Honda DN-01 Wallpapers

The Honda DN-01 is a large, automatic sports cruiser equipped with Honda’s own infinitely variable hydraulic mechanical “HFT” transmission with the worlds first lockup mechanism that offers superior throttle response. The transmission is coupled to a 680cm3 water-cooled, 4-stroke V-type, 2-cylinder engine.

Honda DN 01 Wallpaper

Honda DN 01 Wallpaper

The HFT is a compact and highly efficient encompassing functions for starting, power transmission and shifting, all on a single shaft. The basic configuration of the system consists of an oil pump for converting engine power into hydraulic pressure, and an oil motor for converting the hydraulic pressure back into power for output. The HFT’s lockup mechanism works to minimize transmission efficiency losses, contributing to improved fuel economy.

The DN-01 offers both easy to operate features and the intrinsic sporty ride of a motorcycle and features a spacious riding position created by the low seat height, a wide and long passenger seat, and creative, organic styling that ensures joy in ownership.

The DN-01 is a new automatic sports model designed with pursuit of fine quality throughout the entire motorcycle.

The DN-01 is a concept model that developed with the aim of “creating new value” without being locked into any existing category of motorcycle. While the automatic model has been synonymous with the scooter and has made a clear departure from motorcycles, Honda presents the automatic sports cruiser “DN-01” featuring Honda’s unique infinitely variable hydraulic mechanical transmission, the “HFT” (Human Fitting Transmission).

The DN-01 is easy to operate and offers much sportier performance than existing automatic transmissions. Delivering an exciting riding experience like no other, the DN-01 Discovery Cruiser offers adults a fresh motorcycling style.

Infinitely Variable HFT Transmission Delivers a Revolutionary Riding Feel: This new-generation infinitely variable transmission delivers superb throttle response and stepless shifting, with no mid-corner shifting shocks. Riders can select from three shifting modes: Drive Mode, Sports Mode and 6-Speed Manual Mode. Moreover, the HFT offers the world’s first* lock-up mechanism in an infinitely variable, hydraulic mechanical transmission. Powered by a 680cc V-twin engine, this machine realizes novel levels of comfort and sportiness.

Fiercely Original and Creative Style: Pushing forward to create new value, the design concept aims for a long and low, modern organic look. The image created by the long-nose front cowl is highly dynamic, while the undercowl-muffler and Pro-Arm rear suspension add a functional beauty to the overall design. Highly centralized mass and ideal front/rear weight distribution ensure unimaginable maneuverability from this

A Supremely Comfortable Riding Position: The large seat is fitted with an adjustable backrest for plush comfort on long rides, while wide footboards allow maximum freedom of movement. Complemented by a low 680mm seat, the riding position is spacious and relaxing. Passengers are also comfortable, thanks to the ample and lengthy passenger seat. This new genre of motorcycle gives new enjoyment to both rider and passenger.

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    Trully Devil.!!!!!!!!

    Wht abt COAST?

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    Its looks like dare devil. I want to purchase it now. What ever its price is?

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