Royal Enfield Classic C5 Preview: Vintage looks and modern engineering

So much buzz around the Hero Honda and Bajaj with variants of pulsars and CBFs coming out. In case you may have missed the old warhorse Royal Enfield’s recent launches, here you go the Royal Enfield classic C5.

The all-new variant of the 1950s machine, the Bullet Classic C5 (again, don’t get confused with the Bullet Classic or the Bullet Classic G5) has gotten it’s modern relook in the Thiruvottiyur factory (near Chennai) where actually the Royal Enfield Bullets are made for over 5 decades now and will line up the showrooms in a month’s time. The old time classic looks in the new Bullet Classic C5 will awe anyone and to further lure them is the integration of looks with modern technology.

Royal Enfield Classic C5 Engine

This vintage-styled bike is the next generation street machine. The look of Classic C5 reflects linkage to British style and design of the early years of Royal Enfield Bullet. However, the bike did get a makeover in technology but it will adhere to the Euro III emission standards, so your chrome metalled Bullet Classic C5 will be friendly to environment too.

If you take a look at the bike, its front and rear fenders, the headlamp, side panels, speedo dials, spring loaded single seat all reflect old styling of classic identity. Again, the new Bullet Classic C5 does not sport the convention kick lever (but to start a Bullet without the kick of a kickā€¦..ugh! Well maybe disappointing to a few bike freaks) and there is an electric start. The frame of Royal Enfield Classic C5 is tubular steel and it is expected to be available in royal maroon, classic green and black colors. The bike sports a prominent logo of Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield Classic C5

EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) technology is embedded in Royal Enfield Classic C5. The UCE (Unit Construction Engine an integration of engine as well as transmission) is a fuel-injected 500 cc engine is the heart of the new Bullet C5 and is an air-cooled, one-cylindered (no anomaly when you compare it with its forerunners), 4-stroke engine delivers 27bhp @ 5250rpm and maximum torque of 41.3Nm @ 4000rpm.

The new design of engine ensures low maintenance, increased reliability and would be able to sustain high cruising speed. The 18-inch tires give a good grip and stability to the 412-pound bike (when it is fully loaded). Royal Enfield claims that its classic C5 model can attain top speed of 130kmph. It is also equipped with cable actuated clutch and 5-speed transmission. Under testing condition, the bike showed impressive fuel efficiency at 34kmpl. The 18 inch tires of the bike provided with great stability on roads. Disc brakes in the front combined with rear drum provides with great stopping power capacity. The fuel tank is 3.8 gallons in size and it has the white panels with conspicuous logo. The Bullet Classic C5 will initially come in black, maroon and retro teal green colors where the primary color will be there on frame and fenders and white color adds to some of the bike features.

Maintaining the Royal Enfield heritage, India has succeeded in building a modern Bullet for the new generation bikers.

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  1. arko


  2. afsal

    is it coming to india,we need super cruisers like bull

  3. Keith from Australia

    You’ve got something to look forward too. I recently bought one and if they are same as mine they are fantastic.

  4. Rehan

    So when is this Bullet Classic C5 will be launched in INDIA, its like a Dream

  5. palace15

    Am looking forward to seeing rider reports on longterm reliability, then I am off to buy a red one!

  6. Sainesh Bharadwaj

    Those who dislike The Bullet, go buy yourself a Pulsar. I got 3 Bullets in my parking lot (my younger bro., dad n me, of course) The retro look and feel is here to stay, approve it or not! Royal Enfield, “Made Like A Gun, since 1891”

  7. b sreenivasa reddy

    Though the classic 500 or 350 are alluring to buy my previous experience with re thunderbird was not at all satisfying as they never cared about the availability of spares. So just producing bikes isn’t enough make sure it should be run smoothly by making a habit of producing sufficient spares by the re company.

  8. Dhiren D. Lande

    Was wanting to buy an Enfield 350 for last twenty five years but something always came in between. Then I saw this ad about the Classic 500, actually my son ( aged 10 years ) showed it to me and literally dragged me to the showroom and we booked it. He is a great fan of Enfield bikes.
    I believe it is all in the genes.

    More about the bike when I get the delivery and actually ride it.

  9. kisha singh

    I have purchased a classic 350, and belive me it amazing bick… no on can beat royal enfield bickes in India….. This is made for Hunks.

    • krishna

      can u tel me abt te mileage of 350?????plz

      • Ashwin

        you are on the wrong forum go get a hero honda …… bullet is not meant for mileage but is for power

        • jitesh suneja

          dude then go for harley davidson!!!!!….

      • Ashwin

        55 KM

  10. samir

    fitted with old silencer or not or does it gives same sound as earlier models gives i like d sound of eariler models

  11. jitesh suneja

    i think cd-dawn is the best bike or splendor

  12. Dee

    this bike is sucks…

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