              • Jatin

                Kyon pulsar tumhare mummy ne ghar par banai hai jo pulsar ki tarif kar raha hai apache is the best apache chalana bacho ka kam nahi hai

                • ajay.

                  babu palser sirz chal kar dekh

              • Jatin

                Kyon pulsar tumhare mummy ne ghar par banai hai jo pulsar ki tarif kar raha hai apache is the best apache chalana bacho ka kam nahi hai yeh sirf mard he chala sakte hai .,….like me….

              • kartik

                chamar to mujhe tu lag raha h kyonki unki hi choice
                hoti h aisi bekar ki bik understand jyada ghamand h pulsar
                pulsar pe to leke aa ja main bata hu aur agar dar lagta
                h har jane se to you tube pe comparision ki
                videos chek kr le

              • sid

                Sahi ho apachi to sugali ha plastic body gandi pulsar ko theako oska alaga rutsba ha enka ender solid chezo ko lena ki okat nahi ha jo ya apachi ko racing bike bol rahi ha 6month race kar lo bike kharak jaya gi tvs kq matalan he ha tak
                la vey smart

            • G1

              apache is d fattu bike not d pulsar. apache is mad 4 d saddu people

            • amit

              tu plastic body pe maze kar harami apni 150 cc r15 chala…

            • ADI

              abe saale gandu tuu r15 le ke bhi kuch nahi ukhar sakta hai..
              kisi din aa jana aapni sadi hui bike leke patak ke teri aur tere bike kii gaar nahi maari to kehna.
              saale tuu kya jaano pulsar ka maza.

              • hj

                r15 vr 2 sbka baap h bc mut doge Apache walo …r15 k samne bc

          • abhishek

            gud reply to prience buddy

          • Keshav

            Salo jab apache khareedne ki aukaat na ho to apni aukat se bhadkar mat bolo.. Every1 would agree pulsar ka chainset itna bakwas hain.. Ki 5 din me khad khad karne lag jati hain.. 80 k upar pahuchte hi to puri body hilkar reh jati hain.. Saali puri plastic body hain.. Kabhi bhi accident hua na dhundi bhi nhi payegi.. Har 2 kaudi ka aadmi leke betha hain pulsar.. Yahan tak ki 220 bhi 2 months me javab de jati hain.. Khud pulsar k showroom wale bolte hain.. Tuchhe pulsar maniacs..

            • Jatin

              Sahe bola yaar pulsar is 3rd class

          • Sandy

            Abe ohhh BC. Aa ja sale jb marzi aapna no. De. Uneducated peoplem apache buy krni ki ukat nhi hai. Or comparison kr rhe ho apche ke saath.

        • G1

          apache is d world 3rd clas bike sory it doesnot have any clas. apache is d most faltu & sadu bike in d world.

          • venom

            saale kabhie apache180 chalaya hai kya? first u ride both
            the bikes n thn u comment or else get the hell out of here

            • raj

              Maine khud mere bhaai ka rtr 180 chalaya hai aur mere paas pulsar 180 hai,mujhe pulsar 180 best laga aur dono bike ek hi din me kharida gaya tha,mera pulsar 180 abhi tak thik hai lekin uska rtr 180 bahaut baar kharap huwa hai,tvs ka engine pata nehi itna ghatiya kyu hota hai,saale daam bahaut jyada lete hai aur maal ka standard bahaut hi low dete hai!!

          • lakshay raj chauhan

            pulsar ki *** ki pppppppp
            agar apache ko pulsar miljaye toh wo uski *** pppp de

          • Sunny

            Saale tvs ki aulaad apache ko 100 km tak 100-110 chala do to gandh marti hai aur heat hoti hai kya jhantu class bike hai.pulsar is king of every jhaantu bike hai ushe kaun kharidega.isliye pulsar ka hi apache ko bay2

          • Ajay

            Saale tvs ki aulaad apache ko 100 km tak 100-110 chala do to gandh marti hai aur heat hoti hai kya jhantu class bike hai.pulsar is king of every jhaantu bike hai ushe kaun kharidega.isliye pulsar ka hi apache ko bay2

        • Nitin

          Definitely Male Pulsar 180 dtsi and definitely woman Tvs rtr 180.

          • Sandy

            Abe tune Race lagani hai ya apni bike se sex karn hai …..
            LOdu ….

            • Sandy

              Hahhahah. Lolz sandy bhai rocks

          • Kabir

            Sale Nitin apne Baap ko or apni maa ko bhi bike se compare krta hai kya
            Pursur / Apache rtr is the most 3rd class bike in front of yamaha FZ bike.
            yamaha 150 cc ke engine mei bhi sabki vatt lga deti hai. i like yamaha n suzuki bike

        • amit

          Yaar Prince why you are telling wrong about pulsar 180? Bajaj first started to produce pulsar 180, there are so many pulsar lovers to slap you tight; you are misguiding those who are going to buy new pulsar. Pulsar has set the benchmark that apache will never ever achieve;
          actually the pulsar 180 is much more powerful to race you pulse…

          kya bolte ho pulsar lovers? m i ri8?

          • fastest indian

            sahi hai boss…pulsar is the best

          • Sandi

            no u r wrong person in dis whole world… pulsar is only 4 show and 4 childrens

        • amit

          you are one of ghadha community… bhad me jao apache ko wahi entry milegi

        • fastest indian

          tujhe galat fami hai….teri fatuu gadi ko agar …free me bhi becho na to koi tuke ga bhi nahi…pulsar teri aukat ke bahar hai…samja

          • ajay.

            har jawan insan boy s ka fev pulser 180 135 200 220

        • lakshay raj chauhan

          hey bro i completely agery with you coz. APACHE is the lord of
          roads aur pulsar walsar toh black listed bike hai yrr police wale
          bahut pakadtey hai pulsare aur us par accident bhi jyada hote
          hai apache is more safer

          • lakshay raj chauhan

            pulsar only kanjaar chaap letey hai

        • shery

          abe pulsar kaun hey guys i have kept pulsar 180 for 4 years when i waz in my dedegree. and i can say that mein pulsar 150 cc pe b kisi b apache ya fir koi b bbike wale ki khade khade le sakta hun. but now as i am working and grown up i think royal enfield is the bike for real man so after u finish ur studies go for royal enfield. and ya pulsar is best.

        • raman

          u r right prince apache rtr 180 is best as i
          ‘ll ride it pulsar to fuddu bike hai

          apache rtr (racing throttle response)
          dna enleashed

        • Tasrif

          apache…………..hun………..choron ka bike hain……..tune shayat chori kar ke liya hain…..isiliye toh aukaat dikha raha hain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • mishra

            choro ki bike pulsar he sare chor pulsar bhagate he aur apche vale unhe aasani se pakad lete he. :p

            • Gabbar

              I have 200 ns le aayo koi bhi apache main hraau ga 170 top speed without nos fudu apache hai 100 ki speed par buffling krne. Lg jaati hai my 200 ns is a rocket new pulsar is coming soon 200 rs is awesome le aayo apache koi bhi

              • pj

                Ok bro 200 4v Apche is ready to rece le lao koi si b pulas

        • sushant singh rajput

          Dum hai to lagale apni bakbas pulsar se 100 me hi gand ft ke hath me aajata hai usse badhiya to mai passion x pro hai

      • venom

        tvs heavy duty is better thn ur pulsar hahahahaha

        • fastest indian

          JAB tu sale usko maintain karega na to tu apne ghar ki duty bhool jayega..samjhe ……bike hoti hai style –100%pulsar ..yahi sai bike hjai duty karni hai to luna lele

      • karan

        pulsar135 is better thn rtr180 thn it means tat ur grandpa’s luna
        is better thn YZF R1????? PULSAR”S r nothing in front of RTR’s..

        • abi

          a dude dont ever tel tat word pulsar is nt gd k na and u plzzzzzzz snd me ur height k na……… bcz short gys like rtr bcz rtr is also short ah. ah. ah…… ah.. pulsar alwys rocksssssss and rtr alwys shockssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss k na………. mind it . mr. short gyssss

          • mishra

            tumhari height kitni he chotu ???

        • praveen

          sahi kaha,
          Luna is better then Apache 180

          • Jatin

            Tumhare mummy luna he chalate hai

      • Rahul

        Haan yar p135 apache se badiya h kyuki uska mileage jyada h.. 😀 bhai tu apache tb lena jb petrol sasta ho jaye..

      • kg.shankar

        how do you say pulsar 135 is best than apache rtr 180?

      • mishra

        kyu pagla gye kya ?? 135 ko 180 se compare ..!! ajj deekhli pulsar valo fake he .!!

      • Magesh s

        No 1 sports bike I no

      • pj

        Pular 135 ☺hahahaha good jokke

    • eddy

      hiiiiiiii dude i m eddy i have pulsar 180 but hum campevr kare rtr180 se tu pulsar is nt ok then rtr180 is bst b”coz i feel in ride very sporty nd cool then i sale my pulsar 180 nd ibuy rtr180


      just go for TVS APACHE 180……., it matches everyone but one drawback of that bike is its PURE TERROR……, NO BIKE MESSES WITH IT

      • amit

        abe saale bhoot (mr. ghost rider) tujhe pulsar ne thok ke maar diya tha. isliye tu pulsar ko like nahi karta hai.

      • praveen

        but pulsar can mess up with it……rtr sucks to core…. pulsar is the fastest indian……

    • amit

      Yaar Prince why you are telling wrong about pulsar 180? Bajaj first started to produce pulsar 180, there are so many pulsar lovers to slap you tight; you are misguiding those who are going to buy new pulsar. Pulsar has set the benchmark that apache will never ever achieve;
      actually the pulsar 180 is much more powerful to race you pulse…

      kya bolte ho pulsar lovers? m i ri8?

      • abhishek

        ya buddy u r 1000% right i’m going to join Bajaj Pulsar 180 gang on comming friday so lets zoooooooooooooooooom………..?????

      • rahul

        friends mei kon se bike le ke aau yr apache ya pulsar

      • Shubham

        U r right…!

    • shafeek

      apache 180 is best ya

    • Surya

      Pulsar 180cc is much better than apache rtr 180 becoz of the look and style

    • priyank

      pulsar 180cc is better as it has better image on the market

    • kishore

      the worst condition that i have ever seen is pulser 180 . i used it for seven months and fired out . then i had new rtr 180 it seems to be rocking in city limits with high pick up than p.180 . so going for rtr 180 is a rite choice think sooooooooooooo……

      • Krishna.

        Apache rtr 180 is better than pulsar 180.

    • Vijay

      Tvs apache is best one compare it max speed 118

    • abi

      pulser 180cc alwys rocks and apache rtr180cc shocks pulser is the best bike in 180cc just go fr tat my frnd

    • karan Agarwal


    • vivek dixit

      bro apache rtr 180 is much better i’ve personally owned this amazing bike.. 🙂 so my advice is apache rtr 180

    • shubham

      pulsar 180 is d best among dese 2

    • avanish pandey

      i love pulsar180cc i have completed the distence between chandigarh to jabalpur with pulsar180 very easyly in 38hours its the best bike of india

    • Shiva kumar

      see for good pickup and all those things go for rtr180… just minimizing some conditions want petrol consumption go for pulsar 180

    • mayur

      yaar maine apache lithi. but after 2 yrs about hte speed,handling,pick up ye bahut bekar hui hai.
      3 months back i get new pulsar 150 limited ed. and u belive or not it give me 68 to 70 mileage on the highway in the speed of above 60. not cross 70 .
      so heartly request for plz buy new pulsar after may 11 model….940583685

    • razal

      i owned a pulsar 180 dtsi UG4 bike, which gives me more power and much comfort than apache 180.

    • suporno chowdhury

      pulser 180 is better.

    • rohit

      Bahi pulsar le lo….
      Its ta bst bike ever…

    • rohit

      Bahi pulsar le lo….
      Its da bst bike ever…

    • Ritesh Goyal

      Bhai log…papa ne Pulsur lene se mana kar diya..
      Toh kya main apache ke saath jaa sakta hu…

      Pulsur ke baad agar young generation kisi bhi bike ko pasand karti hai toh wo hai apache rtr180

      Plz help me and suggest me the best

      Mujhe 2 din me Hi bike leni hai

  2. Aadi

    rtr 180 is much better… even rtr160 is bettr than bajaj pulsar180!!!!!

    • amit

      harami go to helllllllllllllllllll with you khataraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rtr

    • amit

      harami go to helllllllllllllllllll with your khataraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rtr

      • venom

        hello mr bullshit without knowing abt rtr u r simply shouting..

        • fastest indian

          rtr rty kutey bas bhukte hai …tigers hi race karte hai ..rtr ki bahen ki —beep—-

          • venom

            u r dog man… if so thn keep ur mouth shut… ninnamun

          • kishore

            you m**** dont speak more .if u want to know directly come make a race wit me then u wil know rtr 180 is bestttttttttt

          • lakshay raj chauhan

            you bloody man teri aur teri pulsar ki *** ki c***** tum
            dono ki ga*d me apache ka silencer samjha bhen c***d

    • Sreekanth

      Right comments RTR180 Nice look Supper performance ***RTR180***rock

      • Aswin shyam

        i can agree …..that rtr is more glamour than pulsar & also in pick up..////so my kind advice is //2 our indian road kmpl , style , pickup ,& the whole pulsar the best {i luv u pulsar}

  3. Joban

    I have apache rtr180.its amazing yaar koi muqabla nahi yaar.

    • cool dude

      hi joban i m a cool dude i have pulsor 180 nd it is far better than ur apache 180 it is better in looks it has broad tyres more height than apache move average. Whom r u comparing pulsor is better than the best as compare to ur kiddish bike apache

      • Ankit

        abe pahele jake Apache rtr 180 ride karke dekh phir bolna kaun si bike best hai

        • shubham

          mr. cool dude, jab apache bhaagti hai, to aapki pulsar najar bhi nahi aati, . . . usme aapki pulsar bhut jaada features hain. . . . . . . kabhi bhi race laga liyo,

        • Ankit

          Sahi bola friend

          • shashank

            apache best byk……abs pulsar 180 rear disc v nhi hai…don’t worry coming soon apache 250 ..phir race lagna …pulsar rs aur ninja 300 k gand maar dega

      • kishore

        heyy u cool dude then piss on ur pulser 180 man . have a ride on apache then only speak about rtr1180 ..

    • shashi

      are yaar if ur rtr is the best then why the bike pulsar is covering more than 50% sale of indian market in sports bike segment.

      now i have got why its so………………..

      • nikhil

        oye apache is best………………

        • karan

          oyee then acordng to ur opinion apache rocks then y people r going fr pulsar and not for apache , and pulsar has gone above 50% shares in racing bikes , now wat do u say

          • johar

            r u a salesman/promoter of bajaj company???????

        • aman

          ghanta hai yaar…..bhai maine pulser bhi rakhi…aur phir apache …..bhai pulser is d best…..

      • amit

        good shashi…

        • venom

          just move ur cursor down n read rossi’s comments thn u’ll get
          to knw y pulsar is covering 50% of shares. amit ur bullshit

      • lakshay raj chauhan

        coz its cheaper and 4 losers understood

      • casanova

        bro mere cousin k paas R15 hai,aur mere paas pulsar 220 race ki baat hi choro,kayi baar laga rakhi hai maine race.
        Aur apache to 70 k paar Jate hi vibrate karne lagti hai.
        Pulsar best hai apache to school going bachon k liye.

    • fastest indian

      kabhi pulsar ke mukala kiya bhi hai…tune ..

      • venom

        canu take ur pulsar par 10k rpm?????hai kya tujh mein aur tumhaari gaadi mein dum.. pulsar’s engine cannot crosss9k rpm ok

        • fastest indian

          so can u go 125kmpl for 1.5hour….think apache suks on 120 kmpl for 2 minuts

          • venom

            wat tht f r u speaking.. tat literally doesn’t have any meaning.. try to know the things better and speak oki

  4. vignesh

    pulsar rocks………………………………

  5. vaisakh

    The rtr 180 front shock is very bad ..its not good on braking
    And also the service its too bad

    • venom

      i think u don knw hw to use disk brakes.. if u suddenly ride rtr180 after using splendor u’ll feel like tis only.. baby stil u r a kid so u better stop giving wrong info abt bikes ok.. u bull shit

      • fastest indian

        rtr ka to sound ghanta jaisa mai…bhr bhr bhr bhr bhr bh rrrrr……..& pulsar uuuuuh awesome …engine sound..

        • fastest gaandu

          saale haraami tera aukat tho pehle dekho. apache khareedne k liye tere paas paisa hai kya

          • fastest indian

            sun be agar koi ..70thausand pay kar sakta hai to 2000kya tere baap se lone lega kya ..aukat ki baat karta hai sala …we dont waste baap ka maal in sadu bikes like apache …grow up gaandu..

            • Sauradeep

              wel guyz , i wud say pulsar is bettr choic , coz may b rtr givs performanc , bt it defnitly lags in durablity . Al ma apache ownin frnds complain abt need of regular servicin . Aur iska engn v kuch hi hafto me awaz dene lagta hai . Pulsar ka to saal me ek servicin karwao, kaafi hai, chahe kitna v rough chalao. Mai to yehi kahunga , pulsar is d bst as pulsar tumhe suit kregi , bt apache ko tumhe suit krna padhega

            • Sauradeep

              ye baat sach h k apache ka sound jada powerful h, bt us byk ko rough use kroge to dekhna , kuch jada hi sound krta h , aur pulsar ka sound hi rpm pe kaafi achha h…..aur maintain rehta h

        • frrr

          jhaadu maarne ka sound hai pulsar ka.. thu gaandu..

        • the menace

          paddu 180 matlab pulsar 180 cheap parts aur bakwas engineering, torque kam kar k sochte hai vibes kam kar lenge. Apache 180 har cheeze me paddu ki gand phaar k alag kar deti hai.


    I am purchased pulsar in June’09, its amaging

  7. karthick

    pulsar is the best and rtr is the worst

  8. Sandip S

    Both Bikes are good .. but to me the RTR feels more refined .. in any case the Bajaj bikes lack in engine refinement .. the entire Pulsar range !!

    • fastest indian

      sale jab maintenese karega na fattu apache ka tab teri …ass ka pain aur bhi jada hoga

      • rtr

        wat do u mean by maintenance??? btw which bike r u having.. frm past 2 yrs i’v been using n i’v no single issue

    • Sauradeep

      no dude, i think its d opp, rtr engins giv raw power, pulsar gt a comparativly mor refinment

  9. Hardeep Bhatia

    hey guys … pulsar rocks… i dnt know how kids using apache say dt it rocks… gt it one on one vd d 180 dts-i … apache’s 124 isnt enuf… drive pulsar n reach d thrillin 131 (my experience)…. dn lets c , who gets on vd d real performance….

    • rossi

      i’ve reached 141kmph in my rtr 180 u a**

      • fastest indian

        abe rossi fekta hai sala …100 cross kiya hai be kabhi

        • rossi

          abey yaar i’v rtr 180 n nt pulsar 180 k.. thu sabhi k gaand k
          peeche kyun pad jaathe ho

          • fi

            saale gaandu rtr crosses 135 easily.. sad ass pulsar struggles to reach 110

            • fastest indian

              see someone bluufs alot….135 ..hahah kitna feketa hai be

      • Rocky

        My pulsar 180 dtsi hold 146 kmph top speed kya koi apache taiyaar hai fr race

  10. Kishan Purohit

    i ve already booked pulsar 180 DTSi after long survey carrying out between that segment
    had tried
    RTR 180 , i already use a TVS victor now but TVS has the same problem of shock absorbers and the engine sounds very loud when engine oil is not replaced properly..
    i hope this doesnt happen wid pulsar ….

  11. roy

    Definitely Male, Pulsar 180dtsi

  12. deepak

    i go for pulsar 180 it increase our image in society………..east or west pulsar always best

  13. Raghav

    both d bikes r gud enough….
    i had p180 n d problm dat cumes in evry pulsar is dat aftr ridng 4-5 months its engne starts producing sum different noises…
    but still i can say dat p180 rocks….its better dan rtr180..

  14. kiran

    i have driven both p-180&rtr-180.the very best and wise choice is APACHE RTR-180 .since more comfort,max torque&great sporty grip that makes us more filling.
    last month my friend bought p-180 soon within a month engine noises revealed and his gear shifting was not satisfactory.finally APACHE WINS.

  15. poorniman

    technically tvs apache 180 rocks.better choice is rtr180CC{tvs},rather than pulsar.
    bajaj must improve its standard,till then apache wins over it.

  16. Nanda

    Pulsor 180 is the best than apache Pulsor rock

  17. Mani

    Bajaj Pulsar 180cc is d bst evr.I m Ready 2 buy it.

  18. sagar

    i am going 2 buy one of hoties rtr 180 or p180 i am confused in chosing dem so i approached in a new way which product has good quality price will be more while comparing the price diff b/n p180 and rtr180 ia diff more than 7000 so i wanna go for rtr180

  19. apache rtr180

    man pulsar makes a men a gey,its not defenetly male its female man,no more proof 180 pulsar,but rtr180 got proof do it got racing dna to proof that it has got a real power to beat enoough even pulsar 220 zmr r15,man pulsar not male enough to compete rtr180,if ur man enough get apache rtr 180,if not get 180pulsar,guess who,are u strong enoug and man enough to ride a beast,its now or never.

    • Anshu

      saala rtr chalte chalate gey tum ho gay ho bata pulsar walo ko bata raha ho sala kabhi zindgi me pulsar na chalana verna pulsar ka apman ho jayga agar tuj jaisa gey bathaga uspe

  20. Sandyboy

    I am using pulsar 180CC from 1yr its dam good… pickup is very good… with a good break(guys need some experience on disc brake)… and the service what I am getting is also good(I service my bike in kalyani bajaj showroom in bangalore)…… Its really good but not sure of RTR…


    • Rocking kaushik

      po da rtr only a star only the star of tvs

  21. Vaibs

    I hv to buy bike.which one is best bike from hh hunk,pulsar 180? Plz tell me yaar…i am confused

    • RONIT

      Abe jyada soch maat aram se pulsar ko koi v bike le le, sv bike se vo achha rhega, chahe vo rtr 180 ho ya karizma zmr

      • bubai

        sale RONIT tu kabhi ZMR chalaya.

  22. meshrabia

    i have bought pulsar 180 3days before and it is far more better than apache rtr 180………

    • shubham

      abe pehle apache rtr 180 chala ke dekh , tab bataiyo. . . . . . .

      • fastest indian

        mard ban sale go 4 pulsar

        • frrr

          jab tum paidha hue the tab ladki ya chakke the kya abhi achanak pulsar khareedne k baad mard ban gaya.. jaa saale

  23. meshrabia

    and Vaibs it is also better than hunk so i suggest u should buy pulsar 180 but at last the choice is your’s………

  24. savhin gupta

    no one is better than pulsar 180

    • bubai


      • Anshu

        sale kabhi tumne chalai hai pulsar

  25. Anand

    Better bike Apache RTR 180 Racing super bike India Compare winth pulsar180cc

    • Anand

      Better bike Apache RTR 180 Racing super bike India Compare with pulsar180cc

      • fastest indian

        kisne bol diya tujhe apache racing bike hai …ya to bikhriyo ne apache le rakhi hai be…

        • gtg

          fuck u fastest indian mind ur language thu bhikkari saale

          • fastest indian

            abe a** h**e ….

        • frrr

          saale gaandu team tvs racing ka naam nahi suna hai kya.. aur pulsar ko kis legal race mein thu dekha hai.. gaandu

        • lakshay raj chauhan

          abey sale *** ke lod*y teri ga*d me apache ka
          silencer daal dunga bhen ke lod*

        • Jatin

          To is ka matlab tumhara baap bhi bhikari hai jis ne apache rtr180 khreda hai ££apache rtr 180 is the best££

  26. desmond

    if you have a good taste then go for pulsar 180

  27. suraj

    bajaj pulsar 180 rocks…an tvs sucks

  28. prateek

    hey i want to buy a 150cc bike so tell me which one is best in speed,milage and sevice

    • raja

      buy pulsar 150 its supeb yaar …………………………………….

    • RONIT

      Bhai pulsar le le

    • bubai


    • Rahul

      Hey bro if u want overall best 150 then go for gs150 trust me..and if u r a stuntjunkie then none other than fz..

  29. Tushar

    m very confused…. pulsar or RTR…. plzzzzz help

    • bubai


    • fastest indian

      cooll bike leke kya icecream bechna haiiii…..pulsar is hottttttttttttt

      • frrr

        hot bike leke sadak par coffee ya chai bechna hai kya

  30. Anand

    I love pulsar

    my home in also 150 pulsar, and i am booking blue-180.
    becoz its dude style yaar

    • anandraj

      me also booked blue….its realy coooooollll colour….

    • Aswin shyam

      blue s quite good pa really

  31. ANOOP LAL @ datas

    apache rtr180 is very stylish in look and the colour of bike is so attractive. i like the yellow colour.engine performance is better…………. racing DNA

  32. Mintoo

    Pulsar 180cc………..superb yaar. I also drived my friends bike Apache but i was not satisfied. Then i drived Pulsar………Wow. If you are going to purchase Apache………., please first drive Pulsar 180.

  33. rahul

    pulsar 180 iz superb!!!….blue pulsar180 iz awesome man….its d bike 4 dudes….not a bike like apache 180 rtr for uncles… has no color choice..yellow ***ks!!!! …i suggest to go 4 pulsar…..

    • venom

      i thinku’ve got colour blindness or may be jaundice… so only except yellow u’ve identified /not seen white , black n grey coloured RTRs

  34. sunny

    now m sure rtr180 is da beast yaar…!! m gonna purchase this bike…sure…!! and definetly money dosent matters…!! not for 2 or 3 k’s…!! compare to p200 also…!!
    personnaly in ma collge all ma frndz hav pulsar,,,and so i wanted to be uniqe soo i’ll go for rtr180 DNA unleashed…!! it simply white pearl…! and it has good milage also…..40-50 in city & highway…!! and u can afford 500bugs in a month..
    go for rtr180 guyzz its worth…!!

  35. monjit paul

    pulsar f**ks RTR rocks

  36. harsh Kumar

    hey…… guys mai aapko ek bat bata hun, pulsar jab first time launch huyee thi to maine soch liya tha ki mai bhi ek din pulsar hee khareedunga,
    aur pulsar ki ek baat pulsar din pe din nikharti jaa rahi hai, yehi karan hai ki mai ab jald hee 180cc pulsar purchase karne wala hun, so fireds agar aap ka bhi dil bike lene ka karta hai to, so don’t more thing & go with pulsar………….b….. cause pulsar got power and pulsar is the king of the road

    • kunal

      jitne log ye khe rahe hai ki pulser best hai phele apache ko chale ke dheko op phir compare karo i will always says rtr 180 is the best

  37. Pulsar Fuck

    Apache is the best .. Even RTR 160 Beats Pee 180 hands down.. Dont compare RTR 180 with Pee 180.. BAJAJ (B.A.L) is always and will remain a dumbass company.. Pulsar owners are bustard that there machine always got busted in 1-2 years down the line. Fuck Pulsar

  38. psharma

    I have apache rtr 160 and it is very good. Before buying any bike first take few rides of both the bikes and u will know the difference between them. Apache is faster and lighter than bulky pulser.

    • abhishek

      abe teri rtr k liye tho discover 135 bhi bahut hai pulsar 180 tho bahut dor ki baat hai jo bache hote hai na wo rtr 160 180 se khailte hai pulsar 180dtsi se nahi samjhe/????????????????

  39. Avinash

    Pulsar 180 dtsi ug4 is very good bike since i have it frm 6 months the bike is superb great performance,great handling,great mileage,good looks east or west pulsar is the best

  40. sugu

    s guys p 180 is the amazing bike just 5 days be4 i bought this. the riding experience was awesome but in apache lot of disadvantages are ther.. while riding apache it’ll give som back pain n more vibrations make u frustrated of riding.. genious will choose pulsar.. whome u are either genious or fool

    • Rahul

      Bhai tu wheel chair pe chala kar no back pain nothng..

  41. bobby2510

    apache rocks i had buyed 180 on 5th of may its relly rocking p180 is a heavy bike that will easily feel down on brakin this prob is not there in rtr180 it feels ridin a sports byk on rtr180

    • Raviiiiiiiiii

      riding pulsar needs strength which menz only have !!!!!!!!!!

      • venom

        to ride a bullock cart u need strength. but i never knew tat
        strength is required to ride tis sad a** pulsar. this means tat sure pulsar
        is nothing but a nice bullock cart ridden by a** h*les

  42. DK


  43. skk

    rtr180 is the best bike in 180cc segment even i had purchased it 1 week before its gr8 bike pulsar ki **** *** rtr f** u pulsar and f*** who had purchased a stupid pulsar bike.

    • Rocky

      Abe kabhi 95-110 kmph ki speed se apche chalana engine se smell na ayi toh,s real problem of every tvs bike but pulsar180 ko 100-115 ki speed se chala k dekha smooth chalega cool rahega.ishliye nhi ki maine pulsar le rakhi balki ishiye.paisa ped pe nahi ugta so invest ur money in best,s totally depend on u guyz

    • Baap

      Abhe tera dimag toh kharab nahi 1yr baad dekhna pakka starting problem aayegi bhai mere pas bhi apache rtr 180 abs hi hai woh bhi pichle sal ki

  44. skk

    rtr is best best best best best best best bike think befor u purchase that stupid lund pulsar180cc

    • shashi

      dear if ur bike that’s rtr is best that’s why pulsar covers more than 50% of the market share in india under sports bike segment.

      there xtreame also covers more percentile than apache.

      • rossi

        pulsar is covering 50% of market share nly bec of its cheap rate.. saale tum logon ko apache khareedne ka aukath nahi .. bhikaaariyo

        • fastest indian

          gaand marane se acha hai ki pulsar le lo apache wale …..q lone le ke baap ki daulat luta raha hai sale rossi

          • zipitar

            teri m**ki b****a

          • gaurav

            thu bhikaari hai isliye loan letha hai….

            • fastest indian

              oh hhh tere gaun me kya bhikhariyo ko bhi loan milta hai …tabhi tune fatuu =apache le li ..good good

              • Gaurav

                saale loude main tera jaisa gaon mein nahi rehtha. saale beggar i’v bought rtr by giving full cash tere jaise loan nahi liya

  45. skk

    rtr is best bike in this world

    • Arayan naithani

      Abe pulsar k lando kabi apache rtr 180 ko hath lgane k bhe paise lgte hai tum kya jano pulsar wale garib….. Kabi awaz suni hai apachi ki bruuuu…uuuu
      pulsar ka to ensa lgta hai jense one rupee coin gir gya ho…. TVS APACHE RTR 180 specialy in white colour kya btaun…… Pulsar met lena dosto mere gher kaem krne wala bhe p 180 mai ata hai

      • vinit patel

        Bhai bhai sahi baat boli ye log to sab dekha dekhi karte hair

    • Arayan naithani

      Abe pulsar k lando kabi apache rtr 180 ko hath lagya hai rtr ko hath lagane k bhe paise lgte hai tum kya jano pulsar wale garib….. Kabi awaz suni hai apachi ki bruuuu…uuuu
      pulsar ka to ensa lgta hai jense one rupee coin gir gya ho…. TVS APACHE RTR 180 specialy in white colour kya btaun…… Pulsar met lena dosto mere gher kaem krne wala bhe p 180 mai ata hai

      • Rocky


      • Roni

        haa tu chaala apache rtr 180 , jisme kuch hai nahi ,aur apache ka lite deka , andhera mai kuch dikhtavi nahi , tere ghar main tujhse to lada tera nakar main buddhi hai, tere baap ko maalum chalega to usko beta aur tuko nakar bana dega………………. ho ohhoohohoohohoohoooooooooooooooooo lol

  46. JAI

    I have driven both and finally bought the ~PULSAR180~ .But apache’s pickup in first two gears is good but after which it sucks .wherin PULSAR 180 always rocks.

    • sush

      ya….its d same case with me…i bought pulsar 180 just a week back n m in love with it…….

      • karan Agarwal

        HEY! ME TOO GUYS



  48. VISA


    • gaurav

      loude k ball.. why the f r u comparing pulsar with international bikes

  49. kash

    pulser rulezz !


    HET HARDEEP!!!!Did u buy ur pulsar from heaven?????????? Engineers hav labld its top speed to 123 and u r gettin 131????????????DONT BLUFFFFF MAN!!!!!!!!!


    hey guys !!!! i hav brought p 180 on april 2010 it was awsome yarr!!! do u know one thing iam ruling the road i feel grt to ride my iornboy!!!!!

  52. shrey

    apache 180 rte is the best 180 cc bike average is fantastic it haveracing dna engen and ha more top speed than pulsar 180 and 200 pulsar who chose pulsare they r nakli man because they have dump a**

  53. Sagar

    Apache 160 is better than pulsar 180

  54. harsh

    pulsar180 is best amongst all…i hav reached 157km/h on my bike on NH4…it ws awesum…apache cant reach beyond 130…its challenge

    • Puru.......

      bacchon……… m a real bike lover n i’m changing my bikes in every 2-3 months…from past 1 year i own pulser180,200, R1, Karizma……..but when i bought new rtr 180 …….. it is fast, stylish, powerful than pulser 180…..for guys whu r confused b/w pulser 180 n rtr 180……..see stats on net ,rtr180 can even better than pulser 200……….n if u want better go for karizma zmr……i’m planning to buy it.
      @amrit : gadhe 180 cc ki bike lene walo ko 4-5 kmpl ke milege difference se koi farq nahi padta…….papa ko bol bajaj ki 100 cc bike dilaye…..accha milage degi……

      • karan Agarwal


        • ram kumar

          aare yarrrrrrrr apache rtr 180 cc tu nai le sakta kyu ki tu to choro ki bike le ra hai na pulsarrrrrrrr or sab plastic maded bikez…

  55. harsh

    guys speed dsnt depend on engine..its an challenge to rider…even hunk reaches 140km/h…dont bilev on company lable…u can rubb any bike upto its engine capacity..its my its too risky guys..becoz bajaj&tvs engines set burn…i hav lose my p180 1month ago wid above speed…nw i got d same new p180…its awsum

  56. Puru.......

    bacchon……… m a real bike lover n i’m changing my bikes in every 2-3 months…from past 1 year i own pulser180,200, R1, Karizma……..but when i bought new rtr 180 …….. it is fast, stylish, powerful than pulser 180…..for guys whu r confused b/w pulser 180 n rtr 180……..see stats on net ,rtr180 can even better than pulser 200……….n if u want better go for karizma zmr……i’m planning to buy it.
    @amrit : gadhe 180 cc ki bike lene walo ko 4-5 kmpl ke milege difference se koi farq nahi padta…….papa ko bol bajaj ki 100 cc bike dilaye…..accha milage degi……

  57. Deepu

    Both of them bikes are very bad.only bullet 350 is better than both.

    • karan

      hey karan here there is a mere comparision of 180 cc bikes and from wer the hell this 350cc came in between

  58. Lucky

    apache gives a vibration at higer speed…
    i have pulsar 180 ug4 ..i touch my bike at 138kmph non stop…
    once i touch 140 but i don’t record video…
    i used 2 karizma see in youtube my video of karizma..
    karizma can’t cross 135.. but my 180 ug4 no stop going and going 138-140
    see my video pulsar 180 ug4 138kmph

  59. varshen

    why u need a bike?……just go by walk..its safe and secure….avoide pollution….or for long distances prefer cycle……..nice exercising

    • karan

      here we r askng sugestn on d comparision of p180 & rtr180 not ur sugestn of green revoulution

  60. kunal anand

    pulsar 180 is better..

  61. karan

    i have usd rtr 180 since 5 months , aftr using it rashly it give 1.vibrations, 2.front rear disc and shockobsrvr gives problem, 3.milge comes down, 4.customer assist is not well, aftr these many problems my brother knows a bike consultancy which invites 2nd hand bikes, so in a good value my brthr sold it and planned to brng p180, now v r havng it , i feel mi bike of riding 10-15 times a day, bcoz its a lovable bike, apache is a small bike which faces me prblm to take a ride with my family , it does not suits wen we go out wit our mothrs or sistrs , bcz i faced d prblm, so better i suggest to go for p180………

    • menace

      hey boy i am damn sure that u are lying like hell man!! u already own a pulsar 180 and u r so low to ur knees one will ever sell a apache 180 nd buy p180 he wld rather buy a p220..if u hav reallly done it thn ur an an IDIOT hahaha…the rason ppl dnt buy apache 180 is bcos its expensive..and every 2nd person has a pulsar…u all know

  62. Nick

    Hey Guys , Gr8 to see everybody loves the bike they have but now i m really confused after seeing the comments my best friend who has to old 150cc Pulsar with a round light is a die heart friend of pulsar wants me to buy a pulsar 180cc and i m very fast rider who use to ride a ninja with a speed of 160-170 km an hour in mexico and here also if i will get a high speed bike i wont be able to control my self as i have already meet an acciedent althout that was with a bicycle on a high slope becoz of the brake fail i fractured my back bone on two diffrent parts so now i was a bike with little sporty look and with a average , average like between 40 to 50 and not so fast so that i wont kill my self so is pulsur good on when u r at high speed and mash brakes does it controls without falling or scatting . i know it depends on the rider how to control as i do control good but still bikes also has a part on helping you to do so , so dear friend plz suggest me on my mail add which is Thanks in advance.

    • xyz

      Alrite dude get lost

  63. Rajafrank

    Aapache rocking.

  64. Rajafrank

    Dono bekaar hai,koi meri cbz se race lagaye.

  65. sanjay

    abe cbz ko bich me marane ke lea bhej raha hai kya

    • Anshu

      sahai bola boss

  66. shiva

    hi i want to bye pulsar 180 but i seemed to like the new Honda dazzler Wat do u think????????

    • harish

      buy dazzler… its an honda…

  67. anurag

    pulsur 180 is rocking…..

  68. Aman

    Cbz ko kya pehle gear main hi chlayega.

  69. Anshu Mandal

    pulsur 180 is rocking…..

  70. Gurvinder

    Please visit

    to read the ownership review of Bajaj Pulsar 180 UG 4

  71. Abhi Great...

    hey guys tvs rtr apache 180cc n apache 160cc is so many tym better den bajaj pulsar…!!! in rtr apache gud handling,best performance,nice pickup,long use,no maintenance etc…!!! yeah apache is available in white colour its nice thg…!!! i lv my tvs rtr apache 180cc….!!! ab aur kya kaho frd warna logo bolte h aapni bike ki tarif karta ho…!!! bas yahi kahna chaoga dosto se tum jo acha lagye wo karo…!!!

  72. Abhi Great...

    2 thg is left tht is apache is lighter den pulsar…!!! 137kg of tvs rtr apache 180cc n pulsar 180cc is 147kg…!!! n gud braking system in apache compare 2 pulsar…!!! apache show time,trip,high speed,lamp,blue colour theme etc…!!!

  73. mel

    which one is better yar………..

    • raju

      dude i’v pulsar180 3months old . i wud better suggest u nt to buy tis bike. i don knw abt rtr180.

  74. i m in love wid pulsar

    why do i love pulsar so much wenever i see a pulsar standing or ridin it makes my head turn and look at it but nt d apache it looks lyk a kids toy byk truely the prestige that a pulsar owner has no comparisions if apache rides at a speed 1000 kmph also i wld rather go for pulsar yaar it gives u d personality so if u dnt want 2 b laughd at than dnt go for apache but for school kids they can hav it 4 having fun thats all i can say

  75. Aman

    But to be a man ride pulsar then u r a man apache vapache chodo yaar kis company ke peeche pade ho resail mein bhi pulsar bahut age hai samajh lo yaar aur thande dimag se socho agar pulsar achchi nahn hoti to itni kaise sale hoti. Kabhi tvs aur pulsar ke showroom jao tvs mein kewal 5 ya 6 bikes hongi apache ki becuz unki ye sale hai pure week ki
    nd in pulsar showroom kam se kam 20 se 30 bikes hoongi pulsar becuz it sales like alloo tamatar

    • Rahul

      Haan aur tum logo ki aukat aloo tamatar kharidne ki hi h..yaar vaise hayabusa to india me 2-3 showrooms me hogi iska matlab vo bekar byk hai..

      • fastest indian

        aukat ke hisab se to tum …pyaz ho apache walo…jiska sirf rate jyada hai but sirf tumhara ass fry hi karta hai samjhe sale …pulasr se takkr lega t0o marega kuteeki..(apace ki)maut.

  76. x-men

    pulsar/rtr both r idiotic bikes for idiots.
    ride ninja250r
    real bikes for men not kids

    rtr/pulsar walo ………..just stay away
    nazar mat aana

    • venom

      Oh dude here we’r talking abt 180cc bikes.. first u get to knw the things better ok just don keep doing bla bla bla… bhaad mein gayi teri ninja.. only idiots spend lakhs of rupees n get such faaltho bike.. u stay away frm everything. better go n post ur comments abt ur ninja in ur TOILET

    • Rahul

      Lekin bhai mujhe lagta h ki hayabusa 1300 jyada achi hai..

  77. G1

    PULSAR r made 4 WINNERS & apache r 4 looser

    • venom

      wat hv u won with ur pulsar??? pulsar is made for GAYS.. Even ur name supports my comment G for ??? YEAH UR RIGHT

  78. Harsimran

    guyzzz…..APACHE rtr 180 is the best .the name itself says racing DNA
    listen to its voice(racing voice)and listen to pulsarz voice(fudu voice).

    APACHE RTR 180 rocks

    • fastest indian

      (((((DTSFI))))) kabhi suna dhi hai( dna)…bacha paida karne aya hai kya be

      • venom

        RTR Fi ka naam suna hai kya…

  79. Manish sharma

    East or West pulsar is the best. jisne pulsar nahi chalai wo kya jane pulsar kya cheez hai.

    • venom

      pulsar ke baare mein jaan ne ke liye kuch bhi nahi hai . sabko maaloom hai
      ki wo ek ghatiya bike hai

  80. AMAR DAS

    pulsar180 is one of the better bike that i have ever seen in my is much much…… better than apache rtr180.i have booked this pulsar bike yesterday,its look amazing. main bolunga shale bike lo to pulsar180lo.zadi bike naw tahole pulsar180dtsi naw.

  81. manj

    Guys i have pulsar 180 and apache 160. Apache 160 is much better than pulsar 180 apache gives a sporty ride and better pickup.

    • fastest indian

      what …sporty apache …..kabhi pulsar ..stunt mania deeka haikya be sale apachi ki maki ..BEEP

      • gaurav

        apache has won the best bike of the yr continuosly for 3 times 2008,2009,2010(rtr180)

  82. Rizzi

    Hi Guys let me clear one thing NO BIKE IS PERFECT ok its depend on their needs & style…. Bajaj Pulsar is a good bike but its life is only for 2 to 3yrs MAX… where as Apache 160/180/FI has bit more life i.e 3 to 5yrs… I agree tat pulsar delivers good mileage but Apache delivers great Power & speed compared with Pulsar 150/180cc/FI. Apache makes more noise but Road grip is very nice…

  83. Rohan

    Both the bike sucks….
    since i have both of them….
    m going for 600+cc since both the bikes don’t have power

    • takahashi

      ur bluffing like hell

  84. Foram

    Saalo pehle puri ahmedabad mein jao aur dekho ki kitne m’class person’s are driving pulsur aur ye bhi dehklo ki kitne high class log rtr 180 drive kartein hain. pulsar ka kya zamana aa gaya hai ab to sale bhikhari bhi pulsar leke nikal padte hain……….

    • venom

      thumbs up to u dude..

  85. kushagra

    i have pulsar 180 and my cousin has apache rtr 160 fi i think apache got 51% and pulsar 49%..thanx guys

  86. Ravi

    Actually both bikes are little difference,buy one on ur choice acc. To ur comfert performance mileage riding and look wies
    All guys are non technical and use abusing word
    If we compare as technically pulsar is best one

  87. Aakash

    Abe salo apache walo stuntmania nahi dekte kya.

    • fastest indian

      owsome aakash…

      • gaurav

        abe jb stuntmania ko pulsar he sponser krta apni he gadi se stunt dikhayenge ki kisi aur byk se

    • lakshay raj chauhan

      stunt mainia ki *** ki chu*
      aise toh hero honda rodies bhi ata hai toh kya karizma lega *** ke lode*

  88. Karthik Balan

    The similarity of of two bikes only in 180, but performance wise PULSAR 180is more better than Apache180. Feel the difference.
    PULSAR – Definitely Male




  90. Avijit roy

    I am driving pulsar for last 7years(3 models).it have some problems like low milage,noisy engine otherwise it’s ok .now i going to buy a i can compare both the bikes some days.

  91. Gurpreet

    Apache is rocking bike

  92. Gurpreet

    Apache rtr 180 is better then pulsar 180

  93. Gurpreet

    apache is good bike in india

  94. R2K

    PULSAR 180 ROCKS. . . . . .

  95. R2K


  96. sai santosh

    apache rtr 180 is far good than pulsar………pulsar suits for every heights but for medium height fellows gun shot 2 go 2 apache….no1 can beat its pick up and smoothness….pulsar is good but after 2-3 years it starts struggling….

  97. Droga

    Which bike is better p180 or hunk or apache 180 can u tell me

  98. Droga

    Can u tell me Which bike is better new p180 apache160,rtr180

  99. Mandy

    Dude, mere pass rtr160hai, aur mera frnd jo hunk owner hai isse (rtr ko) best maanta hai, lakin pulser 180 ka rear tyre 120 ka hai jo ise musculer look deta hai, so lookwise pulser, proformence wise apache nd pulsar is more famous in girls, bt I love Apache, nd m planing to buy a rtr 250… (gonna be launched soon search google).

  100. Mandy

    One morething hero honda has worst road grip as well as performence, but what goes in their favour is engine life, they have durable engines than tvs,bajaj, (e.g.- CBZ, splendor)…

  101. Devil warrior

    watever u i m going for rtr 180… I think pulsar hs only 1 ye ajkal bikhari se lekar bhangi tak sbke pas h.. There is no uniquenes if u buy this

  102. Devil warrior

    @aakash..abe jb stuntmania ko pulsar he sponser krta apni he gadi se stunt dikhayenge ki kisi aur byk se

  103. tum sab ka baap

    kuto ke bachu apachi ke bare me pata nahi hai to bolo mat haram ke pillo.
    pichle 3 saal se byl of the year award apachi ko mila hai.
    tere baap ne diya hai kya.

    • gaurav

      well said yaar….

  104. Pulsar maniac

    Dekho bhi apache lene ki soch raha hai main bata dun ki apache baachon ki cheez hai.dam hai to race karke dekh.savi logo ke paas pulsar hai,kyun?coz pulsar is d best.main 3 saalon se pulsar chala raha hun n 2mrw m gonna buy a pulsar 180 again.kyun?coz jo pulsar me hain wo apache me kahan??

  105. Devil warrior

    kya h pulsar me ye bhe bta de..aur tje shayad koi dhang ka nhe mila abhe tak race lagane ke liye..agr apache bacho ki gadi tricycle kya papaa log chalate h gar pe..aur tu shart lagale ek bekar rider bhe.. Pulsar ko piche kar dega apache se..

  106. Bike lover

    Pulser… road pe niklo jahan dekho pulser, har jagah pulses, pulser is like china mobile…
    nd my rtr180 ir liye aple iphone…
    now choice is urs. bt rtr is the bst,..

  107. Mandy

    Frndz power to weight ratio mein apache180 124ps/ton hai jabke p180 115ps/ton, apache is built for racing even company is saying that, apache has a prob. of vibs but when u r getting a lot power it doesn’t mttr much, pulsar is a very smooth and stable bike but it shud’ve a rear disc like apache,,, pulsar is also a kickless bike unlike apache and it (pulsar) can cause trouble after smtime so my vote goes2Apache.

  108. Devil warrior

    thumbs up bro

  109. Droga

    Apache rtr is good but but this bike give little bit problem

    • gaurav

      wat problm u’v sir??? i knw tat u dont ve any bikes so dont listen to others words n just comment here ok

  110. Pratish

    Both bikes are good no doubt .. As far as which is more popular .. answer is pulsar cuz its first bike in india with some sporty look, then came others ..

    Apache is also very nice bike which came after pulsar doesnt mean its shit ..


    and for trolls who say ” OMG WTF APACHE WILL BE CRUSHED BY PULSAR ”
    ” MORE PULSAR ARE THERE THEN APACHE ” or vice versa …

    There is maximum splendor and passion in India .. So why dont buy a bike which is popular and more people’s ride ?

  111. MANDY

    Gud news for apache lovers rtr220 22bhp in 137kg nd 250 30bhp in 140kg are about 2 launch. Whereas pulsar220 has 20.7bhp(21ps) in 150kg(approx.) is on d roads, so wid which u can c d difference. Again highest power2weight ratio’z gonna make it race king. As its ancestors are.

  112. MANDY

    Gud news for apache lovers rtr220 22bhp in 137kg nd 250 30bhp in 140kg are about 2 launch. Whereas pulsar220 has 20.7bhp(21ps) in 150kg(approx.) is on d roads, so wid which u can c d difference. Again highest power to weight ratio’z gonna make it race king. As its ancestors are.

  113. Droga

    Dude i know but it’s amazing

  114. Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

    pulsar was best, is the best and will be the best….
    There are many reasons-
    1. Pulsar was launched before apache, hence apache lovers cant deny this. A bike launched earlier goes through a series of improvements, again apache lovers cant deny this.
    2. A country like india where there is always a price hike in fuel, pulsar has better mileage, and majority of indian customers will prefer pulsar. Thats why maruti cars are famous becoz of their mileage, again apache lovers cant deny this fact.
    3. Hey u apache users, why there isnt any show like ‘apache stunt mania’???
    Pulsar has better suspension, and ergnomics. Which apache users jealously deny…!
    4. Fact- there is a dispute between bajaj and tvs, reason- tvs has imitated the cylinder, and camshaft technology from bajaj. Another reason- after pulsar 150’s launch, tvs launched apache 160, then after bajaj launched pulsar 180, tvs launched rtr 180, then bajaj launched 200 and 220, and now we have a news, that tvs is planning to launch of same engine cc. Why? Why does it always nees to follow the path of bajaj? Answers best known to tvs and hopefully apache lovers…hahaha..!!!
    5. Bajaj pulsar 180 and 220 is exported to foreign markets, if u dnt believe me, googe it.
    Pulsar is loved not only in india but even other countries including SAARC and european countries tooooo….
    So apache lovers, why dsnt apache has soo many milestones???? Cummon i am waiting for your jealousy answers!!!!

    • gaurav

      tvs introduced fi tech n pulsar followed.. nw wat u’v to say abt this jejo

      • Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

        dear gaurav,
        Bajaj first launched the fuel injection tech, abbreviated as fi. Then tvs followed the suite. One of the reason between the disputes of bajaj and tvs was, tvs copied the fi tech from bajaj. After bajaj’s fi launch, tvs wanted to launch tvs flame on fi technology developed by bajaj, that is why there was a legal dispute of patenting between bajaj and tvs, hence the launch of flame fi was delayed.
        I respect your love for tvs, but never post anything if you dont have the complete details.

        • gaurav

          cud u plz remind me in which bike of bajaj tis fi tech was launched??? don tell p220

          • Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

            what to say, coz u r denying the one which u have mentioned in ur reply….!!!! Hahahaha…

  115. Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

    but yes, the only thing i like of apache is the side-cut front disk brake design… 🙂

  116. sani


    • fastest indian

      sai hai boss

    • lakshay raj chauhan

      nahi *** ke lodey galat pehle you tube pe dono ki video dekh fir boolna
      apache teri aur teri pulsar dono ki *** cho* sakti hai samjha

  117. Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

    ye apache chalane waale ki zuban itni kharab kyo hoti hai?
    Discussion ko ‘gaalio ka adda’ bana dete hain….

  118. Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

    yes sani, u r 100% right…

  119. Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

    hi venom, i really liked u calling me jojo mojo.
    U r also one of like my frnds.
    And i really appreciate your liking for apache.

  120. Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

    hi venom, i will like, if u call me -mojojojo.

  121. TANMOY

    Beta DHANESH, apni R15 dikha k apni gali k bhangano ko impress karna… tum jaise cheap log cheap bike hi rakhoge… aur agar tere pichwade me dum hai na to aa jana kabhi jaipur aur meri Honda CBR Fireblade se race lagakar dekhna…
    teri pant GILI ho jayegi GILI…..
    understand u bloody hell…

  122. MANDY

    Hi jojo!!! Can U please tell me dat what has improved in pulsar from d first model (n trms f technology), same dts-i engine, and milage there’z’t much difference b/w both of them and what about pickup and performance, can’t c d facts,. Plz take a test drive bro. Stunt mania!!- smone has given answer of dat question,, that if pulsar is the sponser f d show, so how apache’l cm n d show, about suspension apache’z rear monotube inverted gas filled shocks are better den pulsar, to belive plz tak a tst drive dude whereas frontones are acception, and one morething apache is exported in 12 countries, have u everseen d console f d apache has many options with a speedometer, which shows speed without missing a single no. And in case of pulsar!! !:D pulsar’s fuel tank which is nearabout a decade old. I don’t hate pulsar, z oso a gud bike, but i’am a apache lover, which has a great performance. Agree??

  123. Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

    For MANDY-
    yes bro, we both have good reasons in support of our bikes. Every youth who has spent a good sum of money, will definitely praise his bike, and quite obvious that the bikes of 150 or above cc are not cheap. Every buddy has a dream of a studdy bike, and love their respective bikes.
    So brother mandy, no bike is perfect, but all i can say that all bikes are good and every one of them has their own plus and minus points…

  124. Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"


  125. MANDY


  126. Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"


  127. RTR180 lover....

    Apache rocks….!!!!
    Pulsar to doodh waalon ke paas hai aajkal…..!!!!
    mera doodh waala pulsar 150 chalata hai….!!!!

  128. manpreet

    abe salo me confused hu ki pulsar lu ya apache rtr-180 sahi jawab do plzz

  129. anthony

    Dude during a test apahe’s engine got burnt…but pulsar’s engine was tired not burnt..!!! this test was conducted by some experts in motor field n ranked apache as the 3rd after pulsar 180 finished 2nd and r15 finished thrird…its true..!!

  130. Droga

    Hey manpreet u go for buy pulsar 180. Don’t buy apachi rtr 180 .

    • manpreet

      kyun yaro?? wats the reason

  131. Droga

    Hey manpreet u go for buy pulsar 180.u Don’t buy apachi rtr 180 . Apachi is bakwas bike ever.

  132. Droga

    Hey manpreet u go for buy pulsar 180.u Don’t buy apachi rtr 180 . Apachi is bakhwas bike ever.

    • venom

      abey saale wo APACHI nahi hai wo APACHE hai… u dont knw the names properly n ur gving suggestions here!!!! wat a joke

  133. Droga

    Abye Saale apache ka naam sahi honese ya galat honese kya farak padta hai.tuje kya problem hai kya?

    • venom

      abey tujhe farak nahi pada tho doosronko thopadtha hai na

      • Droga

        Sale Tu doosroki chinta kyu karta hai apana khudka kam kar pahele .

        • venom

          saale yeh public forum hai.. don givr wrong info.. anpad

  134. 180rtr apache...

    Sahi bol ra h anthonyg.
    apache’s engn got brunt….Nd apache as The third..
    apache 3 baar bike of the year bani h… pulser ek baar b ni bani… nd apache recently 2010 me b bani h.
    ek baat or…
    ye bata aaj tak kis cricketer to pulser MEN OF THE MATCH ya fir MAN OF THE SERIES mili ho…
    ab bacho wali baat mat kriyo k apache kisko mili h…
    apache is the best. superb balence, and jabardast handeling.

  135. Jo

    U r right dude apache is the best bike

  136. Jo

    U r right dude apache is the best

  137. Mr A

    Hey dude i m going to buy i m confused which colour should i ,blue ,red,silver,orange
    plz suggest me

    • venom

      wait fr few days coz they r gonna launch pink colour

      • venom


        • Droga

          Saale tu pink colour ki bike le tujpe suit karegi
          hi ha ha

          • venom

            saale pink colour tere jaise logon ko suit hotha hai

            • fastest indian

              to fir tu q wait kar raha hai be…..girls ke sccuty chala le sale

              • fastest indian

                sale venom le apache PINK MAINE LAUNCH KAR DI HAI LE LE ASS HOLE

            • Droga

              Abye saale tuje kya pink color itna acha lagta hai to khud pink colour ki apache chala.

          • dna unleashed

            chhoothiya loag hi pulsar khareedthe hai… apache pink colour ka nahi hai..
            pulsar ki tho do kodi ka bhi aukaath nahi hai… fastest indian, r u a racing champion or a bike expert.. plz tell us so tat it’ll b helpfull for others

  138. Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

    i am havin a red one, i suggest u to go for red, coz silver is a dull colour for a sports bike, the blue colour gets little bit faded, black is difficult to maintain coz it gets scratches and looks dull.
    So go for red, coz it neitner fades, nor difficult to maintain like black, nor fades like blue, and looks eye catching for a sports bike.
    But since a bike is something which we dont buy or change very often. So buddy,choose a colour that suites ur taste, and one which looks gud in ur eyes.

  139. MANDY

    Har Site pe likha hai K apache rtr250’z cmin soon. Mere bhaiyo koi bataO Yaar k when its cmin? Plz agar kissi ko pta hai to tel me? Aftr launching of it i’l sel my 160. Yaar kuch pta hai kissi ko…?

  140. Killerz

    The Apache RTR 180′s oversquare engine is programmed to whip up an astonishing 17.3 PS making it one of the most powerful bike in its class on Indian roads. The bike has a top speed of 125kph with a 0 to 60kph timing of just 4.15 seconds, making it one of the fastest motorcycle in its class.

    • fastest indian

      dont agree……teri aukat hi nahi hai be.kabhi race nahi kiya hoga tabhi bol raha hai tu

  141. Killerz

    Buying an apache rtr 180 pearl white 🙂

  142. zipitar

    saalo chutiyon, garib hindustaniyon



    • zipitar ki *** ki

      ninammun soole magne… kera thagondu haakro ee soole magange

      • zipitar ki *** ki b****da

        teri m**ki bhikaari saale… bmw320d ke photo rakhke itna kyun chillata hai gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandu

        • zipitar ki *****

          jootha utaake maarna hai tujhe… abey haraami

          • dtsfi

            abe tere pass agar bmw hai to tu …180 edition me q search kar raha hai …4 ke the best bike jake papa ko bol ki bmw ki photo la de tere liye toilet me laga le na … zipitar

    • rk

      salae ullu ka olaad.. kabhi tere baap ne bmw dekhi hai kya… salae pahlae aapnae baap ke bool ke english boolna sikha’a… spokn english clas join kar salae, english ke maa, behen ek kaar de tunae/ bmw hai, toh ye site kyo khula 2nae… tere aukat cycle kharid ne ke bhi nai hai.. papa ko cycle kharid ke deno ko….

  143. 180

    Abe jab tu itna he ameer hai to phir p180vs Apache 180 pe search he kyu kiya???

  144. Droga

    Sahi bola boss

  145. 180

    Jake Bmw vs Audi kr yha kya ma chudaane aaya hai??

  146. Droga

    u r right mr 180. us zipitar ka niche ka lund bahut bada hai .isliye wo sab midel cls logo ki ma chudde raha hai.

    • ooooooo

      uska lund ko thune kab dekha tha??? plz mind ur languages

      • Kameha

        Abey droga saale chutiya tu yaha karne kya aya hai wo pahale muje bata? Sale bangi

  147. Hellboy

    Mr zipitar app chahe bmw own karte ho chahe aeroplane aapki aukat to apki likhi hui kuch lines ne hi bata di hai. Aur batane ki zarurat nahin, pata hai ki aap is duniya me pehli baar bmw me hi beth ke nikle the.

  148. venom

    saale k paas kuch bhi nahi hai .. if he was having bmw means why the fuck he wud’v posted in tis site

  149. Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

    owner of bmw??
    Saale ko dikh nahi raha hai, ki yeh pulsar180 aur apache rtr180 ka post hai.
    Jaha mann, bas wahi phekne lagte hain…
    F**k ur a** with ur bmw, coz u dont have the smartness, and confidence of men to ride an apache or pulsar…!!!

  150. Droga

    Saale tu hi pink colour ki bike le tujpe suit karegi
    hi ha ha

  151. Droga

    Saale Tu doosroki chinta kyu karta hai apana khudka kam kar pahele .

    • fastest indian

      saale droga , paagal hai kya kya choothiye

  152. fastest indian

    loooosssre hai swala apache ……..sound suna hai kabhi pulsar ka teri to band baja sakta hai………….zis zis ko apne fatuu apache ho ya ….sala r15 …..a** h*le bikes ……dum ho to ..king of road race laga le …pulsar jab chalti hai to …apache ki fatti hai…a**h**e hai apache…..i got 220f hai kisi apache me dum ki 148kmpl ko touch karle……tum 40kmpl pe to cumfort nahi de paoge apni ass ko ..100 kya ghanta cross karoge….lolllzzzz apache..fatuu

    • distin

      a** h**e its nt 40kmpl its 40kmph….. teri **** di idhar hum 180cc bikes k baare mein baath kar rahe hai

      • fastest indian

        tumhari aukat utni ki hi hai bache grow up..

        • distin

          illiterate moron..

          • Munish

            brothers just listen …most of u praised Pulsar 180…but let me clear 1 thing dat after using Pulsar for 1-2 years it will start depreciating in terms of its engine…2 saal k baad Pulsar khadak jata hai…uske engine se noise aane lagti hai….uska chainset se bhi awaaz aati hai…..aaplog sadkon par pulsar ko jab dekhte ho to ye dekhte hoge mostly ki wo khadka hua hai….to fir kyu aap sab true logon ko pulsar ke baarr mein galat bta rhe ho ki wo lo…jab 2 saal k baad wo khadak hi jayega to use chalane ka maza hi nhi aayega…isliye sahi advice do mere veero

  153. G

    Hey dude new 150 or 250cc honda cbr 5 november ko arahi hai aur us bike ka top speed 160 hai .shayad ye bike p220 r15, karizma zmr, apache 220or250, kawasaki ninja ko chalenger ho sakti hai

    • fastest indian

      bike me nahi dude ….rider me dum hona cahiye ……aur pulsar is a damdar bike ok ….

      • distin

        kabhie r15 chalaaya hai kya

        • fastest indian

          what a joke …r15 ko kabhi 148kmpl tak leke gaya hai kya tu???sale ka to top speed hi 124 kmpl hai ……pulsar 220f ko kya ghanta cross kar payega

          • distin

            saale jaake you tube mein dekhna.. r15 150 cc bike hai aur aaram se 145 cross kar sakhtha hai… aur tera jhaatu bike tho 220cc ka hai aur tum saale 150 cc bikes se compare karta hai kya.. tera pulsar ka top speed 138 bas

            • dtsfi

              dont u see the fastest bike in inbia bache …dont bluufff

            • fastest indian

              dont bluuf ok top speed of ri5 is135 top speed ok ….Also, please don’t believe u when u says R15 has poor top end. He is lying. P220’s top speed is around 138 kmph. New Karizma’s top speed is 135 kmph as claimed by Hero Honda. Yamaha R15’s top speed claimed by Yamaha India is also 135 kmph. Do not forget that R15 has 6 gears.
              If you see videos of these bikes crossing 140 kmph, let me tell you that every vehicle on Earth has speedo error. The speedometre is always wrong & top speed tests are done with the help of GPS.

  154. dna unleashed

    saale kisne bola tujhe ki rtr racing bike nahi hai.. saale tvs racing ka naam suna hai kya… jhaatu pulsar waale .. tere bhaasha theek karo

    • bibilo

      fastast indian is a p*** star so always he”ll be behind a**, g****

      • fastest indian

        dont get cunfused boy ..cum on road we ll c ki kon hai pulsar ke aas pass…a** h*** apache…f*** off

  155. G

    Dosto i m going buy bike but i m confused which bike i buy p180 or apache 160 hyper edge or rtr 180

  156. G

    Dosto i m going buy bike but i m confused which bike i buy?
    p180 or apache 160 hyper edge or rtr 180

    • dtsfi

      pulsar 180 …go 4 the ug4 edition

      • Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

        u r right dtsfi.

  157. G

    Dude p180 good bike but i heard that p180 give many problems

  158. vikas

    i have apache 180. i got 0-60 in 4.6 sec. it stores 0-60 time, fastest speed, two trip meters, clock etc. have any pulsar these features. best response in 5th gear also. and more we got rear disk in 180 no pulsar 180 have rear disks all have old fashon drum breaks. bajan really looting in apache we got worth we pay. i got 48 kmph but no pulsar in realty give that milage. also we got far batter balance i got 124 still stable while turning over 110 between trafic.

  159. Karan

    Hi, guys i m going to buy p180 ug4 this month… Bt after reading all the problem i m afraid to buy it…plz help me…wht i hv to do???????

    • Killerz

      Pulsar 180 is also not a bad bike, every bike has some problems, if you are looking for performance ,unbeatable power, awesome handling in the segment u will only get it from apache rtr 180, Pulsar is also a good bike stable, decent handling, mrf zapper does a good job, but engine sounds, parts making noise after an year or so is common with pulsar 180, and the term racing is definitely not associated with P180. for 70k tvs is giving a lot more, but apache 180 has vibrations between specific rpm’s, some are okay with it, some hate it, also a bad rear tyre.
      Hope this helps.

      • Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

        i really appreciate killerz’s neutral approach.
        Good bro.. 🙂

  160. Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

    go for pulsar 180 dtsi ug4. Its best..!

    • dtsfi

      ur rite jojo …

      • Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

        hey bro…. We r ‘pulsar buddies’…

  161. Droga

    I m not give wrong info.,buddhu,anpad gavar

    • venom

      fis go n learn english u illiterate

    • Kameha

      Abey droga saale chutiya tu yaha karne kya aya hai wo pahale muje bata?

  162. Sachin

    Abye oye zipitar mere pass audi q7 agar teri gand me dum hai to apni bmw 320 leke aja race lagane fatuu….

  163. Sachin

    Abye oye zipitar mere pass audi q7 hai agar teri gand me dum hai to apni bmw 320 leke aja race lagane fatuu….

  164. ANil kumar

    my bike is a Apache 160 I want 180cc Power Eny idiea and onthing sound from engine llittle more that sound is reduse
    Just near shope is theaire but that service is not good total km now 18000.00 only just 2 yers

    • venom

      change ur exhaust to free flow exhaust but it costs around 6000rs but it increases power without troubling mileage or go for k&n filter (green 1060 something)

  165. Droga

    Dude Wht happend u?

  166. Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

    What i say is, instead of fighting among apache and pulsar, we should feel happy and proud that indian bikes are competent enough, for other premium bikes in overseas markets.
    And the day is not far off, when indian companies will produce their own superbikes, making india a hub of good sports bike.
    Everyone of us are possessive of our bikes, and we love our bikes more than anything else.
    Discussion on changes one wud recommend on their bikes, or posting views on what design we wud like on our bikes will make this post interesting…, coz we should never forget that these bikes are designed by youths like us…

  167. Jojo - "pulsar 180 owner"

    just like ideas which venom posted, can help us get more performance from our bikes….
    Posts like that will be interesting, or any sort of innovative ideas…!

  168. PANKAJ

    PULSAR180 is the better than APACHE RTR180 …………..
    But, dont think APACHE is a worst bike …………….

  169. PULSAR 180 LOVER

    Donohi bike bahat achhe hai……mujhe lagta hai APACHE 78% acchhe hai to PULSAR 98% ACHHE HAI……….

  170. sajal

    pulsar toh aaj kal saale bhikari dehati bhi chaalate hee apache ke mukable me pulsar is just small insect agar baap ki jeb me paisa na ho tabhi pulsar karidna…………… vaarna apache is racing king agar hooo kissi ke pass apache ho toh chalana and the pulsar try karna fir samajh mein aayega apache kya cheez he chirkutoon harami salle pata nhi he to bhi bolte he

  171. sajal

    jitne bhi log saale apache ki buraai kar rahe hein us sab ke baapon me pulsar kharidne ki aukat nhi ki bo log sirf pulsar hi challa sakte
    pulsar saale aaj kal har sadak chap chalata he, usse ghanta baat banti he

  172. pulsar wale

    salon apache wale pulsar kuch nahi hai par pulsar pulsar hai. aag pani bijli
    or pulsar se kabhi maat khelna jaan bhi ja sakti hai. aaj kal to bhikhari bhi rtr reject kar rahe hain kahte hain apache rtr humare shaan ke khilaf hai. samaje ho ki nahi apache wale khokhle insano

  173. pulsar wale

    pulsar jai ho rtr sirf barbad ho

  174. Playstation 3

    Dosto pulsar bike main aur apache bike main different kya hai? can u plz tell me

  175. Apache Indian

    are yaar apache ka koi tod nahi hai, salo, m using Apache 180 since last year
    and i have reached the top speed of 160 Km/ph, while i was competating with pulser 220. Apache has no comparison with any other than apache

    • rk

      haha r u kidn.. suno bhi ,dat guy iz sayn he reachd d speed ov 160/hr wd his apache180…. salae majak karne k liya comnt deta hai kya…

  176. aaqib

    shi bola bhai mere paaas bhi apache 180 i touch 142 and 200 i touch only 134

  177. Vikram

    East or West, Apache 180is the best

  178. lakshay raj chauhan

    puLsar do u know what L stands 4 LOSERS
    ha ha ha ha to all pulsar losers

  179. ronit


    • rk

      aabae tere paas dimag hai kya nai,,, abae byk aapnae aap nai chalti hai.. kisi bache ko pulsar chala ne deya hoga… kaha se chala sakega…. 2 gandu gandu he rahega,…

  180. Mehul

    Yaar ronit ye kaise possible hai. karzima jaisi fastest bike ko rtr 180 ne peche chod diya.dis is impossble .coz karizma rtr 180 se zada tej hai .

    • Gaurav

      bhai 180 overtakes all other indian bikes in drag race.. in street race r15 goes way ahead of rtr180 n p220 n rtr180 are almost neck to neck in street race n note karizma is not meant for racing its commuter racing bike

    • Gaurav

      bhai 180 overtakes all other indian bikes in drag race.. in street race r15 goes way ahead of rtr180 …p220 n rtr180 are almost neck to neck in street race n note karizma is not meant for racing its commuter racing bike

    • bijoy

      mehul: i hv a rtr180.p220 also eaten my dust..or zma is far away 4m rtr180.rtr180 can easily beat p220 in a drag…..

  181. vijay

    pulsar is one of the best bike.apache ko kafi kam avarage .
    and pulsar is more stylishthen apache.

  182. RTR 160

    Have u guys saw the videos of overdrive………Apache 180 is compared to 220fi, Karizma R and R15, in which RTR 180 scored 3rd position which is ahead of Karizma……….so i guess that Pulsar 180 cant be compared to apache 180…in a drag race i personally beat new pulsar 180 at the highway….pulsar 180 is no way, a good bike but its performance cant be compared to apache 180

  183. Santu Prodhan

    thnx a lots…………

  184. manoj

    salooo…… tumhare kise ka pass palsar or apche hai bhe ya nahi.

  185. raja

    sahi hai boss…apache 180 is the best

  186. SDD


  187. ram

    I have small cycle ! I have nice bick !….. see next.

    • ram

      pulser made man, apache made off mind man…

  188. MANDY

    Krizma has 17.6 ps and its of 159 kgs whereas Apache has 17.3 in just 137 kgs, so its not impossible fr apache2beat krizma bt r15 is a tuff competetor & has lesser weight den apache also 6 speed gearbox.. Bt apache produces more torque than r15 so apace ride on d heels of r15… Anyone can win but krizma… No way…!

  189. MANDY.

    Are mere bhai ye 180segment debate hai to tu kyu 220 ko beech me la rha hai… Kya tujhe bhi lgta hai p180 rtr180 ko nahi hra skta jo 220 se race krne ki baat krta hai mere pass 220f hai or ek rtr 160 bhi pr phir bhi mujhe apache uske segment me unbeatable lgta hai bcz apache(18000km) 135kmph tak gya hai aur 220 145kmph tk (680km until yet) may b in future the engine’l open aur ye 150+ jaaye… bt realy apache is very gud in its segment.

  190. joyjeet chakraborty

    yaar itna jhagar te kyu rehte ho. aapche ka matlab hai meteor and a meteor toh kitna speed me chalta hai ye tohaap sub jante ho, apache is always the best man. kabhi suna hai apache ki accident ke bare me kahin pe. kyu ki jo log apache kharide hai wo log baap hai. aur baap log rasta me accident nehi karte. pulsar ko apne clas me comparisn krne bol. coz apache itself sounds like hayabusa. saalo saram karo. apache ki burai krne se pehle do se 3 bar potty jao. kyuki gaari aisa hai ki normal log wo chala nehi paega. so apache is the best of all tims got it.

    • MANDY

      Always Thumbs up for Apache!

    • rk

      salae kuttu ke pillu, 50 kg tera weight hoga..kesae pulsar chalayega,ek kaam apache chala samjha naah. pulsar ka naam kharab hoga.. tum jese log 50kg salo keso hndl karoge pulsar ko… pulsar chala k accidnt karogae,n baad me naam de ho,pulsar…kyo ke hndle 2 kar nai patae ho… is liya apache he chala samja naah…or itna baap baap kehne ka shoc he toh ek baar dono byk ko ek saath khara kar k dekh lena… salae tere chnddi gili ho jaigi….

  191. sandeep

    yaar m totaaly confuse about apache 180 or pulsar 180 plzzz send suggestions plz brothers

  192. MANDY

    Hi Sandeep, bro in cming dayz apache 180 is going2get equipped with ABs. Whereas in p180 they r using traditional rear drum breakes. Apache has a gr8 breaking systm (dual discs & ABs) So its a safer bike with a wider front tyre den p180. Becoz all bike owners know that only front brake helps2stop d bike quicker den any rear brake. And proformence wise apache is unbeatable. But pulsar has its own advantages like stability & it never vibrates,,, muscular luk.Even my Apache gives prob. of vibs between 4500 to 5500rpms. But it doesn’t makes a differance to me bcz its power overcomes its vibrations. Excepting vibs apache is a gr8-gr8 bike go for it. Or if u r stil puzzeled go & take a free test drive.

  193. Subhankar

    pulsar is the best

  194. Subhankar

    pulsar is the best but rtr is good

  195. princeraj

    dekh bhai na pulsar faltu hai na appachi .agar deno ki avkad pata karni hai
    to deno bik ka jo best rider hai n to deno race laga lo .uske bad mere ko mail karo .to bhi deno me se koi ek bike kharodunga.main apane cbzx se appache 160 ko race me xtreme me ura plese reaply me 180pul best ki 180appa.

    • fastest indian

      are bhai sirf speeed ya race me win karne se bike best nahi hoti ..overall perfomance dekho ok ……pulsur 180
      1-Just have a look at the alloy wheels the size of the ribs tvs uses and have a look on the pulsars or the even cbz.
      2-How do these translate in to road handling well you are a lot safer on the pulsar as it has better handling due to the increased body thickness and better alloy thickness.
      3-The apache will skid upon braking, the pulsar remains steady during braking , u dont lose control.
      4-for more apache COMPLAINTS ——– just review google with apache 180 complaints,

      • MANDY

        You are talking about ribs why don’t u just look d aerodinamic shape of Apache, pulsar’s air scoops-luk them, i don’t think that they are helping in any manner to make it aerodinamic, they just increase the air friction,, and 70-75% of braking comes from front wheel and apache have a wider front tyre if u know. And whatabout Abs(apache’z gonna get them soon, google it), pulsar dn’t even’ve a rear disc so pulsar is faar-faar away from d truth… Safer, faster, quicker & aerodinamic than pulsar, dats why Apache rocks. And if u r talking about complaints also search google for p180 complaints.

        • fastest indian

          so on books apache suckes ….& on road pulsar rocks …palsur is far better then apache ……………>Comfort
          >Low Maintainace
          >Good looks
          >Reliability..palsur is awesome ….apache suckes looks no style …
          pulsur is the best ….

          • MANDY

            Pulsar is nthing high maintenance, low performance, lesser P2W, i dn’t know how it rocks like u r saying. ??? Can’t u c d facts? R u nuts?

  196. saurabh

    hi i m 6’4″ tall>>>> im confused between pulsar 180 and apache RTR ….both cost around same
    i m fan of pulsar bt main thing i worry is abt its kick >>> pulsar 180 is not having kick….
    also there is grt trend of apache RTR these dayz>>>>>>>.i want only looks and mileage…….. i don’t hav to race with anybody above 80 >>>>
    anyone plz recommend me a better bike …………………………..

  197. .....a

    Hey dude Go for yamaha fzs sporty blue colour.

  198. MANDY

    But dude fz lags in milage.

  199. .....a

    Hey dude It is nt possible coz fz give milage 45-50.

  200. MANDY

    one of my frnd whoz a fz owmer usualy cmplnt about mileage. Bt fz has bttr luks nd’ve a more refined engine den 2 of the given bikes. So le lo bhai agar tumhe race nahi karni hai toh(as you said).

  201. MANDY

    Bt …..a bro saurabh is rejecting pulsar only because its a kickless bike. And fz has a same prob. too.

  202. ranjan

    hey all guyz dont be quarrel , kuch bhi kaho apache is best in his position and pulsar is good in his position, i have an apache rtr 180 but it gives arround 50 average, i think apache is best , i simply want to say apache is FASTER, LIGHTER AND SMARTER,I THINK YEH BIKE SAB KO SUT KARTA HE, NO DEMERITS IN APACHE, han i am fill it have some vibration issu, but manageable,

  203. ranjan

    Apache rocksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    kya bolte ho bhai lok
    apache waloooooo

  204. .milan

    U r right dude apache is rocks

  205. 180 rocks

    maine jab se pulsar 180 kharidi hai tab se mere frnd ne apni rtr180 chalani hi band kar di….. aur mera frnd hamesha meri p180 hi ride karta hai……uski apache rtr180 ek riksha ko bhi fail nahi kar sakti hai… aur wo abhi bechna chahata hai… lekin sab bolte hai ki yeh toh koi ****** hi kharide ga……. tvs ki toh scooty hi hai larkio ke liye ok hai but rtr 180 gay ke liye ……………… sooooooooooooo pulsarrrrrr 180 rocks…..

  206. apache 180 king

    bhaiyo… dekho ladai mat kro… apache 180 and pulsar 180 ko aamne samne laao.. race lagao…..
    khud hi pata chal jayega ki pulsar kitna peeche reh jaati hai…
    trust me….. try krlo……
    and rahi baat features ki. 2 apache me tubeless, rear disc hai… aur haa jyada BHP .. matlab jyada power….

    so comment krne se pehle 1 baar race krke dekh lena…….

  207. MANDY

    Sahi hai Boss!

  208. john simon

    bajaj pulsur 180 sucks in real time…………………
    pick up is just awesome in RTR 180

  209. JAT

    Suna bhai jise bhi mukalta ho ki pulsar achi hai ya Apache apna mukalta nikalne ke liye mril kar do mere mail id hai mere pas Apache 160 hai or mein pulsar wale chaye wo 150 ho ya 180 race karne ko teyar hu mail karo aur pata lagao kon si better hai ek dusre ko gali dene se kuch pata nahi chalta hai ok mail me and KNOW WHO IS THE BEST BIKE OK……….

  210. gagan

    bajaj pulsur 180 is king than APACHE RTR
    trust me….. try krlo

  211. Mandy

    Ya hoo
    chahe koi pulsar ko junglli kahe
    pulsar us apache ki gand marta rahe
    pulsar rocks.

    • MANDY

      Who r u nd using my Name2appriciete pulsar. Change ur name use ny other pet name r real name but dn’t use mine one even if u’ve same. Creating confusion2others. I’m a Apache lover.

      • Mandy

        Hey dude this is my real name mandY 2 and i m nt copy ur different is u supporting tvs apache 180 & i m supporting bajaj pulsar 180.



  213. Pranay Biswas

    TVS APACHE 180 RTR is nice byke.Is ke age to koi byke or pulsur 180 to kabi bi nahi aah sakta.Koie pagal hi hoga jo pulsul 180 ko kharidega.

  214. amit

    ****** pulser is macho bike yaar its realy cool rtr wale *****.

  215. nirmal

    whatever , anyone can say i predict that APACHE => thumbs up!!!

  216. xxxxx

    pulsar180 iz da best

  217. Vivek

    pulsar wale to ek no. ke bhikari hai bechare rtr se bahut jalte hai sale rtr kharidne ki aukat nahi upar se compare karte hai bloody bullshit….

  218. Vivek

    bhai 0-60 sirf rtr 180 hi sabse fast pickup karta hai including pulsar 220,r15,fazer samjha isiliye bache log ko panga lena manna hai…..

  219. Utsav shekhar

    apache to apni quality pehle hi bata diya kick+self deke ki uska self jaldi kharab hoga but pulsar only self with dtsi aur dtsi apache wale kutton ko nhi samajh me aayegi aur p180 ke rear tyre me apache 180 bhi fit ho jayega

  220. MANDY

    Alright, and thankx for using small letters in Mandy instead of using BLOCK Ones(MANDY) cause dats d only thing whats making differance.



  222. MANDY

    Apache RTR 180 ABs + RLP rocks!!!,,

  223. shubhu

    i think Pulsar is always best

  224. Alex

    Engine configuration of these two bikes are almost same.But some things which any one unlike 1.Pickup of Apache rtr 180 is good but it starts vibrates above 60km/h.
    2.Pickup is not so good,it needs more maintenance then Apache.
    3.Drum break of pulsar 180 not working properly in some situations.
    4.Apache rtr 180 is not designed for long ride if you do so in can be cause of sudden back pain.

  225. God of bike

    Ey buddies.Those who r willing to buy 180cc series.Surely u must buy Tvs RTR 180 ABS .the luxurious bike with the best perf0rmance ever the country has seen.Pulsar is a waste c0mparing to apache.i have rided at a speed of 149 kmph .dat was r0cking.if u r buyng pulsar,buy a guard f0r ur d*** t0o.c0z u g0na l0se it with the pulsar’s tank while braking and g0na do maintanence daily to ur d*** and pulsar’s engine.

  226. Abhi

    pulser badnam bike hai or altu faltu k pass b hai lekin look n personalty k sath apache is better

  227. Avinash sharma

    are bhai logo kyo apache ko pulser se comper ker ke apache ka naam kharab kar rhe ho mere friend ke pass 180 pulser h or mere pass rtr 180 jab bhi meri race lagi to party hemesha usko he deni padi pulser to apache ke beti h

    • rk

      tera kahani achi lagi samja naah… nxt tym thora soch k kahani likha kaar… bacca hai 2 abhi../

  228. kishore

    mere pass 135 pul hai aur mene apache160 ko rash mai rara ya hai

  229. Bajaj

    Rtr walo pulser se mat jalo sab ko pulser chalane ka mauka milega bus 10 15 rtr ko kabari me bech k pulser kharido speed 127 kmph. rtr se bacho mere bachcho.

  230. ajayrtr

    RTR is beast ……The machine that chose me…..i’ve even beaten p220 man…..Racing DNA unleashed….Pulsar is not bad its also good..

  231. prabha

    dear sir i have purchase for bajaj pulsar 180 dtsi so you have loan allowed with me

  232. tejs

    are yar ye falatu me zagada kyu karate ho yar. pulsar ho ya apache, khao pio aur maal pataao yar.

  233. sandeep sharma

    i hv pulsar 180 and i beatapache 180 in city

  234. Sexyspare

    Hello Apacheans,

    ❶ A – Attitude
    ❷ P – Power
    ❸ A – Action
    ❹ C – Courageous
    ❺ H – Heavyweight
    ❻ E – Explained……………..

    – /\,
    – -|~(*)
    – (*)

  235. RTR


  236. mandar

    i’m using pulsar180 since 5 months before i hd apache which was worst abt her maintainance and spare parts and pulsar gives me more milage abt 45 kmpl

  237. silvester

    apache is the best bike … pulsar sales are high because its beggers choice …nd beggers ko kuch to profit hona chaiye naa …so rtr dudes dont bother pulsar bull shet boys …i m having rtr 160 n rtr 180… that has fcked all racing bikes around my city …… nd if doubt any pulsar boy want to race me come nd meet me …..rtr will f**c u oll….

  238. silvester

    and i m saying it coz i m a hard rock racer … come on with any of ur pulsar 135:150:180;200:220 any one of these who wanna be fuked up come at sucide circle to mess wid me up ……

    • rk

      khud he khel circle circle samja … attitude dikha raha hai kya baccha…

  239. Raj

    RTR 160 is enough for P220 Bcoz from my personnel experience I left P220 far behind during a race.

  240. Raj

    RTR is best in the segment bcoz pulsar sounds a lot and engine needs proper maintenance every time after few kilometres.

  241. Raj

    RTR160 is the best very soon wants to by RTR180 pls suggest….. is the machine is same or any changes are there?????

  242. sam

    apache walon *** ho tum log… Maine dono bike chalayi hae…pulsar me jo comfort hae vo ghanta hae apache me…nd kis lavde ne kaha ki 80kmph pe pulsar unstable***e chalayi hae kya tune kbi..? Pulsar is best in pick up nd speed…. salon chalana aata bi hae kya tumhe apache walon…bde aaye racing wale….

  243. amaan

    i have pulsar 180 it is black color i am very happy with my pulsar

  244. UDHAYA

    TVS APACHE RTR 180 is the greate one…

  245. Raj

    Apache RTR160 is the best one to deal with city traffic. Good Clutch system with effecient gear shifting. Stop at the desired position is only possible of great breaking and balance.

  246. Raj

    Day before yesterday during rain i found that P 220 get stabbed to railing of main road in kolkata .this is because of the”Kahin pe Nigahen Kahin pe Nishana”. All of you understand what i ……….

  247. fahad

    i wnt to knw which bike is top in speed? Apache rtr is the top in speed. my rtr reaches 100 in 9.8 seconds apache rulessss.

  248. fahad

    rtr is gud in stylish and power….pulsar cnt catch the rtr……..pulsar is waste

  249. raw

    i have drove pulser 180 as well as apache 180 but i really like apache 180 it’s handling is much better than any bikes .go for apache 180 rtr

  250. sandeep

    abe haram ***…………………na to pul sur aor na hi apache…………karizma zmr
    dekha hai ……..bhikhrio………………..mere yaha better leke ata hai…………….

  251. Sudeep

    Off course guys here we dont want to compare which is the best so far its all left to them in case if people looks in brand accepts they will definitely go for BAJAJ and guys who really want to rock on the roads in front of there girl friends will go for APACHE RTR 180 and am also one of the 2nd type of guy among them and i obviously go for RTR………………180.


  252. Sudeep


  253. Pritam

    i am a pulsar 180 rider i think that pulsar 180 is the best for those who ride bikes with strong heart…
    pulsar 180 cc is the better than Apache 180cc…

  254. Raj

    After many conclusions i want to go for pulsar 150 after RTR 160 because it really rocks me during test drive i found it much balanced comparing to my rtr 160.but braking of rtr is far better than pulsar 150.

  255. shrey prakaash

    apache waale jab baap ki itni aukat nahi hai ki pulsar dilayen toh chup rahon. Aaaj kal to hawaldar bhi apache rtr lene lagen hai aur kisne kaha ki pulsar ek racing dna nahin hai jabki pulsar me toh latest TRICS(THROTTLE RESPONSIVE IGNITION CONTROL SYSTEM)HAI. Toh isliye apache wale just shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pulsar me to dts-i aur exhautec technology bhi hai aur apache me sirf rtr ka sticker lagane se woh racing dna nahin hogayi .At present time sirf hero honda aur bajaj ki bikes hi toh road par hai baaki toh sab bhangi hain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pulsar ke soccers, silencer,headlight bhi apache se acchi hai to isliye apache ek khattig walon ki bike hai jo charbaagh me sabji bechte hai aur chillate rehte hai ki sabji le lo thora munafa ho jaye toh apache theek karwaloon aur afsos karte hai ki kyun apache le li!!!!!!!! agar ab kisi ne pulsar180 ki burayi ki toh uske *************

  256. rk

    abae rossi ke olaad. tu jo khe raha hai na ke pulsar cheap hai.. salae pulsar220 bhi market mai jeyada sale ho raha hai , as compared 2 apache rtr180… or itna he baap ka paisa he toh r1 kyo nai kharidta,bhikari… jo boriya hai wohi sale hota hai smja naah,.. whtr its cheap or costly… evn m hvng pulsar 180… rtr180 ke olrdy le chuka hu..apache ka sirf pickup hai.. 100km uthne ke baad salae ke nikaal parti hai../

  257. Siddharth Chauhan

    Did any of pulsar lovers heard of TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS!
    The king of the Road!
    Yes TVS has put ABS(Anti Lock Braking System) in the RTR 180!
    Absolute Fury with Absolute Control!
    Pulsar has no class!
    I don’t know why innocent people run after pulsar
    Bajaj had only one good product!>Their Scooter “CHETAK”
    Pulsar to bilkul nakli hai bhaiyon!
    And 2-3 years mein Pulsar baj jate hai > just like BAJAJ’s three wheelers!
    I appreciate their Chetak only and no other products!
    Bajaj saala chor hai!>Hamara Bajaj, Hamara Bajaj> Gaane gakar chura liya logon ka paisa!

    • Mr. Perfect

      abe kabhi pulsar chalaya hai……….scooter chalane wala tu kya jaane pulsar k bare mein

  258. Rk

    Abs stymstm nikal giya toh kunsa pahar nikaal para salae… Salae tvs walae scooty chala.. Baad me racng karnre. Byk me rtr ka sticker laga diya toh race ka baap ban giya kiya me… Joh best hai wohi bst rahega samja naah,scooty ke pillo

  259. lokesh

    stop it guys.
    im a ducatian
    i got ducati monster 796
    if any1 wants to race,call me 9966996699
    fck u all.

    • rk

      salae tere baap ne bhi kabhi dekhi hai.. salae ducati ke baccha
      tere baat se lagta hai ke tere pass toh scooty kharid ne ke bhi okaad nai hai….. thu sala

  260. Aravind

    i love my bike pulsar DTSi180 for its iook and performance

  261. Rocky

    Rtr mera matlab baccho ki byke chalane walo kabi ao humari puslar 220 sa race karte ha.rtr ki aukat samne ajayage.wase rtr walo na mtv pulsar mania ma to dakh he liya hoga

  262. Mahmud kaif

    beta pulsar sirf ake bike hai but apache rtr is racing dna.pulsar apache se bara hai but apache is 200kg and pulsar is u decide which engine is better.Pulsar is normal than apache.

    • rk

      jo logo se sun ta hai wohi likh deta kya idiot.. kisne kha be apache 200kg.. apache pulsae se15kg kaam hai… n size mai toh pulsar135 ke samnai bhi bachha lagta hai… or pulsar180 se toh compr bhi maat karna…

  263. Tamal

    I have seen so many comments of you guys….bekar mein sab log jhagra kar rahe ho……..jisko speed achhi lagti hai woh Kawasaki ki Ninja le lo….. (foreign version) kuch hi dinon mein India mein aa jayegi rate bhi approx humarein budget mein hogi, I am saying this b’coz I am a technical engineer in HONDA aur jisko mileage, maintenance aur durability ki chinta hai…….woh to bhai HONDA ki Shine or Unicorn le lo ya phir Hero Honda ki HUNK le lo personally speaking HUNK is excellent balanced bike……!!

    • rk

      no ned 2 b ovr smart okiee…/ dis page is nly 4 pulsar n apache..

  264. Mr. Perfect

    are yaaron apache ko chodo
    first- pulsar looks dashing than other 180cc segment bike
    second- its gives better mileage than other 180cc segment bike.
    third- its has huge big rear and front tyres which apache doesnt have

    u only choose guys which one is better……

  265. kartikay

    hey pulsar apache dono h jhatu hai r15 ke samne sabki fatti hair15 ke samne….beeeeeeep…:)

  266. Anoop

    apache is good pickup but pulsar is waste bike in racing

  267. shreyas

    i think pulsar 180cc and apache rtr 160cc is has equal power but apache looks good

  268. KAMAL


  269. Amit

    Apache rtr 180 is much much better than pulsar 180 in terms of pick up, handling n looks but pulsar 180 beat the rtr 180 in terms of smoothness as apache vibrates more den pulsar.. so guys dnt fight wich is better jst have ride of them both r gud machines.. i will go wid rtr 180 because of its look, pick up and handling.. i jst love it and i also have one in with colour .. it totaly rocks..

  270. bhaji

    pulsar 180 rocks ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, stunt mania mein v 180 pulsar hai ……….apache ko 2m jaise laude he puchte ho ,,,,,,,,
    muaa macho 2m maa k laude apache wale ,,,,,
    usko ride kro or fir grm silncer mein apna lauda deke fir kro hmse rce

    chlo saalo , apche ko leke dfffa ho jaaooooo
    fudu si bike ka naam le diya ara

  271. abhijit

    vai kings ride on white horse(rtr180).dogs looks better in black(plsr)

  272. john connor

    pulsar 180 unne logo ko acchi lagti hai jinhone aaj tak apache 180 nahi chalai…….pulsar 180 ko to apache 160 hi hara deti hai….or apache 180 directly palsar 200 or 220 se panga leti hai………
    RTR 180 takes just 4.45 seconds to hit 60kmph from standstill while 100kmph comes up in a quick 13.18 seconds. …..
    Pulsar in comparison takes a lazy 5.08 seconds and 15.8 seconds to hit the same target……….

    i thk ye kaafi hoga palsar valo ko chup karane ke liye…….palsar 180 valo ke liye to hamari apache 160 hi kaafi hai………….palsar 200 ko ready rakho ab……coz usko apache RTR 180 f*** karegi……..

  273. rukku

    both are too bad vehicle

  274. sandipjadhav

    i like pulsar180cc

  275. Ahmer

    kmeeno kutoo ek baar me samz me nahi aata.Pulsar to mere naukar ke paas hai.1 no. ki sadi bhaddi,kooda,bekaar and F***ed bike hai.Jeka Race krni hai Apache180 se Varanasi maen milo.Sab ki phaad dunga

  276. ansh rtr

    abe bhai log agar dukaan se sabzi khareedni ho ya bacche ko school le jaana ho pee ulsar khareedna aur agar mardon ki tarah har faddu pee ulsar ko road par chodna ho to buy the tvs apache rtr 180 kyunki ye ameer baap ke aulaadon ki bike hai har chacha choudhry pee ulsar khareed sakta hai par apache ka tyre bhi nahi touch kar sakta hahahaha rtr rokzz

  277. ansh rtr

    pulsar reserved kota waale khareedte hain kyunki rtr khareedna chamaaro ke bas ki baat nahi hai

  278. Himz

    Pulsar ho ya apache sabka baap h mere paas yamaha r1 2009 1st gear me indian bikes haar jayengi r1 se

  279. Himz

    Waise in my opinion pulsar has a rocking stability in it apache is a accidental bike my own friend crashed in apache rtr

  280. shivam

    tvs apache 180 is the besttttttt

  281. velu

    As per my experience really Pulsar is very fabulous than apache RTR 180. Pulsar is LION and Apache is FOX

  282. Rahul

    Yes, U R rite. I love apache 180cc rtr

  283. king

    okie all u gr8 pulsar and apache heros wna race vit me on my baby R1??…hahahaha…lol…i wna c which bike is beta then…pulsar ki awkad nahi hai beta..i hv ridden apache b4..the Fi version is the best…the best sound i hv heard on a indian bike without filter…apache is way beta than pulsar..:)…pulsar guys take ur silencer and keep it in your mouth..o well…up ya ass…:P

  284. Rahul

    Arayan ka naukar Arayan se jyada samajhdar hai. ja ke noukar se class le sikh jayga ki pulsar chij kya hai.

  285. pankaj

    pulsar ya apache donno mein stunt karna mere liye ashan hai, tum lok kar nahi sakte…..

  286. pulsar mania

    saale teri apache ka ** ki saale bakwaaz type ka bike ha. ***** boyz hi isko kharidte hain. pulsar is lord of the street. jo b**** pulsar ko bakwaaz kehte hain na uske **** far dunga.

  287. vicky

    i want to go with apache 180 because i m get too much bore by looking everywhare pulsar and apache gives god llok and standeard than pulsar

  288. puneet

    sale apache rtr ek chudhi hui bike h sali 100 k bad koi control nahi rehta aur pulsar 180 is far better.rtr ch***yo k liye h. pulsar is for a real man

  289. goldy

    jitni b apche 180 koshish krle but pulsar 180 se nhi jeet skti

  290. nathan

    pulsar 180 gives a mileage atleast 40 what about apache rtr my friend got only 32 at normal speed and worst case below 30 only got.and apache engine get vibrations & piston sound also but pulsar180 never make this problem anyway pulsar rocksssssssssssssssssssssssss…………………………………………….

  291. sush

    the thing is ..those who have pulsar would always recommend pulsar as they never face any problem in riding or regarding mileage…n those who dont have it will critize it till ther last breath……pulsar is an all time bike u can choose it blindly….

  292. velu

    pulsar is best. Apache is worst. wat u people saying?

  293. D

    apachi is racing bike
    n pulsar is racing n looking great bike
    pulsar ki image sirf isliye kharab h kyunki pulsar har koi le raha h
    apachi costly h
    pulsar achi bike h magar racing me apachi se thoda sa kam h
    magar fir bhi agar lena chaho to apachi lo
    kyunki apachi ka engine hi essa engine h jo bhut acha h
    or har koi manage nahi kar sakta h apachi ke petrol ko
    magar jinke pass pulsaar h unki personality h sath hi sath ye bhi h ki pulsar har chamar ke ghar me bhi h isliye pulsar ki burayi hoti h
    agar pulsar ke har koi na leta to me pulsar hi leta



    • pulsar maniacs

      thats true my dear copy cat





  297. jaffer shk

    bajaj pulsar 180cc is one step ahead from apache rtr 180cc because pulsar is heavy bike and it have great control then apache rtr180, and also have great pickup then apache 180..agar pulsar ki majbuti dekhna hai to stuntmania dekh lo pata chal jayega…

  298. pulsar maniacs

    abey salo tvs ki konsi repo hai zara batao sirf style bas aur rtr 180 120kg ki salli jhingoor bike hawa aati hai toh wo control nahi hoti use tumlog bike cycle ki bhi izzat kahi ghuna aachi hai bajaj wale key paas dimaag hai usne 140 kg rakha hai qki hawa key takkar sey pulsar aapna rasta nahi chodti mein 2001 sey owner hoo pulsar 150 to 220 cc rocks aur tumhari rtr ki maa ki***** sab pulsar ka dekhe toh churaya led tale light,front disk speedo meter,twin spark twin spark usmein toh tvs wale ko jail mein jane ki naubad aa gai thi yaad hai naa tvs flame pulsar market leader hai sale copy cat bolti band hogai….pulsar rocks

  299. sadiq

    pulser 180 is better than apache in luk style modle

  300. Arya

    Pulsar 180 is best

  301. Shamil shafa

    Apache rtr160 is the best Apache rtr160 is the best ride it and u know it i love rtr160

  302. grv

    ary behen k laudron..isiliye stunt mania pe pulsar ati hai…..apache nahi..hai na salo..bete aukat dekh apache ki..vibratn to aise hota apache mein jaise fev quick se chipkaya na salo compaire v mat karo apache ki pulsar se…fk offffff apache

  303. grv


    • Tejas

      TVS ko kisi show me bikes dene ki jarurat nai hai..
      logo ko pata hai ke kya best hai.. chahe wo stunt mania pe dikhe ya na dikhe

  304. Tejas

    kaash TVS company mere baap ki hoti.. tuze b 1 rtr 180 gift kardeta. wo b ABS wali… fir tuze samaz aayega ke apache ka comparison p180 ke saath nahi p220 ke saath hona chahiye
    TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS is d best racing machine on road in India
    p180 b thik hai par rtr he samne kuch nahi.. p180 to 70k me aa jaati hai par rtr ABS ko lene ke liye 90k chahiye.. jo pulsar chalayega wo sirf pulsar hi chala sakta hai.. rtr chalane ki soch b nai sakta.. bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad..!!

  305. sourav

    tvs zishi koi 3rd cls compny aaj tk nai bni h wo duniya ki sbse badi bkar comny han or jhan tk bt rhi apache ki uski bs lok achi h uska to pulsar s barabari krna bkar h……………………

  306. pawan

    apache is best salo…………..apache se ladkiyan fasti hain or pulsar se ladki ki mummiyan………..apache is best…that’s all…………..

  307. pawan

    apache ke samne pulsar abhi bachi hai…..

  308. alok

    pulsar is the best bike and it is better then apache………
    arye aap log he dekh lo apache se jyada pulsar road me dekhti hai…….
    to guys…..
    jo dekhta hai wahi to bikta hai….
    i love pulsar…..

  309. Veenu Rathi

    abe salo pulsar or apche kr rhe ho sabse badi baat hoti h k kon chlane wala h bike ko… ek 125cc engine hi 180 tk ki le leta h… bus rider me street racing ka dum hona chiye…. rider esha hona chiye jo ki khtara bike ko bi shaap ki thra kahi bi gusa de or a bike ko inta accelerat kre ki teer ki traha bike jye…. samje chutiyao…

    i hve pulsar 180 and meri bike ne pulsar135,150,180,220, apache160,180, yamha FZ, Fazer,R15, CBR250 or baki sabi tk ka sikar kr chuki h…..

  310. KARTHIK


  311. santhosh

    i am like thish 2 bikes because i will have this 2

  312. Abhishek sanshil

    2007 mein hum hh glamour kharidein the aur usi ke 2-3 months baad hum apache rtr 160 ke saath race kar liye the **** jyada ban raha tha aur 4sec mein mera glamour 110 ka speep pakar liya aur apache laura se rocket ke tarah nikal gaya lol dekhte rah gaya. Now i have pulsar 220 jisko humne triple mein 138 kilo meter per hour pahucha dia us din pulsar ko hum jaan gayein ki ha ye bhi mere like gari hai apache rtr 160 to 119km/hr se jayada pahuchta bhi nai hai lekin ha glamour,pulsar 220,180,135 is the best bike but apache is the for them who can not affor pulsar’s i will say men go for pulsar and to women go for apache.

  313. Abhishek sanshil

    Ha itna aur jaan lo ki jo apache wale pulsar ko bura boltein hai wo sab apache kharid ke pachtate rahtein hai chahe wo apache 150surgen rtr160, rtr180 kyun na ho apache ka kharabi hum aap lo ko bata dein uska head bhari hota hai long toor mein biker’s pareshan ho jate hai disk plate pe pani chal jaye to break nai lagta hai, if you ride it hard then it becomes very hot pagal ke tarah vibrate shoker kamjor hota hai handle pad tut jata hai isliye i will say that go for pulsar.

  314. Abhishek sanshil

    I race my pulsar 220 with royal enfield bullet 750 sala jab ek number pe lagaye to enfield wala kaanp gaya aur uske baad 2 number geir pe 81km/hr aur 3 number geir pe 132km/hr sala 750 enfield wala dekhte rah gaya.

  315. Abhishek sanshil

    Jab bajaj ki avenger,discover,xcd,etc se log dartein hai to pulsar to usi ka baap hai…….,.,.,

  316. raghu

    hello guys am raghu…i stay in lookin frwrd 2 buy a bike..and i have already decided 2 but am confused btwn p180 and rtr180..many ppl said dat pulsar doesnt suit me coz am thin and my height is 5.8 all am lukin is fr power,pick up,brakin and performance..i dn care abt looks and plss suggest me..(and stp fghting)..i have visited many sites and read many comments..its a tough fyt betwn dez 2 byks..plss do suggest..or shud i go 4 yamaha bikes(r15)??rply fast..thnx!! 🙂

    • vijay

      Apache is good than pulsar 180.i own pulsar180

    • raj das the maniac

      u shud go for p180 becuz it’s fuel eficent rathe than rtr180 its handel id lyk a monster .u shuld ask me i have pulsur 180 ug 3 i silver it really rocks if, u are taking pulsur u dont need to modified it u just remove the number plate and write n.o in front mudgaurd ……….

  317. BHRIGU

    I LUV PULSAR 180, I Have pulsar 180, it is a sexy bike …………………………………………………………………………………!

  318. Goutam

    Abe Apache bale keu pulsar se muh lara hai?apache ka koi aukad hi nehi hai pulsar ki samne ane main.dekh bhai,looking main pulsar best hai apache se,pulsar ka hight uccha hai,jab rasta main nikal ta to lagta hai sher aa raha hai,or apache,sale mtv main stunt ka program aata hai o v pulsar ka,apache nehi…or market main pulsar sabse jyada hai…log ka loru hai, jo pulsar kharid raha hai..apache nehi?ex. Nokia mobile aacha hai isiliye jyada tar prefer karte hai,oisehi pulsar Best hai isiliye log kharidta hai…so, dont compare with pulsar,…………apache to sala chinies mobile ki tara hai….

  319. Manjeet

    yaaro meine ek baar redlight jump ki thi 2 trafic police mere pichey pad gye apni pulsur leke aur aagey 3 berrier lga rakha tha unohone meine cut maar nikaal di jab race ki baat hai toh apni apachi 160 un 180 ka baap hai main aagey nikal gya tha aur woh haar kar pichey reh gye burai pulsur main nahi hai good rider hona chayiye saalo ko pulsur mil rakhi hai toh bahut bdey trafic racer bante hai saalo ki aoukaat yaad dilati gali ke kutte aur yeh bhi ek road ke kutte hote hai jiney haraam ke khaney ke cahiye

  320. pooras

    both r great….bt the rev nd pick up of apache is better.. pulsar nd apache roxx… Happy biking guyzzzzzz

  321. AFTAB


  322. Chanthu sajeevan(Punalur)

    Pulsar engine is more efficacious t&Excellent performance.Apache is very bad to driving
    Bajaj is Indian company
    TVS is Only Tamilnadu states company

  323. MANDEEP

    mere pas pulsar 220cc hai par mujhe apache 180cc bhi achi lagti hai due to their pick-up and look

  324. ravi yadav

    abe dehatiyooo.. kya pulasr pulsar lagrhe ho har dehati ke hath me ek pulsar hai apche 180 ho ya 160 jo log pulsar chalate hai un logo ki aukat hi nai hai apche chalne ki na hasiyat me na hi physicali me tm pulsar wale do litre petrole dal va ke balgari jaisa tahlate rhte hai are yar apche ek racing bike hai use us ka tulna mat karo agr apche ka ko kisi se compare karna hai to zmr se karo yes it is true that all men can’t ride apche because to ride apche you have to aukut, confidence, not be caword aur haa apche sir youth ke dhayan me rkha ke banayi gayi hai tm kabi bi apcehe ko kisi bi budhe ko chalate aur villlage me nai dekhe ho ge jab ki palsar dehat me aur budho ko bi dekhe hai agr tm ko visvas nai hua tb lo mera no 9504777891 jao koi bi pulasar le ke ao 150, 180, 200, ya 220 aur hamse race lago sirf apche 160 , did you get that hmko ye sab is liye likh na par kuki hm yha uper bhut sab ka bikh padi padh liye hai….

  325. vishal

    APACHE RTR balle balle baki sab thalle thalle. Pulsar ke liye to tvs star hi kafi hai.

  326. sidharth


  327. Nishu

    Yar. Kiya tvs aur bajaj kar rahe ho. Go for cycle. Save fuel,save money, save earth

  328. abhishek

    mere paas pulsar aur apache dono hai sach baat toh yeh hai ki sachmuch pulsar ka kisi aur indian bike se mukabla hi nhi hai. apache ek aise bike hai jiski life lund bhi nahi hai i hate apache and i never buy it again

  329. vijay

    apache180 is 137kg and pulsar180 is in pickup apache is good.i own pulsar 180.both are 17ps.

  330. hrithik

    @Rocky- Toh kya teri maa ki hain kya???
    jo tu aise puchh raha hai….

  331. pulsar 180

    tvs still using the engines of its moped…..i dnt think so a moped can win a pulsar…

  332. MECH. eng. saurabh kumar

    Bhid me to suar aate hai(pulsar).

    Sher hamesa akela aata hai(APACHE)

    it just tell u bcoz pulsar come market frst & i rid both the bikes apache is more better to control & handaling

  333. goutam

    i am going to buy a bike of 180cc so plz say me which one will be beter 2 buy pulsar180 or rtr 180…i think pulsar is a good bike

    • harish

      ek bar appache chalake to dekh fir bol konsi achi hai.

  334. harish

    appche 180 chalane wala kabhi pulsar ko hat nahi lagata. Appache is the best. Sab bike ka boss hai appache………………….

  335. p180

    abe apachi k jhanduo kya apache-2 lga rkhi hai.abe 30 ki speed pr to awaj tractor kí trha or above 80 jaise genrator chla diya ho. Ydi 10 se upar ki to pta nhi kha se kya sound kregi Bakwas bike. pulsar is awesome .

    • gappu

      apache full throttle pe nikle na tere paas me se to tu moot dega andar…..hahahaha pulsar is for bhangi are u a bhangi ,main jodhpur me rehta hu aur humare yahan 1000 pulsars hai bhangiyo ke paas including 220 …..180 kharidne ki aaukat nahi hai na tumhari…..hahahahaha

  336. raj das the maniac

    saalo pulsur ki uda te ho pulsur 180 jaisi bike ko koi tod nahi hai bas sirf itna hai ki usko half turn hai baaki wheelie ki baat me 1ST pop-up me hi wheelie baiti hai ,,,,,,,,,,,,agar koi le raha hai toh silver me lena daasu dikh ti hai ;;;)

  337. shekar

    now m sure rtr180 is da beast yaar…!! m gonna purchase this bike…sure…!! and definetly money dosent matters…!! not for 2 or 3 k’s…!! compare to p200 also…!!
    personnaly in ma collge all ma frndz hav pulsar,,,and so i wanted to be uniqe soo i’ll go for rtr180 DNA unleashed…!! it simply white pearl…! and it has good milage also…..40-50 in city & highway…!! and u can afford 500bugs in a month..
    go for rtr180 guyzz its worth…!!

  338. Laksheet

    my dear frds. i have apache rtr 180.. so i want to say apache rtr is best bike no comperision from other bike this bike stylish, great looking, top speed, best pick up and no vibrate.. so guys plzzzzz purchase rtr 180… and more detail….. CONTECT ME : 8233214703

  339. Laksheet

    my dear frds. i have apache rtr 180.. so i want to say apache rtr is best bike no comperision from other bike this bike stylish, great looking, top speed, best pick up and no vibrate.. so guys plzzzzz purchase rtr 180… and more detail….. CONTECT ME : 8233214703 and contect my face book id laksheet joshi….

  340. akshay

    pulsr 180 is the best..bhai pulser to choro ko isliye pasand aati hai ki wo chori karke jaldi bhag sakte hain…rtr rakhenge to bhag bhi nahi paenge aur police gand maar legi….aur rtr baccho ki bike lagti hai….tvs sirf copy karti hai sali gandu cmpny

    • gappu

      sala tu chor hai kya????hahahahaha……police walo ke paas apache hui to teri lag jaegi…..lmao…..hahahahaha….bhag yahan se bache….

  341. akshay

    and agr race lagane ki itni garmi ho to aao i hv ninja…..iske aage sabki fategi

  342. j

    apache jhatu byk…sale tvs k topo,,salo kbi race b ki hai us jhaturi byk se! Sali nate logo ki byk hai wo…or ye kya dna-dna chilla rhe ho…tum logo ka najayaz bap hai kya jo dna-dna rat lga rakhi hai…,ek bar tv mei dna wala add dekh liya bus hugne lge dna-dna..jhat k keedo jub kbi pulsar pe pair pahuch jaye to chala k dekhna..aur agr nai pahuglna apni dna.

  343. cbr

    180pulsar aur 180rtr me kya he…
    Kuch v nhi he..mere pas ninja he,ninja k aage toh woh ek makhi he

    • nishant chaudhary

      mere paas cbr 250 h uske sath aajayo
      going 170+ bt apache is best between pulsar and apache

  344. sameer

    mera pas pulsar 180( blue) and apache 180rtr(white) h dono chala me barabar h but when we talk about city ride or long ride i must say apache ko jo bagana ka maja ata h wasa pulsar me nahi ata but i love them both.

  345. sameer

    if it’s the last day of your life if you get a choice b/w pulsar and Apache
    which ride will you chose !!!!!!!!!!
    mera pas dono h is leya ma achi tara bat sakta hu
    mane dono full race deke baghai pulsar achieved 130kmp(not smooth) in 22min
    and Apache achieved 138kmp (but scary) in 20min
    for long driving comfort Apache is the best but it’s not made for streets ( average nahi h(41kmp)bas
    pulsar is the best for streets in 180 category for short rides but due to its hard handling it is uncomfortable for long rides

  346. nishant chaudhary

    i know only that i am having apache 160 fi ma other frns cant catch me with there pulsar 200 and fz16
    apche is best good in milege
    agar kisi ko reply karna ho to phle apache 160 ko apni pulsar 200 tak se piche kar ke dikhao

  347. Yogezzz

    Abe RTR 180 ABS chala kar dekho ganduo palsur bhool jaoge,
    or rahi Racing ki bat to P220 k alawa koi plsr Apache k aaspas dikhti v nhi hai. Rahi look ki bat to Apache white best h.

  348. Yogezzz

    Abe plsr wale gandols suno.
    apache 160 bike of d yr 2006, apache 160rtr bike of d yr 2008, apache 180 rtr bike of d yr 2010.
    Plsr ka aisa koi nam suna h kya. Bat krte h petrol bachana h to plsr chalao.
    Bike chalani h to Apache chala k dekho.

  349. Shantos gorkhali

    Don’t compare f**king pulsar wid RTR180…160 is enough for 180 pulsar
    …..If any 1 cunt wants to race then go ahead wid pulsar 180..i will be there afte 1 cup of tea……U f**ker pulsar….sale aajkal vikari vi pulsar me magne hidtha hai…………………

    Dont mess wid RTR..may leds to you death :@



  351. Jazzy

    Wow..i m really surprised to see how personal and passionate you guys are for ur bikes…
    Here is what i think abt both of dese machines..Main yeh kehna chahunga ki maine dono bikes chala this is my first hand experience…
    1. Apache 180 has slight egde over plsr 180 on a straight road and in pick up. Not a very big difference though but still noticable.(+1 to apcahe)
    2. Apache has vibration problem..its really increases with time..whereas pulsar is more reliable n durable(+1 to pulsar)
    3. For safety n road grip..i ll giv +1 to plsr with better(MRFs) n fatter rear tyre(+1 to pulsar)
    4. For handling, apache is way way better dan plsr..specially wen u r driving in city…bajaj guys really need to work on this (+1 to apache)
    5. Both bikes have decent mileage n looks..though pulsr has slighty betr mileage n betr luks nt every person has its own taste (+1 to pulsar)

    This is from my personal offence meant to any1 😉

    And stop comparing dese bikes to lyks of R15 n plsr 220…dey r all together a different class vich can go beyond 140km/hr n 150km/hr.

  352. Sid

    Abe pulsar ka koi match nai. Isi liye to sirf pulsar stunt mania he. Kabhi dekha he kya apache stunt mania. Salo apache ki aaukat nai he stunt marne ki. I have used apache for two months then i sold it. No one was ready to buy apache.
    bhikari apache.

  353. Yogezzz

    Abe bhikari pulsar ko avi tak bike of the year award mila kya to side m rakh use Apache is best….:p

  354. rony

    hi guys..someone says that apachi longdrive gets backpain..if v ride any bike above 100km v wil..

  355. simi

    Both r good bt Apache is the best.

  356. Yogezzz

    I agree

  357. gappu

    hey guys please stop abusing each others,Hum sab aapas me kyu ladte rehte hai.Indians hai isliye?
    Now, talking about bikes,Pulsar engine is manufactured by a Chinese company,however tvs have their own unit where they built the mean apache.pulsar ki performance was better when apache was not there,and less weighing apache is faster and quicker then pulsar.and if u want the real comparison u can race pulsar 180 with apache rtr 160 hyperedge i am sure ki pulsar will piss in the pants.apache 180 chalane ke liye aapki G***d me bohot dum chahiye.pulsar 220 ko bhi beat kiya hai maine rtr 180 se.and tvs is pure indian not like pulsar which is in collaboration with kawasaki and import the engine from china.So please respect the TVS APACHE RTR 180 .

  358. vijay

    TVS APACHE 180 has very good pick-up but its engine was not heavy duty, after 5000-10000 kilometers, it has knocking problem, and needs heavy maintenance…..engine was not so smooth, very noisy …. its chain sprocket was very rough, and need replacement very quickly……its needs more maintenance than pulsar….

  359. Vinita

    Abhe apache 6 hai aur pulsar uski mummy .apache mai kuch bhi dekho sab pulsar se inspired hai i am saying this becoz m an engineer at TVS.GUYS I Recomnd to buy apache if u need style and speed and buy a p180 for comfort pleasure safety style and speed…depends on u

  360. ankit

    pulsar 180 ug4 ek dum mast bike hai….apache ki tarahe ganduyee nai h…..baakwass bike h apache ……road pe….dekhliya karo …..apache…..toh rare h because koi leta h nai …subko pata h bakwas h nd resale value…toh zero h….kabard ka dher laga hua h apache mai full plastic body….looks mai nd topend and all over pulsarug4…mast baap h apache ki….
    Apache valo…tum apni pulsar 135 se haaar jayoge or….tum p180 se…lagane challee ho……zero points even minus zero points to apache nd 10000000…. Points to pulsar

  361. kashmir fighters

    Abay salo kutto kay apache apache kartay ho dum hai toh aja ove race kartay hai

    • rahul

      Yarr kashmir toh king hai tum say kya panga leyna hum nay toh asahi har maanli tum geetay bhai

    • rahul

      Yarr kashmir kay toh king hai tum say kya panga leyna hum nay toh asahi har maanli tum geetay bhai

    • baap

      apache apache toh kam ho rahi hai plsr plsr jaada dekhe mujhe…aur pulsr toh aaj kal doodh wale bhi challlawe….go for APACHE

  362. Evil

    baba yaha toh apache 14 saal k bacche chalate hai aur pulsar assli riders … pulsar ke looks r far btr den apache ……. apache is 4 assholes n pulsar is 4 all d daredevils…..

  363. Anoop

    Hello fools, pulsar 180 is the best..we have both p180 and rtr 180.i am using pulsar 180 and my bro is using rtr 180. But the rtr is having many complaints and mileage is also very less..rtr braking is not effective while overspeeding..but pulsar 180 braking is very good..i have experience while riding 85km/hr speed, suddenly a man crossed the road same time i applied the sudden brake.there is no jerking and slipping,so i have believe in pulsar 180. I love my pulsar 180..go for P180…….

    • Sagar Reddy

      Hai friend Wat u told about the Pulsar is right. its really Gud vehicle. i love Pulsar and i hate appache.

  364. nancy

    Hi frnds i thionk one must go for a p[ulsar 180 if you need mileage as well as power becoz it swallows ur pocket slowly but apache it swallows ur pocket very fasrtly.buttt apache is better and pulsar is gooooooooddddddddd!

  365. prem

    abhe pulsar walo apni pulsar ko kabhi full acceleration de kr dekhna speed agar 138km per hr ki speed mai nahi gai toh kehna apache toh bhush hai kyonki jo garajte hai woh baraste nahi

  366. rodies

    apache gandu pulsar faadu………..apache ke brakes dekho rukti nahi hai sisc ke bawjood par 180 pulsar ko dekho sirf 4 seconds main ruk jati hai 80kmph pe bhi

  367. arijit

    tum laore log larte raho… lekin kisinebhi kya dono bikes ki testride li?…maine li… bete..P220 and P220F ke topspeeds khali 159kmph hai…thikhai na… Apache rtr 180 ABS ko maine 165kmph pe hyderabad..
    ab brakes ki bari..
    Pulsar bulle ki gaari hai… brake chahe acche road pe maro ya gile road pe..pakka skid ho gi.. aur tumhe marneki puri koshish karegi..
    apache ko man marzi speed me manmarzi road pe brake marke dekho…specially abs version ko… jaha chahoge wohinpe rukhjayegi..
    raha mileage ki baat to hyderabad me dono same mileage detihai…

    tum chutiye log khali pulsar ki tarif karte phiro… asli winnner toh apache hai…
    main yeh isliye nehi kehrahahun kyunki main apache fan hun…balke isliye kehrahahun kyunki maine dono bikes ki bohot kari testliya hai…sacch kehraha hun.. agar bike chalake marna hai toh pulsar lo…agar zinda rehna hai aur bike chalaneka maaza lena hai toh Apache lo… age tum logoki marzi…
    but I will choose a Apache RTR180 ABS anyday over P180 or P200

    • Rahib

      thanx arijit apache rtr 180 abs is best bike in india

    • dipakrockstar

      Yeah right bro. I m waiting for apachi 220 for booking.

    • anup

      ya friend apache 180 is the good faadu bike. sale ch***ya bike chalai nahi or lage comments karne

    • amit

      i have no apachi but i try u r right dear

  368. Meizaps Pg Neihsiel Mangzaps

    PULSAR 180cc N PULSAR 200cc rocks… this are the best n its coll to drive.. how about i got more information about this two bike mention above

  369. sandip

    i luv pulser. n i want to be a stuntman

  370. nitin

    apache mere lode pe hai pulsar 135 ls chala kya smooth drive hai

  371. Sumit sidhu Rai-k

    Oye yr maine dono bikes rkhi huie ha …….dono hi ashi hai lekin agar ladkiyo ko fsana hai to chup chap bullet le ayo ……….

    • Rahib

      sahi he boss

  372. ishu

    pulsasr is the most gaandu bike

  373. shashank

    yar pulsar is not so bad…. mere paas 150 cc hai its good at aoo kms but uske baad to vo handling karna mushkil ho jaata hai…. hilne lagti hai… but jab maine apache chalai it is very smooth to ride even at 120 kms………. apache rockz…

  374. abhi

    pulsar is like a taati RTR APACHE baap hai sabki koi bhi aazmaa ke dekh lo anytime anywhere to all pulsar lover

  375. jackson

    R15 is the best bike

  376. mayank

    sala belura log apache ko kv gaur se dekha hai aur chalaya hai dabba to hai aur jaha taha fekate rahta hai
    sala 90 ke baad rone lagta hai

    • kislay

      pulsar sabhi sports bike ka baap hai eske bad hi koi sports bike paida liya…………..

      • rakesh

        plusar is india’s soprt bike.

    • dipakrockstar

      Get First hand with proper service apachi.

    • ash

      dhyaan se dekhna tu luna chalake soch ra hoga k apache chalaya. mera bhai jo 8 me hai vo e use 122 km/hr k speed tk sataya hai.n its damn truth dat apache sbka baap hai. . . .pulser 180 ko maine khud haraya hai race me. . . .mai apache ko 149 km/hr k speed tk le k gya hu. . .n pulser 135 tk jata hai mar mar k. . . .

  377. Harsh

    yaar plz muje batau ki kon se bike achi hai koi muje apache rtr180cc or pulsar180 me se ek ko chune me preshan hu so plz tell me

    • maaz

      apache 180Abs is best..

  378. jay

    Are pulser ke diwano kabhi appache rtr 180 abs chalao pulser ko bhul jaoge kabhi pulser pe nahi baithoge
    aur kya hai pulser mai appache toh asli rider ki nishani hai
    pulser toh dabba bike hai……..!!!

    • anupkumar

      apache ki *******
      pulsar Definetly Male… bike ho tho pulsar… ek time pe mai pulsar ko ithna hate kartha tha… jaise ki pucho math…. jab mere dad ne muje gift kiya pulsar180cc dtsi ug4… muje chalane ke liye mann nahi tha… ab tho aisa ride kartha hu ki.. . dusra bike ki watt laga de tha hu…
      india ki shaan hai… pulsar jai hind

  379. ankit

    apache rtr 180 is best byk pulsar to fattu byk hai…..

  380. samuel

    i going to buy apache 180 white can u give suggestion whch is the best apache or pulsar am confused

    • Rahib


      • ramprasath

        go for apache 180 ordinary white not FI or ABS

  381. sk.yesdani basha

    180 & 160 two are equal but why r u made two types

  382. ashish

    yes pulsar 180 is great and you will try pu180&ap180 ok

  383. prajwal

    apache looks so gud….. so i luv apache…….

  384. munish


  385. Sourabh Singh

    both bikes R FAAD but my Pulsar 220 F izz rule the Road…..

  386. karanveer

    frnds plz tell me who is better bike ??????plzzz

    • maaz

      Apache 180Abs

  387. Mohsin

    Apche rtr 180 is the best.apache au pulsar me apache is good.kyonki maine dono chalai hai .aur dono mere paas hai

  388. guru

    @karanveer:RTR is Gud to handle buddy…..Even Im Having 160 And 180RTR 2 bikes r awsome…..Im geeting milage 46km in 160 and 40km in 180……. & i reach 139km in 160,156km in 180……..even i ride my cousin 180 pulsar also it will rech only 138 to 140km Buddy…….if u want buy pulsar means go for 220 its really awsome……:)

  389. dipakrockstar

    Rts180 is best in terms of quality and racing dna in streets with superiour quality. For your knowledge, apachi 220 is coming soon to f**k pulsar 220… F**king poor quality pulsar for poor people who dont know what we called a racing bike.

  390. Suman

    I Love Pulasr or yeah sub kuch bike kye chalanay par depend karta hai ?
    Friends Fast and slow per depend nahi karta bike kee maintenance per depend karta hai

  391. kundan kumar

    yaar batao ki overall kaun si bike achhi hai pulsar180cc or apache 180abs

    • anup

      180 apache abs

  392. JAISH ALI

    APACHE is best bike of india… pulsar is very badly bike 0-90 tak jaate saale ki gand fat jaati hai…..
    apahe 180 0-60 4.15 second pulsar220 0-60 9 second …….. ab aapi batao bike kaun si acchi hai….

    • KinG*Is_bAck

      Jaish ali ur correct dude…..
      my friend has pulsar 180 and i own apache rtr 180…
      my frd bike sucks 0-60 in nearly 7 seconds and he have to struggle if he want to touch 100kmph…
      and my bike… mann.. ohh its jet.. 0-60 in 4.5 seconds…. and i can easily touch 115 without struggle… even smooth after 100kmph… its amazing bike..
      i m proud dat i own apache 180 rtr…. thanks for TVS..

  393. nivesh

    dono bikes acchi hain par p180 high speeds par vibrate nahi karti a180vibrate karti p top speed greater than apache.hats off to d real 180 power pulsar

  394. mrinmoy

    ra bhi bheja mat khe.apache 180 k seth panga maat le.thore exprience level kame hi teri bheja main…

  395. paramesh

    pulsar 180 is very very good than aapche .i went 130 on it
    it is awesoome you go for it

  396. amit


  397. ziiinnntttooo

    mater inda log kya bat karta hai….da best bike izzz yamaha r15v.2apache n plsr dont even come on the list……..

  398. ramprasath

    go for apache 180 ordinary white

  399. ash

    hey do 1 tink. . . .khada karwa dno byks ko p180 n a180 lets c thn kn kiska marta hai.p180 licks a180 ass. . . .

  400. Vashu

    Apache par bethne k baad aadmi devil ban jata kyoki jaisi bike waisa look.toh phir pulsar par bethkar apni hansi mat udwana.

  401. jithin mm

    Bajaj 180 is the best and powerfull bike…………………………………………..
    pulsar 180 is rocking………………….

    • Md Nawaj

      Mera pulsar180cc ka ha 2013 New mobal ka hai beat pulsar power pul ha yar mai na apan spee ka

  402. Nikhil

    Go for apache 180 abs …. Awesome bike ..its braking is 2 faadu..

  403. amadi

    pulser is the only sport bike in india by BAJAJ MOTORS.IF U PEOPLE COMPARE

  404. ryaN17

    go 4 the PULSAR 180

  405. VishzZ

    abe oye tattuo pulsar to ultar hai nd ,apache chhudii pahan ke nache.. Aja we delhi Ns 125 dwarka airport pe jo meri yamaha R6 ko hara de use pure 50,000 rupaye inam me and haa bachu meri bike ki top speed 251km/hr hai hahahaha price 7.5 lack ab bolo dhua nikla ki nahi hahaha

    • Raj

      teri aukad. hai pehle r6 lene ki…agar tere pas hoti toh tu pulsar aur apache k blog nhi padta…..b**sdi ka baat krta ha…m******

      • shit

        ya u r r8…. hehehe…

      • Sohail ahmed

        Pulsar 180 is rocking bike of the world….bcz pulsar is the india,s no.1 sports bike

    • Anshul

      I have a hayabusa. And top speed is 260km/hr. And get on airport. Kyu ft gyi kya

  406. VishzZ

    ek bat aur apache 180 ho ya pulsar 180 dono ka 17.2 BHP ki bike hai that mean horse power nd their estimeted speed 145km/hr hai utna to fz16 ka bhi hai hahahaha jabki wo 153cc ka engine laga hua hai 14ps ka power hai aur ha chahe 180 ho ya 200cc ki koi bhi segment ki bike ko beat karne wala yamaha R15 17.4ps power @6500rpm 3sec to 0-60 nd 9sec to 0-100 top speed 151 tak youtube pe dekh lena

    • Giridhara bhide

      Vishzz ok let me take your fz16 153cc top speed 130 my self milage 25 to 30 if i ride speed 20 to 25 , pikup too bad , body parts full fiber(including tank outer case) ,repair too costly , road grip good on highway all other small bikes have mud road sala marjayega , speed me emargence break dega hiljatihe too bad bike i ever seen and ride only one good thing wild muscular look with angry thusty grandpaa

    • rajput dude adi

      bhai pulsar 200 dtsi ko km mat smj …r15 ko tho aaram se beat kre.

  407. kunal

    vishz yar ekdum sahi bola boss par mera pas pulsar 180 hi hai and im loving it and mera bhai isi dhartisas k din apache rtr 180FI kharida hai par mast to pulsar lagta hai mota tagda

  408. VishZ

    Aja meri Yamaha R6 ko takkar de ja koi re plz 598cc ka engine laga hai 129 horse power ki bike hai wada raha tum sab indian bikes ko main sirf 2-3 gear me beat kar dunga hahahaha kyuki meri basanti 1 gear me hi 100 cross kar jati hai 😛

    • amit

      gari ingin se nahi jigar se chalti hi mere dost i m amit and working yamaha

    • ddanger

      kon duniya me ho? 1 gear me koi v bike 100 cross nahi karti……….

    • ddanger

      thoda kum feka karo ,,

    • aabhas

      i bet that i can beat you because i have a intruder teri bike ko dho degi

    • ronnie

      i wanna race with u i hve yamaha fz1 which comes with 998cc engine kun ab dhua hui ya rakh ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • stntguru

      aur kitna lapetega..

  409. kapil

    pulsar is the best

  410. kunnu

    hahahahahahaha bhai log mere pass to hayabusa hai 1320 cc dude first gair mai hi hara degi

  411. ajay jindal

    Plz mujhe such btana mein plsr 220f lene ki soch rha hu mujhe bta do ki apeche 180 abs lu ya plsr 220f which is better plz give me right suggesion o.k…

    • ddanger

      baat mano pulsar220 hi lelo, uske peakup or hp jada hai apache se

  412. ajay jindal

    Plz mujhe such btana mein plsr 220f lene ki soch rha hu mujhe bta do ki apeche 180 abs lu ya plsr 220f which is better…

  413. shanto

    apache is best

    • Selva karthi

      Pulsar 180 apache 180 in race in my college apache pick up in first engine sound and performance in also great i love apache RTR 180

  414. NIKZZZZ

    Today i booked apache 180 abs . . . . . . . Its d bestest of all indian bikes with superb handling better than pulsar . . . . . . It does not slips also at the maximum speed . . . . . Had a testdrive today of both apache and pulsar . . . . . . Pulsar suckzzz d core mahn nothin compared 2 apache 180 . . . . . . I suggeat APACHE IS D BEST GUYZZ. . . . .

    • shyam

      Ya..apache is supper.. I had a apachertr180 i feel the prfmnce….its really amazing…

      • Selva karthi

        Shyam apahe is really great the reason for my frind bike is pulsar 180 my bike is apache 180 in two bikes in race my college apache is pick up controll breaking perfomance in all best apache i win the race in Rs10000 cash i love u apache vry nice smoothly and enjoy…

  415. ankit

    bhai log mere pass to bullet hai or mai bhi kabi ni hara race me

  416. Hussain

    Yaar koi saaf saaf please batao ki Apache 180 lu ya Pulsar 180???????????

  417. Swarup

    pulsar 180

  418. atul tiwari

    Yaar pulser180 me pickup nahi h ,apache180 me solid pickup h , double disk h ,pulser180 k liye to apache160 hi kafi h….

  419. atif

    i purchase new model pulsar 180 .its had solid pick up. mujhe to bht maza aata hai chalane mey.n soooo comfrtable.aker pulsar ke baat he such alag hai,the solid musles body. .bt one think i tell that its average iz not much better

  420. Abhishek

    bhaiyo…me apne aur apni bike ke baare me bata hu…
    i have pulsar 150,and me18 saal ka hu…aur maine karizma ,apache 160-180,ko,bhi haraya hai….n i race with boys of any age in my region…..
    kyonki ,race zigar se jeeti jati h ….top speed se nahi……

    ab,batao koon koon agree h meri baat se

    • Ajay Poddar

      Really bro

    • San Deb

      Ur Damn Ryt Dude @ Abi

  421. pradeep

    i hav pulsar 180 it sucks to the core no pick up no mielage

    • imran

      learn driving and ride pulsur

      • Pradeep

        Car drive ki jaati h


  422. aj

    pulsar 180 is the best comparing to rtr180 in terms of long ride pulser180 gives a good comfortable ride

  423. ATHUL

    yooooooooooo,i am totally in ‘?’.
    pulsar / rtr

    • seshu

      rtr 180 abs is superb in performance i have it…. its amazing in pick up n speed….
      i drove pulser its avg u can compare it to apache 160…

  424. sahil bansal

    konsi bike mast hai pulsar 180 or a apache 180 in term of average and pickup

    • AMIT


  425. Varun Saini

    i’ve Pulsar 180 or dats my bike and if here any1 want to race with me with any bike on highway , between the city rush or everywhere u like , comes to saharanpur ya if u take 220cc i’ll take just 180 , or u can use also any 250 or over , and give me just 180 pulsar i’ll make u rider . . . . . .

  426. ashutosh

    apache rtr abs is the best bikes of all indian bikes apache rtr abs is the best!

  427. rahul

    hey guys. . . . . .rtr ho ya p180.mera machine to in sabka bap hai..chahe p220 ko v track pe utarlo. Mera machine to ha mera nanna sa . . . . . . Karizma R . Hahahaha

  428. Abhishek

    Pulsar 180 ka pickup bhut accha hai comparison 2 Apache 180.

  429. sethiya shankar

    bhai & sir
    muje pulsar 2012 lane he 180 or usme me colors white lo ke baleck

    saye bolna mere all bhai
    me gareb ho or lone lekar gadi lane he 180 bhot suak he ?

  430. tama

    dis one is for tha r6 kid..↲F*ck ur r6. Saale dhang ka likhna to sikh le pehle uska baad bike chalana.↲For those who are still stuck between the two bikes.. In performance Pulsar 180 n rtr are almost same,bt rtr gets a thumbs up with its much powerful torque 15.5mn dan pulsar. N bout cntrl again rtr gets da plus point with its nibble traffic carver and light weight, pulsar is also gud but its too heavy.. Bt pulsar is vry much smoother dan rtr.. Rtr has a vibration prbln betwn 4 to 6 rpm which is vry annoying.. I prefr you to take pulsar coz rtr nid to be maintaind alot.. I 2 hv a rtr 180. N withn 7 mnths,i hd to change my camshaft,block piston and had to open my engine which cost rs 4000,bt my bike ws within warranty datsy i hd to pay 2000. Im pissed nw. I prefer watevr u buy da maintenence part is vry necesary n remember nvr to cross the redline i.e 11000rpm.↲I crossd it once n nw my bike is in a garage.

  431. Siddharth

    Y dnt u understand one thing guyz k drag race needs a strong heart nd nt a gd machine…mere paas apache rtr 160 hyper edge hai(dual discs)…mah byk has d capacity 2 f*ck pulsar 200 even…sirf powerful byk hone se nai hota hai…thk se tumlog byk chalana sikho tab comment karo..gadho ki tarah jo comment karte ho its useles..aur ye kaun gadha hai jo bola k yamaha fz16 145kmph ka speed pakadta hai??sala idiot te ko toh byk chalana hi nai ata hoga….aur ye kaun randi ka ladka madarchod hai jo bola k yamaha r6 first gear mein 100kmph pakadta hai..?sale suwar k aulaad abhi tak world mein aisa koi byk nai bana hai jo 1st gear mein 50kmph bhi thk se pakad payega…agar tumlög ek baap ka aulaad hai toh ye sab bakwaas comment karne se pehle apna ****** ko *** ayega..sala bhikari log..byk mat chala tumlog thela chala..byk ka tauheen mat kar be b****diwalon..sala r***d ch***d..

    • Nikhil wadhwani


      • Abhay Singh Rana

        You are absolutely right brother keep it up ?

  432. pandat

    which 1 is good pulsar 180 or apache 180 in overall performance.

    • Neeraj

      pulsar 180 is far better than apache

  433. sheetal

    apachi is the best one

  434. vinay

    pulsar is the best is the fastest bike.

  435. Nikhil wadhwani

    i hav TVS Apache RTR 180
    its breaking system and pickup is really
    So GO FOR Apache RTR 180 !

  436. Neeraj

    pulsar 180 is dam good machine it is far better than apache, i have pulsar180
    riding it feels like superior

  437. sam

    cycle chalao re kamino sab k sab… comment to aise maar rahe he jaise bade bade bikers janme hai.. saale gawar sab

  438. traffic_cutter

    arey doston ,bekaar ka jhagada nahin ,bas itna socho ki ,agar tumhe traffic mein aaram se khade hokar smoothly ride karna he toh go 4 pulsar 180 ,220 ,aaur agar traffic cutter hoke road pe rule karna he toh go 4 apache rtr 180/160/abs . Mere paas apache rtr 180 abs he aaur mein jitne speed se cross karunga ,usse kahin jyaada speed se brake bhi kar sakta hun . Yeh kisi bhi pulsar,r15 ,fz,fazer jesse bike mein abs braking nahin he . Arey doston ,120/130kmhr ke speed se jaoge toh ghanta brake lagega ,kahin raaste mein hi disc brake skid karega aaur kaam khatm . Frnds go for abs agar race ke saath safe bhi rehna ho toh ,nahin toh tumhari marzi . Dnt mind any of this u yamaha riders or others just truth you guys got no abs .

  439. sandeep

    pulsur is better than apache

  440. Gopal

    jo log hight may short ha yo ABS legeya,
    jo log hight may lambha ha yo dtsi legeya..

  441. ammar

    east or west pulsar is the best, anyone who ride this beast once become its fan. So guys go for it

  442. ammar

    samuel u better buy pulsar 180 , dont read and follow all these comments they ar just fighting. U just search in wesites u fill find pulsar is the most rated bike. Its look is very good its mileage is bettr than any other bike in its range and it is very stable at high speed

  443. Gaurav

    Apache jyada achi he pr avrg nai

  444. sayantan

    Bros….. Mere paas pulsar 180 hai…. Aur mai usse 140km/h ki speed se bhagata hun… Bilieve me .. Pulsar is the best.

  445. Sappy

    Mere pass ct100 hai dkh lo hara du ga . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . M joaking .. . Pulsar is best . . .

  446. Sappy

    I hav nw modal pulsar 180 . . With silver engine . Black stearing . . .black spoilar . . Super bike nd white speedo meter . .

  447. jatt

    pulsar 180 is better then apache 180…..
    so, winner is pulasr …………..

  448. Aftab khan

    Are tum log itna kyu fekte ho ki pulsar 180 par mere paas to apache 180 RTR abs mai challenge karta hu chahe jo gadi le ao tum ko age nahi jane dooga pulsar ko to maine kitni baar haraya hoga mujhe khud yaad nahi dum hai to ao allahabad mein ho jaye ek race

  449. remo...

    are suar k aaulad sap kitna gaff fekte ho salo….lagta hai sap vihar k ho…gadd meh damm hai toh mera apache 160 ko hara kar dikaoo….maine karizma ko bhi piche chodd diya hai….aaur bhai log bike jitna cc ka bhi kyu na ho if we got any scooty wid beautiful gal phir uska piche piche…..thoda bhi aakkaal bacha ho toh apache 160 loooo coz centre of mass is balanced and less prone to accident….but pulsur so to day pulsur is not safe either stealing or accient pulsur is unsafe for handling coz centre of mass is not balanced in nepal in ktm daily >10 accient by pulsur…..

  450. Billu

    I love pulser , its the best & super and stylish bike in India. its is stable for formal & casual wears
    i had two bikes pulser180 black & yamaha fz-s white/red

  451. unmoy

    Can i set pulsar 220 visor in pulsar180?is it look same like original 220?

    • sayantan

      yes u cn do it in any bajaj workshop..will cost 3500rs…bt i advice u nt 2 do so…cause it needs much tampering with the circuitry.

  452. anup

    Apache RTR 180 abs is the best

  453. Suresh

    Tvs Apachi rtr180 ABS is best to ride

    • yusuf

      ya, but it have less mileage than pulsar.

  454. SOUVIK

    no comparision to pulsar to apache,pulsar has a great pick-up

    • Gaurav


  455. Sushil kumar

    I like pulsar 220.


    Apache RTR 180 is far better than pulsar 180 ….in looks , performance , everything

  457. muthu

    no one can beat apache with pulsar 180 on all

    • imran

      i can beat with p150 man

  458. Aravind

    I Like Apache

  459. Azam Khan

    Bhai Log Main Confuse hun
    main kon si bike lun
    Pulsar 180 ya Apache 160
    please Help me…….

    • Deepak singh

      Bhai apache hi laina apache is best bike mere pass apache 180 h aur pulsar 200 bhi nazdik nahi aati jab apache goli hoti h samjhe….

  460. vijay kishore

    pulsar is the best one with great milleage & pick up

  461. james

    apache 180 abs is awesome no other evens dare to stand in front its a shange of 500rs,

  462. Arun kumar

    Will someone help me,,m full confused of buying bike,,,,its pulsar 180 or apache rtr 180 ,,,,

    • SANDY


  463. aarya

    plz help for my mileage i hav purshased bike in 2011 pulsar 180 dts in blue colour i it gves me average of 30kmpl plz help guys wht to do

  464. aarya

    my 2nd service i hav done in dec 16 after serving it gve me 38kmpl bt now it gves me 30kmpl plz helf guys

  465. Saurav

    I love to ride apache rtr becoz dats called a BIKE…

  466. AmitdeV

    Apache 180 iz awsum, truely sayin itz hotter then my girlfrnd Lol…, it cn beat pulsar by 3-0 , in topsped , split race & in handling evn in fast race ,though for milage i dnt care bcuz if u cnt affort petrol thn y dream 4 bike…”APACHE ROCKZZZ”

  467. dev

    hmm………rtr 180 is much better than pulsar180.

  468. Nitin

    Apache rtr 180 have an enough gutts to beat pulsar 200,so infront of it ….what is pulsar 180

  469. sudhar

    apache 180 rtr abs is far better than all , it has a good breaking and great pick than pulsar 220 so i recommand APACHE 180 RTR ABS

  470. Pinku

    Apachi 180 rtr realy best .

    • imran

      apache 180 is not better than pulsur 180

  471. Madhav

    Apache RTR is damn sexy n sporty look

    • imran

      s u r correct apache is sexy like a girl but pulsur is like a rock

  472. GURTEJ


    • thisara edirisinghe

      me tooooooooooo

  473. Chamandeep

    Apache 180 is fantastic bike. Pulsar is nthing in front of apache

  474. Linson

    Pulsar pulsar n only pulsar amzing look style n give real sports ride….pulsar one n all bike

    • akh!l

      rtr & r15 are the only sports bikes in india. pulsars fall under the segment ‘commuter’, even 220f. thus rtr is the best for ever..

      rtr rockzz

  475. Akki

    Apache is racing bike and pulrar is stunt bike . I luv pulsar

  476. sreejin.k.s kesu

    i understood that apache rtr is better than pulser..:so i’m going to bought apache:…GO AHEAD FOR APACHE

  477. Bhabatosh

    Guys..ya pulser is stunt bike bt bt if wana race thn go for apache..luk apache 160fi can beat pulser 180..nt apache hyper edge its apache 160fi wich comes in one color orage..btw apache 180abs is race ka baap my bro has pulser 180 n i bought 180abs so..dnt wory u can smash pulser

    • karan

      lgta h tujhe pulsar par koi mere jaisa nhi mila agr mil jta to pta lgta ki pulsar ki power kya h and pulsar is the best

  478. Subhankar Das

    Pulsar is good but Tvs apache 180RTR abs is one of the best .

  479. bipi

    Pulsar .180 is best yr …….wht a bike……apache is nothhng in front of pulsar…….

  480. shareef sarpahithil

    RTR very nice n stong (Hard) look sexy ride, but pulsar is also good ok.

  481. Tamilsakthi

    My pulsar 150 was touch top speed for 139kmph

  482. surya

    pulser great

  483. abhishek

    very very confused apache 180 or pulsar 180 ?

    Priorty mileage n power…

  484. abhishek

    mre pass v- max he bina gear lgaye he neutral me 200 ki speed cross kr jati he.

  485. rayz

    I went through a lot of confusion while purchasing a bike just a couple of weeks ago…. but I choose Apache Rtr 180 ABS and now I am a proud owner of apache rtr 180 abs the bike has quite. Good performance and the speed just flies of the roof…. ABS is awesome… in a race I won aganist pulsar 220f… so I say Apache Rtr 180 ABS is the best…

  486. K. D.

    Apachi 180 RTR is best

  487. SAAHIL


    • SAAHIL


  488. nikhil p lohith

    i love apache rtr 180 , he is the no1 stunt bike , performance of RTR is outstanding

  489. rohithkumar

    pulsar 180 was an a some good pick up an great mileage pulsar 180 was nice than apache pulsr can bet an apache i u have dout u wil keep race k na u can bring in apache hike of 180 abs or 180 or 160 k na we wil keep race if u r k this is my no call me k na

  490. sathish

    Pulsar 180 bike is good

  491. akh!l

    rtr & r15 are the only sports bikes in india. pulsars fall under the segment ‘commuter’, even 220f. thus simply rtr is the best ever.. if want a sports bike, dont bother about mileage. choose rtr

    rtr rockzz

  492. AB Rehman

    Bhai logo chala kr dekho…pulsar 180aur apache rtr 180..ko tb pata lagega ki racing machine kya hoti h…tumhe to cycle bi d do to tum uski hi taref kroge..m nt saying apache best.,bt i,am saying apache 180 is better than pulsar 180

  493. AB Rehman

    Bhai logo chala kr dekho…pulsar 180aur apache rtr 180..ko tb pata lagega ki racing machine kya hoti h…tumhe to cycle bi d do to tum uski hi taref kroge..m nt saying apache best.,bt i,am saying apache 180 is better than pulsar 180 even pulsar 200…my numbr is 9808210394 ,dehradun…4 race

  494. vasu

    pulsar is the best bike forever nd no other bike beat with pulsar…….

  495. sourabh gaikwad

    when you read this blog ofcourse you will get confused. Just go to the showrooms and have a test ride of both then deside which bike do you want? One thing is noticible, a lighter vehicle is always easy to take out of your garage or the parking space else the weight of the bike become curse when you are in hurry and this shit feels heavy to move out of parking.

  496. sankar.

    I have a pulsar 180.. My top speed is 127 kmph…. Pulsar is better then apache

  497. Raj kumar

    I like pulsar 180 it’s smothness awesome and i ride road tour is best milage 40

  498. Anoop

    Apache iS style look bike pulsar is bad look

    • Selva karthi

      Ya its correct.. apache is a racing look but pulsar is not in nice look i love my apache 180

      • imran

        hey with out knowing dont talk about pulsur ………a dareness driver candrive pulsur but ladies can also drive apache

        • joe

          My sister drives pulsar v well 😀 lol

  499. ravinder

    i have pulsar180 & i am fully satisfied no doubt rtr is a good bike but it vibrates at higher higher speeds pulsar is more comfortable than rtr so its pulsar dude

  500. arash shira

    In race pulser is more fast then appache [my expearience]

    • mukul

      apache 180 is an awsome bike and far better than pulsar 180.


    pulsar 180 iz fastest than appache 180

  502. Gajju


  503. Gajju


    • Bhanuprakash

      u come im ready to beet u… I have apache 180….

  504. john

    i hate uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  505. krishna

    trust me i have apache nd i beat pulser 180 in highvay . my top speed in 146…

  506. Shwet

    I have apache rtr 180 my top speed is 160 kmh . so apache is better then pulsar….

    • rishab

      liar!! no apache can touch 160.. i have a pulsar 180 2012 model and i hav hit speeds of upto 136kmph. no apache can come close to my speed.!!

      • Girish

        i have APACHE 160 and i beat Pulser 180 in high way. my top speed is 144..

    • imran

      i have pulsur 180 and my top speed is 167 then which is good man

  507. jino c chacko

    I have a pulsar 180 (2011).. My top speed is 144 kmph…. Pulsar is better then apache

  508. sachin pal

    my pulsar top speed 102 i beat r15

  509. Anuj

    As 17.3 bph of rtr 15.2 torque which is more than pulsar 180, so in first gear the stuning pickup of apache goes 35 km/hr 2nd gear 5o-6o so pulsar never met rtr in pick up

  510. Amal

    Pulsar is most stylish and spoty.I beat apache on highway with speed of 132

  511. Anil mishra

    I want to buy a bike. still I don’t know which is better. Apache rtr 180 or pulsar 180.. can anybody help me ?

    • ravinder

      both the bikes r good but pulsar180 is better than apache180.apache vibrates at higher speeds i.e its main fault but pulsar don’t vibrate with its wide rear tubeless tyres.go 4 pulsar dude

      • balaguru

        pls dont go to pulsar dude.while comparing to apache it a step backward
        so apache is the bro has pulsar 180 and i have apache 180.
        so even my bro says that apache is the best

  512. raj

    i own a pulsar 180 so i say u guys that its sexy to have a pulsar 180 and i don t even say that Apache isn’t good but pulsar is the best

  513. Hemanth raj

    I ride my apache 180 in nh road it reaches 154 kmhr ,but pulsar 180 reaches 162 easily and smoothly,compare with apache pulsar is tall and smooth to ride pulsar 180 mileage 43-48 apache economy 35-41 ,pulsar is best bike in pickup

  514. Akash raj

    Pulsar is best

  515. anwar

    pulsar may be best, but it can never touch the tail of apache!

  516. ranbir ghosh

    stunt bole to not apache pulsar180…so isme kya apache gar marbaiga….
    apache is most 3rd class bike…

  517. uday

    i hv pulsar 150… number 1 bike in india pulsar…apache is vast..bik

  518. shyfer

    apache always ranks 1st in pickup… no doubt and am guarantee for tat.. pulsar is smooth and no vibrations..

  519. Sunil


  520. Rohit

    pulsar 180 is the best bike.

  521. ravinder

    pulsar rocks

  522. ujjwal

    if u r a racer then the apache rtr180 iz best.

  523. Anmol

    I hav ride both pulsar and apache. Pulsar is good comfortable bike. But far behind than apache in pick-up and speed .. Faster than pulsar.. Believe it or not but apache is better.

  524. Selva karthi

    S akhil apache is great bike in india My friend n race in highway road apache r15 pulsar 180 karizma i beat in all bikes i love my white apache girls r so likeing apache is true……. Apache Gangs

  525. Sahil

    Apache is the great bike in deliver the greatest milege of 55 km per litre.thats given good milege in 180 cc segement.

  526. naved

    pulsar 180 any time better then apache 180.stutanting n raceing me bhi pulsar hee hai haighway pe mene mere frind ko bhut bura fada hai

  527. sudipta singha

    pulsar never come with apache..rtr have great pickup…vuuuuuuuu…………………

  528. Samrat

    Apache 180 is better than pulser 180.

  529. sumesh.s

    I like pulsar rather than appache because of its milege


      I LIKE PULSAR180 THAN APACHE180 BCOS OF ITS BEst prformence in terms of speed, mileage etc.

  530. rubban

    pulsar 180 is the best bike i have seen my top speed in pulsar 180 is 144 dat apache cant go at dis speed.:) pujar is the best

  531. rabet

    apache RTR 180. my top speed is >>>>>>>132>>>>>>>>

  532. rabet raja

    very fast bike in my apache RTR 180

  533. balaguru

    the best and undefeatable bike in india is apache 180 is also the coolest bike in india.even pulsar is good but not better then apacheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  534. Paul vai

    P180 is smooth highway bike…pick up is bit slower than RTR’s…

  535. Shyam Kumar patel

    I like apache 180 cc rtr bike. He is very comfortable bike.pulsar 180 cc bike is good but not better than apache 180 cc. My top speed is 149 kmph.Pulsar 180 & 150 don’t touch my apache bike.

  536. Saswata Gupta

    I have pulsar 180 .it is a very good bike from bajaj.infact it is better than its elder sibling the p200. But in comparison with apache 180 both the bikes are the same, the apache has more acceleration and very quick pic-ups than the p180 . The p180 is more comfortable and is good for highway riding whereas the apache 180 is a little bit harsh in highway riding. My pulsar 180 gives 45-49kmpl in city and above 53kmpl in highway.

  537. Saswata Gupta

    MY p180’s top speed , i’ve done is 143km/hr i have also ridden the apache 180 and it gave 150kmph(approx). still i like the pulsar

  538. malhi saab

    pulsar i very goof bike ass compare 2 apache

  539. rajesh

    i have pulsar 220 it beat fzs its top speed 180

  540. naveen

    i have kwasaki ninja it beat all the indian bikes its top speed is 240





    • Vishu rana

      Pulsar te achi koi bike nahi appache koi bike h nakli si brand h tvs koi brand h appache ki to market bhi nahi h pulsar to ek dum bikti h I love pulsar 180

  542. S.Barath

    We have both the bikes in our house. I agree the engine vibration in TVS is slightly higher than that in Bajaj that is due to light weight nature of the engine. But the engine is like Gem. Apache has excellent ride and handling which is very important for a bike. Pulsar’s strenght is its look and fuel efficiency. TVS ‘s seating position is better. I prefer TVS.

  543. Pramod

    Ya even i m using apache RTR 180 which is very comfortable for riding compared to pulsar.

  544. Abhishek

    Pulsar rockz

  545. sunil dev

    apache is the on of the best bike to compare to pulsar…bcoz the speed and power of the apache…………..

  546. rajesh

    i feel apache is more better as compared to pulsar as it makes us feel the power of its engine wich sumwer lacks a bit in pulsar

  547. Akhilnath

    Pulsar is the best but apache is powear full butt is skiedde’s

  548. Pradeep

    Apache is the more powerfull than pulsar 200

  549. Huzefa kanorwala

    Apache RTR 180 is far better than pulsar 180 &200 so i would love to preffer RTR 180 to everyone coz in compare to apache pulsar is a bit heavier and low performing…Apache rockzz..

  550. Bhanuprakash

    apache 180 good sports bike in India… It better then pulsar….blue colour speedo meatr is so beatiful… Ive rtr 180… This is very goood bike….

  551. Saurabh

    We (me & my brother) have both Apache RTR 180 and Pulsar 180 DTSi. Honestly, I like Apache more than Pulsar. Nevertheless, both are good bikes. I feel Apache stands way better in terms of pickup and easy to use. I love it after my old sexy RX100.

  552. jithu

    I have 220 and my brother have apache 180
    I like apache most bcoz the perfect handling,power etc…

  553. paritosh

    pradeep tujhe pata hai apache 180 ka power 17.5 bhp hai aur pulsar 200 ns ka power 23.52 hai…….so pulsar 200 ns is d best bike 2 buy

  554. Vishnu port blair

    Appache subsey beykaar gaadi pura skit pulsar180 rockzzz..tarif kam pad jayega

  555. Rizwan Maya

    obviously pulsar 180…..baaki sab bakwass….

  556. sachin

    apache rokzzzzzzzzzzz

  557. sachin


    Racing DNA Unliste Power Unliste

  558. Shreekaanth NS

    I just like RTR bcz i feel it the power i like engine then sound

  559. Shreekaanth NS

    feel the power

  560. Aman kukretig

    Sala pulsar b koi gadi he pura tin ka bna dabba he jisme 2 tyre lga rakhe he. Tvs rocks

  561. Aman kukretig

    Pulsar is poor bike

  562. gopal

    whatever the bike may be, both vil ride it on road only

  563. preshin

    compare to apache starting pic up is less in pulsar ……..but in high ways…….pulsar 180 is fire… will catch apache…………..,,,,,,

  564. Dharam

    I own Pulsar 180 model 2009, and I daily touches 136 kmph. Pulsar is the best machine in its segment. It feels less vibrations than TVS Apache 180. For good performance and price value, just go for Pulsar 220F. I’m planning to Buy Honda CBR 250R. Please don’t go for ABS models if you want to perform Good Stunts.

  565. arnaud sosthene

    pulsar BAJAJ 180 DST-i est meilleur dans tous les plan comparer à TVS apache 180 RTR il est plu pèrforment ,plu confortable ,plus de dizangn et sa consommation moin par rapport a apache

  566. aaryan

    jo bi h tu…tjhe open chlnge de rha hun…aaja apni yamaha R6 leke…

    Lucknow m rehta hun…hayabhusa chalata hun…
    jeet paaye toh jeet liyo…
    othrwse u wl dfntly eat my shit…
    1300 cc ka engine h…
    jo ukhaad ske ukhaad liyo R6 laake apni..
    thik h…
    Aaja its my open chlnge

  567. Abhi gurjar

    I hv ninja 250.. earlier i was hvng RTR180…Nd i hv also rode pulsar 180.
    Accrdng to my opinion Apache is bttr…
    If ur thnkng of pulsar 200 or 220 thn plzz go for ninja it’s awesome….

  568. thisara edirisinghe

    no words, apache rtr is the best bick. forever. no other bike to close it.

  569. aakash

    see guys da fact is you shud hav fun while ridin ur bike….dts wt s important

  570. aakash

    see guys da fact is you shud hav fun while ridin ur bike….dts wt s important…i hv a apache rtr 180

  571. Sri Kavi

    Pulsar rules the road. . . then apachi. . . I pulsar is the best of ever. . .

  572. rahul

    dum ha to call me 09728304466 frist pr. 100000 but race road pay nahi baalu meeti may hogi term and cond. 1 . without fornt barke 2. 1 let. fuel used in 25 km . racetrake . or dosto apne apache 180 ready ha .juuuuuu.juu.ju.juuuuuuuuuuuuuha dum to call me

  573. Aiswarya patra

    Guys, i want to buy a bike plz help me which is better p180 or a180 plzzzzzzzzz comment

  574. arun gujjar

    are meri mano to apach 180rtr hi lo this is the best other than pulsar

  575. rajini

    for a long drive pulsar180 is best thn apache rtr180

  576. raja

    tvs 50 is fastest and most powerful bike. sorry sorry ,tvs 180.

  577. yadav

    rtr 180 is the best ….pulsar 180 compare with apache 160 😀 hehe….so guys go for apache..amazing pic up..power,mileage,handling….

  578. Rahul

    Both apache rtr180 and pulsar 180 are more or less the same .But apache rtr is superior than pulsar in terms of performance,handling,braking.Rtr180pickup is awesome and is generally meant for racing. The only defect in Rtr180is vibration but overall it’s a wonderful bike and has an edge over pulsar180.Aur bhai log sabsi badi baat kisi bhi bike ki jaan uski engine hoti hai aur yeh sab Apache Rtr180 mein hai .pulsar 180 lek
    e kya fayda jab uska engine hi dhang se kaam nai karega to khaak chalaoge the entire bike will become a piece of junk saale kaabad khana mein rakhna padega…soBhai log go for Apache rtr 180 i have this one.

    • nis

      To be honest i dont think dat p180 is a piece of junk after 2-3 yrs. U can see a lot more old pulsar models circling around far more den rtrs…to be frank i have made a gr8 fault in choosing rtr180…

  579. nis

    I bought apache rtr 180 abs yesterday but not having d fun i expected in riding it…moreover in 1st gear it lacks pickup compared to both 180 nd 220…

  580. u baka's

    I have pulsar 180 ug3 its comfortable.just go for pulsar n if u want more speed just change rear tyre 120/80-17 n fit smaller than it then it will give u 1N.m.

  581. Prateek Kanpur

    Kyon thak rahe ho sab log…???

    PULSAR 180 ke saamne apache 180 bachha lagta hain.
    Exterior Look mein Apache se x100 muscular aur strong Pulsar lagti hain.
    Apache is not more than a kid’s toy in front of Pulsar 180.

    Apache is just a crap of shit.

    My Middle finger salute to all of Apacheians.


    • ARUN


  582. Arun

    Apache 180 rtr is the best

    • ARUN


  583. Rahul

    Bhai Log Pulsar 1 year Bad kesi kam ki nahi Rehti … And wait Me Apache Ka jyada Wait he … Pulsar Sirf Naam ki bike he . Jab mene pulsar 180 n 200 se Race ki tab me 1st gear me hi unn se AAge Nikal Gaya … Lol … Apache is the BEST … Very Good Handling, Cool Breaks … Ma ki AANkh 70 k.m me Break Lugaoo To bike WAHI JAAm ho jati he .. but Pulsar ko ISS type Se ROKA to HAAT Pair TOOTna To pakka HE … Pulsar bhi koi Bike He kya .. Puri Plastik ki he … Koi kam ki Nahi … Or mEne pulsar 200, 180 sab chlai he .. chlane pe esa lugta he Jese Tum RACING bike nahi Bel GADI Chla RAHE ho … But APACHE ko HATH me LETE hi FEEL HOTA HE KI … YA IT”S RACING BIKe … Pulsar TO BAKKWAAS BIKE HE … Kitni HALKI … 100k.m pe chloOOge TO PATA lugta he Ki tumhari bike TO ROAD PE GRIIIIIIPPPPP Hi NAhi DE RAHI … But APACHE Ko MENE 120 k.m TAK BHagaya He par firr bhi Bike NE MUST gRIIIP DI ROAD PE .. N I FEEL FREEDOM … PulSAR TO PURA BHANGAAR HE … AND APACHE ME RACING D.N.A Bhi HE TO i think APACHE IS THE BEST BIKE … N PRATEEK BHAI … MERA JOOTA BHI PULSAR KO Salute ni MARE … and AGaR APACHE NE PULSAR K TAKKER MAAR DINA TO PULSAR K 2 TOOKDE HO JAYENGE … LOL 😛

  584. Rahul

    N PULSAR 180 ki RESELL VALUE 30000R.s Bcozz Peoples know Hows pulsar And APACHE”S 180 RESELL VALUE Is 40000 TO 50000 R.s …. n APACHE”s Price 85000 r.s N PULSAR 180 Price 70000 r.s Agar OOKAAT Nahi He RACING BIke KHARIDNE ki To Pulsar Le lo AGAR he TO APACHE Lo … 180 …. KYA BIKE HE … I LOVE MY APACHE RTR 180. THANK GOd Ki ME inn Pulsar jese KACHRE ME NAHi PADA … So i think APACHE’s GIVES You A RACER FEELING .. Bus APACHE KHARID OR CHOOD DE ISS DUNIYA KO PICHE …. N Pulsar me koi pick up NAAm ki CIIZ hi Nahi He … MERE 3 DOST HATH PER TOODWA k BAithe he Na to Pulsar ki BReaking power acchi he or na hi pulsar … 😛 APACHE … MA ki AAANKH … NAAM hi KAFI HE PULSAR WALO KO DArrANE k LIye … LOl 😛

  585. Rahul

    N APACHE Ko TU ROAD PE 60k.m ki SPEED ME BHI USS PE WHEELIIII KRR sakta He BUt Pulsar Me pahle tujhe speed 20k.m rakhni hogi N firr bhi WO RAOD ko CHAAT TI RAHEGI ..LOL 😛

  586. himangshu

    i hav a pulsar 180cc new edition,really such a bakwas bike,i wish mene apache 180 ya 60 liya hota 2 pastana nahi parta…


    pulsar 180 best bike ..and with rocking speed…….. and great look ………..

  588. Hellrider

    Abey sabko open challange deta hu…mera bike Honda CBR 250 hai …..jiska bhi dum hai aa jana…duniya ka jo bhi bike ho aa jana..mein mera bike se hara dunga….agar 2m jite toh mera bike lee lena..sallo racing ke liye accha bike nahi jigar chahiye…

  589. Vijay

    I have apache rtr 160 hyp.edg with 6 head cylinder alter at Coimbatore @ by pass it normally touches the speed of 149 @ 11 rpm apache is better than all other racing bikes……
    apache rokezzzzzzzzzzz

  590. subashboss

    Indias no1 sports bike pulsar and perfomance comfortable and good milej

  591. smart ibrahim

    Pulsar 180 is number one of the bike and its one of the race bike don’t forgot it

  592. akshay

    I have pulsar 180…..

    Are mere bhaiyo sab bikes jabardast hai,
    sala bhaghao To splender b bhagti..
    Tumko jo bike pasand hai wo bike lo saale ko….
    Nothing is more then your choice…..

  593. debasis

    Vailog mai ek bike lene ki soch raha hu….lekin confuse hu k pulsar180 lu ya apache rtr180 lu…. Mujhe pasand toh pulsar180 hi hai lekin apache 180 v kharab nehi hai….maine dono bike hi chalaya hai..tumlog mujhe help karo decision lene mein…plz

  594. akshay

    Pulsar 180 is best bike dude phir b teri icha….

  595. Shubham

    Abe b*****o. Pulsar 180 chalao to jano…
    jiske b pas pulsar h wo dusari bike lene ko nahi sochta.. It just coz of satisfaction
    got. it..
    apache to j***u. Karizma to j***u.. Bike pe controling he nahi in breaking time
    baccho dikhawe me na jao. Apni akal lagao..
    best selling of the year b pulsar ko milta h
    pickup best, mileage best, comfort best..

    BAJAJ PULSAR.. india’s no.1 sports bike

  596. Shubham

    Jitna b roughly ride karo.. Koi fark nahi padta…
    karizma, r15 k to mask bol jate h =D

  597. sanjeev dogra

    pulsar150.180.200.220 allover super and racer bike .apache ek kabad our tuchal bike ha.sali120kmtak ki speed bhi nahi pakad pati but pulsar 135tak ki speed ko aag ki tarah pakrti hai. Jo bhi apache leta hai uski pulsar kharidne ki aukat hi nahi hoti hai

  598. Mr. Deep

    Ha pik up bdia h apace ka par brand to nakli h sala 1 sal to bhagti h apce fir ma b chudti h iski khub mere frnd ne li thi 160 suru me bda khus hua k bhot bhgti h sal bhr bad pistan cluch plat sb beth gye har sevc pe pese lgte h uske 3500. 2500 .4000 mjse udhar magta h total bkwas bik kbad pulsar is gud luking n durable its parts also low cost n luking is awsome mene 4 sal pulsar 150 rkhi h 5 gante me 250 km chala dta tha use mast chalti thi bs servc karao mauj kro . Ab mene p 180 li h ye us se b dhasu h

  599. Mr. Deep

    Apace 60 pe nachne lgti h jese genratr pe bethe ho frnds phle chalao fir feel krna .lgti bchi si jese pila ha ha ha pta ni log kyu pese bigadte h wajan halka h to bhagegi hi salo ne piche margad me se b plastic chura li h 160.aur 180 dno dkhlo chahe pulsar alwys roks in long rute .its braking disk is awesm i m always use disk 120 pe b disk se cntrl hoti h bik avrag to gud .jb ek apace bikti h to 10 pulsar sorum se bik jati h yui no. 1 bik na bni wo jb se launch hui h koi b modal pita ni h sbse dhum machai h apache is kabad third clas bik peso ka wastag

  600. Titto

    Go 4 the apache rtr 180 abs..ita brake awsome …

  601. ASMAT

    gap maarke ber fadliya sala ek ke paas hayabusa to ek k paas yamaha r6 sala 1 gear me 100 tum log neta bunjao re bohot naam kamaoge kitna fekte ho pata nai luna kharid sakte ya nahi r6 lelya! Challllllll!!!

  602. karan

    Apache the beast.rules the road with scary look..pulsar just OK..
    But Apache superb leads all the road..

  603. sk jangir

    Bhai logo jis k pas Jo bike h wo apni bike ko hi acha batayenge na ki Dustin bike ko
    Pulsar bike ka look acha h to maximum log look ko dekh kar hi pulsar buy karte h lakin
    TVs ki bike ka engine bajaj ki bike se hamesa powerful raha h kabhi bhi chala kar dekh Lena. It’s true

  604. sanjeev dogra

    pulsar180 horse

  605. sanjeev dogra

    pulsas180 ka koi mukabla nahi i have already pulsar220 mane our area has ten150 six220 and eight180 my brother purchase 200ns pick of pulsar220f so good top speed167km/h but apache not catch140km/h So buy do you like pulsar not apache

  606. Sohail ahmed

    Both awsm…….Pulsar180 is the best8-)

  607. Rahul

    Friends New APACHE RTR series is best then any 150 and 180 bikes in india is engine and overoll performence is best then any other bikes.

  608. Rahul

    Pulsar is monster ….always rock 180 and smooth..

  609. binny

    Pulsar 180 is looking like ‘wwe the rock’…. most electrifying

  610. nash



    PULSAR 180




    RTR180- 6/10
    PULSAR180- 8/10

  611. Akhil

    Pulsar 180 is the better one comparing to r t r 180.pulsar is smooth and power.

  612. rick

    i hv both rtr 180 nd 180 pulsar rtr initial speed nd handling is better.

  613. topspeed

    pulsar is smooth and apache has speed….

    • sriram

      you are right ,,,,but which bike gives a good mileage””””’apace180 or pulser180
      pls tell me i want to buy a new bike……180cc

  614. Topspeed

    hey i want to buy a 180 cc bike…but p180 doesn’t suit me so i want to buy an apache 180 …or should i buy p200 ns??

  615. Rishav

    I completly agree with u brother

  616. JPS

    sare pulsar me 2 spark plug he appache me 1 he to jyada power kiska hua pulsar ki nehin appache ka jo 1 spark plug he o khol ke dikhao to o start bi nehin hoga but pulsar ka1 khologe to start hokar race bi appache ki tara jaega liki jab usaka khola huatha plug lagao ge to appache ka nami nisan mita dega kun ki o dtsi he.Pulsar ko Indias no1 sports bike dia hua he and mtv me stunt bi dikhajatatha.So Pulsar is a best bike.

  617. jd

    tum log sab apni farticher bike leke aajao.mere pass rajdoot 1000 hai tumlok ka ghanta bajane keliye.

  618. Pulsar & Apache

    Pulsar & Apache 2no same type ka bike hai…

    2no hi kam kimat wala bike hai aur 2no ka speed me thoda bahut fark rahta hai…

    Racing bike kharidna hi hai to KAWASAKI NINJA kharid lo…

    Aur agar normal bike kharidna hai to SUZUKI GS150R (6 gear) kharid lo…

    Kam kimat me SUZUKI GS150R best bike hai…

    Ya phir rude riding karna hai to Yamaha ka bike kharid lo…

    Agar comfort riding karna hai to Honda ka bike kharid lo…

    Kharab rasto ke liye Yamaha aur Suzuki ka bike best hai…

  619. Pulsar & Apache

    Aur Apache & Pulsar 2no hi jaldi kharab bhi ho jata hai…

  620. Arun

    Kon kehta hai apache bakwass hai mere pas apache 180 hai
    agar pulsar main dum hai to race lga le apache se
    Yeh meri guarantee hai agar pulsar ne apache ko hra dia to
    Himmat hai to lga le race . Pulsar ki sabse bakwass baat uska engine 2 saal baad
    Died ho jata hai.pulsar never came the position of apache……

    Apache rocks & pulsar shocks

  621. Arun

    Kon kehta hai apache bakwass hai mere pas apache 180 hai
    agar pulsar main dum hai to race lga le apache se
    Yeh meri guarantee hai agar pulsar ne apache ko hra dia to
    Himmat hai to lga le race . Pulsar ki sabse bakwass baat uska engine 2 saal baad
    Died ho jata hai.pulsar never came on the position of apache……

    Apache rocks & pulsar shocks

    • shuvajit

      agar such me janna hai ki pulsar or apache me konsa achha hai to Google ke website pe likhna ” india’s no1 sports bike” tab tum he jabab mil jaega. samjhe?

  622. Mc Parkour

    hello my friends apache rtr 180 is the best bike in everything.pulsar 180 doesn’t have the capacity to even stand in front of apache rtr180(racing dna unleached)

  623. Ashwin Debnath

    Apache RTR 180 is not only awsme but is d best.
    Pulsar 20 yr se same design, platina ko hi hara sakti hai
    Apache se lagaye to kuch baat bhi thi
    Good & comfort bike

  624. akshy

    pulsar bajaj 1200 cc bike lounch kar rahi hai sabhi karna fir race
    apachi is good bike. and pulsar forever good bike evertimes
    har bike achi hoti but apne ander dum ho
    racing to lag chahe apachi ho ya pulser and other bikes but
    apni jindgi ka khayal bhi rakhna
    isliye slow and study

  625. zeeshan

    pulsar chalti hai to apache jalti hai…….sahi baat hai ; are yar apache koi bike hai na look na kuch

  626. Sahil

    yr apachi raching k liye pulser se better hai….but stunt k liye pulser better….or sabse jaruri bat…dono bikes ka top speed same hai 136kmph…but pulser ye speed pakarti hai 1.42min mai..or apachi only 57 sec mai…yr racing k bap apachi….
    or koi v jankari k liye call kare 8759118771 is no par…

  627. shoaib malik

    apache ek sound less bike h or pulsar ki awaz kaisi h sab ko pata h…rtr 160 ka pickup 220 pulsar nhi de payegi gurrentid apache looking ar
    e so so awesme….

  628. risky boy

    ***********BEST PULSAR LOOK AND SPEED *********
    ***********US PAR BANDA BHI MAST LAGTA HAI ***********

  629. Vishnu

    TVS Apache rtr 180 is the mr & mr pwrfl thn bajaj pulsar 180. Apache alwys feels sfty pwrfl rdng & also gud qlty engne.. Racing Throttle Responce is GoOOd.

  630. Ajay

    Dont think no More Apache RTR 180 is always better than bajaj pulsar…

  631. shuvajit

    agar such me janna hai ki pulsar 180 or apache 180 me consa wala achha hai to zee business channel dekhna, tum he jabab mil jaega ki pulsar 180 better hai

  632. shuvajit

    abbé salle apache ke dewano janlo ki apache chalane se vais ki gari achhi hai

  633. rider

    jo log apache ka mjk ura rhe hai unhon ne kbhi dekha bhi hai apache ya phir pulsar ko hi apache samjhne lga hai aur yhn comparison ka baat hai hi nai au wo bhi kam se kam pulsar aur apache mai…..:)

  634. shubham

    pulsar hi sabse best hi because he is so havey

  635. pulsar boy Abhay

    bhaiii mai manta hu Apache achhi bike hai magr pulsar ke muqable 0 hai apache

  636. Atul

    apache is a good bike infact pulsar is also a good bike but when pulsar becomes old it very very noisy raleally but apache is a great one forever

  637. sunny

    vai uuse bol de ki sasti chiz hi jada bikti h.

  638. sunny

    han vai ye baat tune thik hi kaha.
    mene v ak bar bachpan me ak bell gari ko cycle se haraya tha.

  639. Aamir

    Apache 180 abs can beat pulsar 200ns if the driver is lionhearted apache 160 rtr can touch 150 kmph my friend has driven it.

  640. aarya

    mre pas rtr 180 aps hai.n m doing free style stunts frm ds..its soo cmfrtable bike…n suprb. hndling…n is bike ki speciality ki baat naa hi pucho to acha hai so i ll go wid my new ryt 180abs…

  641. Avi

    Apache is better than all bikes err 180cc

  642. pritam choudhary

    Mere pas 220 m pulsar h 130-140 k hi Jaty h .bajaj valo ko improvement ki jrurt h . es se jyada to r 15 150cc ki hoke bag lety h. But new ss400 mai jrur kuchha khas ayega go aram se 190 -210 tk bhag kegi 44 bhp ke sath .

  643. sumit kashyap

    pulsar ka mukable koi bike ni rtr 180 bilkul bekar bike h i hve done ride this bike. india,s no 1 sports bike pulsar aise hi nhi ban gyi bhaaiyo.gaadiyon toh bhut per pulsar sbki baap h

  644. Sexy Boy

    i hav ninja….now cum those who wants to race with there bike…but yes pulsar is d best… mere vhai k pass pulsar 200NS hai…kya speed hain NS ka… with 6 gear… monster hain pulsar… no comprsn wit pulsar… pulsar is legend

  645. irfan ali

    Irfan Ali up disstik ranpur thsel .Bilaspur

  646. irfan ali

    Irfan Ali up disstik rampur thsel Bilaspur

  647. Sag

    any body wnt to race thn cm on track ill show u on my Monster NINJA 350

  648. shubh

    Apache ko pulser se compare mat karo apache pulsure ki maa choad deti hai salo Jake apache le lo

    • Ashish Sangai

      u muder**od

  649. Ashish Sangai

    HeLLo m a kul Boi from the US and mein tum sabh ki g***nd marne aaya hoon…..APAche is A SUCKS pulsar is a SUCKS 2. byk fr d p***ys. agar t**ton mein dum haI toh apni l**d bullet mein daal ke dikhao.

  650. Ashish sangai

    Abbe hijdo ki sena if you want to ride something ride me

  651. shashank

    apache rtr 180 ….se compare mat kro…..koi sale pulsar 180 m rear disc v nhi hai…..apache s compare krte ho

  652. shashank

    don’t worry ..coming soon apache 250 .pulsar rs aur ninja 250 k gand maar k rakh dega ..

  653. Piyas

    Apache better in look…. Pata hay kyu ….. Kyu Ki iske pass look k sivah aur kuch nhi hay na….. Is lie…. Pulser is pulser… Ak baat notice karna pulser pulser ne sirf uss purane model ko improve karne Ki kausis Kia…. Apache Ki tarah racing dna laga k nhi…. Waise to bohot saare kit milte hai… Use laga lo … Apache walo dekhte rahe jaygi…. Bikes to bohot saare hai…. Agar aisa koi bike chate ho, Jo friendly ho…. To go for pulser…. Has a manly look…. Apache to …………. Choro kya bolu…..

  654. vrain

    apache is the best for pulsar

  655. Sumit

    Bhai log Pulsor appache bakwas honda shine is best cause Jb tk pulsor aur apache 50-60 Ke speed pakad te hai tb tk shine apne top speed pakad lete hai 110 Ke haa pulsor aur appache mai speed. Jayda hai but honda shine k jaisa pickup ni hii Dono mai i love shine…

  656. Samar

    bhai kon bol diya apache ka pickup mst h usko to meri Platina 125 dts-si ne fad kr hath m de di
    Apache ki aukat to Jaipur- Delhi highway pr bhga kr dekhli ti meri bike ke sath jab tak meri platina125 cc 100 pr pohonchi tab tak to apache sirf 70 ki speed hi pakad payi thi mano ya na mano but yahi sachai h
    apache se compare krne k liye pulsar ki jarurat hi nhi h meri platina125 dts-si ne hi dekh liya.

  657. Vinod mudgel

    My best choice

  658. vishal yadav

    i have used both the bikes 180 rtr and pulsar 180 there is the defect of vibration in rtr and there is also defect in pulsar the engine of pulsar heated very rapidely as the weight of rtr is less then the pulsar the power with respect to weight is high of rtr but the pulsar has high milege then rtr there is auto off indicator in pulsar and there is light at the handle which look good if pulsar is cheaper then rtr but more function then pulsar al around if you want a bike for normal use and for sometime race pulsar is the best option

  659. soren kumar manjhi

    yr sahi bole sala jayad speed krne ke bad engine jayad awaj krne lagta hai or engine jhar-jhara jata hai

  660. Probir

    r a dost Jo bhi bolo Apache is the king yr iske sath pulser nehi tik payga, Apache or pulser dono bike ko maine chalaya hai isiliye itna confidence se bol raha hu….

  661. Magesh s

    Really Tvs is better BIKE IN india
    No 1 sports BIKE

  662. vivek Ethan

    I’ve driven pulsar a lot but when it comes to handling after the speed of 90 the bike vibrates too Much and overall to u can’t lean your bike at 100 but it is a great bike and I never driven before rtr but I must Say that it is a great bike with comparison of pulsar smooth handling even at 110 sudden pickup and also my one is giving great mileage recently I got a new rtr 180 and I’m happy with it or ek baat pulsar ka chain sprocket bahut jaldi kharab hota hai or w/o aerodynamic nai hai jiske karna handling or top speed pur thoda kapta hai or yes av tak Maine do no me 123 kph ki hi top speed pakdi hai but at that speed pulsar ka vibration or handling or maintenance kafi bekar hai rtr se so in my opinion rtr is way better than pulsar ……………go apachians long live apachians….

  663. Ajay yadav

    RTR 180 ki tho discover 135 hi le leti h yr bajaj ki bike hi best hoti h pulsar 180 is the best bike

  664. Deepak verma

    Best kon c bick hai pulsar 150/180
    ya Apachi 160/180

  665. Topspeed

    yoo…recently owned a pulsar 180…thnx for the comments….

  666. yarthart

    Hey….Apache rtr 4.5 sec may 60+ pickup Marta hey lekin pulsar nai Marta…or rtr ka front or rear disc hey or pulsar ka sirf front…..or may ya Manta hu ki rtr bhot bhot he had a accha hey pulsar say….pulsar ka chain ka prblm hota hey..or v bhot prblm hey…lekin rtr Jo smooth chal ta hey…mere to best or best rtr he hey…maynay pulsar 180 ko kuta ke tara haraya short pickup may v or long may v…or….jo v yaha rtr ka badnam kar raha hey ..unlog plss thora net kholkar search kar lay ki TVS ka kitna sara sports bike hey…lekin BAJAJ ka to hey he nai to kya baat karu….bajaj ka sirf pulsar 180 ,200,220 hey .lekin TVS ka dekna bhai tumlog tb bolaygaaa …BAJAJ, Best hey ya TVS …….I luv my rtr…best best bike

  667. yarthart

    Or yaha jisnay v stunt ka baat kiya hey…to unlog Plsss thora net kholkar rtr ka stunt dekhlay………yaha pay GUWHATI ( Shillong ) pey sirf or sirf rtr or pulsar say stunt hota hey lekin rtr say jada log pasand kartay hey stunt karnay kyu ki uska weight thora kaaam hey……

    Toooo rtr say kavi pangaaa maat leyna…..
    Or RTR ka matlb Kya hey tumlogo ko PTA v hey….
    Rtr……lovers….it’s give U to feel a real race……gooooo rtr

    • Topspeed

      lol…noobest comment ever….pulsar 180 is a much better refined bike thn rtr….yah it may hv some gear transmission issues sometime….bt its really a superb bike in case of accelerating in tripple digits…rtr simply give enough vibes to break ur hips

  668. mridul

    Abe tum log kya ladai kar rahe ho apache 180 ka top speed 124 aur pulsar ka 123 he aur resing ke liye apache best

  669. mridul

    Mera apache 180 2011 ka he usme meine us imported air filter lagaya 30 se 40 sec mein 125 kpl ud jata he

  670. mridul

    Abe tum log kya ladai kar rahe ho apache 180 ka top speed 124 aur pulsar ka 123 he aur resing ke liye apache best.

  671. Topspeed

    haa bhai…isliye to rtr jyada he naa india me….lol….pulsar is all rounder dude….comfy with performance n fe…

  672. vishav sharma

    Bajaj pulsar 180 is best…..bcoz iski service nd milage achi ha….apache ki service bakwas ha aur apache ka spare part bhi bhaut costly ha…..bajaj pulsar 180 is best in this segment….

  673. Saurav Roy

    apache rtr 180cc mee bst ha …i have defeated pulsar 180 with my apache rtr180.

  674. dinesh

    sab kuch chodo bhai sabse zabardast to xpro hai sound to clear hai aur speed bhi 110 tak jati hai

  675. Killer

    Abe donkey kabhi tum logo ne pulsor 180 drive kiya hi uspe kutte log nahi baithte us pe to VIP log baithte hi bhi kutte log to apache pe baithte hi pulsar is most better and beautiful bike you cannot compare with apache

  676. Killer

    Abe bhi baat to yaha pulsor 180 ki chal rahi ti isme apache chuhe ki baat kaha se a gayi

  677. Killer

    Dekh bhi ager jayadah shouk hi pulsor180 se race karne ka to tu apne rtr 180 chuhe ko le kar aaj pulsor lion ke samne

  678. Munish

    btao koi non punjabiyon

  679. monu kumar

    bhai m konsi lu apache 180 ya pulsar 180

  680. Ashish

    Apache 180 abs is the best bikes in world

  681. Nehra Ji

    Pulsar best h bhai

  682. pj

    i have apache 200 4v matte blue
    Anyone one intresting koi race krne k liye ye offer pular 220 walo k liye b h

  683. hilal ahmed

    Nice 180 RTR BIKES

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