Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark Review

Royal Enfield launched its new bike the Thunderbird Twinspark in 2008. But it was under some serious scrutiny by Bajaj Auto Ltd because of the name and the twin spark technology. Bajaj patents the twin spark technology and it had previously filed a suit against TVS motors for the same reason. But according to Royal Enfield they have not breached the patent copyrights as it holds good for 75 and 250 cc engine bikes whereas the Thunderbird is of a 350 cc version and they plan to incorporate the same technology in their future series of bikes too.

In terms of design and style the new bike has nothing new to offer, it remains the same as the previous model. There are only few things that add to the bike’s ‘new look’- two badges are adhered to the side flanks and the twinspark decal on the rear side. The bike’s engine is mainly engineered by Royal Enfield and the European design experts have tested the internal combustion and NVH of the engine. The bike on the whole has a macho look and is quite appealing. It has shifted the chain drive to the right, bears new stickers, seat and a rear splashboard. The instrument panel can be easily read even during bright sunlight. The bike also sports new Halogen lamps for longevity and the rear brake wire is move to the right side of the bike.

Thunderbird TwinSpark

The new Thunderbird has a 350 cc UCE (Unit Construction Engine) that requires minimum manual interference and improves the efficiency of the engine. The engine sticks to the Euro III norms and is made to look compressed and better. But the kick-start lever does not look great. To add power to the engine they have a new trichoidal high flow pump, hydraulic tappets, better-devised clutch and the twinspark technology. The engine reduces the vibrations but remember once you cross 80 kmph it does vibrate. The engine can be easily activated with the automatic decompressor that initiates at 250 rpm. On the inner side of the UCE there is the electric motor to avoid any clutch related problems.

The new bike has an integrated gearbox that produces only 10% more power and torque compared to the previous Bullets. So, there is not much to rejoice. It generates a maximum power of 20 bhp and the maximum torque is 28Nm. For an instant halt the bike requires 150/280mm brakes. And the fuel efficiency ranges anywhere between 45-50 kmpl. The shifting of the rear brake has become easier. The suspension is not satisfactory; it is slightly stiffer but gets better with a pillion rider. Stability on straight lanes remains good but riding into curves isn’t any great. The front tyre seems to skid while breaking that causes some kind of discomfort. The bike is recommended for city riding and for a rare long drive too.

The Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark is available in three colours: Silver, Black and Red and is handsomely priced at Rs 103000.

Popularity Rating of Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark In India

The new Thunderbird Twinspark will not have a mad following like we see for Pulsars or Karizmas but is liked by people who already own a bullet and those who do not have one but have a liking for the brand. You might not see 100s and 1000s of these on roads, but one on road and it is a head turner.

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  1. jitender kumar

    it is not a bike , this is great machine

  2. MALAV

    i jus got new royal enfield thunderbird twinspark . . .. freakkk. .its suprb. . its unblvbl. .!! its different from all other bikes. .jus love ma thunderbird. .

    • nasir

      i hav a comet 250 ,wiling to sel it.thunderbird is no comparasion to this bike.those interested can cont me .9874601523.

    • nasir

      comet 250 for sale in very good condition,9330873507

  3. aketi sagar

    Everybody has mentioned a vibration at 80 + speed.. how bad is it ?

    • chiranjeevi

      i own a tbts since feb2010 ,actually boss vibration is same if u drive in 30kmph or 80…..makes no diff….

  4. sivasivasidu

    Really very very nice … thunderbird bike is a thunder,,… great… fantastic piccckkkupppp,,….. giving 40to43 per/lit… great….

    lit vibration at 90++..

    • shavi

      I am very much happy with it. Your bike is giving 40/43perlit.
      my is giving 50/58perlit. at the speed of 45/50.

      • raja

        hai, am raja here is thr any one who want 2 sell. if thr plz let me know k

        • AVINASH

          i m selling my TB 2005, FOR 55,000
          DONE ONLY 12000

          • vikram

            Still if u have this T B plz let me know

  5. Rocky

    i want to buy thunderbird twinspark but some frnds say to buy the electra 5s i am really confused please suggest me which is better

    • j.srikant

      both bikes are equally good.the difference is that the thunderbird is equiped with uce(unit construction engine) which reduces the vibration and friction so it gives a milenge of about is also a very comfortable bike to ride about.

    • vikrant

      thuderberd is the best

  6. Lakesh4funz

    Superb bike it is no vibration 100++.

    Its nice pickup super riding bike.

    It is look like a ghost rider……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is a lion………!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. nadeem

    hey i bought a RE TBTS and this bike is amazing with a absolute feel of a machine with wings
    amazing pickup,raw power,and obsoviously the evergreen RE charisma
    truly once an enfield always an enfield

  8. Sunil Kolvekar

    One Bike against all……………………….thats ThunderBird

  9. sudarshan

    really fantastic bike to go for

  10. shiv prakash hota

    I bought tbts its amazing riding pleasure, good feel like real cruzer mini harley, quite stable but the only thing that lacking is service problem in orissa from where i bought because the outlet is far away from my place. its in bbsr, otherwise go ahead no problem suzuki samurai no no sorry its thunder bird.
    commented by S.p hota
    interested viewers can suggest me. ph 09937673728

  11. Navdeep

    Really cool bike…

  12. Ganesh

    I’m really confused whether to buy a thundrbrd or the new classic 350. Can any1 giv me any suggestions?

    • sahil from pab

      mere paas pehle bhi thunderbird tha us engine me kaafi kamiyan thi jaise knocking aur thoda chalne ke baad garam ho jane ke baad engine bahut awaaj karta tha ab maine usko sale karkr naya thunderbiird twinspark liya hai iske andar koi kammi nae hai aur haan classic 350 aur thunder ka same engine hai,classic ki jyada look bullet standard jaisi lagti hai aur thunderbird ki look jyada hai wo cruizer bike hai handeling,braking thunder ki jyada achi hai,aur han bike koi bho lo enfield ki bus starting me 3000 km tak slow max 40 to 50 tak chlao uske baad isko bhagao engine set ho jayega ……………….my suggestion thunder u go 4 a test drive and salect………………..thunderbird is better than classic 350…………..

  13. kannan

    I’m really confused whether to buy a thundrbrd or the new classic 350. Can any1 giv me any suggestions?

  14. nikhil

    am plannin to buy a thunder bird wud it b gud in mileage nd hv a gud resale value.. ??

    • chiranjeevi

      if you concentrate much on mileage- forget royal enfield

      if you look out for real driving pleasure, royal appearance ,long rides ,heavy muscular look …go for thunderbird.

  15. tharun

    the driving in it “Is a legend’s ride”

  16. Shaleen

    I would like to purchase TBTS, but I have one question around its Self Start.
    How good is the performance of its Self Start, I stay in B’Lore not a very cold place, just wanted to know how good is the Self Start in Thunder Bird?

    • Aman

      boss its jst strt in a single click of button….

  17. Chiru

    one important thing – never ask an advise from anyone if you wish to buy a ROYAL ENFIELD bike,

    comments will come like higher price,lesser mileage,oil leakage,
    but still no other bike could compete RE.

    ITS AN ASSET which you could drive,your off springs could also drive.

  18. upendra

    i want to sale my re tbts black purchesed on 27/01/10 because of foriegn

    • Prabhat B.K

      Hi, I am Prabhat. i have been in Bangalore. I saw your mail regarding selling your RETB. Can you please let me know where is your bike registered, price expectation, colour of the bike, No. of KM done with etc…Please drop mail at the earliest..

    • raja

      hai, am interstd in buying if it avilable let me know d price and whr i can see k

    • shailesh

      I am interested to buy your bike.

    • rakesh

      im really interested in ur bike but would like to see all details of ur bike first!!!!!

  19. Venkatesan

    I own a Thunderbird and having done around 4.5K Kms in less than 2 months, i would say the bull will beat any other bike. Its simply amazing. Had some minor probs intially. Above 85+ there is vibration, u wont feel it but objects in mirror will be fuzzy. Driven it @ 110+ no problmes, smooth and under control. Did a trip from Banglore to Kanyakumari and back, it is such a pleasure to drive. I am no more able to ride my old bike, Passion Plus, feels like a play kit. One problem i observed is the front tyre skids while applying brake in corners and is a problem from me as i am short. I normally ride @ 85+ and it just stops where u ask for, amazing braking power.

    For a previous question, no problem with self start, even on very cold days in bangalore. Once the oil gets heated the bull will roar.

    Guys go for it, u will never turn back.

  20. Venkatesan

    I am getting a mileage around 43 Kmpl

  21. Rama

    i am really confused whether to buy RE TBTS or CLASSIC 350.
    Which bike is better? RE TBTS or RE CLASSIC 350 or CLASSIC 500?
    please guide me as soon as possible. Waiting for your reply…..!!!

  22. Rajat Khandelwal

    I’m 18….so can i ride a thunderbird twinspark n wats the price of it
    plzzzzzzz reply…..

    • alok

      of course. It just looks heavy but riding is really smooth. Drive safely.

  23. Paul

    OK – so I want to use my RE around town but I also plan a major trip or two (one to Spiti Valley in Himachal). Advice please: 1. Is 350 cc adequate (even with pillion) or should I really be looking at 500cc 2. Do I need to avoid fuel injection and the like because out in remote areas mechanics won’t be able to service if something goes wrong – so better to stick to something like the Machismo?? 3. Which model is really best suited to touring in addition to around town?


  24. karan

    Hi, sir i have Royal enfield thunderbird twinspark, it is good but there is a
    problem!!!!! It makes noise on pressing and holding clutch( the sound comes
    from engine where the clutch wire attached to the engine(may be inside the engine).

    Thanking you
    Post me right suggestion

  25. Karthik

    hello guys,am karthik…
    i booked up TBTS day before yesterday and they told it would be delivered after 3 months, perhaps i wouldn’t mind at all to wait for such a long time to get tht bike, but i wanna know which of the royal enfield bikes is better, thunderbird twinspark or classic 350, am really confused.

  26. ragav

    i dont like

  27. Diwakar

    I an getting my thunderbird Black delivered in this week before MAY 30th…I would be royally thumping this bike….do not get jealous of me non thunderbird users….buri nazar wale thera muu kala

  28. Patel_Dishant

    hhi guys,

    i`m looking for new RETBTS so plz give me advice about its milesge,pickup.


    Dear Friends,
    I am bit concerned regarding the oil likege problem with RETBTS.

  30. shanky

    some people has bike i’ve royal enfield thunderbird

  31. Manik

    Hi Friends,

    My name is Manik and i am a working professional.
    I read a number of mixed reviews regarding this bike and was confused at one point of time. Not only reviews, but most of the people i took suggestion from also had some mixed kind of views regarding the bike.

    I was thinking to buy this bike for the last couple of years, even before the TBTS was launched. but every time i plan to buy the bike someone changed my mind and my program was delayed.

    I even testdrove the bike and even i feel that there a re a number of limitations in the bike, like the kind of vibration it has is annoying.
    Also i noticed one thing which i did not see in any of teh reviews. The black colour of the bike fades very soon (may be in a year or 2).

    As mentioned by one of the friends above, if you want to buy a RE, never ask for suggestion. You will always get the answer as overprice, maintainance, oil leakage, gear shift problem etc etc…
    So now i believe that if you want to own a RE, you have to have a passion for that. i agree it is a big investment for a bike, but trust me it is a asset for life.

    Finally i am going to book the bike today. I hope it will fulfill my expectations.


  32. Kumar

    u have made a right choice my friend

  33. vishal

    I’m 5’5” tall. can I ride a thunderbird with ease. Will there be any problem?


    I want to buy ROYAL ENFIELD TBTS. But some quaries before that…

    1) in my knowledge there is no service center of RE in KOLKATA. How can i get servicing assistance here?
    2) as i used to go long drive(700km-1000km) at least once in a month, i want to know the milege of TBTS on highway at a avg. speed 50kmph-80kmph?
    3) milege in city traffics?
    4)how is the overall performance in hilly roads?speacially milege & road gripping in hilly roads?
    5)how long(in km) can i ride it non stop on highways getting good milege & satisfactory performance?
    7)what is its overall on road price here? (show room price+taxes+if any others)
    PLzzzzzzz PLzzzzzzz PLzzzzzzzz reply all my quaries as soon as possible. i am waiting for your reply. my mail id– [ ]

  35. SACHIN

    please somebody told me that i have to buy old 2008 model thunderbird bike or new thunderbird twinspark 2008 model is getting price 65000 so please suggest me what i have to do

  36. nasar Abu

    Woww! … I can believe this, i just took a test drive… amazing its like a King.. King of all bikes THE THUNDERBIRD.. i fell in love with this bike and just booked one.. i m gettig this bike wihting 7 days now i am eagerly waiting for a llllllllllllloooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg drive….

  37. mohsin

    hi i m mohsin. i m planing 2 take a new thunderbird is it gud for me i jus wanted 2 know abt its average n maintanace so my frends plz help me n let me know abt it. thanks

  38. Raja

    .Any thunder bird twin spark for sales pls any one reply me .. I wanna buy it

    • palmgroves

      yes.yes.2007 march condition.price55000…at kannur kerala


      contact as soon as possible on 9905155558

      • Sathish gowda

        very good one..

  39. gurinder

    contact me i want to sell THUNDERIRD twinspark dec 2009 model brand new condition, has run 4500km only ,alloy wheels black 2S….contact on email

    • Anup Naik


      I wanted to buy a Thunderbird. I live in Bangalore. Could you let me in on more of the bikes details and where are you stationed.

    • samir

      i want 2 buy thunderbird.can u plz tell me about the price and location.

    • Pravesh

      If u wanan sell ur bullet. pls contact me at 9312054431.


    • rakesh

      contact me……

    • jaymin

      hi dear my name is jaymin
      i from gujarat
      kya price main deni hai muje call ya sms kerna ya mail kerna

      • jaymin

        muje 2008/2009 model tbts leni hai kisi ko sale kerni hai toh contact kerna 08000705028

    • faiz

      hi gurinder i want to perchase your byke pls mail me you cell no. and send your byke pics and location and how much KM.had done

  40. Hi

    Hi, I am looking out for a RE Thunder bird model ( 2005-2010),, price @40 to 45k..let me know if anybody is interested in selling.

    my id –

  41. parsuwanath

    I’m nearly 7ft tall. Will this bike suit for me ???
    i’m looking for thunderbird twin spark model.
    Please help me !!!

    • Venkat

      Hey definitely you can go for it…

      Experience the “Great Machine”

  42. sabarish

    its a superb bike…. i just love it……




    On going through the opinions of the all above personnel, I also inspire to purchase a “Thunderbird twin spark” 350, through Master Canteen (C.P.C.), so please intimate full name and address of the Dealer in N.C.R. of the same. also provide a copy of the Price list of C.P.C.

  45. sivanesh.s

    i am really confused whether to buy RE TBTS or CLASSIC 350.
    Which bike is better? RE TBTS or RE CLASSIC 350 or CLASSIC 500?
    please guide me as soon as possible. Waiting for your reply…..!!!

    • aasad


  46. naveen

    guys height doesnt matter im just 5.2 and rides ma retb very easily

  47. winder

    best ride i’ve had so far. only advise is if buying in pune, DONT. go to mumbai instead, its less hassel than buying it from market yard dealer here. i was promised bike in 2 months and it took excruciating 5 months and hassel with unapologetic dealer who has less commitment and high arrogance (because he knows he’s only one dealer in pune, and buyers have nowhere else to go). i’ll recommend going to mumbai and transfer registration to ur address here. its less painful to deal with RTO than showroom guys 🙂 believe me. u never get a straigh answer, only u have to commit by paying on time and this commitment is not reciprocated by even intimating you with any delays or price changes, etc

  48. SheKhar

    thanks Winder…I was planning to buy this from the pune dealer…i dont kno of the waiting period as yet….but now ill have to think again from where to buy this dream bike of mine….

  49. Shivam

    I am looking for a used Thunderbird. Call me at 9911073585

  50. suni

    Can any 1 temme wats the exact fuel efficiency of Thunderbird Twin spark..

    • Edin

      Apparently no one can provide the exact milage as it varies but u can expect it to be between 35-40 kmpl

  51. `Anand Prakash

    Hi, Anybody who book thuderbird bike in the chennai, who changed his mind now, can contact me to give his waiting number.
    I am ready to give Rs 5000 for that
    Call me 8144684056“““`

  52. amit

    hello friends i m amit and last sunday 1-5-2011 i hve bought a new bike of royal enfield thunder bird twins park its a amzinggg the best bike in the world what a comfort leval of that bike what superb look wenever i go to the roads people stare my bike all the time thuder bird bike much much much much better den f**king yamaha pulsar these bikes are far behind my adviced to every men or boy if you wnt to feel real honour and wanna feel like kinggg den ride royal enfield thunder bird twinsparkkk

    • Aamir Shaikh.

      hello, M Planing to Buy a Royal Enfield ThunderBird Twinspark, But I’am a Bit Confused about it’s Colour, Give me Your opinion, which colour suits RE TBTS? Black Or Silver?
      which colour have u chosen?

      • shabbir

        dude silver iz awesome… even black is gud bt it luks nrml where as silver gives gud luks.. i have ordered silver 1

      • ankit sharma

        dude i am going to buy TBT 350 and i am confused in which colour to buy ?
        can u suggest me which colour looks better …
        mostly i have to ride my TBT inside the city ..

      • Shoeb Khan

        Black cause it is ever green

  53. Karthikeyan

    guys…can i get the tbts with upswept silecer which comes with calssic versions…pls reply…my contact.9344307770..thanx in advance

    • Edin

      You would have to buy it & get it fitted. Upswept wont look good. Try indoor ro gold star silencers

  54. Karthikeyan VP

    Guys…can i get the TBTS with upswept silecer which comes with RE Classic versions…pls reply…my contact.9344307770..thanx in advance…

    • Aamir Shaikh.

      dude, try royalenfieldzone , u can get whatever u need for ur royalenfield bike.

  55. Aamir Shaikh.

    hello, M Planing to Buy a Royal Enfield ThunderBird Twinspark, But I’am a Bit Confused about it’s Colour, Give me Your opinion, which colour suits RE TBTS? Black Or Silver?

    • Sudipto Nandi

      Aamir Shaikh, you have taken a great decision by planning to buy a Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark. The RE TBTS looks great both in black and silver. The black looks glamorous but the silver looks stunning with only the seat in black. However colour dosnt matter all that matters is the quality of the monster! Had i been rich I would have purchased both! Anywys my choice would be silver, but i would also give the black a second thought!

      • ankit sharma

        why not you go for red ?

        • ankit sharma

          red look stunning and it doesnt gets fade and dirty as fast ..?
          dont go for silver i have silver and i see how it gets fade day by day
          i suggest you to go for red

  56. Vivek

    Would like to buy ThunderBird 2005-2010, if anybody from pune and around, pls call me at eight six zero zero nine nine seven six seven nine.

  57. shailesh

    I need a TBTS immediately. Let me know if anyone has idea to sell, Price is not concerned.

    • ajit

      hi i had purchsed a tbts on 21.10.2011, but after purchase my heart is going towards classic 350, still now i m using tem number, i want to sell it with 5k discount, only 600 km on speedo. i had installed leg guard, roots double horn etc and already finished 1st service. if ur intrested call me on 09090402939.

      • deepak warade

        Hi I am interested in buying tbts please. Call me on 9545636065

  58. purushotham

    hi ..i want to buy Thunderbird Twinspark .pls tell m,e the mileage ?

    • Sudipto Nandi

      Royal Enfield Thunderbirb Twinspark will provide 38kmpl(approx.) in city and 45kmpl on the highways.

      • gautham

        i buyed a new tbtw recently so may i knw the improve of the mileage …..and how much it give



  60. javed

    hi friends this is javed is there selling TB plz call me my mb num is 9533312229

  61. mehdi

    I want to sell out my Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark. Model 2008. Orignal condition. Disk brakes. Alloy wheels. Only 12000 kms done. Price 70,000. Negotiable. Intrested buyers only contact me please. Mr. Ali +919925045414

    • Prasanna

      Hi Mehdi ,

      Still do u have ur TB in hand .
      If so where is it , is it in chennai


  62. mehdi

    I want to sell out my Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark. Model 2008. Orignal condition. Disk brakes. Alloy wheels. Only 12000 kms done. Price 70,000. Negotiable. Intrested buyers only contact me please. Mr. Ali +919925045414 . Please contact me as soon as possible.

    • suresh

      i like to buy ur bike
      get me ur details

    • saurabh


  63. Jigs

    Hi everbody,

    I wanted to purchase RE TBTS 2010-2011 model.
    If anyone wanted to sell please let me know ASAP.
    My mail ID is


  64. dinesh sahu

    i am dinesh sahu i think best bike of d india,more powerful,stylish, wht u want about d bike,rating*****

  65. Samuel

    I live in a place far from a Royal Enfield service centre. Someone please tell me what are the consequences of filling excess engine oil. The oil has come into the air filter chamber. What should I do? Thanks

  66. Manjhunath

    Hello i am Interested in a 2009 TD !! If any for sale contact me on

  67. ehab

    i am selling my thunder bird 2010 model

    • Hayat Ahmad

      Contact me.. how much.. my number is 00971503427380

    • saurabh


  68. duke

    what is the on road price of thunder bird in bangalore & what is the fuel efficiency of the bike

    • Sudipto Nandi

      The price of TBTS may vary from town to town, city to city. It should be inbetween 1,12,000-1,18,000/-. Fuel efficiency differs from person to person. If a person rides the bike in a normal way then its very likely to provide 38-45kmpl+

  69. Ajit

    Hi, I got my TBTS on 22/10/2011, only 1 day of pure pleasure biking, faced 1 problem, Petrol Leaked from Oil Knob, Showroom is 90 km from my home town, thats why waiting for 1st service, Currently use of MSEAL solved the problem, littlebit sad for this problem, Engine is also not refined, may be after 1k or 2k kms it will be fine………..

    • Sudipto Nandi

      Ajit, congratulations on your purchase of a legend. The engine refinement issue that you are facing will certainly go off with a couple of servicing. Thunderbird Twinspark is not a sports bike, so if someone thinks that on the very first day he will hit 100kmph+ speed then its a very wrong notion. The engine will mature with time and kilometres that you will cover. Till the first servicing is done one must not push the bike beyond 50kmph, if its done then the person is going to face engine vibration problems. After the second servicing is done the bike can be pushed to 60-70kmph. This way one can get rid of engine vibration problems. Its better to change our riding style rather than to blame the company for this and that. Anyways ride safely and nicely, love your TBTS and she will never turn you down. Keep biking!

  70. Jatin

    If anyone wants to sell their ThunderBird Twinspark in Mumbai, please email/call me at 9833218052


  71. sourabh

    if any one want to sell Thunderbird TS in jamshedpur….he can contact me at

  72. Sudipto Nandi

    Hi friends, very soon I will join the Royal Enfield owners family as I have booked a Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark. From childhood I had been a fan of Royal Enfield motocycles, the thumping sound, chrome, majestic looks, and of course the machoness and glamour of the bike are good enough reasons for anyone to fall in love with Royal Enfield. As far as the Thunderbird Twinspark is concerned its a bike that will instanly attract anyone and everyone on the streets. Royal Enfield has done a great job by introducing this bike in the Indian market, as there isn’t any bike that can match its looks and power on Indian streets. Highway cruising, not a big deal for this bike; the extra comfortable seats, passenger backrest, powerful 350cc engine and ofcourse good mileage truly puts this bike apart from other kinds of bikes that are plying on Indian streets currently. Many have different opinions about this bike, but for me its a champion. For a 350cc motorbike, a mileage of 38-45+kmpl is simply great. Bikes that have the latest 200-250cc engines in general dont match Thunderbird’s fuel economy. Maintenance may be an issue or this bike but owners of Royal Enfields never think about maintenance costs or buying costs; for example by spending 1,00,000+ one can get a modern fast bike, but a few more thousand rupees will fetch a bike thats not only big and powerful but also a legend. So friend think twice before buying a bike thats costly because for the amount you can get something thats legendary, powerful, big and long lasting motorcycle that will be a prized possession for ages. Royal Enfield rules!

    • gaurav

      what maintenance u r talking about?

  73. shabbir

    hi frnz.. even im gonna join RE family very soon… im gonna take thunderbird… help e out vt tips … im a kind oif short person nly 5’6″ vl i face ny prob in riding it as i dint find it whn i waz having test ride….!

    • Upendra

      No Dude, you aint gonna face any problems, I am 5.74 height and dont have ant trouble riding this monster babe.

  74. prashant

    I am looking for a used Thunderbird. Call me at 09937365959, 09776324170.

  75. Chandu

    HI….am just 5.6 feet,and little fat even,will the thunderbird suits me?my worry is when i onto d byk ,i feel lyk d byk is huge than me..
    folks give ur valuble suggestions plzz

  76. munish

    hi frnds
    this is munish.i m so much freak about cruiser bikes.i already have yamaha entinceer. now i want to have thunder bird .any body from punjab side interested to sell his thunder bird kindly contact me .i m frm gurdaspur and my cell no is 7896635420.if u dont able to make a call Kindly leave a msg in inbox.


  77. Rajesh

    the bike is truly awesome.. waiting for the Thunderbird 500cc release..

  78. RAKESH

    Hi, I want to buy a 350 cc RE bike. I like the Electra Deluxe version, but am not sure whether it is available in 350 cc version. Could someone guide me.

    Also, is the selection of the Petrol tank optional or fixed as displayed on the website (for Classic & Electra Models)


  79. DK

    Hi guys,
    I have a desire to own a thunderbird, but my height is 5 feet 4 inches, therefore i am a bit hesitant of it. can anyone advice, if i would be able to drive it, my feet would touch ground, when seated. i own a cbz presently.

    • Bulleteer

      Offo course DK…u can ride it at ease brother….u see the seats os bullets are customable..u cn always bring it down to yr comfort (some welding work is needed though)…thn no issues…u also can feel the pain of having a bullet of yr own……….i tell u ..GO FOR PASSION PRO..much better i tell u



  81. prashant rai

    i want to sell my thunder bird twinspark 2011 delhi . Roots fiitted of rs 3500 . Magic black colour. Interested one can call me 9958663968 . Prashant rai

  82. Baskaran

    I am looking for RE classic or TB both are 350cc and i am getting some confused which i need to book. For this bikes i am looking for at least some maliage Jsut suggest me which one is best according your choice…

    My email is

  83. bruno

    royal enfild thunderbird twinspark 350cc 2009 from India . problem in Malaysia dont have the parts rear brake ( drum ) shoe . HELP PLESE i am from CROATIA-ZAGREB

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