Carburetor adjustment and its importance in bike engine performance

To own a bike would be every man’s dream and why not, to have one is an ultimate joy. There is a sense of freedom that only a bike rider can experience of riding bikes. They are a style statement for men and also the decent modes of commuting providing some economy to and from the work.

Any motorbikes we see today are definitely fuel efficient. Let us not talk about the Ducatis and the HDs for sometime; they are not bought for being fuel efficient.

So, bikes in general would ask for a little maintenance and they serve us long for whatever minimum care they receive. However, to keep your bike in ship shape and at optimum performance level, there are certain things that you need to do periodically; adjust or say tune the carburetor.

Carburetion is a little complex subject in bike maintenance only if you didn’t know about it so far. Just a little understanding about it could actually chase your fears far and you can do the fine tuning at the comforts of your home on a regular basis saves on your time and penny and you and your bike will have a long life together.

Carburetor is a device that actually mixes the fuel and air to allow the process of combustion to happen which generates the power. In fact, engines per se would not function without a carburetor. Most bikes made lately are coming with digitalized fuel injectors which are a replacement to carburetors; however, carburetor is still a common thingy in many bikes. It doesn’t hurt to have some idea about carburetors and their tweaking.

If the carburetor is not cleaned and tweaked regularly, then its ability to govern combustion process could be hampered, which results poor run and also poor mileage. Carburetor tweaking ensures that the engine receives right amount of fuel; not too less not too high, just that right amount. Tweaking the carburetor will so ensure fuel economy.

Things needed to carburetor adjustment:
A carburetor cleaner
Soft cotton cloth
An RPM guage

Using a bike carburetor cleaner(solvent) and take off the settled dust and dirt from your carburetor. See that all ports as well as the jets are cleaned. Then, slowly remove the oil deposits clogging which could deter the smooth idling of engine. For this take a clean cotton cloth and remove the deposits and the cleaner from the carburetor. Never use crude wires to remove deposits; which can actually ruin the calibration that your carburetor is set to.

Start the bike engine and idle it for a while until say the engine gets warmed up. You can figure out the mixture screw which will be present near the barrel on one side. It is actually at right angle to the carburetor barrel and a little below the half of the barrel’s length.

Now remove vacuum hose/tube from the carburetor and fix RPM gauge to the port to which the vacuum hose was attached on the carburetor. The RPM gauge should be able to read RPMs of at least 1400 RPMs.

Using screwdriver slowly turn the mixture screw in a clockwise direction until the engine runs at max; high idling on a bike engine will be 1400 RPMs.

Now with the screwdriver turn the screw anticlockwise just until you hear the idle run to the point where it starts cutting off. Normal RPM will be around 1000.

Remove the RPM gauge and fix the vacuum hose to the vacuum port of the carburetor and ensure if the engine is smooth after removing the RPM gauge. In case you hear that the carburetor cuts out at the idle, just turn the idle screw a little up to a point where it is running at 1000 RPM range.

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  1. vishal

    i like it

    • omkar

      Hello sir I have discover 150f mileage giving 30 kmpl plz tell me how to adjust carburetor adjustment for good mileage

      • Hrishi

        Just take it look to the garage or to the showroom

      • debasis

        change cdi and ignation coil. most baja bike affect by cdi unit. change cdi unit..then tune as per carburator manual. you can get surely 52kmpl.

        • Rohtash

          Please help

      • debasis

        also change o ring and float gasket.

      • Rishi

        I hv mahindra centuro o1. and it’s giving only 30-35kmpl .. pls help me out.. in setting up the carburetor

  2. jayachand

    I have a 1969. Last one year iam not used and cared. now every thing corroded .petrol tank leak milege drop. But after one and half year without any hesitation he came with me for a long ride. I changed oil and spark plug fuel tank cleaned little bit. started within fifth touch. milege is very low i thing 15 km. once again i will improve with your suggetion i dont have RPM METER

  3. rohit

    i have 2009 krizma r bike my bike given 20&25 km/l milege
    i am going to highway my mixure jet is lost i am purchse new jet
    pls adjustment carburetor

  4. sha

    i hv a pulsor 2002 model ,frm last 1 yr itz givng low mileage plz advice me to improve mileage and to make it run faster like new bike without any loud noise as it found in pulssor with age

  5. prasad

    heloo sir iam very interested in mechanism can u mail me the basic operations about the Carburetor . mail meat .this was my request i wil try the same

  6. SANDY


  7. vinoth

    hi sir i like it your artical sir i have a hero Honda spelenter plus but my bike gives a low millage what to do sir

    • Hrishi

      Get cleaned your engine carb spark plug and right adjustment of Saree of carb will help to improve mileage

    • debasis

      cchange o ring and float gasket. also check air leakage from carburator. then tune air mixture screw 2 turn anticlock wise. you get 72kmpl. no affarid

  8. suresh kumar

    how can i improve the milage of my bike

    • habi

      just stay at home

  9. yogesh bhamare

    Hallo sir, I have passion plus. I want to improve performamnce of my byke so pls give me the detailed process with possible photographs.

    pls reply

  10. s.riyas

    i have a 1995 model kpajaj 4s champion its givw me a 34km milage after service the engine give me any ideas

    • debasis

      It super bike

      Engine premium quility super. Reseting engine by a perfect mechanic. You get 75kmpl surely.

  11. mithlesh kumar singh

    how can i improve my bike milage . i have libero G5.

    • roli cme

      First of all you need to tide off the lower screw pin and turn two round clock wise with screw driver and lastly adjust the solo rest.

  12. Cijoe

    Hai .am using bajaj xcd 135 .yesterday while driving it stops suddenly even petrol was full . It stops usually like when petrol is going to finish .but bike has enough petrol in it. After 2 mins of stop bike again starts.i want to know what is the cause for that

  13. ulrich

    I am no mechanic but I would like to find tricks to increase the speed of my bike. thank you for answer


    Hello sir
    I need to know how much amount of fuel can store the discover 125’s carburetor while the engine and fuel valves are turned off



  15. Nafis

    I have Honda stunner PGM-fi 2010 model.
    pls give me suggetion to set the carburetor as i get only 45kmpl.
    i cant get that where is its air screw.

    Thanks a lot

  16. DANIEL

    i am using cb unicorn dazzler… fuel efficiency is very low ,,, how to increase mileage by adjusting carburetor

  17. kevin

    I have a Yamaha SR 250 which I bought second hand . When the weather is cooler and I start the bike it starts runs for a few seconds and then it cuts off . I start the bike with the choke out when this happens. There after the bike will not start with electric starter. I eventual am able to start the bike if I run start down a long hill. Please let me know what the problem could be.

  18. vinaykumar

    i want to adjust the corborater in suzuki samurai bike how is that

  19. shan

    i’v got suzuki shaolin 5speed……my bikes carburator really working bad nd m really ahead for porting it nd mke it done for more higher end speed……….. plz suggest

  20. antison ka

    i am a passion pro custmer. i want more about carburter and its tuning .

  21. anil

    i want to take some picture in my knowledge about engine of bike .

  22. chandramohan

    i’v got bajaj discover 100cc 5speed……my bikes carburator really working bad nd i want more about carburter and its tuning , fuel efficiency is very low ,,, how to increase mileage by adjusting carburetor, so i want detils

  23. vishal doshi

    i have yamaha libero G5.Its average is very low. pls sugges me ,how to make it properly good ?

  24. Shijil

    hello sir,
    i’v got bajaj discover 150cc 5speed……my bikes carburator really working bad nd i want more about carburter and its tuning , fuel efficiency is very low ,,, how to increase mileage by adjusting carburetor, so i want detils

  25. Alok Yadav

    This is Er.Alok ,your article is fake,the exact trick for tuning is not clear,while rotating screw,when to stop? at max rpm of engine?

  26. kesavan

    I have a Honda CB Shine 125cc(Model 2010).

    When I riding my bike it’s runs normally, but i maintain my speed if i reduce and give the pickup, at the time bike was created sum noise even through it was switched off and it’s gives very poor millage(40/L).

    Kindly give the solution.






  29. balaji naidu

    hello sir i am having a Honda unicorn bike for the last few month i am facing the i dealing problem in my bike the race of the engine increases or decreases by it self i have shown to 2 or more service center no one is able to solve the problem i have also changed the clutch wire, acceleration wire,choke wire sir please give me a good replay

    • Hrishikesh shivgunde

      Put a new carb it costs from 1000rs to2000rs its cheap and how many km does u r bike ran

  30. Sagar

    Hai sir,
    i have pulser 150cc 2009 model. It gives low mailage. Can i change my pulser bike carburator to 100cc bike carburator. If i change which problems i get. Pick up and fast not matter to me. Plz tell me sir….

  31. Shahid

    My bike(pulsar150) gives 50-55 kmpl on highway but only 33-37 on local roads but it differs to 20km

    • Shahid

      40-45 shd b btr

  32. shiva

    ride the bike on the speed of 40 to 50 klmph and adjust the mixture screw of the carburator

  33. Sandeepyadav


  34. tommy

    Can i replace the main jet of cbr150 with that of unicon for a good milage??

  35. uday kumar

    Am studying diploma in mechanical I am preparing a project work plece some information in carburetor for study project please sir,,,

  36. muthukriahnN


  37. vishal

    my bike carbureator’s adjustment scru is jam plz give me some idea to improve mileage

  38. RAJIV

    I have Suzuki Max 100 bike. Now a days while running sometimes it makes a big sound and suddenly engine stops. Next time when I start it does not give normal sound and while running for 10 to 15 meters it stops again. But If I keep the bike idle for 1 hr or so it runs normally.
    Is it the problem of spark plug adjustment or something else.
    Plz help.

  39. mudassar

    ya! definitely in the same way my mechanics just adjusted very well the carburetor screws and now my splendor is on fire with 85 kmps! enjoy buddy the boombastic ride>>>>>>>>>>.

  40. Anand.B.M

    I Decided to start bike re-modeling shop . For that can you say the what type of machines and how much cost i need (rupees ).

  41. M.Senthilkumar

    Honda stunner cbf bike how to adzes carburetor

  42. Vikash kumar

    I have bajaj discover dtsi 100cc bike . My bike carburator tunninng very bed so please explalan about carburater tunning so give some idea for this

  43. akhilesh

    You should give answer with adio&video system thy aperson can adjust home u should also describe the setting of compan on carb like how many round screw should turn

  44. Vikram Bharwal

    Dear Sir

    I have a Bajaj Pulsar 150 , 2009 model. I have issue with its average its only giving 25-30 Km/PL. Is the problem in the carburetor, should I replace the carburator I have been serviceing the carburetor 3 times in last 6 months.So help me what should I do.
    Please Give me your Sujjestion’ !!!

  45. saran

    hai friends i need help for descover 100cc engine assembiling guide .plz help him urgent

  46. Saroj

    I think there is problem in ur fuel regulator ( on, off,Reserver that swith) remove that device and clean throughly , petrol mixed dust in long run can cause that problem its common as the bike gets get older cleaning that must fix ur problem.

  47. faruk

    i hv centuro but milege 30km per lit i m tired with dealer they dont hv expert to tune carbetor pls help some how to milege …thax

  48. bunty cyandel

    Mere paas passion pro 2011 model hai phle meri bike 65 tak ki average deti thi par ab wo 45 ki average de rahi hai.mai kai baar service cantre b ja chuka hu par unse b kuch theek nai ho pa raha hai kya is me koi meri help kar skta hai.

  49. bunty chandel

    MEri passion pro bike 45 se upar ki average nai de rai hai mai kai baar servic centre b gaya wo road test me 70 ki average dikha dete hai par on road 45 se upar nai aati average.plz help me anyone.

  50. krish rawat

    my hero honda passion bike stops attomatically after 15 km when i run it on 50kmph and if i run it on 30 kmph it never stops kindly suggest

  51. jijaji

    bike ke petrol tank se thoda sa petrol nikalkar chidak de aur maachis mar de sari problems khatam ho jayegi .

  52. Abhilash C

    I have Honda Unicorn 150cc bike,,
    my bike mileage and pick up has dropped down drastically..
    Can u suggest wat would be the major issue..
    I left services Thrice but no use..

  53. srisanth

    I want more information about carburetor
    can u give plz

  54. ravindra singh

    I have a problem with my bike discover 125cc 2006 model since 1 year and no one can solved that not even bajaj showroom service center the problem is that my bike engine got off if I run my bike at 50 km per hour and after off it not become on its only on when i stand it for 10-15 min plz help me for my bike problem

  55. Peter

    I have a 1982 sr250 yamaha and when I start the bike after about 15secs it starts to back fire and stall can you suggest what could be the cause please

  56. Collins

    well said sir, i own a second hand xcd i wish to change the engine and fit a new one. Can boxers bm150 fit,? will it be compatible? if not, which one is?

  57. vinay

    Hai sir,
    i have pulser 150cc 2009 model. It gives low mailage. Can i change my pulser bike carburator to 100cc bike carburator. If i change which problems i get. Pick up and fast not matter to me. Plz tell me sir….

  58. shyama choran mukherjee

    i want to buy hero glamour doesn’t have any carburetor.will it be safe to buy this bike in terms of its longivity which is not having a carburetor & having a fuel injection engine?

  59. chirag solanki

    i have suffering problem of Horse pipe leakage so they more lever high so they do not give better performance so pls. give me guaide for what to do?. i purchase that bike befor 7 month.


    i am sofe ahamed i am suffring problem of carburetor. my motercycle md byk100cc bajaj old modle
    cont mb 9999408431. please in form us its to argent

  61. prem kumar

    Sir,I have Suzuki maxR 100.I am getting 25kms per liter..I want improve millage..but I have one idea (I.e)..if we change carburetor of some other bikes which is getting more millage…then we can get millage some what better right..if possible please let me know which carburetor is suitable….please mail me to degala.premkumar@gmail..


    Hello sir I have a discover 100 cc bike 5 gear it gives on 1 liter /60 km mileage it is good or not .And it has automatic carburetor can be change platina100 carborator please send me mail

  63. k.somasubbi reddy

    Sir,i have discover100T bike,i want to best milage to bike and while going every 200 km after my bike has stopped on the traveling so advise to me for this problem

  64. sujesh

    Hi sir I have a cd100 I am problem is autometically accelarate increase why sir

  65. prince

    I have unicorn dazzler which is give me 35 mileage . I have serviced my bike in next week spark plug engine oil air filter all are changed from honda showroom and machenic also do caburater setting but after this my bike is give me 35 kmpl what can i do

  66. somashekar

    Sir by mistake engine oil nill. Bike sound is different. 1 ltr engine oil is nill with in weeak. So pls tell the solution or suggestions.

  67. somashekar

    Dicocery 100 cc bike 2011 model.

  68. mahesh

    Hi sir I. hve dicover 150cc bike it is not giviing proper milage so plz suggest me wat to do & its not going 100 km speed it’ll get vibrate what to do is there a good service genteel in Bangalore near to Srinagar, plz suggest me

  69. Anand

    i have a cb trigger which is 2 months old and the bike won’t go above 70 kmph ….and the milege i get is also poor its have very less pick up it takes so much time to even get to 50 kmph….
    what should i do?

  70. Allan

    I have a hero im getting there any ways to increase my mileage…
    any driving style,gear shift ratios…plz give me a soln….

  71. Allan

    i wanna know what’s the secret buehind honda unicorn mileage….

  72. bunty

    I HV passion x pro it gives 50km in 100 rupees how I improve the average and I want to tune carboretur

  73. roli cme

    My suzuki samurai old model bike after repaireing whole engine by changing connecting bearing,engine bearing,oil seal, casket,clutch plate block piston ring etc… but no pick up while moving and when i started in nutel the pick up is fantastic.. so please help me out to solve the problem ??? Is it carburator problem or starting coil????

  74. prem mumbai

    Mere pass splendor nxg 2012 ki hai jisaka avg abhi 52 kmpl hai, pahle 75 kmpl avg multi thi, Maine local maicanic dikhaya to usane carbolator me setting kiya to 52 ka avg Milne laga, kripya app muje carbolator scew setting bataiye Kaise best average mile?
    Pls help me sir.

  75. kunal

    my cbz bike is the verry low average 1 litter drive only 25 km pls solutions me pls an help me urgent

  76. Nandy

    I own pulsar 150 I get only 28 kmpl can i get more milege its 2010 model reply me.

  77. roli cme

    Hi… i need help ….. i have bike Suzuki samurai last time i have repaired full engine but no pickup why it so like this??? Plz reply…..

  78. pramod

    Hi sir, I have shine 125cc,the bike having a less milage n starting problems n also not giving agood speed,this problem is arise from after carbarator setting. What can I do then…..plz help

  79. Mortuja

    I have Honda cb twister pls give me suggetion to set the carburetor as i get only 45kmpl.i cant get that where is its air screw.

  80. rahul

    hi… i had discover 125T 4 valved engine ….. i had good mailage of 60KMPL….. but there is a problem of my engine sound it sounds too hardly and badly any suggestions plzzzz………some of ma friends said its engine valve problem ….. but it was not fixed by bajaj service

  81. Nandu

    Hai…..i have a Discoved 100,2013 modelfor last 4months my bikes mileage is 35-40kmpl,what can I dooo……,plz give me a reply……..i am just got mad,and what is the speed for this bike to get a good mileage

  82. mortujashaikh

    fuel can store the discover 125’s carburetor while the engine and fuel valves are turned off

  83. john majumdar

    I have a Honda stuuner 2008model. It does not take pick up while riding and sometime it stops automatically if I ride fast. And engine goes hot in normal running condition. Pls suggest

  84. Birat dev

    Hlo sir i hv a honda stunner bike.there is big problem,it’s only leaking oil from air pipe.

  85. Vikash kumar

    Hello sir plz solve my problem. my bike Honda stunner milege problem .me jab isme 65 Rs 1Ltr petrol dalata hu to yeh 30 km chalti Hai’ mene iskI kai service bhi karai Hai bhir bhi avg 30 ka hi deti Hai. Plz solve this problem any one thanking you

  86. akash

    hello sir, I have a yamaha Fz s from last 3 years. From last week onwards, my bike missed the start and air pass from curboreter when bike is slow. I checked my bike and cleaned the valve. But still it has the probleam. Please reply me what is the problem.

  87. Rohtash

    Please halp me sir. I’m use discover100m top speed 100km more speed setting provided , mai kya kru aap muj ko Bta seething par 90km tak jati thi .mena seething ki hai carbatter ki fir 100km tak jati hai..kuch or bta do .jis sa bike ki speed or bad jay ..please help

  88. Rohtash

    6600 km chali hai

  89. rahul

    pls help me i have xcd 135 cc its giving me 1liter 40km milage macanic says change ur cilender kit for milage …. pls help me its that solution to extending milage?????

  90. roshen jacpb

    Hello there, my hero mastro 2014 model now has a slow speed problem. I was out of town for 3 months after that my scooter’s slow speed is above 40…could u suggest a way to fix it..?

  91. Azad

    Such a useful information bro , am welcoming upload like this in future

  92. a.anilkumar

    Hi my pulsar 150 ,15000 kms complete and now daily morning the bike rpm was raising, in the speed of 50 kmph the rpm normal range is 4k but in the morning time the same 50 kmph the rpm raise to 4200 rpm but once switch off and on the engine the rpm come to normal

  93. manish rana

    Sir meri hero baike carburetor adjust meant



  95. alagar

    sir im having hero honda splendor plus 2006 model im getting 55 kmpl, my bike was strucking (engine gets off).I changed slow race adjustment screw and cleaned carburator and petrol tank but the problem is not resolved How toget upto 70kmpl and resolve stopping problem

  96. manojkumar chowdary

    Yamaha FZS 2GS4 is having carburetor or nor

  97. Chandra

    All Mahindra centuro have the same problem…. I am also facing this problem. I am planning to go to consumer forum.

  98. Abubakar,

    hi sir.. I have splendor 2001 model my bikes milage is 72 klms, but edling is not stables, it is just holding and cutting but not dies engine, its just increasing decreasing, I want to stable edling and slow beating so what to do sir

  99. Pradeep

    Hello sir I have CB shine 125 mileage giving 30 kmpl plz tell me how to adjust carburetor adjustment for good mileage

  100. sachin

    Hello sir I have TVs victor bike old model jiska milage 30 ka hai plz improve the milage

  101. Ashok vasant shemadkar

    Mahindra canturo mileage bad 35 to 38 km

  102. aman

    Help 38kmpl ka avrage

  103. Abhijeet kumar

    Hello sir I have discover 110 mileage giving 36kmpl plz tell me how to adjust carburetor adjustment for good mileage

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