Tips for long distance bike riding

Certainly this is not for the faint heart; but if you are a bike freak you must be dreaming of a long distance ride on your motorcycle at least for once. Certainly, it can make you feel as if your bike is a part of you.

A long distance travel usually is highway riding that you will not want to/neither can repeat it often.

However, on those lengthy days of long distance traveling, you will need to learn some tips to keep yourself amused, while being alert at the same time in tune with the road and being traffic conscious.

When you know these tips you will not yearn for those breaks and you comfortably ride morning through noon or evening through night, besides you will admire and enjoy every blessed second of your riding.

You need to know that riding for long and short doesn’t really differ too much other than the fact that you are driving for hours. You simply are using the same riding skills- being alert; and enjoying riding and of course experiencing the nature off and on that we miss in traffic riding.

– When going for long trips, it is better to wear denim clothes, bike jackets and shoes. If possible wear hand gloves also.
– Make sure you have all the valid documents when going for a drive.
– Take the root map of your trip.
– Keep watching the milestones and keep count along.
– Calculate where you are approximately stopping, and keep counting the miles- maths keeps your mind alert.
– Schedule to stop after every hour of ride or say every 50 or 60 kilometers ride.
– Make sure you carry the toolkit with you.
– Take the first aid kit with you.
– Do not carry too much luggage with you when going for long drives.
– In case you are getting sleepy, do not take risk instead stop for a cup of coffee.
– Take a buddy along with you and never go alone.
– Change ride position as often as you can to keep agile and flexible as well.
– Helmet is a must when going for long drives.
– Change air intake position on your helmet, and clean the visor when you stop over.
– Lastly, and very importantly, enjoy experience of the long distance riding.

Mind that drivers of other vehicles are missing what you are enjoying or experiencing and you didn’t know those guys are so envious of you!

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31 Responses to Tips for long distance bike riding

  1. Sunil Thakore

    Good tips. But wouldn’t stopping at every 50-60 Kms take relatively long time in travelling and result in tiredness & fatigue??

    • sasa

      actually the bike engine goes on heating especially on highway ride because the average speed is nearly 80 km/ while stopping engine will cool to some extent.

  2. sasa

    very nice tips: but why to take buddy with us. why shouidnt we go alone.

    • Arunava

      Reasons for going alone – Enjoy!! There’s nothing like a solo bike trip!

      Reasons for not going alone – What if, you’re 50 km from civilization, at midnight in the middle of a highway, and you have a bike malfunction? One person stays, the other goes to fetch help. It always helps to have at least one more person travelling with you!

  3. Success

    Accompaning some body with your ride will be enjoyable. One persong can go upto 150-200 km in a 150cc bike at once. After the physic of Human body does not support. Person gets tired. Suffeling riders would be enjoyable and keep you away from tiredness.

    Preferably a heavy machine like 350cc or 500cc is more enjoyable on long rides and less tireing.

    • biker

      how about a 125cc vehicle, is it is possible to take this small engine capacity vehicle for a drive say 500+km or what is the feasible distance this bike can cover..

  4. sojan

    better opt for a 350cc for long ride…

  5. sshayam

    i plan to ride 1000 kms and odd for three days. give me some usefull tips. we plan 2 bikes and 4 guys

  6. vikky

    is it possible to travel 1300km on 135cc bike in 2 days.. plz give me some tips…

    • George

      I am really riding for 110 cc bike for 724 km per day

  7. abuansari

    @Vikky: its better to take a bicycle for a drive of up to 1300km rather than 135cc!!! :-) :-P dude, the machine should be competitive, reliable and of higher capacity… go for some 350cc, (at least 200-220cc..500cc perfect) if you really wanna enjoy the ride… your 135cc might help you to reach there, but too hard and risky… you will be tired to death otherwise.. even if you plan to stop often, you will get really bored after some miles for sure…. it will be that tedious and effortful…. and personally I don’t prefer sporty bikes for 1300+ km drives…

  8. ram bhattarai

    plse suggest me that what precautions is to be taken in relation to parts of pulsar motor bike 150 cc before going to drive of about 500 KM

  9. Ganesh

    I have done 350km in 6 hours on 125cc bike, but i forgot the check the engin oil level, and didn’t made frequent breaks. So my bike engin sounds more. But my friend had travelled the same distance in 100cc bike, with no problems, he checked for oil and took breaks. Very important thing is check your engin oil level, tyre pressure, chain tension. A person can tavel 350km(based on me) if he is intresed in raid. And most important thing when doing long drive is to take breaks, Give 30min times for every 100Km, so that the engin oil will be cooled. Always get ready to travel in early morning ie 4A.M, so that the enging oil will not get heat as the morning air will be cool. Thants all. Have a nice journey and take care

    • Pradeep Annamalai

      I accept with your points. But 350km is not a maximum. Its based on person intreast.

  10. RANJAN

    I have a CBR 150R and I am planning to ride for 1200+ kms on my bike in 2 days…
    Does that sound good?
    Please help…

  11. Ravi Shankar

    I am planning to go for ride around 450kms and return back after 3days ,
    So total kms will be around 1000.

    I have 150cc suzuki fiero bike, whether this bike is good for travel or not

  12. venkat

    Am buying RE TB 350 twin spark from mysore. I live in Bangalore. Can I ride from mysore to bangalore in first ride itself I.e. directly after delivery? Please advice.

  13. Pradeep Annamalai

    I have 125cc bike. I have drived it for 120km previously without stopping. Now I am planning to drive for 600km. How many times I should stop my bike to reach 600kms. Avg speed will be 80kmh. Could you please suggest me.

  14. Raviprasad

    We have planned for a road trip from Bangalore to Kodaikanal (460KMs). I own Pulsar 150 cc, well maintained and in very good condition.
    We have planned the trip for 3 days. Is it feasible to cover that much distance in 3 days? (Could be approx 1000KMs)

  15. kabelo

    I have Honda kvr 150 I want to ride 350km so tell me how many should I make my stop?

  16. hi

    I have to travel from India to London on bike… Give me tips

  17. anand

    I want to drive 700 kms drive in one day on my pulsar 150cc .

    i want to change drive for every 100 Kms, kindly suggest the precautions and tips for a happy drive

  18. Buhari

    I have a plan for 600km drive.. In fzs bike so tell me how many tme i stop the bike in that trip plz give me a tips..

  19. Tejas gupta

    I have a bike honda cb unicorn 150cc. Have travelled 120 k.m. Without stoping. As sugested by company that can drive it upto 175k.m. Without stoping @ avg. Speed of 50k.m. .

  20. Pinaki

    Guys m planning for a trip to Gangtok from Durgapur,West Bengal in my pulsar 135.The total distance to be covered is 1400 km.What things i must keep in mind about my ride???

  21. Sravan T

    Tomorrow I am going for a 350km ride on my Pulsore 150cc. I made my bike ready and refilled engine oil and made all parts checked by mechanic. Now I need some tips to avoid back pain and to keep my bike engine safe.

  22. vijay

    Hi am chennai to leh drive 180 pulsar how many km ride per day plz suggestion

  23. vijay

    My opinion twenty day tour planned

  24. christopher

    hi friends, recently I had two long distance riding in my Activa I 110cc. once I drove 320km after the first service. after the 2nd service I drove from Bangalore to Madikeri (Coorg) 250km. my next ride will be from Bangalore to Sringeri that is about 350km.
    I enjoyed riding and I drove at 60km speed and got mileage of 60/L.
    bikes are good for a long run to reach faster, but activa is helpful as you can keep your luggage safely and can change ur sitting position however u desire as there is no need to worry about gear and foot break.

  25. DINESH


  26. B Prabhakar

    hi I am going to drive my starcity 110cc from bangalore to coimbatore is it ok if i go in starcity.

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