Bajaj Avenger Wallpapers

The only cruiser brand after Thunderbird from Royal Enfield. The Avenger is one of the coolest motorcycles to make long trips quiet relaxingly. It offers a unique experience unlike the other machines from Bajaj. We have listed some gorgeous pictures of the Avenger. Just check them out.

Bajaj Avenger Wallpaper

Bajaj Avenger Wallpaper

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  1. Kapil malviya

    I love avenger

  2. rajiv

    i love avenger,, it made only for smarty people like us??????

  3. rajiv

    avenger is my life. i want to only one bike its avenger,, whenever i see a dhila guy who sits on it ,, evn tht guy is riding avenger. i love to kick on his asss man???

  4. Suraj

    I love avenger it make me crazy i love so mucH……..

  5. Robin Thomas

    Can anyone tell me the average km per litter

    • Anaswar Raj

      the mileage it gives is awesome compared to its weight….40-42 in city and close to 50 on highways….im from kerala n we have the badest roads in the country…hehehee

      • Hitesh

        who said is gives 40-42???

        F**K YOU DUDE!!

        Its nice, real comfort bike. But mileage is not more than 18

        • Anaswar

          WHAT THE F*%K MAN?? A mileage not more than 18!!!!
          R u riding an avenger or a harley???check out what other avy owners says or other sites on avenger KID!!!

          • sinner

            hey guys stop fighting !! avenger gives 30-35 km/l in city and 35-40 km/l on highways….its avenger’s real fuel review as i m using avenger 200 cc …

            • Anaswar

              Yup!!what mr sinner said is true for the 200cc avy. mine is the 180cc one, the mine is 180cc. I got this mileage at a speed around 45-50km/hr.

              • arman

                guyz mileage ‘s ol bout its maintenance.. if d engine conditions ‘s awesome thn sure it gives 40* if its ‘k’ condition thn may b 30*..
                avenger ‘s such a bike whch ‘s totally diff frm ol othr bikes.. d taste n feeling ‘s entirely different frm othr bikes lyk r15, zma, 220, cbr etc..
                d avenger luvrs r thoz who r just a step back in getting to harley davidson.:)
                just keep rocking in yo avenger guyz!!

  6. TJ

    i love avenger ,, i want to by it

  7. dinesh kumar.p

    i love avenger—>>>> avenger is very smartest bike in india…!!!!

  8. pranavi tinu

    avenger is my boy friend bike”’ it very comfort bike to drive

    • RUDRA

      hi you like avenger? i am also crazy of this bike. and had buy it. i have new avenger 220. it is like black monster!!!! ha ha ha. wanna ride with me?

  9. ajith

    i love the bike….its really nice after so many yrs now i have….i love it…

  10. sandeep singh bisht

    its a real hunk everybody enjoys its riding isnt it

  11. lavneesh manchanda

    this bike is macho….it hs deadly luks….its d best cruiser bike in india…

  12. bharath

    i like very mach.i love this bike

  13. skanda

    a great byk for smart guy like me

  14. ssathu06

    i bye the for a trip with my lover olone……

  15. pratik

    i love is my life but i have no avenger…………………
    this is my bad luck……………..

    • syam

      its not your bad luck friend… its being your passion you should go for it.. and dream of it.. you will get it sureeeee 101% gurantee

  16. arun

    i real like this bike i want tell guys, this bike enjoying with long riding like tours. avenger more powerfull bike and i get the mileage 40-45. smooth ride and effective control this bike ‘i Love my blue avenger 180,

  17. chandu

    i love avenger,i want to by it.

  18. antariksh

    It is A one OF d the mOst sexiest bYKe i ever Seen iN INDIA

  19. mayur

    lol….very funny about the comments given above..hahhahahaha,btw i buked new avenger 220cc.its really a fantastic bike…

  20. Gaurav

    avenger is Feel like god. when i rides n my avenger it looks like a black monster is moving on the road

  21. Anaswar

    mileage not more than 18!!!
    F*%K YOU MAN!
    r u driving an avenger or harley hitesh?
    Check out what the sites say kid!

  22. RUDRA



    can anyone tell me wht d average oa avenger.

    • ranjeet

      average means milage and avenger means like going or searching new place

  24. raja

    its really fentastic bike in city avenger 220 cc. because avenger got good name and reach look in other people cide. but avenger is cheap and reach people highest range for about her look. its only this facility

    this is only reach more people for good bike and reach bike ………..another company bike cost also highest means but not reach our correct price .but avenger only got that facility maximum 1 lack because avenger out look is high look and reach look………………..

  25. ashsh

    boss of hole bikes

  26. irshad

    i love avenger bike
    i like to ride this bike
    thx to person who had made this bike

  27. Nadeem Pathan

    guys wanna take a 2nd hand Avenger but shuld be in good condition n shuld give more than 40 km/lit ka avg if any1 wanna sale contact me on +9108087870424

  28. mahesh faske

    its made for only cool people

  29. robi

    hw much cost of 2nd hnd bike n which city

  30. rishabhjha

    bajaj avenger is good bike

  31. vivek dafauti

    avenger 220 in black wid d wind sheet wow its really great look…4 a long drive very comfort..once u ride it will not ride other bike….

  32. vini

    my bike is avenger 180 its giving 40 kmpl in city
    and 50 kmpl in hignways its true

  33. syam

    i love this superb bike why india is lacking on cruizersss eventhough great cruizer AVENGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  34. Abhishek

    i love this bike n i am going to buy this bike in three days…yaaaaaaa huuu….

  35. Pritish

    Awesomee bike man…i jst love it. Blue or black guys???whats a better colour

  36. Ashish Barnwal

    Bajaj Avenger 220 is realy a nice bike last evening i bought (blue one)it n its awsum when i ride & every1 watch.

  37. prashant kumar

    I need this bike as soon as possible……….
    only my fabrte bike ever……….
    what a look , my god
    its like maddy in rhtdm………
    i lv this…….

  38. Thoiba

    I love Avenger….

  39. Rajarshi Ghorai

    It is the best cruiser bike in the world………!!!!!!!!!

  40. aryaan

    i love avenger…. it really looks lyk a real monster byk……….dose people who ride it will look lyk a legend………………… i’m going 2 get avenger on 2nd sept.

  41. Govind ban

    Aveanger bike is very good my faveret bike

  42. vijay purohit crpf rampur

    i love avenger…………..

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