Hair care for biker girls

Girls generally are so passionate about taking care of their crowning glory-hair, especially those who own a scooter or a bike loathe to wear a helmet, as they feel the head saver could damage their hair drastically.

But riding without a helmet is life threatening and your hairline will reduce while combating with pollution, dust, UV rays, wind etc. People with an oily scalp or dandruff or who perspire a lot will naturally be a little more apprehensive about wearing helmets, but they can tie a scarf and tuck their hair, which is quite helpful.

Following are few tips to protect your hair while riding.

Helmet is a must: Your helmet will protect your tresses from harsh sunlight, dust and pollutants. So never think of going on a ride without your helmet. Also make sure that your helmet is snugly fitting. Use helmet liner in silk it is better than the original foamy helmet lining.

Don’t let your hair loose: It is always a great idea to tie a low ponytail while you are riding instead of letting the hair loose or free. For people with long hair it is better if you plait it or just make a bun or braid it. And if you are wearing a ponytail, see that you tuck the hair in your jacket. This will not expose your hair to harsh weather conditions.

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Use a scarf or bandanna: A scarf or bandanna is ideal to keep your hair in place and also protect it from harsh and the dry winds, hot sunlight, dust and pollutants.

Always carry a hair brush: Remember to take a comb or a hairbrush whenever you go on a ride, which will come in handy once you reach the destination.

Carry a hair clip: A clip or hair band will help you a lot during those long rides; you can tie your hair or fix a clip and then for further protection wear a scarf.

Keep you hair clean: Wash your hair thoroughly with a quality shampoo and also use a conditioner that will protect your hair from any kind of damage.

Hair serum: Make sure you apply a hair serum that has SPF before going on a ride, as this will protect your hair from damage.

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Choose a comfortable hairstyle: Try and stick to a simple hairstyle that will keep you comfortable while riding; although it understandable that girls would love their hair to fly in the breeze but is that feeling greater than your precious and beautiful mane?

Braids for long hair: Consider wearing a plait if you have really long hair; maintaining plaited hair is much easier.

Keep your hair short: Maybe this is too much of ask; but it can solve most of your hair problems especially for regular riders. Maintaining short hair means less messy and less headache, especially if you are a regular rider.

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