Best 125cc bikes in India

Which is your choice from the 125cc bikes in India?

India is a big market for two-wheeler bikes segment. Ranked next only to china, Indian consumers are always on their look out for feature-packed bikes that give value for their money. To cash in on this ever growing sentiment and also the consumer behavior major bike making majors in India from Honda to Bajaj seem to have their focus set on designing, developing and launching models pitted against adversaries in the 125cc bike segment. The best thing about this segment is that the bike models that fall in this category guarantees the basic functionality of say speed, performance and also fuel efficiency at an affordable cost to those bike enthusiasts looking forward to buy a commuter bike for the first time.

In this segment Bajaj has incorporated a new technology in its engine. It is called DTS-Si Digital Twin Spark —Swirl Induction aiming for higher fuel efficiency for its customers-Bajaj Platina DTS-Si. Bajaj strategically focused on its R&D to launch newer models and upgrade already existent ones in this segment. This bikes performs effectively even in low RPMs. Bajaj Platina DTS-Si is best for city rides with soft suspension and drum brakes at both the front and rear ends. The bike is slim and short but it’s not as stunning as the Honda Stunner.

Bajaj Platina 125

Then, there is Bajaj Discover 125cc. The bike model is quite trendy and stylish. It hit the market with electric start as well as a digital console. But the unique feature of 125 cc model is the digital twin spark ignition (DTS-i) technology. Bajaj Discover 125cc model guarantees better fuel efficiency than its competitors. One can enjoy good riding experience with the Bajaj 125 cc model; however amongst its adversaries in the 125cc segment, Bajaj Discover bike looks smaller.

Now leave the Discover and the Platina behind and get your hands on the new baby Pulsar; Bajaj Auto launched its Pulsar variant P135 LS on December 09, 2009 pitting it against the Honda Stunner. The styling looks good and the split seat and split grab rails with disc brakes in the front and the bikini faring of the headlight all make it quite a decent metal in the 125 cc segment. There are actually many uniques to Pulsar 135cc, and it certainly is a value for money from the looks (a Rs. 51,000 ex-showroom price in Delhi) and we will come out with a detailed review on the Pulsar 135 in the coming days.

Honda Stunner from the Honda stable has been an impressive bike in this segment wooing youth for sometime now. The bike’s engine generates 11 bhp at 8000 rpm and can accelerate to 60kmph in just 5.2 seconds. Now that makes the Honda Stunner the fastest bike in the 125cc segment. Besides stunner has killer looks with a stepped-up seat and fuel tank. The buzz with the Honda stunner is its gorgeous styling with also the extended cowl. Again, Honda stunner is better suited for rides on the city roads than cruising along the highways. Weight distribution in this bike is quite impressive. Stunner has been raved for its excellent brakes as well. This is the bike that oozes in style statement and definitely for the under-20 bike riders.

Another good blend of high-end sports bike and low-end bikes of the 100cc is the Hero Honda Glamour. Glamour is a 125cc. bike from Honda and the styling of this bike is quite unique with hood, and tweaked headlamp and tail lamp designs. It features 4-speed gear system and gives good riding experience to riders even at that high speeds.
The Honda bikes are great for the first-time bike enthusiasts and if you think of upgrading your bike in the later years, Hero Honda bikes also come with good resale value as the engines provide with great mileage even after that long-term use.

But if you are looking for a decent look and do not want to compromise on mileage Honda Shine is a sure good bet. It does not feature that sporty look thingy and appeal, but has an in-built comfort level that any office commuter would definitely like to enjoy on a day to day basis. At low speed one can enjoy excellent acceleration, however, you cannot expect a second glance as Honda Shine is not a bike with beauty; it’s the bike designed just for comfort. This bike is designed to cater to a different segment of population and college goers aren’t given a thought when it was designed and developed.

Then, from the TVS stable there is a new warhorse which is TVS Flame DS 125cc. The Flame DS 125 is a re-launch of already existent Flame; however it comes with new technology developed with TVS’ collaboration with Austria-based AVL. The 125cc engine with three valves is tweaked to give superior performance as well as improved fuel efficiency. TVS Flame DS125 is also the first and the only bike with 3-valve and the twin-spark plug technology (finally the legal feud between Bajaj and TVS ended and Flame DS125 is the first launch from TVS after that). The new TVS Flame DS 125 comes with a price tag of Rs. 49,200 and it just a little higher than the existent Flame. Available in the color options of red and black, this should be a deal for the money.

So, for the Indian roads, the 125cc segment is getting hotter and hotter with newer launches, upgrades and makeovers quite often. Grabbing the market share with innovative products has been the mantra adopted by most of the bike makers in India. However, the one that sells the most will depend on the particular population segment. If you are a college-goer and would love to sport a style it might be Honda Stunner, but if you are looking for a commuter bike that is a value for money you could probably settle in with the Bajaj bikes.

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  1. Raman

    I think there is a poor company called Yamaha and they are making bikes for indian market also. And in the 125cc segment thier Gladiator has been awarded so many times as best bike in that segment.

    • Sumit

      hey can u tell me how is Yamaha SS Gladiator?

  2. Kumar

    I appreciate the effort to present this! Its informative and might help a few in the decision making.



  4. kannan

    No Gladiator ? 125 cc bikes review without no gladiator in it ? Seriously .. Its best bike in this category, but you are mentioning crappy bajaj platina and lame tvs flame… really, are you kidding ?

    • dinesh

      i agree with u

  5. Sunil

    It s an unfair review without yamaha gladiator , its milage is not good but its performance is excellent. It is a pleasure to ride…

  6. gaurav

    the best bike in this section is stunner ,i hav owned stunner and drove upto 110 kmph and in best conditionsits mileage is 65kmpl

    • Rohith

      Hi Gaurav,
      This is Rohith from Mumbai, I aso owned stunner and drove but it is giving me 45Kmpl after all possible Seetings and work.
      please suggest.

      Require your valuable suggestion.

      Which Model your Using?

  7. pradeep

    its shine …… it is a family+friendly bike ….. i injoy with this bike ………

  8. ravindersingh saluja

    remember yamaha has the policy to only sell the bikes and then back off, no customer service, no spare parts, so beware of buying any yamaha product in india. they treat indians as second rung customers. plus remember as soon as you register a yamaha bike you lose up to 50% in depreciation. very bad resale value for the same reason. so my opinion is thumbs down and boo boo to any yamaha product.

  9. Abhishek

    in 125 cc segment bikes . i think the new suzuki slingshot is the best because it has great mileage and pick up.and hero honda super splender is also good.

    • animesh

      please say about millage/litter?

  10. Ashwin Chitpadi

    125cc bike review without Yamaha gladiator / SS 125 ?
    May be part of the article is not posted or reviewer purposefully left this bike !
    I am a PROUD OWNER of Yamaha Gladiator – The Performer –
    I agree on Glady’s poor millage (around 58kmpl norm drive @the max) and so is Honda Shine. You cant predict millage but.. performance you can.
    Gladiator 125cc with 5 gears and 11bhp – Nothing matches this in 125 segment – except Honda Stunner (@ the cost of 10K more).
    Just have a test drive and experience the Real bike.
    Service is good (Based on my 1st service experience).
    Yamaha is also picking up its market in India – not a point of worry.

    • dinesh

      definately without gladi ,comparison cant be made

  11. abhishek

    What abt Shine??? Is it not good bike?

  12. RoB

    Hiiii ppl..
    Yes its HONDA CB SHINE 125cc engine powering 10.3bhp at 7500rpm its enough for a 125cc bike and its mileage is about 70kmpl……………the price is resonable 55k on road delhi………………..

  13. abishek

    shine is a excellent bike with cool drive…….

  14. Bipin Karwal

    I want to sell my bike,Pulsar 2003 ,excellent condition,Blue colour,No accident,only 15000 run.Standing at garage but serviced in time.

    Please advise .I want to sell it @ best price.
    What is the best rate.
    I am a residence of Kirti Nagar,Delhi.

  15. Kunal

    I have Hero Honda Glamour. It is the bike with good speed and nice handling. Also it have sexy style. The engine is just best. I drive constant 200km in one day without any stop, but the engine create no sound just smooooth. I offer to buy this bike it is the best 125cc bike in India.

    • Vinod

      I agree with Kunal, i to own glamour . till today it doesn’t gave any problem to me. mine is kick start only, but i not kicked more then one time. even at high speed(110kmi reached) the handling and braking is fantastic. According to me this is the best BIKE in 125cc Segment

  16. Amit

    I think new Super Splendor is better than others bikes in 125cc categories.

    • Rabi

      I agreed with you.

  17. dinesh

    best bike is yamaha gladiator ss125,

    • prakash

      the yamaha gld/ss is the best bike in 125 segment.i have perches this bike,my bike avg is 60 & top speed 110 kmph.last two years i am raiding this bike no any promblem.thanks to yamaha.

  18. kc

    Really without writting yamaha gladiator in the 125CC review is incomplete, but Yamaha india is not good for service support. Their service staff is useless.

  19. Ganesh

    slingshot is best bike in 125cc segment , but whats about spares of these bike?

  20. deepak

    the article is incomplete without YAMAHA GLADIATOR.
    the one and only smooth bike in 125 segment.

  21. Saswata

    YAMAHA ss125 is best bike in 125cc other bikes.its good pickup.good mileage good looks.

  22. Saurabh jain

    NEW YAMAHA GLADIATOR IS BEST BCOS IT HAVE A GREAT PICKUP,DECENT LOOKS & GOOD MILEAGE….Stunner and shine gets vibrate and make noise at the speed Of 55 but glady doesnt make it at 108 also….thats why I love the yamaha gladiator the real performer….I drive all the 125cc and 150cc bikes I love gladi in 125cc & YAMAHA FZ16 in 150cc…

  23. Deepak

    Yamaha ss125 is best bike in the world, more power & more Pickup Sporty bike in 125cc

  24. Rohith

    Hi Gaurav,
    This is Rohith from Mumbai, I aso owned stunner and drove but it is giving me 45Kmpl after all possible Seetings and work.
    please suggest.

    Require your valuable suggestion.

    Which Model your Using?

  25. sathyamurthi

    The yamaha gladiator is the best 125cc byke in India.It have an advantage of good style,comfortable riding,reasonable price.

  26. chanchal chakraborty

    which one is better for
    comfortness,millege,long drive and in acceleration yamha gladiator 125 ss or glamour PGM-FI or shine or any other.

  27. Kushagra

    i m Confused which Bike to Purchase in 125cc Segment….as Petrol price is increasing Day by Day…i need a bike with performance as well as average…

  28. vijay

    yamaha gladiator is the best bike in 125 cc bike.i am using gladiator bike’s milage is 60 speed is 115 kmph.suspention,smooth,style,speed gladiator is best.

  29. rejosh

    gladiator gives 75+ on highway…with constant speed of 60 to 65…& can reach speed of 110 km/hr…YES YAMAHA

  30. Dasaradh

    I am planed buy a125cc bike. what is best bike 125cc pickup and millage plz give your advice
    My mail ID:

    • suresh

      yamaha is very nice bike ss125 good pickup good mileage looking is very nice

  31. mayur suryawanshi


  32. Vaibhav

    Recently i have to plan buy 125cc segment bike, but i have no idea which bike is best perfomance in pick-up,millage,service,price.i am confused in this segment because i saw all bike in this segment like herohonda glamour,tvs flame,suzuki slingshot,honda twister,bajaj platina & yamaha gladiator. please suggess me which bike is overoll best.

    • srinivas

      Recently i have to plan buy 125cc segment bike, but i have no idea which bike is best perfomance in pick-up,millage,service,price.i am confused in this segment because i saw all bike in this segment like herohonda glamour,tvs flame,suzuki slingshot,honda twister,bajaj platina & yamaha gladiator. please suggess me which bike is overoll best

    • suresh

      yamaha ss125

    • aekaprava

      If you want
      A. Style: 1. Honda Stunner, 2. Yamaha SS-125/gladiator. 3. TVS Flame
      B. Ultimate Performance, pickup : 1. Yamaha SS-125/gladiator.2. Honda Stunner, 3. Honda Shine.
      C. smooth Handling : 1. SS-125 (far ahed than any other competitor, even better than few 150cc bikes, just see the handle bar). 2. any others except Stunner (because of little bigger size.)
      D. Fit and finish, quality : 1. SS 125/ Stunner 2. Shine 3. glamour
      E. Millage: 1. Super splendor / Platina 2. Glamour/ flame 3. ss-125/stunner

  33. V.D.

    ******** i Got it At the end YaHaMa Gladiator is the Best ******

  34. kuldeep Singhal

    I want to Purchase 125 CC, plz suggest me which bike I Purchase,with best performance and mileage and maintanse.

    • Mohit

      Gey bro don’t go for 125cc segment they neither gives u mileage nor power only bajaj is providing better fuel efficiency in 125cc segment rest all are approx. 45kmpl even cbz extreme hunk pulsar 150 and 180 is giving this much mileage. Earlier bikes in 125cc were giving a mileage of approx 60kmpl. I sugest u to go for 150cc segment unicorn is the best in mileage performance and less maintainence even u can go for honda dazzler it’s really stunning bike but it’s looks can disappoint u.

  35. priyesh prabhakar

    i think the best bike in 125cc segment is YAMAHA YBR 125.

  36. Sreekanth J

    Yamaha SS125 is the best among all 125cc bikes. It has power, style, amazing control, good road grip and more importantly mileage. I purchased it last month (April’11) and have completed 1000km. Even I went on a long ride (550km) to-fro, I didnt feel any back pain at all, more over I enjoyed the ride. I have Honda Shine also, which is also a decent bike, but it vibrates above 70kmph. My suggestion is Yamaha SS125.

    • Akil

      Wat abt Mileage comparison ?
      how much mileage does Gladiator gives ……

  37. Dipinraj d k

    I hav HERO HONDA GLAMOUR. Its a good bike in 125 cc segment. B coz it gives comfort drive even in cut roads with good mileage. Low maintainance. But it takes time to catch a speed of 80 – 100. Also vibration free. Good resale value. A middle class man can purchase it happily with no tension. SO STYLISH….
    So enjoy glamour riding

  38. S. K. Mishra

    koi bhi 125 cc bike 45-50 tak hi avarage deti hai . 125 cc bike me sabse best honda shine hai. uske bad new launched bajaj discover 125, yahama gladiator aur sabse last me hero honda glamour.

    • Rabi


    • Rabi


  39. Neel

    Did anyone purchase hero honda glamour recently? I feel it is the best bike in 125cc category in india. Stylish look, comfort, handling . . .over all, all other bike in 125 cc like gladiator, shine, stunner, discover are in envy.

  40. Dheeraj

    in 125 cc Honda shine is good compare to other bike and suzuki silim shot also goods but if will compare both of them then suzukit is best

  41. neeraj

    hello, i want to purchase a bike in 125 CC segment (mileage is preferred ) . wat about honda stunner.. or any else u can suggest.

    • aekaprava

      Go for Super splendor or platina. Stunner is a very good and decent bike but in millage section it’s not as good as Splendor or Platina. But of-course performance is far better.

  42. sss

    Dont buy any YAMAHA Proiduct. Many spares not available at faridabad factory itself. Already suffered a lot.

  43. prabu

    hi to bike lovers,

    i am in very confusing stage to buy 125cc bike, my requirment is good millage & suspension only. Kindly give your justifications.

  44. Rajesh Sengupta

    Dear all,
    CB Shine is no doubt a best 125 CC Bike. But onece you cross 50 Speed, you will notice a Vibration Problem will start. I am facing the same problem now. So Dears Friends before you purchase HOnda CB Shine, do a test drive at the speed of >50, if it will not vibrate then you will be lucky and choose it to buy , its mileage is also good.

  45. raju

    I think i will go with tvs ds flame 125,b`coz it has everything sportylook,features like digital mater,3-valve and the twin-spark plug technology ,also great milage,
    what you guys think??

  46. nathan

    i think the best 125cc bike was new discover125cc.because 11bhp power & i got mileage of 68kmpl.decent pickup & top speed is 110kmph at NH roads but small vibration is there while at top speed but its not a problem service it uniformly.and the rate on road 55k so its also one of the best bike.i love my bike its rocks…………….

    • sachin ahirrao

      wat about new tvs flame ds 125

  47. Shivam

    hey Frnds, i need to purchase bike .. tell me … 125cc or 100cc…. i want all in my bike …mileage the most, power, normal looks b chalenga… but bike should be good … so plz frnds … suggest .. plz … i am waiting ….

    • Shahrukh

      I think the best 125cc bike is bajaj discover 125.I’ve purchased this bike 6 months ago.I got 75 kmpl milage in highway and 65 kmpl milage is city.Good pickup.



  49. deepak kumar

    i have honda shine before 15 days. it is good bike in 125cc engine, stylist, powerfull u can gone to hill this bike, average discrease & increase on ur handling

  50. deepak kumar

    one problem in this bike that is right or wrong etc.. u drive 70 speed it is best bike another bike u drive 70 up speed . i advise u purchase 150cc engine bike

    • dadda

      pls learn english!

  51. praveen

    which bike is best in 125cc segment

    • suresh

      my opinion is honda shine or glamour fi 2011 model .both are giving quality and also riding comfort .millege

      • jatin

        hey i have heard that normal repairer cant repair it beacuse of new technology
        but only the hero repairer can repaire it so can i choose it plzzzz answer me quickly

  52. manish

    give me suggestion for bike in 125cc honda cb shine or yamha ss

    • rahul

      yamaha ss is good

  53. Vijay shrivastawa

    Bajaj Look is good and Pickup is good yet It is very longer process to change any part in warranty, and its timing chain, chain set, Clutch plates are very poor.

    I have CD100, CALIBER 115, PLATINA 125, PULSER 135

  54. Vijay shrivastawa


    • milan

      go for cbf stunner pgmfi . it gives u 65kmpl .

  55. Naveen K S

    which is best TVS Flame SR 125 vs Bajaj Pulsar 135

    • sachin

      I have purchase the bike last month december tvs sr 125cc & i happy because great look, stylish, digital speedometer, average was overoll 65 km, low budget rs. 57,000 on road.
      I have purchase this bike my frindes recommded to me chose discover but i have happy this bike.
      Really this is ‘great value of mony’.

    • darwin

      go for hero galmour 125 cc it is the no 1 bikein 125 cc in overall performance if u want check in google .
      2.shine shot

  56. Nihal

    125cc me honda stunner sbse best 150cc ki bike lagti hai.his look very honda is tha best.

  57. Megh

    I have been planning to buy a vehicle in 125 CC segment and have done the exhastive study from all the perspective and decided to go with Honda Shine for better mileage and cost. Only glitch here is need to wait for 3 months to get it deliver it really sucks man 🙁 I have enquired most of the showroom and I do not understand the reason for being wait for more than 3 months to own a two wheeler.

    Pleas suggest me, am i taking the right decision with bang on to shine and is it worth owning it after waiting for three months.

    • milan

      plz wait.the best bike in 125cc segment is honda shine. its gives u both millege and is also less costly then stunner plz wait.

  58. karthi


    • milan

      yamaha gladiator.the best thing about yamaha gladiator is it produce less vibration then suzuki ss at top speed. its style is better then suzuki ss. although i have a honda cbf stunner pgmfi i recomend u go for does not mean that stunner is bad.but according to u , u have to choose in between yamaha and go for yamaha.remember the performance of your bike depends on how u ride it & care stunner gives me 65kmpl and my friend stunner gives only 50-55kmpl.

  59. jeevendra

    hey guy every one is talking about this bike that bike but let me tell u
    its a open challenge to any bike in this town if any one can beat my bajaj
    125cc discover in mileage and pick up best ever in its 125cc class.
    my bike can go upto 2.5kms in closed cock even if my petrol cock is
    closed my bike can go a stunning distance of 2.5kms. and dont ask how silent my eingine is super silent any one can come and check my bike. long live bajaj discover 125cc.

  60. lucky

    i am a 6 feet tall man.which will be the best bike for me as per comfort and mileage.plz sujjest.preferred 125cc

    • rahul

      hnnnn atlas cycle……………..
      aankh band kar k…zmr le le

  61. Navpreet

    The best bike in india under 125cc is suzuki slingshot

  62. Navpreet

    Best bike in 125cc range is suzuki slingshot because it very good mileage,pickup and style

  63. Akil

    hello, i want to purchase a bike in 125 CC segment (mileage is preferred ) . but tell me which is Very good in overall specifications and performance .. SS125 or super splender or glamor ..

  64. shreejith raj

    yes Yamaha……………!
    its the most luxurious and powerful bike in 125 cc category………… gladiator is really superb……………

  65. Ch. Aditya Gadderia

    i want to sell my bajaj pulsar 150 only 5049 km run. Black color, well condition

  66. Ch. Aditya Gadderia

    i want to buy bullet plz suggest me the price


    I have hero honda glamour motorcycle. but his mileage is worst among all the motorcycle i had seen in my life. his mileage is only 25km. per ltr.

  68. umar

    Pulsar 135 and stunner are best in pick up and stylish, discover in mileage, but when cruising at 80 kmph gladiator seems to be perfect, all others engines roars. It matters you use city or highways

  69. ranjan

    At present which bike is best among in 125cc segment

  70. yathiraj

    yamaha ss….go 4 it….luks r gud in segment…nic pick up(11 bhp)which is decent for 125cc..and mileage 55-60kmpl….and no vibration at high speeds…and its yamaha man yamaha…..y go for other……but if u wait for month o more….new yamaha R125 will b launch…

  71. yathiraj

    yamaha ss….go 4 it….luks r gud in segment…nic pick up(11 bhp)which is decent for 125cc..and mileage 55-60kmpl….and no vibration at high speeds…and its yamaha man yamaha…..y go for other……but if u wait for month o more….new yamaha R125 will b launchd…

  72. krishan

    bajaj discover 125cc gives 76 kmpl on road i checked many times

  73. kalai

    Which bike is best in 100cc (compare hero Honda and Bajaj)

  74. Prince

    Hi. If u want take a bike in 125 cc segment so u can take a honda shine is best .as feature more comfartable,stylist,good pick up,n enjoying the quality

  75. Zaman Jan

    HI,frndz i want a 125cc bike..i am confused by seeing the reviews of bikes on almost every sites.plz suggest me the best one.
    REQUIREMENTS. Their should be good features,good looking,best mileage..

  76. dipin

    halo friends,i’m planning 2 buy a bike…the parameters are mileage and style….can u please suggest any

  77. satya

    i personally choose honda shine as best of 125cc bike. you have the power, mileage not bad compared to bikes of same category moreover you have refined engine of honda and has very decent looks not very flashy unlike discover 125cc (best for village).

  78. rocky

    hiii, which bike is best in milege, performance and also in looks honda shine or bajaj discover 125

  79. ashis

    glamour new model is gives you up to 55-60kmph with a speed of 105kmph without vibration.

  80. Ashwani tomer

    its nt possible yaar surely there is a leakage of petrol in ur bike check it carefully bro

  81. Ashwani tomer

    its gud & stylish dear bt u can also try honda stunner cbf honda engines are more powerfull then tvs

  82. Pradeep al

    Wht abt hero motocorp…. Igniter

  83. akshay 123

    bajaj discovery 150 is best it gives me 68.50km per lt

  84. sangamewshwaran

    yamaha ss125cc is best bike

  85. ravindra

    Hi guys,

    iam planning to but Honda cbf stunner, I will travel daily 60km a day and my major concern is milleague and looks. How about stunner pl suggest me.

  86. Bimal Mondal

    Hero super splendor is not enough 124cc bike after 30000 KMS.First time its amazing both oil 60 km/l & smoothing drive.I given 3.5 out of 5.

  87. Duke

    KTM Duke 125cc (y)

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