New Bajaj Pulsar 200cc ready for launch

Bajaj Auto has hit the automobile headlines again, this time around with the news of launching an upgraded Pulsar. The new Bajaj Pulsar 200cc will roll out of the Bajaj portfolio somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd weeks of April 2009.

With this launch, Bajaj Auto seems to be living up to the 6 months and 6 products strategy as it promised earlier.

For pulsar lovers, the new Bajaj Pulsar 200cc will appeal with some upgraded features against its forerunner. It will come with rear disc brakes, the front forks will come with thicker metal and the clip-on handle bars will be sportier.

Bajaj Pulsar 200

Download photos of New Pulsar 200cc

If sources are to be believed, it will not; however, come with the much popular FI engine as reported earlier. We will update about the launch as well as the pictures and price of this new Pulsar 200cc in our forthcoming posts.

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  1. satish

    Please inform me on mail regarding new pulsar launch,features,& on road cost.As im trying to book one.

    • sheeraz

      i went to book a new pulsar 200cc but it is already stopped so i am looking to buy new 200cc bike i just want to know when it will launch

      • Aileen Pereira

        If you are interested in buying a 200 CC bike, I have a red colour one which is about 3 years old. In very good condition. (Price Rs.52,000/-). You may contact on 9822943041

      • darshan

        need to sale my 200cc its too urgent. its in very good condition with a mileage of 32 and all bikes papers being fine. its the 2008 model, planning to sell it for 48000. do hurry and give a call on 9844211650

  2. anish

    i hd buyed d other pulsars nw riding 220 smhw ll be buying d nw 1 also

    • rajeev

      what u will open showroom in u r home

  3. Shubham

    what will be the price of new pulsar 200 dts fi

  4. prakash

    pis confirm the date and cost soooon

  5. prakash

    am waiting for long time pls launch it sooon

  6. Nilesh

    Hi I’m Nilesh from Pune..

    Bajaj has to come its upcoming releases of PULSAR 200 & 220 2009 ASAP….hopefully at end of MAY2009 or in 1st week of JUNE 2009

    afterall rainy season is around corner..hence so hurry..!!

    Finaly it is seen that TVS gone be launching Apache 180 with rear disk Brakes…seems to be again copied strategy from Bajaj of P200 upcoming…so that they can take over current launched Bajaj Pulsar 180…and also can compete with new 2009 Pulsar 200…

    TVS S**ks…all again by adopting n copying all strategies of BAJAJ PULSAR family so far…!!!!!!!

    I hope people also eying this COPYing theory of TVS from BAJAJ…and hence go for STYLING,BIG,definitely MALE BAJAJ PULSAR FAmily…the upcoming……!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Now its BAJAJ turn.. looks like ball is in their they have to go ahead ASAP and strat PULSAR 180 selling along with DTS-iFi(Fuel injection)with Power of 18PS and all digital indicators like low fuel,battery etc,with Rear disk brakes….from 1st week of JUNE 2009…

    However,they-BAJAJ must go ahead one step ahead of TVS(rather than waiting release of tvs apache 180)and LAUNCH newly upgraded PULSARS ****200DTS-i FI(fuel injection-Oil cooled):POWER 20PS
    # MONO shock SUSPENSION in place of current dual one……
    # with clip on handle bars,wider forks from 220 family..
    # Rear Disk brake
    # 6 gears theory and not the 5 one (1st,2nd down and then nutral,3,4,5,6th..)with DIGITAL GEAR indicator…
    # Digital clock console….
    # Colurs – 2 mores like in addtion orange,golden yellow similar to P300 available at net
    # Wider Rear Tyre more than current P200,220 to compte FZ16…
    # Head lite wiser design similar to P300 available on net to compte FZ16..

    AND the launches has to be done in the end of MAY 2009 OR 1st week of June 2009…………
    After all Youngers/People know very well which are the best styling and performance bikes
    being the first leading initiator from START itself…Offcourse BAJAJ- PULSAR family etc..

    • JACK


  7. Nitin vats

    Plz launch as soon as possible plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. ajay

    hey nilesh where did u get all those info???….its not true yaar…..i am working in bajaj showroom…..6 gear??wat all rubbish…

    • Anonymous

      Abey DHAKKAN (ajay), Nilesh is listing the features he would like to see the new P200 loaded with. These are not the features included in the upgrade.

      Waitin eagerly for the P200 UPGRD……!!!!!!

  9. Babbu

    plz tell me when bajaj pulsar 200 fi will launch in ex-showrooms ……………………………………………………….

  10. Sarabjit

    cant say anything with these bajaj guys they keep on upgrading ..
    What Say if they again upgrade to a 200fi version…

  11. nilesh

    ye bajaj wale hindi me chutiya banre sale 200 dtsfi aayegi ya normal me 3 mahine pehle se baja shoroom ke chaker kaatra hun 40000rs adv…s me book kara rakhi hai launch nahi karre aur ye nilesh 6gear batara sari duniya me ekyahi akalmand ka choodh banraha hai aur ko to jaise kuch patanahi gandu sala ……… oooooooohhh sori ab patalaga baja ke m.d ne iski gand mari hogi jab batya hoga ise 6 gear ka plzzzzzzz ek baar aur gand marale nilesh hume launch ki fix date aur pata lag jaye giiiiiiiiiiii

  12. SUBBU

    Please inform me on mail regarding new pulsar launch,features,& on road cost.As im trying to book one.

  13. Harry clave

    Abe launch it soon 4 me.

  14. rajeev

    i am very eagerly waiting for new baja 200cc plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz launch as early as possible

  15. siddharh

    i’m waitin for d release, ne details abt d release f d newp200??

  16. Nishanth

    good news pulsar is going to release on june 24

  17. Sujoy


    source mate ??

  18. Abhi

    Am totally confused which Byke to Choose Pulsar 180 or 200 so Pls sent me the details of pulsar pls plss plss

  19. sudhi k s

    pls inform about new pulsar200
    i have 150 also

  20. stifler

    when it’ll come in showrooms

  21. SUnil

    im waitin 4 the new 200……….hope june 24 is the date!…..

  22. Apoorv

    I am willing to buy pulsar 200 wats its price.

  23. Apoorv

    Which bike is better pulsar 200cc or apache 180

  24. Prince

    when pulsar 220 is coming in chd. …plz tell me date …
    i want 2 buy…

  25. king singh

    bhan k lodo pahle launch t hone do…
    aur kisne kiski gand mari ye to sirf gandwe hi jante hai..chup chap wait kro bhosdi walo…
    aur aane k baad hi bera lagega k usme k k feature hai..
    thara BaAp

  26. Showmik Datta

    Can you tell when it will be launch????

  27. vinoth

    pls launch 200cc as soon as quick… v eagerly waiting to ride.. make it fast

  28. vishal

    i m very eagerly waiting 4 d launch of brand new bajaj pulsar 200cc……..

  29. Nitin vats

    Abey saalo launch kab launch karogey main pichley teen mahino sey wait kar rha hu abhi tak tho launch hui nahi jiski demand hia who tho lauch kartey nahi ho 220cc launch kar di saalo petrol tho waisey hi itna costly ho rha hia tho kaun leyga issey leyga saalo 200c launch karo warna aur bhi option hai


    i have pulsur 180 & wanna change the bike upgrad p200.So, I m waiting from Nepal.Please,tell me when p200 launch?

  31. Nilesh

    Hello Friends,

    one thing you all keep in mind that Bajaj has killed intentionally current face lifted n most salable bike of Bajaj P200 model, to save the life of P150 n P180 by giving mainly looks of P200, with some advanced feature that comes from P200/P220 respectively.

    May be hope that new model of Pulsar 200 is near in future to be launched before Kawaski Ninja-250 launch (the September-October launch) or after 2-3 months later of launch of Ninja.

    However it would take,still min 2-3 months more to come see new news on new P200 model.since P220 has been launched just now on 23rd June 2009.

    May be Bajaj has planned to launch new Pulsar 200 as per design taken from P300 available details,with mono shock.No doubt one is without Fi(DTS-i)so can come around price of 74-74.5K on road and other with Fi version along with Fi version of 220cc.

    [Right now P180(launched on 23rd april 2009) comes around 69K on road which is carbon copy of P200 with extra clip on handlebars,wider forks(taken fro m220) goodies with Battery indicator.only P200 silencer is not provided n so oil cooled.anyway Great / awesome bike n move by Bajaj.

    N P220 comes around 78-79K onroad every where : The Fastest sexy Indian]


    In Pune,
    P180 (Power:17 ps- 2009) comes around 69K ON ROAD. n
    P220 (Power:21 ps- 2009) comes around 78K ON ROAD.

    so there is still scope for “New Pulsar 200? could be launched(with new design as I said) around price tag of 74K-74.5K ON ROAD.

    So new P200[with power 19.5 Ps,rear disk brake,wider tyres,monoshock] would be coming in near future/around corner(as Bajaj working with KTM[with above150-250 n higher bikes segment] on it)once the sales figure of P180 n P220 are reached to PEAK.

    [especially with/after launch of other companies models like karizmaZMR225/yamaha180-200/apache200 to compete with them and not with it’s current 2009 Own pulsar models)

    Don’t u think so guys..!! 🙂

  32. sando

    does it hav a mono sock.,.,.,.,?

  33. ""tumhara baap""

    Abe ganduuuuoooo!!!! Salooo khareeiiidnii hai toh showroonm mein ja kar dekh loo….. :-))

  34. sudhakar

    sir, please intimate me abt the price and date of delivery of pulsor some rumours are here in pondy that it would be for sale on 15th august

  35. don

    jaldi se bajaj 300 nikalo nahi to fir samajh jao

  36. brokenguitar_0036@yahoo

    200cc new pulsar i am ready 2 buy

  37. sapience

    It is such a good looking and sexy bike in India………
    I like it very much…………

  38. sajith

    plzz tel more details of p200…
    i m plannin to take new bike….

  39. mohit

    i want 200 cc when the bike lounch

  40. nega

    it should have been launched earlier than the 220 series

  41. akshaysivan

    i wnt to know more about pulser 200 new edition

  42. Raj Gupta

    I want to buy a PULSAR 200 , but it is not available at the SHOWROOM…


    ITS URGENT …. JUST CALL AT : 090090-22235

  43. utsav

    mayn i can’t wait fo tha launched of new pulsar 200 cc coz it’z already 30th september…. jus wanna when it’z goin launch ?????

  44. ANil Stunner

    tell me the new pulsar 200 price send me 2 mail

  45. Piter

    i want to ride a new pulsar with fi fuel type.
    when will it b launched in nepal
    plz launch it fast

    fuck do tell me ok…

  46. suzen

    launch the pulsar 200 fi with monoshock as soon as possible otherwise i’l rape mr. bajaj’s wife nd daughter too

    i only say 1nce

  47. rock sasi


  48. ron

    please inform me when pulsar 200 comes.
    i need to book one

  49. Jithi

    i’m very glad to hear this news abt new P200,

    may i know when it s going to get release…

  50. nick

    new p200cc wil b available 4m 2nd week of decmbr. it has mono suspension with the resprctive features of previous 200cc.

  51. GhostRider

    HOw do u know? P200 will be launched by 2nd week of december

  52. lakshmi

    when is bajaj 200cc step 2 model going to be launched in the market

    reply to my id as soon as possible


      when it’s lanch 200 c upgraded model & wats the price

  53. SUMIT

    when bajaj is goin to launch the “THE TWIN DEVIL 200 CC” plz post me the mail i waited a lot but al last i hv taken 180 BABY DEVIL BLUE realy it give comfort but i need the real “TWIN DEVIL 200 CC”

  54. aman

    i m very exicite to buy a new pulsar 200cc bike . when the bike launch reply me first

  55. kishore

    when is launch of the upgraded model ?? and wats the price tag ???

  56. leon

    ven bajaj pulsar 200 cc iz launched send a mail on ma acc………….. wana buk dat byk………….

  57. hi....

    i m very much eager to see da new pulsar200 its simply awesome…..



  59. rusan shakya

    pulsar 200 cc fo rocks

  60. Aniruddh



  61. sagar

    wow…….. Pulsar 200 launching again……. plz mail me lauch date…… i wana book that…..

  62. Vishal

    I have p200 which is a powerful bike as compare to other bikes….

  63. Vishal

    This time i will go for p220 . which is father of all bike in Indian Market .

  64. hello

    when new pulsra 200 launched asked me plz

    • amit

      when pulsar 200cc launch asked me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  65. hasan khan

    plssssss relaunch ur pulsar 200 cc it’s my favourite bike . give me full information about 200cc at relunching time plzzzzzzzzzzzz…… i have to buy .i need a bhokaali bike ie 200cc

  66. offroader


  67. rambo

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz abto man jao yar ,aaaaaaaaaa mamu jaldi se jaldi launch karo yar…………………………..

  68. bala

    i love pulsar 200.but its not available.when will be the launching date of my bike pulsar 200………………………….

  69. sai

    i am wating 4r sports adesion plz show me photo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………………………..

  70. nitin


  71. sudip

    when the new pulsar 200 will b lauched……. got any ideas guys huh…..i want 200 juss 200 no any other byks

  72. dipes

    too much guys launch p200cc now plz

  73. rahul

    i am waiting for 200… plz launch it na

  74. shafi

    hello u bajaj man i want my pulsr 200cc launch it very very very soooooooooon otherwise i’ll never ride any bike in my whole life except BYCYCLE plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir launch we all r waiting for it

  75. nitin

    i wnt pulsar 200 launch very soon

  76. ronit

    hey bajaj man when u r going to launch pulsar 200 plzzz launch soon there are many persons who are waiting for pulsar 200 plzzz do faster

  77. Sharon

    I am sharon From Trivandrum at kerala state.Actually i have a 150cc bajaj pulsar in 2005 model and know am looking to change for 200cc bajaj pulsar for booking and i was serching for get the image,cost and its hope you can update my mail and reply me soon.My contact no:094424 72731.

  78. evan

    yaar i cannot bare further more….plz lauch it fast…..!!!!!!

  79. moonkaith

    kb krogy lauch new 200 m 6 mnth sy wt kr rha hu whn u lauch than u cn cl me …9815033720
    chd k rod new pulser 200 ki wait kerty hai

  80. shourik

    kab launch hogaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………

  81. rojin

    is it real that pulsor 200 is lunching with monoshock????????????????????

  82. aman tamber

    pls tell mepulsar 200 will launh in this month or not ……………….. tell me price ad average

  83. akhil maheshwari

    bhai kab launch hogi yar mujhe snap tho dikhado bha logo ya bata do kaha dikhegi mai khud hi dekh lunga sabse peheli lani hai mujhe apne yaha par modinagar mai jo merrut aur gzb ke beech mai hai

  84. Sreejesh Varma

    when will b the new models will reach 2 showroom…..
    what r the advantages in new models….

  85. Ashish


  86. yegnesh

    if u have picture of new pulsar 200cc send me

  87. abhishek

    bike is so good but more maintenance….i dont wanna buy another bike of bajaj

  88. SPARSH

    wht abt nw..ave they launchd new p200 bike?..eagrly w8in2 buy..

  89. prakash

    Please inform me on mail regarding new pulsar launch,features,& on road cost.As im trying to book one

  90. prakash

    aama jaldi karo yaar itna time mat lagao yaar bacche ki jaan lega kya book karani he yaar

  91. savin

    masa allla kya bike banaya bajaj ne………..par itni lambhi wait to mene apni girlfrend ka bhi nai kiya hai………..jaldi karona vaisab muje sawari karne ki liya utabla ho ra hu……………..

    • unknown

      un knownun knownun knownun knownun knownun knownun knownun known
      i think that this baja can bring their bike pulsar 200mono shock in market………………………………

  92. vinay kumar.p

    i want purchase bajaj p200cc bike. so plz can anyone tell me when it is launch

  93. Akash Dutta

    i wnt this PULDAR 200……….i love this bike very much…plz launch soooooooooo fast……….

  94. Amaljith

    plz inform me when it lonch,and also send images to me pls

  95. piyush

    plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz launched new pluser 200cc plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  96. Dgm prasad

    I want p200cc new edition

  97. MOHSIN

    Please inform me on mail regarding new pulsar launch,features,& on road cost.As im trying to book one.

  98. suman

    tell me about the launch of 200cc monoshock, its features and its road cost

  99. nandan

    can i get the launch of new pulsar 200 if yes then pls rply……………….i want to buy that bike it’s my favourite bike.

  100. john maccan

    randiko choro harle sab duplicatge bechha muji haru ………

  101. mohsin khan

    plz inform the launching of new pulsar 200cc

  102. mohsin khan

    iam really crazy for 200cc plz inform me about this or pz make me a call at my number 9899981887

  103. Lovi

    I already have pulsar 200 old l am very excited to see the new pulsar please mail me when launched

  104. bhanu

    when was pulsar200 is luncing………………

  105. Gadess

    when will new pulsar 200 lunch?

  106. Rk

    please bajaj guys i’m waiting for new pulsar 200 how much will u take 200 isin my dreams launch it now this is de best time i assure u.

  107. kartik

    i want to know when pulsur200 with monosocap is launch & what is it price

  108. rakesh

    can i pl know de reason y was pulsar 200cc bikes was stopped manufacturin… Can i know t as soon as possible

  109. vishal

    wich was the bike prize on road dud??

    • vishal

      i don’t !

  110. vishal

    dud on road prize kya he??

  111. Harish

    what will be the price of New Bajaj Pulsar 200cc & what will be it’s mileage

  112. AKHIL

    when pulsar 200 mono sock will launch
    i am ready to buy
    what are the features and what is the price
    pls reply by email

    • pramz

      Bajaj provides a mileage of 58 Kmpl at a continuous 55 Kmph. The street fighter look bike consists of a 6-speed gearbox with double down-tube front end suspension. The rear end possesses a new Nitrox mono shock suspension. The engine involves 4 valves and 3 spark plugs and its costs around 1lakh

  113. Sham

    Please inform me on mail regarding new pulsar launch & imajes of new pulsar,

  114. ankush

    plzzz send me pictuersssss……plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  115. pp.pradeep nayanar

    What a bike sirjee

  116. manish prabhe

    wow it’s awesome bike by bajaj great job.

  117. Mohit

    Plzzz send me picturs in my email id…….

  118. Rahul Sehgal

    I realy love this bike at lote, i think bajaj discover a young choice,and youngster will waitingfor this launch,and hope so, it will break the records of previous version.

  119. akram sahil

    my fevrete bike pulsar 3 year..

  120. Chandan Yadav

    I am waiting for sports bike on 2 month please so urgent lunch the bike…………..

  121. Alvin

    I am uniquie making of pulsar 200 edition cause its awesome

  122. dikshant

    i love love love love love love this bike ………………………..plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lunch in this month

  123. vikas

    eppol varum puthiya 200 eniku edukana

  124. Shubhanshu banchhor

    I love this p200cc bike

  125. BADHSHA

    Dear Bajaj Team,

    Plaese infom the date of the New Pulsar200 lunch.awiting for 1st purchase…………………………………….

  126. naveen

    where is pulsar 200cc bike show me.. I m inrested to see him…

  127. naeempatel

    plz sen me a pichurs m wa8ing 4 booking

  128. ankit kanere harda

    are baba new 200cc palsar kaha par milegi me karidana chahata hu koi bata bo bhai use parti dunga i love this bike

  129. sabari

    IM eager to get it.provide me soon………..

  130. milin joshi

    what is new about pulsar 200

  131. Arjun shrivas

    Cool bike

  132. ANGKAS


  133. Abhishek kumar

    Please launch as soon as possible because I want to purchase pulsar 200 ss…… .

  134. shekhar


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