Hunk or Unicorn for the bike riding hunks

Comparison of Hero Honda Hunk and Honda Unicorn

Are you confused whether to zero in on a Hero Honda Hunk 150cc or Honda Unicorn 150cc?

Before jumping to one conclusion, to own any bike one needs to be thoroughly informed or aware of its pros and cons, this way it becomes easier to take a decision.

Hero Honda rolled out these two bikes in the league of 150cc bikes available in the market. The Hunk 150 and the Honda 150 have many pros and cons in their own ranks that need to be analyzed to come to one conclusion; let us see what…

Honda Unicorn

Design and Styling
According to Hero Honda, the Hunk 150cc is a tribute to the present youth of India. The 150cc bike has huge tank shrouds that enable a comfortable knee recess, definitely. The headlamps look pretty similar to those of TVS Flame but they are successful in keeping it free from the conventional chrome stripped front fairing. Actually the bikini faring is styled aggressively in the Hunk.

Honda Hunk 150 also features GRS or what is called as the Gas Reservoir Suspension. Hunk bike has followed the black theme which appeals to one and all; the silencer guard, handle bar, grab rail and the alloy wheels are all coloured black. It also follows the same line as some of the International bikes with golden coloured (the magnesium alloyed) telescopic fork; surely an aesthetic add on and will draw second glance. The graphics and the decals of the Hunk 150 are sober and the indicators at the front and the rear ends are not integrated. But the design and styling emanates some hunk or toughness, and if it’s not sounding rude an element of rowdiness in it.

Hero Honda Hunk

While the Honda Unicorn 150cc sports an aerodynamic body, which gives it a sleeker look. The macho design doesn’t look separate but is indeed blended with the style giving it a bold statement of style.

The Honda logo, tail lamp (improvised version of what we have seen in Honda scooter Dio) and the interesting body graphics of the bike make it look very attractive. The alloy wheels and silencer are black colored and silencer guard scores better with steel piece.

Both Unicorn and Hunk have tuff-up tubes for the rear tyre. The uniquely designed gearshift in the Unicorn 150cc offers good control to the toes.

In terms of design and styling Unicorn 150cc scores better than Hunk 150cc.

Engine and Transmission
Both Honda Unicorn and Hunk are powered by 4-stroke 150cc engine. Hunk 150cc generates a 14.4 Ps at 8500rpm and 12.8Nm of torque at 6500rpm. While Unicorn 150cc generates 13.3bhp at 8000rpm and torque of 12.8Nm at 5500rpm. The Honda Unicorn 150 also features pulse exhaust system and a two-way air jacket. The five-speed gear and constant mesh contributes to the transmission factors of Unicorn 150 and Hunk 150.

Fuel efficiency/Mileage
As regards the mileage while the Hero Honda Hunk 150cc bike runs for about 55-60 km per liter of petrol, Unicorn would ask for a refill after riding 53-55 km and would go until 58 km on a long drive. Hunk covers up to 65 km a liter on long drives. You could give thumbs down for the fuel efficiency to Unicorn 150.

Riding and Handling
The Honda Unicorn 150cc does not have an advantage of good pickup, the brakes are not anything extra ordinary; and you need to exert pressure. However, the mono-suspension helps you have a comfortable ride on any kind of roads.

Honda Hunk 150cc offers great stability no matter what speed you are riding and it is suitable to ride under any road conditions. The raised handlebar, comfortable foot pegs and the cushioned seats are ideal even for the long distance rides. Still the gearbox in the Hunk is a little harder than what you see in a Unicorn.

Technology and add-on goodies in Hunk and Unicorn
Both Hunk 150cc and the Unicorn use the ATFi or advance tumbled flow induction technology that is unique and generates better power. Hunk does not feature the LED tail lamps & digital meter while Hunk does. In terms of styling, graphics and design Unicorn outscores Hunk.

Last word and verdict
The Hunk 150 is available at a price range of Rs. 55,000-57,000 and Unicorn 150 is priced at Rs. 55,000-65,000. It is widely accepted that Unicorn has an edge over Hunk, but based on the comparisons as to different segments in a bike review, it is up to the individuals’ choice and there are bikes from different brands in the same 150cc segment that can be looked at, if you feel you aren’t adding to the dilemma.

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  1. Alain

    Hero hunk is better than unicorn
    1.its styil
    2.50 above milage
    3.more power
    4.handle balance
    5.riding comfort

  2. lalit

    This article is very good and informative. but i don’t agree with author while saying in style, unicorn is better than hunk. I strongly feel that hunk is much more stylish than unicorn.

    • harsha

      exactly Lalit. Nothing beats hunk in style

  3. SRINU


  4. Rohit

    I also feel that hunk has always better look than Unicorn!!!!!!!!!

  5. rd101291

    I think Honda Unicorn is a ‘”ROUGH AND TOUGH” kind of bike
    you can”ride and ride and ride”but still there is no need of any maintainance

    Just ask any Unicorn Owner if I am wrong??

    • rinusulu

      honda unicorn best among the two damn sure
      avaliability of spare parts is quite tough for honda unicorn
      poor customr interaction bye honda customercare

    • Richie Richard

      yes i agree with Rd101291….. I own a Unicorn and i am very much satisfied with the performance delivered by it. Smooth on roads, Comfort, Stylish,…. What else we need…? Unicorn is the best out of all bikes

  6. jayesh

    hunk is good looking bike but where engine matters unicorns engine is far better than hunks .Its proved .

    • rajmohan

      NO dear, you are wrong. The engine power of HUNK is better than UNICORN.

      • harsha

        yes Rajmohan,

        I used unicorn and hunk.
        Hunk’s engine power is far better than unicorn

  7. abhimanyu udayan

    Hunk is really aggressive and handsome compared to unicorn. better than unicorn 4 sure…..
    go for it………..hunk ..itz male

    • manu

      no fool no bike is better than unicorn in fuel efficiency,style&engine performance. Unicorn have better resale value and weight in public

  8. Mohankant thakur

    I will ad that hunk’s 2 steps ahead of unicorn, when on road. The side aditions r excelent 4 thigh rest n on consumr basis in my local market, it has less complents then unicorn. Plus d smuthnes dat is typical of a hh byk on long roads, i strongly feel hunk has upper hand.

    • Sumit

      U r totaly smoothness n control unicorn is far ahead than hunk

  9. abhilekh

    hunk is so so so far better than unicorn for everything milage pickup looks handling and service

  10. swapnil

    hunk is much better than unicorn, both look good but hunk …………”BEST”

  11. Bibin

    In my opinion also,Hunk is better than unicorn in appearance,it offers an outstanding aggressive and stylish look as compared to unicorn

  12. Antony

    I think both are superb bikes but still unicorn is better than hunk though am buying hunk tomorrow… unicorn main drawback it takes three months to get this bike…. and for style unicorn is real Unicorn and hunk is you all know it’s the Bull…

  13. Mohan

    Hi My dear Friends Unicorn is better than hunk becoz in Unicorn No Sound No Maintance require No prob in long drive its superb u can go for Unicon is best forever………..

  14. PRATIK


  15. deepak

    hunk looks better than unicorn … but i agree with u . unicorn is better than hunk !

  16. Rajmohan

    I my view, the style, proformance, mileage all these credits are given to HUNK. But UNIOCORN is not bad. however, HUNKS is better than UNICORN

  17. arun

    But unicorn performance is better than hunk :althought hunk is also a good bike, nd it has high speed and mileage,but in condition unicorn is much better than hunk…………..?

  18. Satish

    Yes hunk is more beautiful than unicorn. I already booked the hunk. now I’m waiting to ride my bull.

  19. boblu

    unicorn is better than hunk.hunk is not good bike.

  20. Vikas kumar

    As 4my openion d technical feature and look wise wise hunk is much better then other byke of 150cc. I feel after riding of great satisfaction, live like legand..

  21. suraj

    i feel that hunk is better then unicorn so i would like 2 buy hh hunk in this week s0 thax buddys


    i m agree for hunk bike becouse its powerfull dashing about me i feel great satisfaction after riding on hunk i m creazy for hunk i m very like this bike give me a sunshine give me a some rain give me a another chance i wanna ride it once again

  23. Navas manoor

    Hunk is more than powerfull , stylish , performance , handling and safe with unicorn hunk is awsome bike..

  24. rahul


  25. Vivek Pandit

    Hunk is powerfull , stylish but not more then unicorn. By performance , handling, pickup,control on any speed. unicorn is awsome bike..
    I have test off-road too, no bike in 150 CC range can stable in off-road.
    Unicorn is Best.
    Hunk is good

  26. AKKI


  27. Deepak

    hunk is all in all….superb bike..i’ve been ridin it for 2yrs..what a pik up,what an agressive machine,what a style,what a ride…its simply awsome..nd unicorn is ok for me..for a 150cc class bike i give a 9 out of 10 for hunk nd a 7 out of 10 for unicorn

  28. Vikas

    Both the bikes are good. Choose any based on your priority. For college students Hunk is always a better choice for its stylish look. For family purpose Unicorn will always be preferable choice for its decent look with low maintenance and good performance.

  29. BALAJI

    I’m confused with these…. Pl tell me which is best by milage and maintenence..Only one answer

    • Richie Richard


      • Makalappa

        East or West My HUNK is the BEST…

        • unnikrishnan

          hunk ………hunk……………hunk………..

  30. Rutzs

    Hunk does not have a good resale value compared to unicorn.also hunk has no mono suspension n wen smoothness and control is compared no bike matches unicorn…so unicorn is better than hunk
    Ps~milage of unicorn is better…n
    It looks way classy than hunk..

    • unnikrishnan

      no my dear friend .hunk is far bettr than unicorn in performance control and riding comfort .the grs suspension of hunk gives more stability and riding comfort than the case of performance unicorn is waste in front of hunk.unicorn delivers only 13 bhp while hunk delivers 14.4 bhp.feel the difference

    • PINKU

      Just checkout the official website of both the bikes,.
      HUNK delivers 14.4 ps and unicorn 13 ps.
      compare the two numbers if you have pre-primary-education at least.
      Go to an used bike showroom and check, then you will know, who has more resale value,.
      Speak with some practical knowledge,…..

  31. rAkeSh kerala

    UNICORN better than hunk…….UNICORN UNICOR

  32. annish

    i am using uni for 3 yrs{45000km done} there is no maintenance except oil change in every 4000km so i thk uni is the best in segment

  33. Anoop

    I own UNICORN and my brother own HUNK..,
    be honest, HUNK is far better among the two in case of,: looks, performance, pickup, topspeed, comfort, sittingposture, breaking, and mileage in average speeds.
    Unicorn scores only in mileage in higher speeds.
    NOW, am using my brothers HUNK,.

    • ajay

      abe ***** yo hunk unicorn karne se accha FZS kaho wahi sabse acchi bike he in style,, pickup,braking,suspension

  34. shihab

    Look,Stylish, perfomence, super b HUNK

  35. Saravana

    Hunk is more powerful and cheaper than Unicorn

  36. sadik

    unicorn is better than hunk..becoz it is an powerful bike and good mileage

  37. Arunjith

    I am also riding Unicorn& Hunk and i feel the perfection and Super power of 150 cc 14.4 bhp Hunk Bike. I think Hunk is Better than Unicorn. Because its style pick up Sporty look Smooth tuning all are good for Hunk Bike

  38. Sandip

    HUNK is better than unicorn

  39. yogesh kale

    hunk khup mast and styles hai good pick up unicorn paksha chan hai unicorn comman jhali hai

  40. Divyang patel

    Hey…! Frnds
    I drive two bike Hunke and unicrone! But Hunk is powerfful and amazind drive bike, unicrone are low pik-up, and gear shifting problem… Hunke is best…

  41. ARYA

    hunk is much beter than unicorn and all other 150 bikes both in performance and style

  42. sarvesh

    One hero Motocorp Dealers is offering me old hero honda model hunk to purchase. Friends bike is new bt not sold should I purchas it on cost of 69000


    i thnk hunk s mch mor comfrtbl thn unicorn, it gives more handling n’ riding position,engine s still smooth

  44. vimal

    hunk and unicorn, both are very good bikes but unicorn is very smooth engine and good quality

  45. arun p s

    unicorn is totaly good quality bike, good resail value….and long life bike

  46. Naveen

    Hi I am decided to buy new hero hunk anything problem in hunk.
    He to parts are costly. What about the life, any users faced any problems I am confused bike is costly after purchasing I should not feel feed up me about the service.maintanance

  47. shekhar naik

    hunk is better look & well pick up than unicorn

  48. shekhar naik

    its good no problem in bike i used this bike well durability,,,,,,,,,,,,

  49. hari

    iam delivering if any problem of hunk please reply

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